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I’d do exactly the same move on Verstappen again – Hamilton

2021 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton says he would change nothing about the overtaking move he made on Max Verstappen at the British Grand Prix which led to his rival crashing out of the race.

The stewards are considering a request from Red Bull to review their decision to penalise Hamilton 10 seconds for the collision between the two championship contenders. Hamilton went on to win the race after serving the penalty.

He sees no reason to change his approach in similar circumstances. “In terms of the move I would do the move exactly the way I did it last,” Hamilton said.

“In terms of how I’ve reviewed it and analysed from all my experience – and my experience obviously with over the years speaks for a lot – I wouldn’t change it.”

The stewards ruled Hamilton was “predominantly” to blame for the contact between the pair, and also gave him two penalty points on his licence. The Mercedes driver was reluctant to expand on the approach he took when he tried to pass Verstappen on the inside of Copse corner on the first lap of the race.

“I definitely can explain, but I’m not going to explain,” said Hamilton. “I’ve been racing 20… God knows how many years. I know how to navigate through corners and overtaking manoeuvres so I won’t waste my energy trying to explain it. It’s definitely going to be difficult for people to fully understand.”

Verstappen said he was “surprised” the stewards had not held Hamilton wholly responsible for the incident.

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2021 Hungarian Grand Prix

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80 comments on “I’d do exactly the same move on Verstappen again – Hamilton”

  1. oops, just ran out of popcorn.

    1. For real. Can we just have a practice session already so we can talk about sector times or something racing related? I get sucked into this discussion about who hit the apex or who is whining too much myself but it’s like a vice and it has to end. I need some relief.

      1. Just don’t engage, I deliberately have not since the moment the crash happened. It’s much easier to distance one’s self than to get emotionally invested in the drama.

  2. Barry Bens (@barryfromdownunder)
    29th July 2021, 18:28

    Perfect example of ‘surely I the almighty Lul can’t be wrong, the entire world is’ and the reason people don’t like him. The stewards said he was wrong and should’ve acted differently. The penalty that was given, including the superlicence penalty points, are proof of that. Those points are given to discourage dumb and dangerous behavior. Clearly Hamilton hasn’t learned from it, so the next penalty should be much harsher.

    See it like probation: you only get half the jailtime IF you don’tr do something stupid again in the future. If you do, welp, time to get the full time behind bars. I’d say next time let Hammie sit a race out, maybe then he’ll learn.

    1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      29th July 2021, 18:46

      @barryfromdownunder learn to continue to drive perfectly? he got a penalty for what is a racing incident and certainly Lewis didn’t do anything wrong there. Everyone concocted all kinds of funny stories but ultimately Lewis did none of them.

      In replays, it’s clear that Max made 3 mistakes, didn’t get a penalty, and walked away without any injuries…

      You can easily argue that Christmas came early for Max last week given the mistakes he made just into that corner.

      1. So your theory is he received a penalty for doing nothing wrong.
        Rotfl, funnie people Lewis fans :)

        1. Even weirder are Max nuts.

    2. and the reason people don’t like him

      Speak for yourself please. Not that he needs you to like him as he continues to rack up wins and championships.

  3. Good for him.
    I would fully understand if he explained the differences in his moves against VER and LEC.
    Anyway, he’s right in saying he knows how to take corners and make passing moves through his overall racing experience.

    1. Barry Bens (@barryfromdownunder)
      29th July 2021, 18:33

      Falling back on the ‘I’ve done 20 years of racing I know what I’m doing and I’m never doing anything wrong’ a terrible argument.

      Everyone occasionally puts a foot wrong, even a professional. If the majority of the world AND the stewards say you’re wrong, you might as well admit it. But for some reason, Hamilton never seems to say that he was wrong. It’s always everyone else but him…

      1. Davethechicken
        29th July 2021, 18:39

        Barry, your first point i agree with.
        Your second point is wrong.
        “It was just a misjudgement by Lewis at the end of the day and it’d be good if he apologised for it.” For his part, Hamilton said he accepted the blame for the clash, and couldn’t believe the duo had come together again.”

        1. Barry Bens (@barryfromdownunder)
          29th July 2021, 18:42

          Admitting and accepting blame are two entirely different things.

      2. So Max has put his hand up to his part in it? No didn’t think so. Have the majority of the drivers said other than racing incident. No. Have you plucked ‘the majority of the world’ from out of thin air. Yes.

        Ham. ‘Nothing to do with me’
        Max ‘Not me gov’
        F1 Drivers, ‘Racing incident’
        The majority of F1 fans, ‘Best half of a lap of racing Iv’e seen in decades.’

        1. Barry Bens (@barryfromdownunder)
          29th July 2021, 18:44

          Have you plucked ‘the majority of the world’ from out of thin air. Yes.

          >continues by claiming

          The majority of F1 fans

          Pot, meet kettle

          I should’ve said ‘any sane person’, but I was kinda hoping that would be the majority of the world. Guess I was wrong there.

          1. manoli moriaty
            29th July 2021, 19:35

            So with your logic, all current F1 drivers do not fall under the “sane person” demographic? Excellent couch expertise there

  4. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    29th July 2021, 18:38

    He literally was punished for it. Saying he’d happily do it again is one extreme bad look and largely justifies Red Bull’s argument the punishment was too lenient. You don’t cause an accident like that – that you were ruled as being predominantly at fault for – and be like ‘yep sure I’d do it again because muh experience’. How’d you look at the wreck of Verstappen’s car and honestly think sure this was a great move?

    1. Well, he made up considerable ground in the championship @rocketpanda, so from that perspective it worked out extremely well for him.

      1. This is an important point: Lewis went home with nearly the maximum amount of points on offer and Max went home with almost none (he earned 3 points from the Qualifying Sprint Race). There isn’t any incentive for Lewis to change his behaviour (bar 2 Penalty points added to his Super Licence). Maybe he’s just saying he won’t change his behaviour and would if the situation arose again, but if he doesn’t and Max is crashed out of another race by Lewis then I would hope the Stewards take a stronger stance, e.g. Disqualify Lewis from the race too. Max had gotten an impressive lead in the WDC by merit. If a similar thing were to happen this weekend would we consider Lewis’s lead in the WDC to have been earned by merit? I don’t think we would. As a fan of F1 I want to see racing is what decides the World Drivers’ Championship, not actions such as what sadly has tarnished Michael Schumacher’s reputation and legacy.
        Lewis, without doubt, is one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time. I really hope that when he retires from F1 he does so with his head held high.

        1. Don’t worry he will.

    2. +1
      A good reason indeed for a harsher penalty.

    3. stewards often get decisions wrong
      and the same way lewis has had to back out to avoid max from hitting him,
      max should learn to do the same thing.
      the other thing max should do, is learn not to turn his steering wheel all the way to the right,when a car is right beside his on the right hand side going for the same corner.
      that would actually help alot.

    4. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      29th July 2021, 18:50

      @rocketpanda there was nothing wrong with that overtake. If it weren’t Lewis driving, there would have been no penalty.

      In fact, it’s clear that Max made 3 mistakes heading into that corner – Lewis made none. Did Max get a penalty?

      1. Adam (@rocketpanda)
        29th July 2021, 18:57

        Matt – You’re not ‘right beside’ when your front left hits someone else’s rear right.

        @freelittlebirds – There was a lot wrong with that overtake and what’s even worse is the man’s attitude as a result of it. How on earth are you implying Hamilton is the victim here? He won?!

        1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
          29th July 2021, 19:07

          @rocketpanda – I get there was a lot wrong with that overtake from the perspective of a disappointed fan. Can you please explain to me one thing that Lewis did wrong from a racing perspective?

          I can explain 3 things Max did wrong that ended up taking him out and nearly destroying Lewis’ race.

          All are totally clear with regard to Max. And it’s not even taking into account the way Max drove up to that turn or the nickname he has earned himself while crashing into everyone (a nickname that is not allowed here btw).

          1. Adam (@rocketpanda)
            29th July 2021, 19:14

            Can I explain one thing Lewis did wrong from a racing perspective? I dunno, maybe hit him? What a dumb question.

            What on earth did he do? You even see on camera he moved steering to give Hamilton even more space, despite him having more than enough already?

            You’re mad.

          2. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
            29th July 2021, 19:29

            @rocketpanda Max turned in too sharply when he was racing – undeniable fact. He was going to collide with Lewis given his sharp turn.

            He saw Lewis alongside, then corrected but the correction was misjudged and he ended up clipping his wheel into Lewis. Had Max made the correct adjustment or not taken such a ridiculous angle into the corner, he would have cleared Lewis.

            So when you say that Lewis hit Max, what you actually mean is that Max made 2 errors and hit Lewis.

      2. @freelittlebirds
        Any evidence for your statement “If it weren’t [sic] Lewis driving, there would have been no penalty.”

        1. Well the Sainz/Grosjean incident in 2018 was classed as a racing incident so I guess there is some evidence to there statement.

          1. @rob8k
            That incident wasn’t quite the same, plus saying Grosjean didn’t receive a penalty doesn’t exactly equate with ‘absolutely anyone else wouldn’t have received a penalty’, now does it?
            If you honestly believe Hamilton received a penalty just because it was him, seriously come on,

        2. Next stop, racism.

          1. The classic lost the argument and so come out with something ridiculous statement

    5. Saying he’d happily do it again is one extreme bad look and largely justifies Red Bull’s argument the punishment was too lenient.

      So you expected him to show up in tears mumbling apologies for what he firmly believes was a racing incident? You guys really make me laugh!

  5. If only Lewis admitted he made a mistake (but is but is obviously unable to)
    The poor man is cracking under pressure.
    It was a do or die move to save his face after all those errors.

    1. What a load of drivel but please continue, your hate for an individual you have never met is all to plain to see.

      1. NeverElectric
        30th July 2021, 1:43

        I suspect erikje and @Kingshark are Red Bull Racing accounts run by Max himself lol

        1. Just seen a Kingshark comment on a Mark Hughes piece (where he talks about the title contenders needing to swap styles) and chuckled – he is so consistent with his drivel across all sites.

  6. I would do the move exactly the way I did it last

    It’s only natural. As long as a slap on the wrist from the stewards and a red flag repair job on his car enables someone to win while their opponent is uninjured but leaves with zero points and the extra cost of a write-off, this is the perfect move.

  7. Good to hear Hamilton confirm what was clear enough: it was a legitimate attempt to pass and he’d do the same again. Any driver would (as just about all of the current drivers have implied or openly said, Alonso, Ricciardo etc.). Hamilton has to do the same again, or any other driver in a similar position, until Verstappen learns the hard way that he doesn’t get to win every 50/50 and sometimes he may have to sacrifice position (and ego) to stay in the race. Tough, undoubtedly. But maybe he’ll get there. I think most of the post-Silverstone aftermath has been about Max and Red Bull unable to process this reality. And so it will happen again.

    1. No the profit of this illegal move outweigh the cost. So only 10s for taking out your main competitor is fine for Lewis.
      Lewis: “Winning at all costs “

      1. For the record, (a) I’d expect Verstappen to make a similar attempt, he’d be right too, and (b) saying you’d go for the same attempt doesn’t mean the same outcome. There are too many subtle variables that make each situation different, including the micro-decisions and movements each driver makes based on what to risk (in terms of braking, acceleration, steering). My belief is simply that it was possible for both of them to race through that corner without contact. And avoiding contact required slightly different decisions from one or both (I think both).

        1. My belief is simply that it was possible for both of them to race through that corner without contact.

          Agree, and if Lewis braked earlier, like he did with leclerc (with less fuel) he would have made the corner.

    2. @david-br

      Good to hear Hamilton confirm what was clear enough: it was a legitimate attempt to pass and he’d do the same again.

      I’m glad that Lewis made this statement. It definitely adds a new dimension to his rivalry with Max. While I do think Lewis’ move was a legitimate overtake, it was a tad bit over aggressive. He did get a penalty for it, and continued to race.

      I think this statement from Lewis is going to start mind games with Max. In previous years, Max has shown this same level of aggressiveness when attempting to overtake a Mercedes, knowing that the Mercedes has more to lose as championship favourites. Now, the tables have turned and Red Bull have more to lose. For Max to adopt a smart way to challenge for the championship, he’s going to have to play it safe in some wheel to wheel battles. Lewis is just informing Max that he’s going to be adopting the same approach that Max has adopted for the past few seasons. Max will have to stop assuming preferential treatment in 50/50 manoeuvres… he’ll have to think of Lewis not backing down.. and that will surely have an impact on his race approach.

      1. @todfod Well put, I think Hamilton was aggressive, yes, basically telling Verstappen he’ll now have to give more room, which he didn’t, precisely as Max has done countless times in the reverse direction. Indeed he did the same earlier in the lap. Backing down, allowing a rival to pass or block in a 50/50 won’t come easy for Max at all. I’m not sure he’s there yet, in fact, but I guess we’ll find out soon enough!

      2. Well put, this is exactly the way Lewis thinks. Max however won’t be bothered nor Rosberg’d. Lewis shows his weakness by needing all of this when he is under pressure. Mentally Lewis lost the WDC already and thats why is so cross. In practice he might very well win due to his tricks and off track games and especially since his car won the last 8 years (!). Makes him forever a loser champion who cracked immediately he was challenged by a kid.

        1. I think you missed the point completely. It’s just throwing down the gauntlet with Max. Tables have definitely turned this year. If Max gets off worse in another 50/50 move.. he could lose a championship.

  8. I’ll just leave this here


    I wonder what Horner had to say about this….

    1. And again, copse wasn’t flat out back then.

      1. F1oSaurus (@)
        29th July 2021, 19:44

        @rvg013 That’s just as relevant as the “how can they celebrate while I’m in the hospital” nonsense.

        1. Only in your dimension speed does not matter when taking a corner :)

      2. The profile of the corner is the same as it is today, this shows that Alonso knew he wasn’t going to keep the corner, hence the backing out.
        Max’s only race craft seems to be ‘out my way, or the fence’, well this time it was the fence for him.

  9. Ok this is wrong in my opinion. I don’t care if he had benefit from this crash and he catched Verstapen in championship and i don’t care if it was his fault or anything.
    I do care that another driver because of this incident went with 260klm off track and sustained 51G. Imagine if Verstapen rolled over and went airborne and passed the tyre barrier, what would had happened.
    This is not the correct behavior from a 7 time world champion. I was expecting some humble words like “it was a racing incident from my side even if i got penalized where i don’t agree, but life goes on and we need to be a bit more careful all of us to be safe and enjoy what we do”.

    I really like Hamilton as a driver for what he had achieved but this wrong wording in my opinion and i hope that he says that to counter react to Red bull for the incident hearing.

    1. First decent reaction I read here.

  10. Maybe don’t out-brake yourself & completely miss the apex next time then.

    1. Which of course, didn’t happen.

      Stop inventing things out of your where the sun don’t shine maybe ?

  11. Rosberg and Vettel were right to do the same to you then.

    1. No only sir Hamilton can do this.
      You are not allowed to race agains Lewis. Just follow him when he drives off with the fastest car on track for years.

    2. According to some comments (in the vast minority but shouting very loud) on this site Lewis is almighty and never ever does anything wrong. It is surprising he doesnt have 15 WDCs yet as he can’t ever do anything wrong. Max on the other hand… pff they are not glad their man gets competition.

      No, lets forget
      – he struggled against Rosberg
      – hardly outqualifies Bottas
      – has most penalty points for causing a collision (of all 20 drivers)
      – hit an RB car 3 times in as many years.
      But hey… Max (zero penalty points) is the aggressive driver and my…what an arrogance that he is actually challenging Lewis. Doing it in a car in which the 2nd driver cant even come near Lewis (only Albon twice and we know how that ended). You’d think Lewis and his fans would be enthusiastic about all of this. No, Lewis needs to remain untouched. No one is allowed to say or do anything. For me thats the epiphany of not being a fan of the overall sport and not really understanding it well. The same red mist that clouds Lewis judgement this year. I am convinced more errors will come as he clearly cant even own up to the slightest optimistic failure. That shows mental pressure he is experiencing.

  12. I’d do exactly the same move on Verstappen again – Hamilton

    Says the man who was deemed predominantly to blame and claims to continue to learn from his mistakes…

    1. And did it for the third time on a RedBull. And was penalised for it. But hey, I guess thats just the rest of the world being against him

  13. Max please do a similar move on him , let’s see a baby cry.

  14. I wouldn’t expect him to say anything different because if he’d said that in the same situation again he’d back out then it just gives Max the psychological advantage of knowing if he gets Lewis in the same situation again then Lewis won’t fight him as hard.

    And it would be the same reversed if Max had come out & said he’d back out in future.

    1. @stefmeister Precisely. The fact is the ‘same’ situation could be replayed 20 times and they’d all play out differently, the factors involved are too complex to be predictable. That’s why we watch.

    2. I do wonder if some of the carry-on after the race was a deliberate ploy to get in Max’s head too. It wouldn’t surprise me.

    3. Precisely. It’s amazing to see some of the crocodile tears here.

  15. Blimey, talk about entitled.

  16. Of course he wouldn’t. The outcome was the best there could be. 25 points to 0 for your nearest championship rival. It doesn’t get much better than that! Definitely leaves an uncomfortable sense of injustice for onlookers though…

  17. Very good!
    What he did was correct, a risky maneuver as the occasion deserved, knowing that the opponent is the worst driver on the current grid due to his permanent aggressive attitude, his dirty handling and his absolute lack of respect towards his rivals.
    Hamilton, despite the mistakes he has made in his career, is a correct and respectful driver.
    A great champion. One of the best in history.

  18. We haven’t had a proper on/off track championship battle in more than 10 years (excluding Ham/Ros). I want to see proper media/track releated fight between them. It is just what F1 needs.

  19. A fourth “Schieb ihn raus” moment coming?

  20. He is right it couldn’t have worked any better. He may think it is good riddance for the way Max races, but he can’t say this, it is beyond embarrassing.

  21. But you didn’t. 50 laps later, you didn’t repeat that move.

    1. That is a pretty good point you have there. Let’s see if he holds his word in future races. I personally hope he does. I would like to see what the punishment is next time. If he does do it again I expect this statement of his to end up biting him quite hard. Just saying. Maybe just maybe they can both do their best to keep it clean. You are better than this Lewis Hamilton. Prove me right.

  22. Would be strange if Lewis said otherwise after all the drama he caused. He truly is not a great champion, incapable of owning up to anything when he is not winning. Some will say its the ultimate winning sports mentality. Well, have your titles and be like that then. What a journey his career has been. From bright talent to luckiest man alive driving a car delivering him win after win after win. And when he finally needs to battle we dont see reflection or gratitude, but entitlement, lack of ownership, clumsiness and arrogance. All the signs of a not so nice person to but it mildly.

  23. And again.. he does it again… why is he so self destructive this year? Has it been so hard to play the nice guy all these years? He destroys his own reputation again by saying: I will do again that for which I have been found guilty and was punished for. How is that not arrogance or entitlement? Really?

    1. What are you smoking Mayrton? Is it legal?

      1. Sorry, did he or did he not get penalised for this move? Does he or does he not always claim he is still learning? Does he or does he not have most penalty points for causing a collision? You can get personal if you feel you need to (in line with Lewis behavior) but I’d rather look at facts. This man clearly has problems dealing with pressure.

  24. Valencia 2012: I would do the same again
    hehe typical Pastor
    British 2021: I would do the same again
    hehe typical ……!0!

  25. Going to give it my final reflection and move on:

    Lewis and his fans saw Max coming into F1 and something happened. They were surprised by the amount of attention given to this rookie while we are clearly dealing here with the best driver of all time. How come, like in Brasil where Lewis won in the rain, every one was talking ‘yeah, sure but what about Max’ race’. And that happened more than once. It got under his skin. Why werent all these people stressing his high level instead of talking about the new kid in town? He was afraid not to be remembered since all attention was going to the new baby. In his fear, he and his fans made it a self fulfilling prophecy. And I am just watching this entitlement and arrogance smashed to bits, all by his own doing. He is so insecure at the moment. While Max does nothing with or to Lewis. He simply doesnt care since Lewis will be gone soon.

    1. Isn’t that the synopsis for the Matrix?

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