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Official: Vettel disqualified from Hungarian GP, Hamilton promoted to second

2021 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel has been disqualified from the Hungarian Grand Prix, handing his second place to Lewis Hamilton, and promoting most of the other finishers.

The Aston Martin driver was found to have insufficient fuel in his car at the end of the race. Formula 1’s technical regulations require teams to be able to provide a one-litre sample of fuel for testing. Only 300ml could be extracted from Vettel’s car.

Aston Martin told the stewards they believed the car contained another 1.44 litres of fuel, based on information from the fuel flow meter or injector model. But, the stewards noted, no further fuel could be extracted.

“The team was given several opportunities to attempt to remove the required amount of fuel from the tank, however it was only possible to pump 0.3 litres out,” they said in a statement.

“The stewards determine to apply the standard penalty for technical infringements,” they added. “Therefore they took into account that it shall be no defence to claim that no performance advantage was obtained.”

In response to the disqualification, Aston Martin issued a statement saying: “The 18 points loss is disappointing for the team, but it doesn’t take away from an otherwise flawless drive from Sebastian.

“Today we showed that our car has strong race pace. Onwards and upwards.”

Vettel’s disqualification has ramifications for the world championship. Hamilton moves up to second place and championship rival Max Verstappen also gains one spot, moving up to ninth.

That means Hamilton’s championship lead grows from six points to eight. Mercedes’ lead in the constructors’ championship also increases, from 10 points to 12.

Carlos Sainz Jnr inherits the final position and therefore moves ahead of team mate Charles Leclerc in the championship.

Update: Aston Martin begin proceedings to protest Vettel’s disqualification

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140 comments on “Official: Vettel disqualified from Hungarian GP, Hamilton promoted to second”

  1. Seismic! Feel so sorry for Vettel after such a great drive

    1. We commonly hear drivers being told to fuel save during a race, I’m surprised that they didn’t know that he was so low!

      1. Clearly there was a sensor issue as they thought there was sufficient fuel in the tank.

        . Otherwise they would have told him to stop when he crossed the line

    2. @3dom Yeah, this race has been a strange one even after being finished.

    3. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      1st August 2021, 22:51

      @3dom it’s painful to watch but Vettel knows he did it and that’s what matters. He also pulled a mega lap after the pit stop and pushed that Alpine as much as possible without setting 1 foot wrong. The only way the Aston Martin was going to overtake the Alpine was if Ocon made a mistake but he didn’t put a foot wrong either.

      1. I thought so too. Nevertheless, he’s having a much better year.

    4. yeah I feel sorry for vettel.
      if only he’d park the car immediately on finishing the race, that extra celebration lap is possibly all it took.

      I don’t think there’s a rule which says the cars are obliged to drive that extra lap. So i imagine more cars will be crossing the line and parking up in future.

      1. Even if you stop immediately, the amount of fuel in the car has to be equal to the 1 litre sample plus the fuel you needed to get back to the pits.

    5. Rick Rimmer
      2nd August 2021, 9:47

      Bloody insanity! The FAI stewards are suffering from terminal stupidity. 2500 years ago a Greek lawmaker and philosopher opined that “Rules were made for the guidance of wise men and the blind obedience of fools”. Disqualification because the car “only” had half a pint of fuel remaining rather than one and a half pints? There is little doubt an adequate test of the fuel can be conducted with 300mls to confirm compliance with specs. In my view FIA need to take a long hard look in the mirror.

      1. This is an important rule that has been a part of the sport for ages. It was a tragic mistake by Austin Martin, but that’s the game, like it or not.

  2. Unlucky, but that’s the rules. It’s a slam-dunk really. Daft from Aston. It’s the kind of penalty where nobody will really be happy – even Sainz who now gets the podium probably won’t be too bothered, as those behind will know Vettel deserved 2nd on merit – it’s not like he cut corners to get ahead. Just a procedural error.

    1. im fairly certain hamilton and mercedes will be quite ok with this outcome

      1. @juzh I’m not saying they won’t be okay with it. Just they won’t have the feeling of satisfaction from having achieved it on merit.

        1. as if they care. In Toto’s own words after hamilton sent verstappen flying 2 weeks ago: a win is a win.
          They’ll take these extra points with open hands and not think twice about it.

          1. @juzh Again, didn’t deny any of what you’re saying. All I mean is I don’t think Hamilton, Sainz or indeed anyone behind Vettel will feel any more sense of achievement than they did already.

        2. That is a remarkable statement after Silverstone. Mercedes showed they have absolutely no remorse and take satisfaction out of every win they get no matter how it is achieved. That much has become blatantly clear after Silverstone.

      2. Steven Cuming
        2nd August 2021, 7:29

        Of course they will. The fia want Hamilton to win

        1. How’s that flat earth treating you Steve?

    2. Does anyone know, do the rules forbid them from doing things like having a unusable reserve? Meaning the engine would run out with one liter left.

      It almost sounds like what happened. They expected there was more in the car but they couldn’t recover it.

    3. Agreed and too bad. Great race!

  3. Sigh, a real shame, but really this is a clear DSQ for breaching the technical regulations.

    I guess pushing Ocon all the time was a tad too much.

  4. That is disheartening. Very sorry for Seb.

  5. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    1st August 2021, 21:12

    What a shame. Amateurish mistake from Aston Martin however.

  6. A shame for Vettel after a great drive, but not unexpected after it was reported he only had 300ml of fuel left in the car.

  7. As painful as that is, it’s a barn door disqualification. I just feel incredibly sorry for the team.

    1. @mouse_nightshirt I find it hard to feel sorry for Aston… it was their error anyway, and they’re not the most likeable of teams in the first place. However, Vettel I do feel very sorry for.

  8. It is incredible how much luck Hamilton is having this year. His mistakes not getting punished and every time an incident happens Verstappen gets the short end of the straw. Another three punts fall in the lap op Hamilton.
    For use dutch guys it’s hard to accept…

    1. It’s karma though after all this booing…

      1. what wrong with boo-ing? You are allowed to express yourself with cheering, but not boo-ing. That sounds like censorship. Remember the drivers are the performers who feel the need to perform in front of an audience. They welcome the applause but can’t handle the boo-ing? Thats really wrong and pretentious (& arrogant)

    2. Blaize Falconberger (@)
      1st August 2021, 21:30

      er, he has been punished.

    3. And one point falls in the lap of Max. That’s a bit of luck too, right?

      1. No it is not because he is losing points to Hamilton.

        1. No it is not because he is losing points to Hamilton.

          Yes, that makes a lot of sense :-(

          1. Hamilton gained more moving from 3rd to 2nd than Max did moving 10th to 9th. He absolutely lost ground by this turn of events.

    4. What goes around comes around, Hamilton lost a pole and probable win for this very same rule a few years ago.

    5. This is not exclusive to this year by any means. Story of his career.

    6. Classic lucky Lewis. It’s incredible.

  9. Well Seb did say they could disqualify him (for wearing his rainbow tshirt) but they did get him on something…….really the FIA Nazis are ruining the sport as you have to wait till the evening of the race to see who will actual win, show or place!

    1. ‘‘Twas ever thus… f1 has a looong history of disqualifying cars which breach the technical regulations. And that’s the correct thing to do!

    2. Looking back, I think he knew he was going to get disqualified for this anyway.

    3. Technical infringements have always resulted in a DSQ, and the car needs to be inspected after the race to ensure it is compliant. This is, unfortunately, how it has to be.

  10. Nice for Hamilton. It would be sweet if this ended up the difference at the end of the championship.

    1. Really? Do you think Hamilton would be proud to win the championship with 2 point difference after this has happened? To be gifted such points?

      1. Judging from his winning celebrations at Silverstone after putting Max in the wall, I don’t think Hamilton has any class so he probably won’t care

        1. Let-it-go

  11. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    1st August 2021, 21:28

    I really would love to know the devil Hamilton sold his soul to for the level of luck he has.

    1. Blaize Falconberger (@)
      1st August 2021, 21:31

      and the people behind him who also got promoted…

      1. That is obvious of course. But most people will look at the championship fight. More effortless points for Hamilton.

        1. So that race was effortless for Hamilton? And I thought he was on for a relatively easy win before the carnage.

          1. He was even on an effortless win after the carnage, but lost the advantage due to Mercedes miscalculations.
            Only then did he really have to put in extra effort.

        2. Another effortless point for Max

      2. Rules are rules. It happened to Hamilton in 2012 at Spain. He lost P1 due to technical infringement but of course you wasn’t talking about selling his soul to devil then….

        1. I highly doubt that half the people whining so much were even watching F1 back in 2012.

    2. It’s far simple mate. AMR just screwed up not monitoring the fuel levels. Did Ocon sell his soul too for Hamilton to not pit in the formation lap?

    3. I don’t know the details of the deal, but surely it involves a lot of salt from angry Red Bull and Max fans!

  12. Well that’s Max, Perez, Bottas, and now Seb all crossed off. All I need now is Ocon and and Ive completed my ‘Hamilton wins again’ bingo card.

    Given this sport is all about being on the edge and thousandths of a second; why do they need a couple of pints of fuel for a sample?

    1. Because they need to check the fuel if there’s any illegal additives inside that would’ve given a performance boost? They DQ’d many drivers for it, including Hamilton in 2012, this is no different. Applying rules inconsistently would just mean that rules do not exist, and this is a clear violation of the sporting and technical regulations.

      1. Dr Kenneth Fraser
        2nd August 2021, 0:55

        Are you SERIOUSLY suggesting with modern technology they are unable to trace additives etc WITHOUT 1 full litre of fuel??? 😂😂😂, like the laughable mere 10 second penalty for a criminally irresponsible inside manoever at Silverstone,when other drivers have been given far harsher penalties for not seeing blue flags,or yellow flags or exceeding track limits or unsafe releases at far lower pit lane speeds????

        1. Yes, that’s correct – some illegal additives are measured in parts per trillion.

        2. I guess your doctorate in these formula 1 rules were not applied when LH was DSQ for the same reason or you only obsessed with what happens to him now because even MV also got promoted just that he was down the line but he got another point free also.Do you want LH to drive his car and at the same time make sure that other teams adhere to the rules, don’t be a lame Dr.this has nothing to do with LH it’s just your underlying racism that comes to light in this case because out of everyone who benefited you choose to attack LH as if it’s his fault.i guess you’re a fake Dr who can’t apply his mind to a simple rule but is obsessed to see LH fail.Good drive from SV it’s just unfortunate with the rules.LH good drive from P14 to 3 what more can you ask for, even a Alonso kept the race entertaining on those laps defending against LH good drive.MV he’s day at the office but will bounce back soon

    2. Given its about being on the edge:
      1) by having less fuel, he had a car which weighed less, which gives a performance advantage.
      2) they need to be able to test the fuel to ensure they haven’t done something illegal to the fuel to give them an edge

      1. I didn’t mean just this occasion, but in general.

      2. @drmouse, That was the original justification, but somewhere along the way the restriction on using standard pump-fuel disappeared, nowadays fuel suppliers brag about how much extra horsepower their magic fuel gives the engines of the teams they supply, one wonders why a sample is still required.

        1. Because there are still limitations on what they can use in the fuel. If nobody tests the fuel, they will add other things.

      3. @drmouse Irrelevant weight-wise, because fuel is excluded from the overall minimum car+driver weight.
        Using ‘more’ fuel than permitted over a race, however, can give a performance advantage.

        1. @jerejj I kinda disagree that it’s irrelevant. The car must meet the minimum weight without fuel. Therefore, every kilo of fuel on top of that is a kilo extra to carry around.

          Seb had only 0.3l, so Aston would have needed to put in 0.7l more for him to meet the minimum sample amount for the same fuel usage. That would have been somewhere around 0.5kg extra weight throughout the GP, which he didn’t have to carry. The other option would have been Seb doing more fuel saving, which means less car performance for some parts of the race.

          Either way, there was a performance advantage gained from it, however small.

          1. * Seb had only 0.3l left at the end

    3. So the FIA can check it for steroids.

      1. This made me chuckle 😁

  13. I don’t get that Hamilton is lucky, drivers make their own luck. He qualified well, max then fell for his gamesmanship trap which stopped him out qualifying Bottas, max starting third in the race and got caught up in the first corner crash. Mercedes managed the fuel so that Hamilton could push most of the race, Aston never and were penalised. It’s not luck, hard work and preparation is why Mercedes have been so dominant.

    1. For a blood sample we hardly need 5ml for tests….. 10 -15 ml and u can test pretty much everything…… 1L for a car??

    2. Lewis’s ‘luck’ was being on pole. Max’s bad luck was Bottas having a bad start and then rear-ending Norris.

    3. Mercedes management also decided not to pit for slicks was another stroke of genius??

      1. “there’s alot more to racing than just winning. I mean, taking the race by a full lap… where’s the entertainment in that? I wanted to give the folks a little sizzle.”
        -Lightning McQueen

      2. How is this on Mercedes management? During the formation lap the team are not allowed to use the radio so it’s the driver’s choice and the driver’s choice alone whether to pit at the end of the formation lap. Lewis had the disadvantage of not seeing what the driver ahead did. Everyone else had that advantage and took it.

        1. Spot on! Merc were ready in the pits with tyres. It was Lewis’ decision to go to the grid. HOWEVER… the strange situation meant he was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t. He wouldve lost alot of positions had he gone to the pits due to the position of the Merc garage and every other car choosing to stop as well. Very unusual situation.

        2. @Simon The lap in question was technically a race lap, so the no communication during a formation lap rule is inapplicable.

    4. My problem is not simply about Hamilton is lucky but more about Mercedes driver mistakes directly causing bad luck to RB which ended up with Mercedes reaping the benefits from it. Normally you’re supposed to be punished with the mistakes, but this time Merc mistakes ended up a net positive for them because their mistakes caused bigger harms to RB.

      1. Because penalties are ridiculous and unbalanced. I get there’s rules that cause them to apply penalties, but those rules are just wrong. How’s it possible vettel deserved to be disqualified for this but hamilton or bottas don’t for silverstone or hungary? It’s a joke, re-write the rules to make offenders pay.

        It’s obvious that with a car 30 sec faster than 16 other cars you won’t really suffer from a 10 sec penalty for taking your opponent out or a 5 place grid penalty for taking 4 cars out, unless you’re incapable of overtaking like bottas.

        1. Sheesh Man! LET IT GO!!

  14. Would have made more sense to let Seb loose a place and get some points than fight to the end and loose everything. Although they say the flow meter said otherwise???? Mmmmmmmm

    1. Exactly, he could have backed off during three last lap and end up third.

  15. People keep talking about luck. Hamilton was p1 and ended up last at the restart. The rest was him driving a great race. Other drivers benefited through this, and other drivers have been lucky including Verstappen at Baku for losing no points to Hamilton despite his tyre blowout and. On a side note, p7 and p8 for williams now

    1. @broke1984 Hamilton was last at the restart thanks to his own error, not luck.

      1. He didn’t luck into his finishing position though. I feel bad for Vettel but Hamilton was’t the only driver to luck in

        1. The lad was driving a car that was 3 seconds a lap faster than anything in front.. Anything lower than podium would have been a disgrace.

          1. Mainly because he pitted for new tyres while others were on old rubber…..

            Lends more to Merc strategy than the car

          2. I guess you missed the fact that the 3 seconds a lap faster was on brand new tyres AFTER a pitstop on a strategy that anyone else could have used. By your reasoning, Gasly should have been on the podium as well since he took fastest lap.

          3. Actually Lewis should have win but he made a mistake by not pitting because he didn’t know that his team couldn’t talk back.

      2. It was a team decision. Pay attention.

      3. Just to be absolutely clear Red Andy:
        ‘Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff defended the team’s decision not to switch Lewis Hamilton to slick tyres before the restart of the Hungarian Grand Prix.’ RF article.

        1. Yes, I heard Totis interview but Lewis was the guy out on track for the fornation lap he could see the track was dry. Merc were ready in the pits with the tyres too. Lewis made an error but he was screwed whatever he did in that strange situation.

  16. Let’s see what they find out about Ocon or his car. His win cannot stand!

    1. He has already been reprimanded for not stopping at the designated slot in the track. That’s not a technician regulation issue. So it’s all good.

  17. Such a disappointing end to a great race weekend. The rules are black and white though, poor by Aston. Not that I like such penalties. Seb has really shown his class as a person this last few weeks, the DQ should take nothing away from him

    1. Was hoping they’d demote Ocon too and perhaps ban Verstappen for being in the way of Lewis in Silverstone. Thankfully Hamilton has a well deserved lead in the Championship. Was hoping they’d ban Alonso for his dangerous driving too. Was surprised Hamilton didn’t racing incident him out like he did Verstappen. Then there would be a red flag and Merc would fix Hamilton’s car and would a 5 second penalty at end of the race. Go F1!

      1. Give it a rest. Boring.

        1. “Give it a rest”.
          Yes, everyone quietly sit back and enjoy Hamilton getting everything handed to him by the FIA.

  18. Just thankfully he didn’t win. Imagine that!

  19. Seeing just the headline, my initial thought (shock) was that he’d been disqualified over the t-shirt.

  20. Not since the days of Jean Marie Balestre have we seen the FIA interfering in the championship, at the time he disqualified Senna for no reason other than to help Prost, now we see ridiculous penalties to favour Hamilton, this championship is fast becoming a farce.

    1. I guess you started watching F1 after 2012 despite your reference to Balestre?

    2. There is nothing here that is about helping Hamilton, nothing underhand at all. This rule has been around a while and it is a technical infringement. Many people have stated that it is stupid that they need a liter, but that’s irrelevant, it’s in the rules and is punishable by disqualification which is consistent with other breaches of this rule

  21. meh, I can smell politics from miles away.

    1. So, we now need to invent conspiracy theories for a straightforward breach of the technical regulations? How is it ‘political’ to not have enough fuel in the car for a sample?

  22. Graham (@guitargraham)
    2nd August 2021, 0:39

    those moaning need to understand that this exact infraction is an automatic DSQ in many forms of powered sports all over the world

  23. This Seb guy is unbelievable, he was making a fuss about a reprimand for the wrong attire because of his naive “protests” and at the same time facing an investigation for that fuel irregularity that saw him disqualified. Guys like him and Lewis worry more about the pose and the words than the wheel and the track, while guys like Max and Fernando make of racing their full business, not something to enhance their virtue signaling. No wonder who of those mentioned had been the better drivers recently.

    1. What does your comment even mean? Are you just trying to sound clever?

      1. Emma
        In simple English, it means that for a driver who caused too much trouble not so long ago (search for Multi-21, bumping into Hamilton on purpose, changing race position signs, team orders against a faster Leclerc, lots of dangerous mistakes, etc.), Vettel being treated like a saint by many is just crazy.

    2. What have breaches of technical regulations by Aston Martin got to do with protests about discrimination by drivers?

      1. @broke1984
        Nothing, but it’s not clear that Vettel got it.

        Vettel suggested after the race the T-shirt was the reason for his summons. “They can disqualify me,” he told Sky. “They can do what they want. I’d do it again.”

        Is he saying that he will fail to provide fuel sample again? That’s odd. He seems to merge two unrelated things together. Vettel remains an immature guy, but at least he’s no longer having a team-mate that fights him hard so his entitlement is a given now. It will cause way less trouble to others.

    3. ian dearing
      2nd August 2021, 8:48

      I’m intrigued by the way you regularly take a handful of random thoughts and just toss them all out in a word salad. Very creative.

      1. ian dearing
        Thank you, mom said I’m very good with words, you hit the nail on the head. The random thought now is just about what if Vettel is making all this people foolish worshipers of him but in reality he doesn’t care that much to all those identitarian blabber out of the sudden?

      2. And as much as I’m a good writer, I don’t have the power to convince people that I’m this good after messing things up so badly that Vettel seems to have. He hypnotises people lol

  24. What was the last infringement for this . Was it when Lewis got dq from the Spanish gp in quali ?

  25. Vettel should wear a T-shirt in protest of his penalty. Or claim he was saving bees by using up the fuel. Or just obey the rules.

  26. I just noticed championship points still havent been updated post decision either here or on F1 site.

  27. … thank our lucky stars for the master of the universe, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton, imposing upon us their politics, telling us how they think we ought to be living our lives –

    1. Yes, I’m glad you get it. Seb and Lewis are unfortunately having to point out to some human beings that others arent being given the same opportunities and basic human rights as they have.
      Its not preaching it’s just basic empathy and the fact they need to do this shows what a sorry state the world is in!

  28. … FiA is in agreement that it’s Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton who should be encharged the task, of imposing their politicas upon the nation of Hungary, decreeing how they think its subjects should live their lives, and what to think –

    1. Its not just Seb and Lewis. Did you not see Germanys reaction when They played Hungary at the Euros? Have you not seen vast international condemnation of this issue? Because if you haven’t you must live under a bridge. .. oh wait…

  29. Disappointing after what was a very good drive even if he couldn’t get past Ocon. It genuinely would have needed Ocon to make a mistake for Vettel to have gotten past, the Alpine and the Aston were just to evenly matched at this race.

    But -despite all the cries of it being unfair and the FIA ‘rigging’ it for Hamilton- this is a rule that’s been around for years and it’s always been a slam dunk automatic disqualification.

    Unfortunate and gutting for him, but ultimately it’s happened.

  30. This is not really a big disappointment.

    He finished second for people who watched the race…

    Stats will say otherwise, but we wont remember that part…

  31. Why not 4ml for blood test. What do they need FIVE! ml for, with all the modern technology available? How much blood would be left after that?

  32. At least we do know who is the woman in Lewis life. Lady Lara Uck. Incredible. He never seems to run out of it either. Imagine having had such a privileged youth, reaching F1, getting a competitive car from the get go. Then getting a car that cruises to victory after victory, year on year on year. Just wow. He is the loat for sure.

    1. Oh yeah, the truly championship winning cars of 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2016. Maybe it’s not all about the car, since he has outperformed almost every single teammate he has ever had, all of them highly skilled veteran and professional drivers?

    2. Fancy being such a weak person that you have to live your life based on superstitions and irrational thought. How sad.

  33. Inevitable immediately when the news broke.
    Technical reg breaches always result in DSQ regardless, so a clear-cut case.

  34. It’s simple surely. Raise the fuel pick-up pipe so it can’t get the last 1 litre. There’s potential for dnf, but that’s better than being disqualified.

  35. Seems a little bit weird at first sight. I mean VET uses the Mercedes PU… like HAM, then HAM had to push all race long – therefore consuming more fuel, but it was VET the one who used more fuel.

    1. Go on, carry on thinking, you might get there.

  36. The penalty is way off the scale. Lose 18 world championship points for only having 0,3 L and not 1,0 L fuel after the race is almost like a parody.

    But then the whole thing is completely off the rails, especially following the Silverstone crash taking out the championship leader with a borderline intentional move that gives 10 seconds and now Vettel 18 points for basically nothing, and Bottas get a 5 place grid drop for tapping the car in front on a wet T1, L1. That’s even after FIA just said they would never take the consequence of a crash into account.

  37. Funny how the same posters who tend to claim impartiality want new rules introduced or old ones rescinded based on Hamilton’s race weekend.
    No bleating about cars being repaired under red flag conditions this week.
    Maybe Alonso can lend them all a pair?

    1. Funny how the same posters always go on about other posters..

      1. You dont see anything rather Ironic about what you just says Balue?

        1. You don’t always left-click when you want to say something?

    2. The disqualification rule might be harsh, but taking technical infringements lightly would open a pandora’s box. But we’re facing the same dilemma with driving penalties, from which Hamilton and Bottas (Mercedes) are coming out cheaply from incidents against Verstappen and Perez (Red Bull), so it’s running riot in the championship, tilting it dramatically and rewarding carelessness on track. Of course British media are making RB the ill-motivated crew after all this damage done, as much as they undoubtedly got over the edge they’re still the aggrieved part by the bad driving of their rivals going punished in a nearly inconsequential way. Despite this turnaround of events for Mercedes after they were in a bad situation some months ago coming partially undeservedly or at least too based on luck, both WDC and WCC championships are shaping in a very interesting way for the rest of the season.
      As for the repairs under red flag, Verstappen benefited from that last race instead of Hamilton. What does it change? From my perspective, nothing. Like I’ve said before when his title rival used it to reach the win. That’s how it should be. Some of those who accuses others of cherrypicking rules normally are the kings of using selective evidences themselves. Dieter Rencken, for instance, always defended that repairs under red flag should relegated the car to last place, but only because his article on the matter was released after the British GP those cluelessly paranoid Hammared fans started an outcry like if he was trying to sabotage their idol as a (scape)goat. It was just another chapter of LH44 ongoing persecution mania.

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