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Hamilton’s penalty insufficient for “dangerous” move – Verstappen

2021 British Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen said Lewis Hamilton’s move into Copse corner, which caused the Red Bull driver to crash out of the British Grand Prix, was dangerous.

Verstappen started the British Grand Prix from pole, with Hamilton alongside him. The two battled side-by-side around the first lap, exchanging who was ahead through almost every corner until Hamilton took the inside line through Copse, his front left tyre making contact with Verstappen’s rear right.

Verstappen was sent off the track by the collision, landing heavily in the tyre barriers in an impact that onboard sensors registered at over 50G.

He was assessed by medical staff trackside, before being taken to the on-site medical centre and then to a local hospital for further checks due to reported dizziness.

Verstappen posted to social media after the race, saying he was alright and recovering from the crash but that he considered Hamilton’s move dangerous and the 10-second time penalty and two points awarded against Hamilton’s super license insufficient.

“First of all: I am glad I’m ok. It was quite an impact at 51G but feeling better,” Verstappen’s post read.

“Obviously very disappointed with being taken out like this. The penalty given does not help us in any way and doesn’t do justice to the dangerous move Lewis made on track.”

Verstappen further wrote that he was disappointed by Hamilton’s celebration of the win, considering it tasteless while he was still undergoing checks.

“Watching the celebrations after the race while still in hospital is disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behavior but we move on.”

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2021 British Grand Prix

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132 comments on “Hamilton’s penalty insufficient for “dangerous” move – Verstappen”

  1. Very mature reaction. Balanced and correct.
    “Moving on”

    1. + 1. Yes a good summary I think. In this case well done Max and his team.

      1. I (sometimes) wonder if Lewis on on the “Asperger syndrome” spectrum …

        1. I think 10 es was sufficient. Love Hamilton, he’s a great guy but don’t think I’m biased as I’d prefer Verstappen to be champ this year purely for the fact that it’d be way too boring for Ham to be wdc for the 7th time in 8 years.

          About the inciden, Hamiltons move was questionable but if Verstappen was mature enough to take the crown from him he should have held the bigger picture in head and give way when saw that at that part of the race Ham was clearly quicker. I mean who knows what happens in the next 50 laps, worst case scenario he would have lost 7 points instead of 25.

          1. Dr Kenneth Fraser
            19th July 2021, 11:51

            10secs penalty is anything but sufficient considering drivers can receive stop/go penalties for exceeding track limits or failing to react to warning flags, or relatively minor contact collisions such a dangerous and irrational move that could have been potentially fatal on one of the fastest parts of any circuit on the calander is frankly ludicrous a far more apt punishment would have been an enforced 30 second stop /go pitstop penalty, or disqualification.

        2. @elchinero

          No, he is just a narcissist.

          1. Nope, he’s just a great racing driver. Verstappen will be one too, when he learns self control. He threw away 25 points instead of losing only 7. Great thinking, Max.

    2. Lol, moving on after slamming the other driver. Also forgetting that he was spraying champagne around in Bahrain while Grosjean was in hospital, but I’m sure he thinks that was disrespectful as well?

      1. Max has been the most dangerous and disrespectful driver for the last 7 years, so when someone tries to drive like him, Max suddenly feels offended.

        1. Please support that with a penalty points comparison between Max and Lewis. I do not recall Max bumping of 3 Mercedes cars the last 2 years…

          1. I remember Max blocking aggressively his entire F1 career, include a block so preposterous it took out both he and his teammate Ricciardo, blocking down the straight in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Karma done came for Max. He better learn, or he can expect more incidents.

            This is the nature of racing….when the stakes increase, the tensions increase, the chances taken increase, the desperation increases, and so on and so on. You cannot approach it the same as if you have nothing to lose. You have everything to lose, and you need to make judgements accordingly. You have to factor in so many things.

        2. ..and he didnt feel offended. He felt 51G. Lewis’ lack of racing skills is borderline dangerous

      2. Max didn’t put Romain in hospital, poor comparison

  2. Max hoping he could once again, bully Lewis into backing out is what was dangerous. I’m glad he is okay. He will learn from this. Horner, Max’s fans and the haters keep using the fact he was taken to the hospital and the 51G to make it sound worse, and therefore influenced the stewards giving Lewis a timed penalty for what was clearly a racing incident. Grown men acting like kids.

    Those that dont hear will feel.

  3. Yeah it was dangerous, it was clumsy, it was a mistake…

    But Lewis just says Max was too aggressive.

    Funny thing is that later on with leclerc Lewis was way more on the inside and he backed out in time so leclerc could take the racing line, like Max did.

    Lewis is always talking about respect but today he shows his true colors.

    1. At least Leclerc wasn’t weaving and squeezing. Also Leclerc drove sensibly to protect his 2nd place.

      1. Max is a sore loser. Literally and metaphorically.

      2. Ajaxn – “sensibly”??
        Leclerc went off track not to get hit by Hamilton. Is that what is required fighting him?!?

        1. No, Leclerc made a mistake.

      3. Surprisingly this year Leclerc hasn’t been weaving while in past he was one of those who did it unnecessarily on long straights. Somehow Alonso also has picked it up from seeing Ricciardo(who himself started after actions of Baku 2018 went unpunished) and Max.

    2. He is an exposed hypocrite thats for sure

  4. Definitely agree with this. I found the celebrations at the end in poor taste personally but Hamilton obviously thought he wasn’t to blame, which he was. He wasn’t fully alongside. I don’t believe it was intentional from Hamilton to take him out, but it was poor driving for sure. The victory was hollow for me at least.

    However that all said, Max does have a tendancy like Senna for the move or crash attitude as we saw at Barcelona (I think it was there) and Hamilton probably was just having none of it. Pleased Max is ok though.

    1. Oh come on, do you think RB wouldn’t have done the same thing if the situation was reversed?

      It had already been confirmed that Max was OK and had gone to hospital out of an abundance of caution.

      As I mentioned in another post, Senna intentionally took Prost out in order to win a Championship. Despite that, he is regarded as one of the greatest drivers of all time.

      The incident today was the result of fine margins, not blatant, cynical cheating. Everyone needs to get a sense of proportion!

      1. @sonnycrockett I understand your point, it’s racing at the end of the day, however I don’t think anyone regards that move by Senna as particularly fitting in remembering the driver he was. That also had a lot to do with Balestre of course.

        Personally I was expecting Hamilton to apologise for the collision, it was clearly his fault and I’m very surprised he didn’t show some contrition, knowing that usually he is actually quite a fair person. Perhaps he got caught up in the whole crowd thing, but some word on Max would have been appropriate.

        It doesn’t matter to me what Red Bull would have done to be honest.

        1. It doesn’t matter to me what Red Bull would have done to be honest.

          Why? If they’d behave the same way as Mercedes then that proves that Mercedes did not act inappropriately.

          BTW – I am NOT a Mercedes fan.

          1. Live your life according to your own standards not those of others.

        2. The problem is that if Verstappen had been sensible like LeClerc, he’s probably still had won

          Can you answer, why someone with a 33 point lead, needed to desperately defend as much as Max did?

          Hamilton has had such leads and always takes a far more cautious approach – even earlier in the season he turned down a fast lap, i.e. why take the risk of pit stop issue

          80% Hamilton, but Max should have shown a bit more caution – but we all know he’s totally incapable of that

          Interesting that there wasn’t many, if any, outside Red Bull leaping to Max’s defence!!

          1. @banbrorace He probably thought he was fighting one of the greats who wouldn’t try crazy inside moves at Copse for example

          2. Turning the tables -why would Hamilton make that move knowing both of them could have been knocked out of the race?
            Vettel backed off when Alonso did the same as Max in 2014.
            HAM has made mistake after mistake this season – this was yet another.

          3. @banbrorace indeed, you make some really good points. I think it’s just because Max is a racer and probably expected Hamilton to back out as previously, which to be honest he kind of tried to do but it was too late to avoid understeer.
            It also sets the tone for the remainder of the season were Max to back out in that particular situation.

            I was just expecting Hamilton to at least apologise at the end, but when he didn’t it didn’t sit too good with me personally knowing the fair racer Lewis is and has built a reputation on.

          4. @balue

            If Max doesn’t realise that when a driver is behind you in the championship then they will take more of a risk, he’s clearly not learned from his 5 years of been in that position

            Hamilton was at fault, but it was daft of Max not to be pragmatic, let him go and catch up later in the pit stops

            Or lose, what. 7 points as opposed to 25

            As a Hamilton fan, it’s great to see that basically Max has one way of racing. We’ve seen in recent seasons, from Lewis that there are several ways to win a race.

          5. I was just expecting Hamilton to at least apologise at the end

            What did you smoke this time?

          6. So now Max has to take the lack of racing skill of Lewis into account when driving around? Don’t make Lewis’ problem Max’ problem please. Max has little to none penalty points. Guess where Lewis is…

      2. not blatant, cynical cheating

        And if you read my comment I’m saying nothing of the sort btw.

      3. Dr Kenneth Fraser
        19th July 2021, 11:54

        10secs penalty is anything but sufficient considering drivers can receive stop/go penalties for exceeding track limits or failing to react to warning flags, or relatively minor contact collisions such a dangerous and irrational move that could have been potentially fatal on one of the fastest parts of any circuit on the calander is frankly ludicrous a far more apt punishment would have been an enforced 30 second stop /go pitstop penalty, or disqualification.

    2. Conor Sheehan
      18th July 2021, 20:27

      This is just moaning by max. Let’s not forget that he was celebrating on the podium in Bahrain last year…

  5. Watching the celebrations after the race while still in hospital is disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behavior but we move on.

    This would have sounded right coming from anyone else – except Max Verstappen. Or Michael Schumacher. Or Aryton Senna. Or Maldonado.

    1. Hahahaha. +1

        1. Or Lewis H, who is doing a Schumi season.

    2. So there’s a crash, the driver is ok, and he expects Lewis to what? Not celebrate? Really wierd ent regardless of who was at fault. Likely 70/30 Lewis imo.

    3. Yes. I think we ask too much of our champions.

      Hamilton has had the best car for many years now. We’ve grown accustomed to him driving almost politely as he patiently collects the points he needs for the championship.

      He can’t drive that way anymore. He has to take every chance to score, even if it means a dicey move in one of the fastest corners in F1.

      It is nice to admire the accomplishments of someone like Hamilton, but let’s not kid ourselves. He and Verstappen both care more about the championship than anybody’s health. Careful doesn’t win the British GP.

      1. Exactly. The Mercedes tactic of following cars and blasting past them on the straights is o er now and we’re seeing the true driving capabilities (or lack of?)

      2. “He can’t drive that way anymore. He has to take every chance to score, even if it means a dicey move in one of the fastest corners in F1.”

        Pathetic excuse..

    4. Ambrogio Isgro
      18th July 2021, 21:42

      Or Alain Prost. Or Sebastian Vettel. Or Nigel Mansell. Or Fernando Alonso. Or Damon Hill. Or Eddie Irvine. Or…

      1. Or probably the previous 99 (drivers).

  6. Exactly my thougths. Lewis should have been more aware he just put a drive in the hospital. It wasn’t intentional, but a bit more awareness on that should suit him better.

    Losing 5 races in a row, losing the sprintrace from pole and then coming so close in front of 140.000 fans… He’s under presure and that influenced the decision to fight to hard…

    1. + 1. I think you are correct. Lewis pretty acknowledged this in his post-race interview with C4.

  7. Rubbish!

  8. If your in hospital watching TV and on twitter you cant be that bad a shape that everyone on the podium has to act like someone has died.

    1. Drivers know going in that “This is pod racing”

    2. +1 if you can tweet that you are unhappy that someone has closed the gap to you then you are okay.

    3. And forgetting that you also behaved “disrespectfully” spraying bubbly on the podium while another driver was in hospital.

  9. Since when had any in race F1 penalty delivered “justice”? It’s always a time penalty and penalty points on a licence.

    That’s just the current system and to expect anything else is just naive.

    For me, based on what I’ve seen and analysis on Sky, the incident was a 60/40 fault split between LH and MV. Either way, for Horner to claim that you can’t overtake on a section of a racetrack is farcical.

    1. Horner should have said you can’t weave left and right on section off the track.

    2. On sky, prejudiced much?

      I think F1 needs the equivalent of a red card for this. On a kart track people get black flagged as well.

      1. F1 has black flags.

  10. It is stupid for someone like max to be offended that someone celebrated a hard fought win before his home crowd. Silverstone is racing not a massage palour. That said, if max doesn’t learn to throw out that entitlement attitude while on track, he may never win a championship with all the speed and talent he has. If I am 33 point ahead in the championship and am in these situations with my closest contender and I need to have a measured approach to racing with the championship in mind. I think people like leclecre and lando may see silverware earlier or more often than max if he doesn’t change his attitude while racing

    1. It wasn’t hard fought it was a cruise to win from the rest of F1.5

      1. It’s interesting that Bottas struggles to achieve the same “cruise to win” despite having the same machinery…

        1. Sam (@undercut677)
          18th July 2021, 19:37

          Bottas is a terrible driver, not average, terrible.

          1. He didn’t look terrible when he was at Williams.

    2. Exactly.

      Max is a fantastic driver but he needs to be careful not to let RB’s victim culture rub off on him.

      I’m actually more disappointed with Max’s comments then I am Lewis’s!

      1. @sonnycrockett
        “I’m actually more disappointed with Max’s comments then I am Lewis’s!”

        Ofcourse you are.

        1. I’m actually currently wearing an orange 33 t-shirt but, yes, I am!

          1. Of course you are

    3. Very similar to Vettel’s lack of perspective at Singapore 2017

      Maybe Hamilton is so good, that none of them think a lead means anything – until it’s unsummountable

  11. I’m excited that the gloves are off now after what has been a fairly amicable start to the season (they have already touched though).

    Lewis can’t even go to the toilet without people judging him so he may as well be the bad guy in this saga. The penalty was deserved and in keeping with similar offenses, although he and Norris at the same corner demonstrated that it can be done there.

    Had Max backed out like Lewis did in turn 1 at Barcelona he may well have walked away from Silverstone with a 40+ point lead such is his pace.

    1. 40+ lead would have been deserved. Look at the mistakes Lewis H has made this season but lucked out of.

      1. It would be deserved, Max has been phenomenal and Red Bull have finally given him a car he can compete with.

        I don’t think Lewis has made as many mistakes as people like to think (Baku and Austria were bad luck and France was strategy) but out of the two I would say Max has been more consistent.

        It’ll be interesting to see how the dynamic develops if Mercedes really have done enough to keep up or whether Silverstone was a one off.

        1. Did you just leave?

  12. Thought everything was handled properly by everyone, except Red Bull was a tad overdramatic with their whining. They were both at fault for the incident, but if you want to say it was 60-40 Hamilton, go ahead.

    Also, Hamilton probably had no idea Verstappen was in the hospital. All he knew was that Verstappen walked away and was getting checked out by the medical team. If Verstappen had been immediately put in the back of an ambulance and rushed to hospital during the red flag, then complaints about Hamilton celebrating would be justified.

    1. @hunkulese

      Also, Hamilton probably had no idea Verstappen was in the hospital.

      He didn’t. He didn’t know that Max had been taken to hospital until he was been interviewed on Sky maybe 40 minutes after the race & Natalie mentioned it to him.

      1. @stefmeister Even then, it’s not like Verstappen was on life support! He’s now at home, tucked up in bed.

  13. Sam (@undercut677)
    18th July 2021, 19:34

    No doubt that if this meritted a penalty (which it did), the penalty was insufficient. The penalties in these situations meed to be fixed.

  14. You really think that in the middle of the race, they’re sending him radio messages about Verstappen going to the hospital?

  15. Rick (@wickedwicktheweird)
    18th July 2021, 19:42

    I think the penalty is in line with penalties in similar situations. However, Lewis gained massively with this move. This could set a dangerous precedent, drivers taking each other out because the 5/10 sec penalty is peanuts compared to the potential gains.

    1. It doesn’t really as this wasn’t intentional. Schumacher and Senna we’re both disqualified from Championships for what were deemed to be intentional crashes, albeit at the end of the season, so the risk probably isn’t worth it.

      1. Only Lewis knows if this was intentional or not @sparkyamg
        He certainly was a lot more careful when overtaking Leclerc.

    2. People have been saying that since Rol/ Harrison… and to be fair, it’s been true more than once!

  16. Did his account get hacked or something? It’s hard for me believe that post is real.
    Max, everyone saw you walk out of the car and wave to the crowd, mate. Why would Lewis keep down the celebrating?

    1. He was supported by a medic into the ambulance as he waved the crowd.

      1. He’s winded.

  17. Nah, the whole penalty was undeserved for a racing incident.

    1. neither wanted to yield so someone paid the price. max had a points lead to protect but instead threw majority of it away.i’m sorry but max needs to take some of the blame here as well.

    2. A 15-to-20 year jail sentence plus the official deletion of all previous racing pseudoachievements would be more fitting for the case.

      1. you sure about that?

  18. Hamilton said he was literally ‘angry’ about how ‘aggressive’ and ‘disrespectful’ max was, when that’s exactly what Lewis has been in those moments, so his comments amount to nothing more than projection. While understeering into Max wasn’t intentional, I agree with Horner stating that Lewis was being desperate (not driving cleanly anymore), hence the (justified) penalty. Lewis seems to have a particular insecure need to gain the validation of those around him, which could explain why he’s so defensive and dismissive of any suggestion that he does anything wrong, which while somewhat understandable considering the racism he’s endured, still reflects poorly on his character/ego.

  19. All non sense here. Everyone in F1 knows how aggressive Max is and today he did just the same.
    Horner and Marko need to sit with Max and tutor him to get his driving clean.
    Congratulations to Lewis for a great Victory and to Charles for a fantastic drive all race long. Well deserved podium to both.
    Let’s meet again in Hungary.

  20. The Hamilton celebrated a win in 56-lap race, the collision happened on lap 1. Hamilton was simply excited to win in front of so many fans, after hunting down Norris & Leclerc in final laps and taking some 15 seconds from a teammate in identical car. Honestly, can you think of a driver who would not celebrate like him? His pace in the last stint was sublime, one fastest lap after another, really great effort from him & must have been overwhelmed with emotions.

    1. Including Verstappen celebrating on the podium in Bahrain with Grosjean in hospital.

      1. Slight difference there as Max didn’t punt Grosjean into the barrier and hospital AND he knew Grosjean was only in hospital because of burns.. Max had extensive medical tests to make sure ther were no internal bleedings or brain damage after Hamilton punted Max off the track in a 170mph corner… Not really the same is it?

  21. That’s right max take the fight to him even harder next race, gloves are off.

    1. ian dearing
      18th July 2021, 20:37

      So you had no problem with Max doing it the past, whereby other drivers had to jump out of the way or crash, and you have no problem with Max continuing to do it in the future?
      Glad to see then that you welcome Ham finally giving Max a taste of his own medicine, as most of the others who wallowed in Max’s get out of the way or we crash mentality seem to be having an epiphany about that type of driving since lap 1.

      1. Put your money where you mouth is… Name 1 accident caused by Max where the other drivers health was put at risk other than the crash in Monaco in 2015/2016. You can’t as it has never happened.

    2. @f-duct Sure. Maybe, unlike Silverstone, Verstappen will remember which driver has more to lose?

  22. According to a person on Twitter: “Lewis just confirmed that he was not aware of Max being in hospital and how he doesn’t want to hurt anyone”. And the entire crash was a racing incident by 100%.
    This is the conclusion.

    1. Ah, I was waiting for the conclusion. Thanks for that

  23. I think it’s right to point out the hypocrisy of the penalty. People get similar or worse penalties for mundane stuff like not abandoning their laps after a double yellow, even after slowing down around the danger area like happened to Vettel recently, and here was a crazy dangerous move that caused one of the bigger crashes for years and then it’s seen as equally dangerous?

    1. @balue When you compare the two points for this and the penalties we saw in Austria, it’s pretty ridiculous.

    2. Davethechicken
      19th July 2021, 8:27

      The penalty reflects the fact that Max could have avoided the collision too.

      1. Of course, just make way for Lewis the King and you wont get rammed off. How stupid Max didnt understand that. Must be his inexperience

    3. @balue not slowing for double waved yellows isn’t mundane stuff but among other things at least part of the reason we just marked 6 years since the passing of Jules Bianchi

  24. What happened with Alonso?

  25. It was as much as Hamilton’s mistake as it was Max. Racing incident. Both didn’t yield and expected the other to back off. Get well soon Max and he needs learn when to back off. You can’t have it your way all the time. If other driver is backing off from contact 2 times in half a lap (Lewis backed off into the first corner even though he got better start and then again they came close to making contact and Lewis avoided it), Max should also learn to back off at least 1 time when other driver has already backed off twice.

    Similar thing he did at Imola. Max never shy away from making contact and he always expects the other driver to back off. Doesn’t work that way all the time mate.
    This accident was about to happen. Hopefully Max will learn from this and we have no more contacts between Lewis and Max in the remaining races but i doubt it.

    1. “Both didn’t yield and expected the other to back off.”
      You ignore the fact that one of them was leading and it was on the guy who was behind to yield.

      1. And you are ignoring the fact that Lewis was alongside and had the inside line

        1. @amg44
          I am not. Lewis was behind. The inside line doesn’t give you the right to push people off the track. Especially when you are behind.

          1. According to the stewarding guidelines it actually kinda does

    2. Leclerc had the exact same line as Verstappen when he got overtaken. How anyone can put the blame on Max in this is beyond me.

      1. Leclerc was way closer to the kerb, Max, on the other hand, covered the inside, then fell for the dummie and swerved to the left, and then swerved to the right again (Hamilton pushed to the wall), almost under the braking zone. Then Max decided to run on more rubber to take the 9th curve and swerve to left and finally taking the corner.

    3. @amg44 exactly Max should have known he was going to get hit.

  26. Bruno Oliveira
    18th July 2021, 21:03


    What a crybaby!

    Wait a second, didn’t he celebrate his podium while Grosjean was in the hospital after that huge crash in Bahrain last year?

    1. He wasn’t involved in Grosjean’s crash, so why wouldn’t he celebrate? You’re desperately reaching mate.

      1. No one got a penalty for the Grosjean incident as well, which actually nearly did take someones life.

        Interesting that, isn’t it?

        1. I mean, there wouldn’t have been much point penalizing the driver at fault for the Grosjean accident, given it was Grosjean.

          1. Oh weird that isn’t it, how it was Grosjeans rear wheel being tagged by a driver behind. Weird. It’s almost like people change their mind depending on whose involved.


  27. My word, Hamilton celebrated while Verstappen was “still under checks”?

    1. Hamilton asked if Verstappen was ok during the Red flag when he got out of the car and waved to the crowed, he was told he was ok, we had zero idea Verstappen was taken for further checks while he was on track racing.

      Some people.

  28. Equal fault for the accident in my view. How often have we cheered for drivers making ballsy moves? Side-by-side into Eau Rouge, or sweeping around the outside of 130R.

    It’s racing. Yes, it resulted in a huge accident. So would many of our most cherished moments of on-track action, if a driver had got it slightly wrong.

    I won’t complain about a small penalty to Hamilton given the outcome, but a lot of people being very melodramatic about it. If Verstappen had backed out, it would have looked like a hard but fair move.

    It’s good drama. I hope they play it up for the media.

    1. Exactly – it seems the Verstappen fans love hard racing and wheel banging as long as Verstappen comes out ahead. Otherwise, it’s tears.

  29. I think Hamilton’s move was ambitious and he neither fully committed or fully backed out. I should have commited to taking both wide maybe with his nose ahead or giving up completely on the pass. He kind of did neither.

    Verstappen didn’t give enough room to allow for any misjudgement on Hamilton’s part. I know he left space so he complied with the rules but the collision shows he would have been better off leaving a little more for his own benefit. If he had he would still have left with a much better exit than Hamilton who would still likely have lost a position to Leclerc due to his compromised line.

    I think Hamilton was more at fault than Verstappen with no need for a penalty for Verstappen. But both drove in a way that would leave a chance of a collision. When DRS + Pirelli tyres came in drivers would do this kind of thing quite often racing hard for 50-50 moves and colliding.

  30. … we have two sets of rules in Formula 1. One set of unwritten rules reserved exclusively for Lewis Hamilton, and a set of written rules, for everyone else –

  31. NeverElectric
    19th July 2021, 5:09

    Max Verstappen complaining about dangerous driving…

    1. Penalty point comparison please. You are still living in 2018

  32. No doubt that was a huge crash for Max, but im thinking he should of slept on it before posting to social media . Whatever you believe, I believe it was more a racing incident. Lewis probably could of toned it down afterwards but I suppose if you feel you did nothing wrong or take the blame, then celebrate as much as you want!

    1. The incident itself was not that bad. Hamilton simply understeered into Verstappen while being on the dirt. He missed his apex by 1,5 meters. It happens. Lewis subsequently not owning up to it made him lose all respect from the audience across the globe. Bar the UK he is the villain now. Schumacher like reputation will follow him for the rest of his life. I guess it might be culturally accepted in the UK to win like this. Good for them.

  33. Hamilton made some dangerous assumptions on that move and stuck with them till then end. He had already calculated that he was committing to sending it on the inside, even when MV squeezed all the space out of that inside line. He really wanted to be ahead going into that corner, calculated that he would be and convinced himself that he was (his radio message was ‘I was ahead going in there, fully along side/It was my line). Backing out was not an option and how could he after committing? 180mph and tap the brakes to pull out, I’m not sure that’s possible. He was along side but behind and Max was fully aware of what he was doing… as they turn in, Lewis’s wing was up around Max’s front wheel, So he knew he was there (?) but both were committed to their lines. Lewis assumed he’d clear Max and have that line, forcing Max to back out. Neither did. Conjecture of course… I don’t race, never even drove a car with a helmet on so no idea what I’m talking about. Just a fan of anyone that makes it into one of those seats.

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