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British GP stopped on lap two as Verstappen suffers 51G crash after collision with Hamilton

2021 British Grand Prix

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The British Grand Prix has been stopped after one lap of racing following a collision between championship leaders Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

The Red Bull driver made heavy contact with the barrier at Copse after he and Hamilton collided on the way into the corner.

The pair fought each other hard around the first eight corners of the lap. Hamilton made a slightly better getaway from pole winner Verstappen, who defended hard for corner after corner.

As they accelerated out of Luffield corner Verstappen was ahead, but Hamilton drew alongside as the approached the high-speed Copse corner. Verstappen squeezed Hamilton hard on the way towards the bend, then moved back towards the racing line before turning into the corner.

The pair made contact, Verstappen’s right-rear wheel suffering an immediate breakage against Hamilton’s left-front. It pitched the Red Bull off the track at speed, sending him hard into the barriers.

The Safety Car was initially deployed, and the race red-flagged and suspended as the second lap began to allow the barrier to be repaired.

Afterwards Hamilton was heard asking about Verstappen’s condition, and was told he had got out of the car.

“I was ahead going in there, man,” Hamilton added on the radio. “I was fully alongside, it was my line.
He turned in on me man.”

The incident is under investigation by the stewards. Both teams we heard lobbying race director Michael Masi on the cause of the crash during the suspension.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner told Masi that Hamilton “was never anywhere near alongside” Verstappen.

“It was 100% Max’s corner,” said Horner. “As far as I’m concerned full blame lays on Hamilton who should never have been in that position.

“We could have had a massive accident. Thank God he’s walked away unscathed. I hope you’re going to deal with it appropriately.”

Red Bull team manager Jonathan Wheatley joined in, telling Masi: “I’ve watched this replay several times now Michael and I’m feeling really cross about it. That corner there Michael – that’s not a place to stick a wheel up the inside of a car.”

However Mercedes’ sporting director Ron Meadows defended Hamilton. “Now I’ve had a chance to have a look at that footage Lewis was significantly alongside on the inside of turn nine,” he told Masi.

Mercedes’ team principal Toto Wolff told Masi he had emailled information relating to the collision and the rules to him, and he intended to visit the stewards to discuss the incident with them.

Horner said Verstappen was lucky not to be seriously injured in the crash. “For me it’s very clear,” he said. “Lewis has stuck a wheel up the inside at one of the fastest corners on this world championship.

“He’s driven this circuit for years. You know you don’t do that here. And the result, thank God we haven’t had a driver that’s been seriously injured or worse here today.”

Verstappen suffered a 51G impact in the crash, said Horner. “Thank God he walked away. That’s the biggest result we’ll have today.

“Just relieved to see him, he’s in the medical centre but he’s walked in there on his own. He’s doing a 30-minute precautionary test but hopefully so far so good.”

The race will restart at approximately 3:41 local time. Verstappen was the only driver to retire on the first lap. Following the collision Charles Leclerc took the lead ahead of Hamilton.

Update: Hamilton was given a 10-second time penalty for the collision.

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2021 British Grand Prix

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127 comments on “British GP stopped on lap two as Verstappen suffers 51G crash after collision with Hamilton”

  1. Racing incident. Full stop.

    1. Sam (@undercut677)
      18th July 2021, 15:34

      Lewis took the line as if he was ahead (his words) when he wasnt and as a result almost killed someone in a corner where the result should not be a surprise to him. 100% a penalty.

      1. First lap. Both drivers going for it. Both of them could’ve left the other more room.

        1. @sonnycrockett first lap doesn’t stop penalties. Poor Lando Norris can tell you all about that. And this was way worse.

        2. Exactly this

          1. I mean exactly what @sonnycrockett said. Agree partially with @hahostolze, as in Lando’s should never have been a penalty.

        3. Sam (@undercut677)
          18th July 2021, 16:20

          Not all corners are the same. Not all corners are the same. Not all corners are the same…

          1. True, the corners where Max would dive down the inside because he has nothing to lose; and Ham would have to leave the track to avoid a collision are completely different and fair game as Horner has liked to say in the past.

        4. but Verstappen left way more than 1 cars width, bearly 2

          1. @johnever or you could say max had 10 cars width to his left as well, is glass half full or half empty? penalty? super controversial and as expected of fia… it was 90% racing incident and 10 % either was at fault or neither… But max deserved what was coming to him as he is too over the top with his aggressive blocking and cutting off others… he now will know for sure he wont do it again. he went off the first corner and cut back right in front of ham’s fronts surprised he wasnt called to give it back… luckily next lap he learned…

          2. @mysticus
            10 cars width on the outside is just a silly comment right,bthey have to go to the rigtht there
            I don’t see an overly aggresive driver in Verstappen in this incident, I see one in Hamilton, understeering into his championship contender

            reading your comment again, and really, really dislike your last statement, below my standards to comment on topic

          3. @johnever
            did you even watch the race? exactly one corner before, ham way ahead, and max barely had a front wing on the side, yet he braked late aka kamikazed and i think he also touched lewis’ rear left with his front right forced ham wide and ham backed out… that was exactly the reason enough was enough and got what he was looking for… max doesnt care you are in front or back, always expects you to yield at all costs… watch this high video angle of the last corner/chicane before the crash! and why ham fed up with max’s antics! dont read my comment, just watch the video and see for yourself why people dislike max for crying wolf!

          4. @johnever watch the video over and over again, that last corner! watch it 10x times maybe just maybe you will see why ham is a great racer and max is clueless… he keeps making this all or nothing moves regardless of his track position! and dont tell me that why you should put your nose up the inside of corner crap horner and other rubbish chanters saying… if max does these moves over and over again, he will have even more serious crash/collisions coming his way… mark my word!

          5. @mysticus I don’t like people talking to me like that with ‘did you even watch the race’.
            You think you can emphasize your point, but it takes away the charm of a good discussion.
            You’re talking about a different corner, with very different characteristics.
            Though I understand what you are trying to say, I can even go with you, but it’s comparing apples with oranges

          6. We are talking about max’s attitude towards people around him be it forward or backward, his attitude causes crashes if others don’t back off. You have seen this in the video, a corner before the incident, you clearly see it doesnt matter for max you are ahead he will kamikaze dive or he if you are behind he will use a trajectory for a collision and won’t back out of it.

            Spain did it, Britain did it, he did it to kimi in spa many times albeit more dangerously! He has done it so many times these moves became signature, so tell me which part of the explanations everyone giving does not make sense. Max left room your argument, but he really didn’t, he moved left briefly in the last sec and before cutting off to the right aggressively, he knew very well where ham was gonna be and expected him to back out as he said and done many times, he did his signature bully move but this time it bounced back to bite him hard. Tell me which part of this make you disgust?. Seriously I m more disgusted by fanatic people claiming ham did crash on purpose, he didn’t flinch a bit, it was max jerked twice and made the most aggressive high angle of attack. Ham’s mistake as people call it didn’t back out because max is an entitled boy to every corner whether he is behind or ahead.

            Max had everything to loose little to gain from the move, so he was the one had to make a choose using brain. Don’t say it was his corner, I m gonna puke because of this hypocrisy, it wasnt anyone’s corner and either could back off and not collide. It was if anything both of their fault. Previous corner is no apple to oranges it s the same race same max attitude which led to enough is enough decision.

    2. This and Imola, yes.

    3. hahaha, good one. Lewis didnt even hit the apex of the corner. Such a sour move. He really cracks under pressure

      1. They collided before apex…

        1. Sam (@undercut677)
          18th July 2021, 16:28

          Because his line was leading away from the apex…

          1. or maybe because Max was aiming for the apex despite a car being there

      2. he was full lock on full fuel load! if you watch the heli shot, max had the most aggressive line cutting into ham’s fronts as he did in the first corner! hopefully he learnt he cant keep cutting people of esp when they are alongside and expect them to get off the throttle for his dutch highness

        1. @mysticus Max line was the only one that would make the corner, that is the line. If he runs wide Hamilton moans he went wide and wants a penalty. Hamilton was mental trying this, would take him to court for trying to kill Max.

          1. Take him to court for trying to kill Max? Honestly.

          2. Honestly, what are YOU doing?

          3. @maxv
            care to explain these? and what max was doing if there is only single racing line? or is it only max entitled to take a corner and everyone else has to yield regardless of track positions?

            this was a long time coming accident. if max doesnt learn, he will have more serious incidents coming for him. ham made his statement about max’s antics wont work on him. max never leaves space for anyone let alone never backs off any move regardless of dangers of collisions… he thinks he is invincible… let that be a lesson for him.

            in imola, why max didnt get a penalty for the first corner is beyond me, everyone knows u dont attack the first corner and dont push an opponent off track! right? hypocrite monkeys!

    4. 100% racing incident. FIA is falling into the pressure of Horner and Helmut crying over every. little. thing. Merc does.

    5. Chris Rogers
      19th July 2021, 16:11

      Exactly, these guys are RACING for the most prestigious motorsport trophy in existence. What do you expect them to do? As for fair, again it’s RACING what do you expect?
      Personally, I’m a MotoGP fan first and foremost, simply because it’s far more exciting than watching what is frequently a boring procession. In motorcycle racing there’s a well-known expression, “Rubbing is racing” and that doesn’t always end well, but it’s RACING. F1 is car racing so is touring car, and they do it right! Let the guys race.
      And as for saying Copse isn’t a safe place to overtake, that’s about the most nonsense I’ve ever heard. The whole of the circuit is the right place to overtake, that’s why it’s called a racing circuit. If they think the circuit isn’t safe that’s a different issue. But I suspect there are some issues with every circuit in some peoples eyes.
      And just for the record, I have raced in the Isle of Man when it was the British GP. Now that is a dangerous circuit, but it’s up to the individual if they wish to do it.

  2. All the talk in the F1 media recently on the new, magnanimous Hamilton. Clearly nonsense. He’s still a very bad loser. But here, that probably means he’s going to be a winner.

    NB: that’s a penalty. Hamilton was too far to the left. But it’s a small penalty. 5 or 10 sec. Just a shame it had such massive consequences.

    1. I did say.

      1. I think according to the rules, it is a fair penalty
        but the consequences for the championship are massive, and with that in mind, 10 seconds is too little of course
        Surely Hamiltons fault, Verstappen left more than enough room

        1. @johnever I agree entirely. Penalties should be related to consequences.

          1. @ clueless max fans
            yeah max fans agree on every ham penalty what a surprise… i bet you guys were chanting race ban for ham too?

            1 max vs kimi, typical max cutting/blocking!
            2 max not supposed to be inside as per their guidelines for racing director? everyone knows you dont dive inside in first corner hmm
            3 again max vs kimi, dangerous blocking cutting? pufft typical safe driving by max?
            4 gentleman max… no comment other than (lets say spa 08 where ham got a fair penalty whereas max never gets fair penalties right?)
            5 max vs ric, i dont see any difference first lap understeer albeit a much worse driving/diving by max as usual
            6 …
            7 now this is the best one, max dives inside ham, ham leaves 10 cars space for max not 1, max still understeer like ham doesnt exist, everyone knows you dont dive inside in that corner right? funny people
            8 it gets even better, max dives inside vettel, everyone at this point knows u dont dive inside, unless your name is max crashtappen!

            Please get a grip, max ham incident was nothing compared max vs everyone else! luckily everytime he collides with ham, he is worse off!

  3. Even if Lewis gets a stop and go penalty, I still expect him to climb up to a place where he gets more than 7 points out of this race.

  4. Black flag and a 3 race ban would be just about right.

  5. Lewis tries to make the corner PS1 arcade mode style

  6. How about a penalty to Crofty for not SHUTTING UP during radio messages? A race ban seems fair.

    Same for their Sky only replays. Why is that sent to the world feed at all? When we can’t see the footage, it’s just noise. And again, over a radio message.

  7. Wow, that was a huge error of Hamilton. He really declassified himself here. Wow, he didnt even get the apex of the corner

    1. Exactly where in the rules on overtaking does it say you have to legally do that

    2. Looking at all replays he probably had understeer as a result of being on the dirty side of the track. So by no means intentional, just a bit naive from a multiple WDC.

      1. Sam (@undercut677)
        18th July 2021, 16:30

        Odd, Hamilton said he was ahead. First instance of a driver getting dirty air from a ghost car leading the race.

        1. haha, good one
          but I can’t imagine Hamilton saying it wasn’t his fault in front of the press, he’ll turn around, I think and hope

  8. I’m watching C4 coverage and they’re saying it’s Hamilton’s fault, but I’m really not seeing it. Before the corner, Ham was 75% alongside Max. Max must have known that Ham was there. Ham didn’t lose control of his car, was applying sufficient steering to get around the corner, and didn’t open the steering at any point. He wasn’t following the conventional racing line, but you don’t take a conventional racing line when you are racing alongside another car.

    Racing incident in my view.

    1. Lewis was clearly not enough on the inside of the corner. He missed the apex by 1,5 meters at least. Thats why

      1. So what if he didn’t get the apex? Like I said, when you are racing alongside another car, you don’t take conventional lines. He was substantially up the inside of Max, and Max should have made allowances for that.

        1. Thats what I said, Max left ample room on the inside, Lewis needed too much of it since he understeered out of it and with his left front got the right back of Max, so wasnt alongside at all, just understeering from the dirt, missing his apex and all. 10 sec for a first lap incident is not unusual, it just means too much for the championship now. Lewis is getting quite a reputation now with these silly mistakes. Twice on Albon, on Ocon and now Max. He is on the top of the penalty point list as well.

        2. You must be new to racing, Harry, aren’t you? :)
          “So what if he didn’t get the apex?”
          – It means that he hit Max and not Max hit him. It means that it was his trajectory that caused the accident. Going deeper, it means that he put himself in a copromised position where he wasn’t able to get the apex of the corner (which you are suppose to do as not to compromise the driver that’s on the outside in a manner that’s impossible for him to get around the corner safely, i.e. not to push him out of the track).

          “Like I said, when you are racing alongside another car, you don’t take conventional lines.”
          – And sometimes those lines are fair and sometimes they are not, and the latter was the case here.

          “He was substantially up the inside of Max, and Max should have made allowances for that.”
          – No. Up the inside but not alongside him. The corner belongs to the driver who is ahead. You cannot overtake by scaring the other driver out of his line!

          1. The collision was before the apex and they were side by side at start of corner.

          2. @rob8k
            Indeed – Hamilton pushed Verstappen out of the track before the they even made it to the apex since that wasn’t where Hamilton was going. They were not side by side.

          3. as usual what a bunch of monkey bananas being thrown left and right, max got what he deserved for this kind of driving… he never learns his fault, he is lucky f1 is much safer now. if he continues driving like a mad man, he ll get mad crashes like these! he has done so many dives himself albeit usually more dangerous and silly yet, redbull are the one calling it “everyone knows, you dont dive inside!”

            i said this before, if he doesnt learn he ll be involved in a bad collusion… he did one today.he expects everyone around him to back out, but when he dives inside anyone, he is a brave driver… monkey bananas…
            hope this is a lesson for him today, if not, we ll see a much worse collision from him!

            here watch all max crashes or out right dangerous driving.

    2. Everyone on Sky. MB, KC and other team owners saying racing incident

    3. 75% alongside is still behind – and wide of apex (watch LeCl behind). No excuse.

    4. @harrydymond The lead driver is required to leave a cars width for the car that is alongside. Verstappen left that Cars width on the inside and in this instance the deciding factor would have been that Hamilton hit the rear wheel of Verstappen, resulting in the Penalty given to Hamilton as he was the 2nd place driver and caused the incident.

      1. @maddme Perfectly summarized!

  9. Ferrari International Assistance

  10. I think this is a penalty, he never owns the corner and it’s an opportunistic lunge.

    Let’s also see if the stewards have their cynical sensors on today!

    And as @paeschli says, even with the most severe penalty I still expect Hamilton to pull a good result back

  11. It was coming….. And it has arrived….

  12. Annoying that the tech pro doesn’t extend even another 10 yards. Would have been better for Max and would have been quicker to repair.

  13. “as Verstappen crashes heavily in collision with Hamilton”

    Will Wood missed a chance for a more descriptive and objective heading. eg “Hamilton caused a collision that ended Verstappen’s race in a heavy crash.”

  14. You don’t attack on the inside of the cobbs as you don’t attack on the inside on Eau Rouge etc. This is a full speed corner and its driving a car one on one book.
    Its damn pity that this destroyed for us a fight for the 1st place.

    1. Sam (@undercut677)
      18th July 2021, 16:06

      Well said, those defending Hamilton have no knowledge of the turns and treat every incident as if it happens in a chicane. That was criminal.

      1. I guess you missed Lewis overtaking Charles in that same corner later in the race.

        1. Sam (@undercut677)
          18th July 2021, 20:41

          Against Leclerc, Lewis hit the apex. Against Max he went wide. Thank you for proving my point.

          1. well monkeys see what what monkeys want… max had this coming for a long time, i was surprised he didnt have it earlier… max doesnt leave room for anyone doesnt back off from the most ridiculous moves why should anyone be scared of this so called brave racer?
            noone dives into corner not on a racing line right? and overshoots the corner massively right?
   from f3, max vs ocon, this and
            brazil ocon vs max shows even if you have hit the apex, max dont give a dime about it, he will turn into you and blame you for it!
            history shows max does this move almost like a signature now and people call him brave, when he is the opposite… he often cries wolf when he crashes because people are fed up with his antics

          2. Sam (@undercut677)
            18th July 2021, 23:33

            @mysticus I have no dog in this fight and don’t care about the past when judging this incident. You sound like school children bringing up what happened in the past.

            In this incident, Lewis was to blame, Max gave him enough space, more space than Charles did and Hamilton went wide. If Max has done in the past what Lewis did here then he is to blame. Its called being objective. Its not that hard.

    2. F1oSaurus (@)
      18th July 2021, 16:34

      @bluechris And yet Webber overtaking Alonso in Eau Rouge (Radillion) is heralded as one of the best overtakes.

      It does require an opponent not hell bent on crashing rather than being overtaken though.

      1. @f1osaurus 100%. Some people have a very selective memory.

      2. @f1osaurus
        here are some brave driving by max (you know only he is allowed to dive/block crash while being hailed as a hero)

        you dont overtake into corners, you dont overtake in straights unless your name is max crashtappen :) you just dont overtake max, unless you want a collision…

        anyone overtaking max knows this, luckily ham shown him some lessons…

        1. F1oSaurus (@)
          18th July 2021, 21:10

          @mysticus It’s gotten less worse, I guess but still.

          It’s also making others deploy these bully tactics. After Austria Joylon Palmer also lamented this pretend hard racing, which in fact is simply unfair blocking. The only way to overtake is then on the straight.

  15. Black Flags Matter

    1. Could have been used at Hungary 2010, but was ignored.

  16. If Hamilton had made the apex it’d be hard to describe it as anything but a racing incident, however he had a lot of understeer and wasn’t at the apex at the moment of the collision.

    That said, if it is a penalty it should probably be 5 or 10 seconds which would need to be taken at the pit stop so is unlikely to make a massive difference to the outcome.

    Was still good to see them both going at it for a few corners.

    1. And also very glad that Max walked away from that. Shame to see him out of this one, he’s been incredible this year and I think will be a very deserving champion at the end of the year regardless of the outcome today.

  17. Alonso or Kimi would have left space. I rest my case

  18. I thought it was a racing incident. Both drivers could have taken action to avoid the contact and as they are there to race, racing incident.
    I have to agree with the Sky staff that the calls to Massi were like soccer players trying to get another player carded. As Massi has no bearing on the stewards decision the calls seemed quite distasteful.

    1. Sam (@undercut677)
      18th July 2021, 16:07

      Only one driver could have killed the other. You have no knowledge of the track or that corner to come to your “both sides” conclusion.

      1. @undercut677 I have been on that track on numerous occasions, and definitely *do* have knowledge of both the track and corner. Pure racing incident IMO.

        As for “Only one driver could have killed the other”, that’s just absurd. You can equally argue that Max “could have killed himself” for cutting across Lewis’s line after he was committed to it.

        1. Sam (@undercut677)
          18th July 2021, 17:47

          You think a guy coming from behind can pick his pine as if he were in front (confirmed by Hamilton).
          Yea, you sure know your racing.

          1. @undercut677
            “You think a guy coming from behind can pick his pine as if he were in front (confirmed by Hamilton).
            Yea, you sure know your racing.”

            you are very funny guy, max did crash in the past so many times trying much more silly dives! he did many extremely dangerous blocking moves at much higher speeds and could have killed one himself actually, one spa incident with kimi comes to mind, there was 2 other with kimi, and there was one with his team mate, and there was a few with vettel… he did have collisions with ocon twice when in brazil and one in f3, having apex or not doesnt bother max, he just dives eyes closed and expect people yield every single time! ham made his statement quite clear today! max does so many questionable blocks and dives… it is just a disaster waiting to happen… mark my word… this will not be the end of it, if he doesnt respect others, others wont give respect back, he learnt today that he cant take everything by forcing people tight or off…

      2. I guess you’ve seen via the pass on Leclrec that Max could have done something to avoid the accident. I would suggest you reconsider your so called “knowledge” of the track and racing in general.

  19. Miltiadis (@miltosgreekfan)
    18th July 2021, 15:41

    That’s clearly Hamilton’s fault. He wasn’t able to get alongside at the early parts of old main straight, but he used Verstappen’s tow to get close. Problem is, if you want to do an overtaking move at Copse, you definitely need to be fully alongside when turning in, something that Hamilton didn’t manage to do. Verstappen even left him some room,he didn’t take the extremely tight line at Copse….

  20. That was a desperate move by Hamilton – not hitting the apex of the corner tells me he had delayed his braking even though he was not ahead whilst being on the inside, which almost always results in a crash in such fast corners.
    That’s an irresponsible desparation move.

    1. F1oSaurus (@)
      18th July 2021, 16:39

      He didn’t hit the apex because he was rammed on the front wheel and would have had to counter the understeer that caused.

      1. Once again the pathological liar @f1osaurus continues to embarrass himself.

        There was plenty of room down the inside for Hamilton. He understeered and crashed into Verstappen.

        Also please educate yourself on racing etiquette:

        Hamilton just isn’t very talented at wheel to wheel racing. That’s why Verstappen has embarrassed him all season with an inferior car. Hamilton finally had the courage to stand up to him today, but it resulted in a crash because Hamilton lacks the talent to race wheel-to-wheel cleanly

  21. Only one penalty is appropriate here and it is Damnatio Memoriae

    1. The only people that think this was a racing incident are those that have never driven into Copse at a car’s limit, in my case 130 MPH, in Max and Lewis case 180 MPH. What Lewis did almost guarantees an airplane crash. Should have been 10 seconds stop and go.

      1. I have. I still think it’s a racing incident.

  22. Jelle van der Meer (@)
    18th July 2021, 15:51

    If Lewis really was a Sir he would park that car into the pits right now.
    Utterly disgusted with Lewis radio messages – he took all the risk knowing he could not keep the corner but simply didn’t car as if he would understeer he would take Max out.

    Regardless of the score at the end of the season – Lewis is not a champion!!!

    1. Man, grow up. It’s racing, neither backed out. I want to see hard racing. This decision has ruined racing for me.

      1. @rob8k we all want to see hard racing and risk taking. None of us (except maybe you) want to see that affect the championship order. No way was it remotely justified for one to lose all points and the other to pootle along to the win

        1. @hahostolze they were going to collide eventually this season. Not every collision deserves a penalty, both had the chance to back out of it, both didn’t.

          1. Verstappen left more than enough room
            I think Hamilton also thought there was a car on the inside? Hamilton was way too wide

          2. @johnever There was plenty of room on the outside for Verstappen to take a wider line too.

        2. F1oSaurus (@)
          18th July 2021, 16:38

          @hahostolze Verstappen has cut across several times already. Forcing Hamilton to crash or yield. This time he gambled wrong.

          1. @f1oclown

            Yes, that’s why Lewis was penalized, right?

            Nothing but a confirmation Lewis is the most overrated “champ” in the history of this sport and a worse cheat than Michael.

          2. It’s still going!

          3. @Niki101

            still sore?
            watch spa 08 and ham getting a penalty… so penalty must be right?
            this penalty was purely to spice up the race and not fair, penalty should be given based on action and not on result. max drives like max every race, he blocks dangerously cuts across at all costs… yet he is the victim zero all of a sudden… hi dives bomb every time, and comes better out he is a hero, he comes worse off he is a victim zero… HAM is GOAT but you are just fly buzzing utter non sense, so deal with your salt issues with in dutch forums or max reddits

    2. Oh god, you’re going to be like all those Hill fans, in 30 years time still denying that Schumacher beat him

    3. Yea, it reminded me of the times this season Max has dived inside and Ham had to leave the track to avoid a collision. You seemed to have no problem with that when the roles were reversed? Maybe Max should have taken note of what Ham did then, and remembered this time it was him leading the championship.

      1. @ian dearing there is unbelievable amount of ridiculous fanboys saying utter non sense now.not only that, hate/passive racism toward ham is growing… he avoids max all the time and he is considered loser, yet max loves to stick up his nose to impossible situations and kamikaze thinking that he will have no consequences forever and hailed as a true racer… what a strange world…

        1) ham leaves 10 cars length yet max dives and manages to crash ham
        2) every single time max dives bomb kamikaze style, ham avoids them all
        3) this shows clearly dive bomb all or nothing attitude of max
        4) this one shows how to cleanly overtake someone in the same situation despite desperate dive bombs by max as usual – this hungarian overtake shows despite being clearly ahead, ham leaves 10 cars space to max on the inside!
        5) ham shows how lenient he was on max all this while…

        max thinks his actions will have no consequences forever and hailed as a true racer… well i think this was ham enough is enough statement! people say max will crash ham next time around… well ham has nothing left to prove, max if he went down that route, will learn quickly who true racers really are around him

    4. @jelle-van-der-meer Wasn’t impressed with the radio messages either but I don’t think that Lewis intended to hurt Max. It’s his fault, but because of a mistake more than anything. I agree that anything that Lewis did in the race afterwards felt very hollow and unjust.

      In any case, based on what we’ve seen so far this year, Max deserves to win this championship. A lot can change, but in my eyes he has done enough to unsettle Lewis as the best driver on the grid. The fortunes of both drivers have been very different so far this year.

      1. Jelle van der Meer (@)
        18th July 2021, 20:46

        Agree that Lewis didn’t intend to hurt Max, but Lewis knowingly and intentionally took all the risk with that move well knowing that if they would touch Max would more likely retire than he would.

        It was a very calculate move by Lewis to either overtake Max or knock him out.

  23. Did they have to drag the medical vehicle crew out of a pub? Took forever for them to get there.

  24. In race penalty it enough.
    But if Hamilton comes later talking about “if a driver doesnt go for the gap, he is no longer a driver”, a season ban is appropriate.

  25. Lewis is getting quite a reputation now with these silly mistakes. Twice on Albon, on Ocon and now Max. He is on the top of the penalty point list as well.

    1. William Jones
      18th July 2021, 16:47

      I thought that was Norris?

  26. One of the fastest corners in F1. Nobody overtakes there. Lewis misses the apex and drives straight into an oncoming corner causing a 50g shock which could have been life threatning.
    Beyond mundane, 10 sec. penalty…
    Aaaannnd TV is off.

    1. Yeah, and he goes on to win it.. Pretty fail this one.

  27. I hope next race drivers take a knee prior to start to remember drivers who got hurt by irresponsible moves by other drivers.

    1. Other drivers lives matter.

  28. “after collision with Hamilton”

    Should read as: After being torpedoed by the fake champ.

  29. F1oSaurus (@)
    18th July 2021, 16:41

    Hamilton was far enough alongside and even tried to yield, but Verstappen had to bully and fully cut across taking the racing line of course. Maybe he learns that there can be consequences to keeping on doing that.

    1. Oh please …
      Disgraceful remark.

      Third time Hamilton punted of a Red Bull.

      1. @chrisvb my comment was aimed at @f1osaurus just so we’re clear

    2. Oh do go away and let the grown ups talk

      1. F1oSaurus (@)
        18th July 2021, 21:13

        @nvherman Just watch the video before you embarrass yourself any further. Hamilton was pretty much fully alongside, saw that Verstappen was going to crash into him anyway, actually tried to yield, but Verstappen was to crass. Unfortunately he gets away with this, but not this time

        1. @f1osaurus

          Hamilton was pretty much fully alongside

          Really? Yeah right. That’s why Hamilton’s front left wheel hit Verstappen’s rear right wheel.
          But sure, Hamilton was fully alongside.

          1. F1oSaurus (@)
            18th July 2021, 21:42

            @nvherman Could you place have the tiniest bit of self awareness and actually watch the video. They were wheel next to wheel. Until Hamilton braked.

    3. Just compare Lewis’ line when alongside of Leclerc vs when he is alongside Verstappen @f1osaurus
      He did it on purpose

      1. F1oSaurus (@)
        18th July 2021, 21:17

        @paeschli Hamilton braked, Verstappen didn’t and cut across. So they touched.

        What line? Are you talking about Hamilton about the line Hamilton took after being crashed into by Verstappen? How is that relevant? He would have easily made the apex if Verstappen hadn’t tapped his front wheel

        Verstappen should see the line that Leclerc took. He would have won the race …

        1. @f1osaurus You should get your eyes checked: Verstappen and Leclercs line are the exact same. The only thing that changed between the first lap and the last lap pass attempt is Hamilton’s approach.

          1. F1oSaurus (@)
            18th July 2021, 21:40

            @paeschli My eyes are fine. Leclerc went wide and saved his race. Verstappen decided to drive if Hamilton didnt exist next to him and ended his race.

  30. Hamilton is over the top, now he is doing Schumacher like things to win.

  31. No-one has mentioned that Verstappen caused Lewis’s slightly rash move up the inside by weaving along the straight. Lewis originally wanted to go left (around the outside) as Verstappen jinked right, but then Verstappen moved back across to the left before finally squeezing Hamilton before they reached the apex of the corner.

    This is the same type of manoeuvre that caused a big shunt between Verstappen and Ricciardo a few years ago.

    Verstappen needs to learn that if you weave around and try to bully other drivers, you won’t always have it your own way. Moreover, the FIA needs to crack down on those evil little jinks along the straight/ entering the braking zone that a lot of drivers in F1 are doing. They should start handing out 5 second penalties for that overly aggressive defensive driving that’s currently “within the rules” but not really safe or encouraging exciting races with bold and confident overtakes.

  32. Fakt 1: Max was in front of Lewis (How Lewis otherwise could hit rearwheel of Max with his frontwheel).
    Fakt 2: Max is allowed to take that corner (of he need to let Lewis pass him?)
    Fakt 3: Max give Lewis enough space to take the corner (look how many space Lewis has on the other side (inside) of the track).

  33. Same on Hamilton trying to kill another driver and acting stupid afterwards. See you in Zandfoort…..

  34. MAx just got some of his own medicine. The unfortunate result was that he wound up in hospital, something you never like to see.

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