Bottas “did a great job for Mercedes taking out both of our cars” – Horner

2021 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Red Bull team principal Christian Horner said his team had suffered “hugely bad luck” after a first-lap collision involving both of his cars at the Hungaroring.

Sergio Perez retired after being hit by Valtteri Bottas at the first corner. The Mercedes driver also knocked Lando Norris into Max Verstappen, leaving the other Red Bull badly damaged.

Verstappen was able to limp to the finish in 10th place to score a point, but was unable to stop Lewis Hamilton overtaking him in the drivers’ championship.

“That’s the brutality of racing, isn’t it?” said Horner after the race. “I think that unfortunately you saw Valtteri make a poor start, he obviously misjudged his braking and he’s done a great job for Mercedes in taking out both of our cars.”

The contact caused “a significant amount of damage” to both cars and put Perez at risk of an engine change penalty later in the season as his power unit was damaged in the collision.

“We lost another engine with Sergio and obviously Max was then hugely compromised,” said Horner. “And I have to say the mechanics worked wonders to get that car running again because just to get some of the pipes straightened on it, for the fluids, was an incredible response.”

It’s the second race in a row Red Bull have suffered from a collision involving a Mercedes. It leaves Verstappen six points behind Hamilton in the drivers’ championship and Red Bull 10 points adrift of Mercedes – gaps which could increase further if Sebastian Vettel is penalised for having insufficient fuel in his car at the end of the race.

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However Horner said his team will come back from the summer break fighting. “We’re within the difference of a first and second place in points difference as we go into the summer break,” he said.

“We’ve had some hugely bad luck the last couple of races. It’s been been pretty brutal in damage and parts and engines.

“But we’ll push ourselves down and we will come out fighting for the second half of this championship because obviously it’s been a tough couple of weeks but things can turn around very quickly, as you’ve just seen. And there’s a long way to go in the championship.”

Bottas has been given a five-place grid penalty at the next race for the collision. Horner doubts it will prove a significant handicap at Spa-Francorchamps, where overtaking is much easier than the Hungaroring.

“The penalty is what it is. Unfortunately, if it was a track like this one it’s obviously a bit more consequential, a track like Spa I would think he’ll be back in position by the end of the second lap.”

“I would think Mercedes… he’s done a good job for them today, hasn’t he?” Horner added.

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156 comments on “Bottas “did a great job for Mercedes taking out both of our cars” – Horner”

  1. Oh my God! This guy (C. Horner) is such a sore loser! Stop whining all the time!

    1. Barry Bens (@barryfromdownunder)
      1st August 2021, 19:58

      Stop whining all the time

      Are you kiding me? Mercedes takes out the main Red Bull competitor TWICE in 2 races and pretty much ensures both RB drivers have to take a fresh engine way before they were planning on. And then the teamboss can’t complain about the recklessness of the Mercedes drivers?


      1. Blaize Falconberger (@)
        1st August 2021, 20:08

        I would LOVE to see all the computer models Mercedes worked out of the start: the exact position that all the cars would be in according to every single possible start scenario, possible track condition, driver action and split second decisions and other such variables, when Bottas whould brake (or not) and how the Mclaren Bottas hit would cannon into the Red Bulls… it must have been more than a Raspberry Pi they used for that one.

        Or it could be that Horner is a petulant fool that is has taken his eye off the ball and is – once again – fully committed to the blame game. Give it a rest sunshine.

        1. @timeslides I don’t think Horner is suggesting that the actions of the Mercedes drivers were deliberate (although Silverstone is at least arguable) – but it is undeniable that Red Bull have suffered more from some pretty brainless driving on the part of the Mercedes drivers than Mercedes themselves have.

          1. He needs to be responsible everything that coming out from his toilet mount. His comment at the moments sounds like a blame game…

          2. @red-andy

            I agree, the comment was made on Sky TV interview. I’m not a fan of Horner but the sensationalized headline above is making it sound way worse than what was really said. He pretty acknowledged it was bad luck that effected both of his cars, it was a Mercedes car that caused the crash but there was no tone that it was done on purpose or deliberate, pretty said it a driver who simply screwed up badly.

            Talk about that accident being salt on the wound, especially coming from a Merc.. I bet even the Merc PR dept was cringing when seeing it. I don’t think anyone in F1 wanted that to see that happen except Alpine and Williams.

            I would much preferred to have seen a dry start on slicks and see how the top two teams competed against each other after Silverstone. Having said that, it was really nice to see things get mixed up and a change of view of racing we’ve been having to watch so much. Congrats to Ocon

            One thing: I’m no fan of this Hungary race track, talk about a boring racetrack that doesn’t give racers a chance to pass or even get close to; Except when it rains.

        2. Epic piece of first lap simulation, right, @timeslides. All snooker players should get Mercedes to help them prepare games

          1. Let see what kind of cost this one will set RB back. Another gazilion?

        3. @timeslides

          Barry didn’t say that it was on purpose. Perhaps you should actually read the comment you respond to?

          1. Blaize Falconberger (@)
            1st August 2021, 21:41

            Let me explain for you. He implied it was deliberate. It clearly wasn’t. I was being sarcastic. And making a point about how silly that suggestion is.

        4. It is so easy to preplan it
          Wheel Spin
          Bog down
          Allow Norris to over take you on the right
          Allow Perez to go past you on the left
          Ensure Verstappen doesn’t get ahead of Hamilton
          Wait until Norris is directly ahead of you
          Wait until certain Verstappen and Norris’ part intersects
          Miss your braking point by this much.

          Very easy and I didn’t use the simulator

          1. The thing is…you’re actually serious! Perfectly predictable but completely absurd.

          2. Apologies, Ignore that… was meant to be a response to Barry

        5. geoffgroom44 (@)
          2nd August 2021, 8:00

          +1.The repeated insinuations by CH that drivers and/or teams are deliberately taking such actions as causing crashes is not serving this sport well. For those whose knowledge of the sport is not so ‘refined’ the concept of ‘professional fouls’ is being fed by such petulant rhetoric. RB should be sanctioned for ‘bringing the sport into disrepute’.This is not good for the sport!

      2. Yeah Bottas must be a genuis to lose those places at the start and then hit the McLaren so it takes out the Red Bulls.

    2. +1

      Snickers Christian…?

    3. Yeah I agree. He should be ecstatic about it.

    4. Please explain how the sore loser is Horner after two races ruined by mercedes and not Wolff and Lewis which complained every race bar the last two about rb tyres or or rb rear wing or rb engine

      1. @Manto
        Well Max expects others to jump out the way all the time. He had a huge role to play in that crash in Britain and the stewards ruling did not absolve him entirely of any blame. “Car 44 was predominantly at fault” I think was the nuanced ruling.

        Secondly appealing a penalty and making all sorts of absurd claims for weeks, even going to the extent of asking Albon to drive the RB7(?) at the speed Hamilton was going and take it to the following weekend is very much the stuff of sore losers.

      2. He lost, and he’s sore about it, it’s not one of those English phrases that doesn’t mean the words used, it’s quite direct and too the point. Perhaps stop throwing it around as an insult when it suits you and you’ll not see it as an insult when it’s your team?

      3. Because he is turning two racing incidents into some sort of vendetta.

        Anyone that has watched F1 for more than a couple of years has seen these incidents so many times that they are no surprise! I it is actually a surprise if there is. It an incident at the first corner of a wet race!

        1. geoffgroom44 (@)
          2nd August 2021, 8:02


      4. geoffgroom44 (@)
        2nd August 2021, 8:06

        it is one thing to be unhappy about incidents that naturally occur in such a sport as F1.It is quite another thing to repeatedly imply that such incidents are ‘deliberate’. Bottas,according to CH, is clearly in the wrong sport and should instead be fighting for the snooker world championship! Complaints about engineering technicalities/rules are policed by F1 as are complaints about ‘unruly behaviour’.The decision of the stewards is final.Those are the rules of this sport.It is about time CH and HM understood this and stopped this ‘we came so close to winning the WC PR campaign’.

        1. He clearly stated it was not deliberate. Maybe you should actually watch the interviews instead of read the headlines.

    5. Tommy Scragend
      1st August 2021, 20:13

      Silverstone can and will be debated for some time yet, but surely even the most blinkered Mercedes fan boy can’t claim that Bottas wasn’t at fault today? Come on!

      1. Blaize Falconberger (@)
        2nd August 2021, 21:02

        oh, everyone knows that Bottas is to blame… no question… and Bottas has said as much… but for commentators to infer or claim that he crashed deliberately is absurd. As many have pointed out…

    6. Do you not have the fortitude to deal with it? Stop whining about other people whining. All of you. If someone wishes to whine and you can’t handle then walk away. Do something else. I know; how about ignore them? Stop whining about other people whining. Everyone has a right to express frustration if they so choose to do so. Now you have me whining over people whining about other people’s whining. I can handle it though as I have good coping mechanisms. Good old fortitude.

      1. Blaize Falconberger (@)
        2nd August 2021, 21:02

        You do reasise that is exactly what you’re doing, right?

        1. Did you not read my comment. Do you not see what I was attempting to point out? I even stated that yes that is what I am now doing. Out of my own choice to make a point. Obviously I failed. I need to work on it. My fault.

    7. Horner is a complete idiot. I am not a big fan of Bottas, I think he has driven poorly this season. However the I incident is one we see often in wet starts. He clearly lost down force behind Lando and locked up. It was a racing Incident and I feel sorry for all involved, especially Norris who had taken third place at the time…

      1. no you don’t see one single driver take 5 cars out in the first turn very often, specially when they are competing for the championship

      2. Exactly.
        Norris came right in front of him and started braking almost immediately. Bottas suddenly had no room and downforce.
        He was at a different phase of the “race to the corner and brake” because of his slow get away and ironically, wasn’t even going as fast as Norris before their application of the brakes.
        Just that

    8. so more inflamatory comments from Horner then…

    9. Chill!

      Let’s not get sucked into Horner’s dirty trick. Nothing good comes out of his mouth unless he is singing praises on his own team. He is always trying to start some controversy in attempts to politically weaken his opponents.

    10. Forever to be know:

      Valtteri ‘The Hitman’ Bottas

        1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
          2nd August 2021, 14:44

          This nickname could give Bottas the street cred he’s been missing!

    11. Aston Martin Racing
      2nd August 2021, 12:25

      Only sore loser here are Mercedes. Since 2013, they haven’t had a real competition and now RB is one and they are now desperate for potins.

      1. Blaize Falconberger (@)
        2nd August 2021, 21:04

        Ham repeatedly says ‘we win and lose as a team’… he had nothing but praise for the drivers ahead of him today.

  2. I understand horner perfectly, this is a joke.

    1. No it isn’t, its just Horner being a mealy mouthed whinger. Just have to watch a few pressers to witness his puerile digs; followed by a little giggle, at whoever is there with him.

      1. What about Wolff ? The last time Mercedes cars were involved in less controversial incidents caused by a rival team (French GP and Silverstone 2018), he accused Ferrari of deliberately crashing into his cars.

        I think he should be prepared to accept the blame and whining of the rival team boss whose cars were both taken out by Mercedes drivers for two consecutive races by crashes that they were penalised for. What goes around comes around.

        1. That is a bold faced lie. Here is the actual Mercedes Twitter quote on the incident where Kimi hit Lewis –

          Nobody is seriously suggesting it was deliberate. Kimi made a mistake. Admitted it and apologised to Lewis.

          1. @kbdavies
            What do you call accusing someone of blatant lying and backing it with a statement taken out of its contest ?
            Mercedes made that Tweet because Wolff said it was deliberate and that could have dragged them into troubles :


            Gigantor, your thoughts ?

          2. well said @kbdavies, no need for flat untruth like that.

          3. @kbdavies Well, Horner/Red Bull also refrained from suggesting it was deliberate and said it clearly that it wasn’t the case days after Hamilton/Verstappen crash so, it’s even now. The effort to portray one side as the saints and the other as villains is expected to come only from immature fans. Better avoid being so naive.

    2. Andy (@andyfromsandy)
      1st August 2021, 20:01

      At the start of the season everyone knows what may happen. It is now down to the teams to come to an agreement about the future implications of crash damage payments.

    3. Have you ever watched F1 before?

  3. Andy (@andyfromsandy)
    1st August 2021, 19:59

    Breaking News…

    Valtteri has a new contract incoming from Toto!!

    1. Yep, his new nickname will be Bowling Bottas, strike in one.

    2. @andyfromsandy No. The brief was to take out both Red Bulls, using Norris as the pin ball against Verstappen, but stay in the race himself. Really, if he can’t do the basics…

  4. Horner- ‘ Albon, fire up the simulator ‘

    1. Barry Bens (@barryfromdownunder)
      1st August 2021, 20:08

      Even Albon can’t copy such clumsiness

      1. Your right – ‘ Max, fire up the simulator ‘

        1. AJ (@asleepatthewheel)
          2nd August 2021, 2:41


        2. 🤣🤣🤣

        3. geoffgroom44 (@)
          2nd August 2021, 8:08


        4. Oh! the things you learn from LOL

          1. Yep, the Lewis clan is almost complete.

  5. Maybe Perez can plough into Hamilton and Bottas next time.. let’s see the comments from Toto then…

    This championship is being stolen..

    1. Blaize Falconberger (@)
      1st August 2021, 20:15

      Because Toto put the Mclaren there, didn’t he…. Oh dear.

      1. @timeslides it’s simple physics… Hit Norris and he will go straight off the track.. and cut off or hit Max…either way… Great for Mercedes and Hamilton.

        A F1 championship should never be won by crashing into the opponent/title contenders.. and yet here we are with 2 races where a Mercedes driver runs into someone and ruins their race and is predominantly to blame…or worse. If this goes on Redbull should consider not competing the rest of the year… Make it the hollow championship victory that it has become. Meaningless because of dubious driving by their drivers.

        1. Blaize Falconberger (@)
          1st August 2021, 21:24

          Oh Dear.

    2. @w0o0dy

      You’re starting to sound like Horner. Having a bit of a meltdown are we? This is Hungary, especially in the rain. This sort of chaos given the circumstances frankly is not surprising. Also I guess Bottas planned to botch the start, plough into Norris, who would in turn take crash into Max before adding the icing on the cake and taking out Perez too. If Bottas had that much skill he would be walking this championship by a mile!

      1. Horner cannot hold a candle to Woodys nonsense.

    3. Orange supporters are all the same in Holland and the US.

    4. Or he should copy what Lewis did. Lewis did it twice without taking himself out. That how it should be done.

  6. Rick (@wickedwicktheweird)
    1st August 2021, 20:10

    Again the penalty is like a slap on the wrist compared to the gains that where made (in this case by the team). I’m not saying that what happened today or two weeks ago was deliberate, it wasn’t. But Mercedes did gain massively and the gains + the lenient penalties offer a massive incentive to anyone daring to take a little more risk. In F1 it’s only a matter of time until someone grabs this incentive. The penalty system needs an overhaul, its not fair that’s you can gain a triple advantage (DNU, engine change and limited development/budget cap) over your opponent by punting him of the track. Compared to the penalties this just is not fair.

    1. @wickedwicktheweird Which part of the incident is judged not it’s consequences are you struggling with?

      1. Rick (@wickedwicktheweird)
        1st August 2021, 22:06

        I’m not saying that I don’t get it, my point is that the wat it is now there is a massive incentive for punting your rival off the track.

    2. tHere was an agreement between the team principles (all of them) and the FIA that penalties would be applied based upon the incident, NOT the consequences of the incident; and that included Horner.

      1. Rick (@wickedwicktheweird)
        2nd August 2021, 5:43

        You are missing the point.

        1. Blaize Falconberger (@)
          2nd August 2021, 21:11

          It’s a valid point, but largely irrelevant due to the massive rsk involved in punting a rival off the track. Mind you, the Red Bull is notoriously flimsy…

          The only occurances I can think of, of a driver deliberately crashing, are Alsonso spinning in quali, Schiumacher on Hill to take the title… Seb overtaking and side swiping Hamilton behind the safety car… any more?

    3. Mercedes didn’t gain anything. Bottas crashing cost merchant the win. No red flag & no crash and Hamilton cruises to a easy win. Max verstappan fans are so stupid & childish

      1. Rick (@wickedwicktheweird)
        1st August 2021, 22:00

        If Bottas didn’t do what he did Hamilton would probably have won and Max would probably came second. Hamilton would have gained 7 points on Max, far fewer than he gained today. Same goes for Merc in the constructors championship. So yeah, Mercedes did gain by bottas’s mistake. Surely you can’t be stupid enough to not get this?

        I’m a fan of the sport, not of a particular driver. Based on your reaction I was probably already watching before you were born.

        1. Blaize Falconberger (@)
          2nd August 2021, 21:14

          Mercedes perhaps geined, but could have, and almost lost everyhting… Nothing about this race could have been predicted. Oh, commenting on commentators age is playground politics.

      2. Mercedes didn’t gain the maximum point that they can get, but they did gain a net positive over their main rival, which is RB. Just think about it…. is it better to finish 1st but with smaller point delta over your rival or finish 3rd/2nd with bigger point delta?
        So yes, after all said and done, they did in fact gain massively over RB for funnily enough, their (Merc) mistakes. You would think the team that made more mistakes would ended up behind over a team (that has similar performance) that made less. But in this case, it was the opposite. Merc mistakes ended up causing a bad luck for their main rival, thus basically right now Merc are being rewarded for their mistakes.

  7. Can’t blame Horner here.
    A seasoned driver making a rookie mistake (again) and only receive a 5 place penalty.
    Perhaps Perez will have a chance to repay in kind whether to HAM or BOT.
    What goes around comes around.

    1. Andy (@andyfromsandy)
      1st August 2021, 20:17

      Apparently this is the first time Bottas has had such an incident on the first lap of a GP.

      Ask Charles how many he has managed in just this season?

      1. @andyfromsandy It’s definitely not the first time Valterri looks like a liability to other drivers on track when there is some rain

    2. F1oSaurus (@)
      1st August 2021, 20:17

      Bottas and Perez didn’t go around anymore though.

    3. Which part of the incident is judged not it’s consequences are you struggling with?

      1. Making good use of the ctrl+c and ctrl+v today, eh?

    4. I would love to see Perez try and then end up taking out Max. The karma of the last few weeks has been beautiful.

  8. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    1st August 2021, 20:17

    Tough day, tough day for Horner at the office – 2 races, almost no points, 2 new engines, 2-3 chassis. This is a huge obstacle in their championship fight but they’ve bounced back in the past.

    1. Not this time. There is the budgetcap and the penalties for 4th engine. Better to stop devolping this car and put the money in next years car. You cannot win with the current rules.

      1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
        1st August 2021, 22:13

        They should increase the engine allocation for this season to 4 or 5. It’s just going to take the fun out of races as all teams get penalties.

  9. Cry more, Karen.

  10. Simply ridiculous Mr Horner! Just the simple accusation or suggestion that Bottas had an accident on purpose is serious and proper to an unbalanced and sick mind, hardly proper to a sportsman with so many responsibilities.

    1. Just read it again

      1. I remember someone called Schumi

  11. Genuinely baffled at how people are actually attacking Horner and Red Bull for replying to a question, and being rightly and justly a little disappointed at what’s happened. How is he whinging? Did you even read the article?

    1. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
      1st August 2021, 20:36

      I watched this interview, and it looks like most of the comments here are reading the headline and taking it totally the wrong way. Even Verstappen seemed ok when he heard Bottas say he accepted responsibility and he seemed to act like he wanted to move on.

      1. That’s nuance.. The Lewis squad here only boo.

        1. Because you’re perfectly objective erikje. Seriously, this site has gone downhill rapidly.

          1. +1 Agree John, such is the times, sadly.

          2. And again ad hominem.
            Please stop that!

          3. “pLeAsE sToP tHaT”

            You can’t derail the train, can you?

    2. Christian has often overshot the mark with his comments, but in this case it was a completely normal reaction that anyone else would have made. I am surprised at the high number of gloating and spiteful comments here in the last few weeks. The readership here used to be more of a contrast to the one on other websites, more analytic, calm and fair.

  12. Horner is like every team boss in this situation disappointed. I just can’t understand that RB has to pay even more by having a penalty for the wrecked engine. Is kind of unfair and in my opinion needs a revise of that rule.

    1. I agree on the engine issue. However I am unsure how to rectify the problem. On one hand I agree that a crash of any sort that leads to an engine issue and therefore a penalty is harsh. However what if the engine was near the end of its life and the crash damages it, is it then fair on competitors if the engine is able to replaced with a new unit?

  13. This guy continues with his pathetic statements.
    Every day it shows more its morale questionable.
    His driver maxcrash is one of the most unsportsmanlike in the history of Formula 1. and he continues to say these atrocities against Mercedes.
    It’s time for this beverage team to change its managers.

    1. Read the article or watch the interview. I know it’s a lot of words so you probably do not make it Until the end. But it’s better then a response on a headline you do not understand.

  14. Can’t blame Horner for saying all this. It was sad seeing Max struggling with his damaged car and a reminder of how cruel this sport can be. Unfortunately, that cruelty has always been and will always be a part of the game.

    1. As with all sport.

    2. I agree, these things happen. Sometimes you are lucky, sometimes you are not.

      1. Wow. Fair play Mayrton. Fair and objective. Who knew!

  15. Painfully evident, even the most obtuse of F1 followers have little choice but begrudgingly concede, Toto Wolff sanctions dirty driving. Hamilton and Bottas are only too happy to accommodate him.

  16. Thanks to Mercedes, Wolff, Hamilton and Bottas, 2021 is the dirtiest championship in F1 history. Hamilton and Bottas have personal incentive, for taking Verstappen and Russell out. Thank our lucky stars, it’s a miracle George Russell and Max Verstappen are somehow still alive.

  17. Horners at it again….nothing deliberate in Bottas crash… racing in the wet and it happens…..move on and stop moaning….

    1. He even literally stated that bottas did not did it un purpose.
      Try to read an article first.

      1. Blaize Falconberger (@)
        2nd August 2021, 21:21

        After quali he also said that he ‘wasn’t bothered’ by Hamiltons driving in Quali 3, then went on to say ‘Hamilton was paying more attention to what was going on behind him than ahead of him’! Two contradictory statements in the same breath… but he’s a bittler little man who can’t help himself saying stupid things, then trying to mop up the mess by putting his big-boy pants on for a second.

  18. After the ridiculous lengths and preposterous statements Christian Horner went to after the last race, calling out Lewis and Mercedes over an incident on track that quite frankly pales in comparison to the amount of dangerous weaving and blocking Max has been responsible for over the course of his F1 career (even leading to a crash – on a straight mind you – with his own teammate Ricciardo), I can only chuckle at the man calling himself Horner and ignore his continued buffoonery.

  19. Provocative Horner vs. Toto, the Sandbagger are in a hell of a scuffle, it’s even cringeworthy to watch!

    1. Blaize Falconberger (@)
      2nd August 2021, 21:24

      Seems like Toto has the upper hand in this spat. He warned Horner to ‘Be Nice’ between sky interviews, before walking off and interviewing well… and Horner is clearly losing focus… the break will do him good. Hopefully.

  20. I don’t like Horner but he does have a point re crash damage costs.

    Maybe if the stewards apportion blame the costs could mirror the stewards decision so when a driver makes an error like VB did today his team becomes liable for the repair cost.

    You know, a bit like insurance companies do for us everyday drivers.

    1. And, if after an accident like the one on Silverstone the blame is deemed 60/40, the cost would be distributed likewise?

      You know, a bit like insurance companies do for us everyday drivers.

      Also a way to make F1 more relevant for the road :)

    2. Not sure why this has suddenly become an issue… It has always been a part of racing. How many cars have we seen totalled by a competitor and yet I think this is the first time I have seen a team complaining so publicly about costs… How many times has Hamiltons car been massively damaged by a competitor?

      I mean Maldonado must have caused damage equalling a moderately wealthy country’s GDP…

    3. David Knight
      2nd August 2021, 2:45

      Try telling your car insurance company that you have a claim for taking out another car during a sanctioned race, or even a track day, and see how far they go reimbursing the other driver…

      Racing on a track is very different from driving on the street.

  21. If I was Horner, I would make official annoucmeent to the press: ” I am happy to tell you that we are just 6 DNFs away for Hamilton to be mathemtically unable to win a championship, we bring some upgrades into Spa (read: Oil Spill button, Debris button, Rocket Launcher button)

    This is SPArta.

  22. Indeed he did — and panning that out, the carambolage through Norris etcetera — nothing short of a diabolic feat …

  23. All teams supported and voted for the cost cutting rules. Horner was one of the most vocal about it, for him it could not come soon enough, there he is now. Should have put a little more brain cells on that mater before pulling the trigger.

    1. Obviously the reason why ferrari and red bull couldn’t beat mercedes the last few years wasn’t lack of money, so I’m surprised they were so supportive about the budget cap.

    2. Classic example of ‘ Be careful what you wish for ‘

    3. Thats not the only thing RBR duo shot their own foot for some “gains” on competitors.

  24. Fact. Mercedes has not one but two less intelligent drivers in their cars.

    1. Fact. Comments on racefans have become exponentially less intelligent in the last month.

    2. As the saying goes… It takes one to know one…

    3. @pietkoster What makes you question Lewis’ intelligence?

      1. Ohw I was wrong. Actually the smartest drivers. Putting the competition and others out. Get the main competitor into problems, budgetcaps so destroy their cars and engine’s . So gridpenalty’s ahead. All just mistakes and driving faults. Lucky to get away with it, just 10 sec and five grid places. Baku great, melted wheelnuts great. I love it. Great team, great drivers. Especially Hamilton driving with all those physical problems from Covid-19. How he got that? Get better soon Ham (I really mean this). Great!

  25. Once again a mercedes driver makes a mistake and RB has to pay the price…

  26. RAI wiped out MZP in the pits. Was that part of Mercedes grand strategy? Accidents happen. Even with veteran drivers and teams. When you start thinking that accidents are intentional done to you, it is time to get professional help.

  27. Horner is simply the worst team principal in the paddock, ‘whinger’ ’ should be his middle name.

  28. What a sad, sour character Christian Horner has become.
    I can’t remember a similar case of reputation self destruction like this one in a long time.

    1. Wolff and Lewis?

      1. And there it is! Still… you’ve shown a sign of progress earlier in the comment section. Do keep it up

  29. Sorry to see & hear that the RBR whine hasn’t been fixed still.
    If frenzy toast doesn’t get a penalty for bringing F1 into disrepute?
    The whole FIA board should hang their heads in shame.
    Yes I know fat chance.
    But their rule juggling/jiggling isn’t doing the SPORT of F1 any favours either.

  30. Much better take and headline than PlanerF1, who are running with ““Horner renews call for FIA action against Mercedes” when in fact he says: –

    “Toto wasn’t driving the car, his driver was driving the car. I’m sure he didn’t tell them ‘crash into Red Bull’. I’m sure he wasn’t that sorry to see the result, but I’m sure he didn’t tell Valtteri to do that.

    But the consequence for us is brutal and in a cost-cap environment that needs looking at by the FIA.”

    It’s a clear reference to the impact of the cost cap when it is unexpected expenditure. Doesn’t ask for FIA to sanction Mercedes at all…

    Top marks for not sinking to a click bait headline Keith.

    1. Exactly! Now all we need is readers who’ll read past the headline…but I’m afraid that’s too much to ask.

      1. Andy (@andyfromsandy)
        2nd August 2021, 9:38

        Perhaps on an international network where English is not a person’s first language or English sarcasm is not understood journalists should write accordingly?

        The written word for many is taken literally all the time.

  31. the limited budget can make or brake a team.
    if there is a culprit found like in Hungary, I think his team should pay the damage.
    difficult story in Silverstone; Hamilton found guilty by the stewards and got punished and so should be the team.
    the whole discussion of of who hit who, was it on purpose or not, or even being ordered, would end quite soon then…

    1. Blaize Falconberger (@)
      2nd August 2021, 21:31

      ‘Car 44 was predominately to blame’ which means ‘largely but not entriely’. They were both culpible, if not equally.

  32. So, that should make Toto reconsider my contract for next year. I’d hit some others too, I can’t become champion anyway…

  33. As far as first lap crashes go, it probably won’t make the top ten,

  34. Horner saying what needed to be said. He recognizes it’s bad luck and in in this last race Bottas judgement, however yet back-to-back crashes have cost RedBull hugely.

  35. And for those that believe in luck…
    Karma 1 Horner 1

  36. Yes, Bottas inadvertently helped his teammate reclaim the WDC lead and Mercedes the WCC lead. The downside is he pays for his clumsiness via a grid-drop penalty in Belgium, which slightly evens out.

  37. Just imagine the screaming, tantrums, candle-lit vigils, protests, petitions, press releases and accusations of racism if Red Bull had taken Lewis out over the last two races!

    1. Yes we have to imagine your alternate realities quite a lot, particularly when Hamilton hasn’t committed a major crime or injustice during a race weekend. You know, like having his car repaired under red flag conditions. Which I know upsets you guys. Not so much this week though.
      Maybe in your alternative reality Toto could submit a letter to the FIA that was so abhorrent that the reaction by the FIA left the Mercedes management extremely subdued over the weekend and unwilling to elaborate on its contents.

      1. particularly when Hamilton hasn’t committed a major crime or injustice during a race weekend.

        So you missed silverstone.. i already thougth so.

        1. Blaize Falconberger (@)
          2nd August 2021, 21:33

          You lot still banging that drum, genuinely hoodwinked by horners tantrums…

  38. I do feel for Bottas to some extent. The decision for his seat is supposedly soon to be made. He had a poor start. His seat is on the line. He sees that he is getting swamped due to his poor start and he seemed desperate (understandable to me) to make sure he did not lose any more places. Holding off the breaking point as long as possible. The rest is history. I am sure that Mercedes realise the damage this incident has caused is huge. i am sure they do not want their title (if they win it) tainted by this (and other) incident . I am sure they would like to keep the rest of the season clean as to not damage their potential title any further. What a mess. Bottas is guilty as without question. He has eaten humble pie and I expect him to continue to do so regarding this incident. Let’s all hope that we can have a fair fight and that next time if Mercedes are involved in another incident like this that the FIA actually do something appropriate. Otherwise the season will be looked back upon as hollow and a complete joke. Not for some. An honourable victory is what anyone would want you would think. You would hope. I hope.

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