Antonio Giovinazzi, Alfa Romeo, Hungaroring, 2021

Giovinazzi avoids grid penalty for pair of practice incidents

2021 Hungarian Grand Prix

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The stewards have penalised Antonio Giovinazzi and Alfa Romeo over two separate incidents the driver was involved in during final practice, but did not issue a grid drop ahead of qualifying.

Alfa Romeo accepted responsibility for the collision which occured in the pits between Giovinazzi and Lance Stroll. Giovinazzi was sent from his pit box as Stroll passed by and touched the Aston Martin’s right-rear tyres with his front wing.

“Car 99 [Giovinazzi] left its garage when car 18 [Stroll] was driving in the fast lane,” the stewards noted. “As a result, the two cars had contact and the front wing of car 99 was damaged.”

“The team of car 99 admitted that it was their fault,” the stewards added. Alfa Romeo was fined €5,000 for the error.

Giovinazzi was also found to have impeded Pierre Gasly in a separate incident which occured two minutes later. The stewards pointed out Alfa Romeo failed to warn their driver the AlphaTauri was approaching.

“During FP3 Gasly was on a quick lap, while Giovinazzi was on an out-lap, driving slowly on the line at the exit of turn 13 in front of Gasly. Giovinazzi had no warning by his team and admitted during the hearing that he impeded Gasly.

“Both drivers agreed to the steward’s opinion that this is not acceptable during free practice.”

Giovinazzi was given his first reprimand of the season for the incident.

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