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2021 F1 season

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Dan Ticktum has been released from his role as Williams development driver with immediate effect.

The 22-year-old, who was previously part of the Red Bull Junior team, joined Williams’ young driver programme last year.

A Williams spokesperson said Ticktum’s departure was confirmed prior to the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend.

Ticktum’s exit is therefore not thought to be related to recent comments he made about Williams driver Nicholas Latifi on his Twitch stream. In response to a user who pointed out Latifi, unlike Ticktum, had made it into Formula 1, the Carlin Formula 2 driver replied: “He paid to get there”.

It is believed Ticktum’s exit was prompted by complaints about his behaviour from a member of the public.

Ticktum has attracted controversy previously in his junior career. In 2015 he was given a one-year ban for deliberately colliding with rival Ricky Collard during an MSA Formula race at Silverstone.

He has a tendency to be outspoken and has made critical comments about rival drivers on several occasions, including on his radio during Formula 2 races. Last year Ticktum described Yuki Tsunoda as a “stupid little bloke”. Ticktum later said he regretted threatening to crash with rival Louis Deletraz in another radio message.

He lies fourth in the Formula 2 standings halfway through the current season, 19 points behind leader Oscar Piastri.

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58 comments on “Ticktum loses Williams development driver role”

  1. He always seemed like a version of mazepin without the financial backing.

    1. Good, Lord!

    2. I’d say Mazepin is more of the clueless type. Ticktum says and does things deliberately. Also, if he understands that Latifi got there with money, he should understand that he can’t get away with the things he has said. He doesn’t have stupid money to get away with it.

      I think he deserves this. He’s been given many opportunities. More importantly, he hasn’t shown himself to be superior talent in F2

      1. Lopes da Silva
        3rd August 2021, 20:29

        Agreed. Mazepin looked specially clueless when he said that he thought the driver and the engineer would work separately. He should have played some PC F1 simulators in his spare time.

      2. this_is_definitely_my_real_name
        4th August 2021, 2:50

        i’m not sure the woman mazepin groped would agree.

        1. I think that what happened with Mazepin and that girl looked gross. But I know for a fact that stuff like that happens *all the time* when people get drunk and feel ehm… titillated. This video became public and everyone moved to defend their corner…

          The girl had to either be a victim of assault or a ‘slut’? right? I don’t think there are other options. So she made the damage-limitation choice.

          Mazepin was clumsy about it, but eventually apologized. He’s probably done the same consensual thing a few times since, but in private.

          Lessons learned here for them? Next time make sure it’s in private. I judge Mazepin much more harshly by the lack of self awareness… no knowing when to apologize and how to do it, and more importantly his on-track antics

          1. So what you’re saying, @ajpennypacker, is that it’s fine to abuse women as long as it’s behing closed doors? Your comments are so ridiculous, you should be ashamed of yourself. The girl is either a victim or a slut? You need help.

          2. @shimks It’s baffling that you would reach such a conclusion. Of course abuse is not acceptable. But the point is that this kind of consensual sexual behavior happens all the time with young intoxicated people. The girl even defended it at first and then changed her story. Maybe it was abuse, but she didn’t call it that, she didn’t even imply it was. Only after a lot of scrutiny and I’d dare say pressure, she put out some ambiguous posts regretting getting drunk, which many people assume extended to the incident with Nikita.

            But I suppose those subtleties ellude you, especially when it’s so much easier and comfortable to just say “IT’S ABUSE!”

          3. And you talk of subtleties. Amazing.

  2. Hopefully this means he is no longer in the running for the Williams drive for next year, which would be a huge relief. Ticktum is a danger to his fellow drivers, as well as the marshalls, and should be given a permanent ban from motorsport.

    1. Given his record I 100% agree.

    2. Well said.

    3. Compared with Maldonado this person is very dangerous indeed. Lets people with a nice altitude come through the lines. In 2013 i thought he was very talented even more then Lando but from 2015 on a really aweful person.

  3. Not since Mirko Bortolotti in 2010 has a driver been dropped from 2 separate junior programmes.

    1. @wsrgo What about Sette-Camara? Wasn’t he dropped from both the Red Bull and McLaren junior programs?

      1. @mashiat you’re right, I forgot Sergio was a part of the McLaren programme, I don’t remember anything officially about him being dropped by them, while Bortolotti being dropped by Red Bull and Ferrari was quite public, which is why I remembered that one.

      2. Was he dropped from McLaren or was it his own choice to become a Red Bull reserve driver?

  4. About time he’s silenced and fired.

  5. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    3rd August 2021, 17:49

    This guy has been trouble for too long. Good riddance.

    1. Replace him with Devon Butler.

      1. Chris Horton
        4th August 2021, 0:22


  6. It’s a great shame because he’s a quite capable driver when he gets his head down and focuses.

    If only he could fix the oversteer issues he has with his mouth.

    1. This. He’s had some very good races this year, but every time he goes on the radio it’s a pr disaster. His radio engineer is the happiest in all of this, i imagine…

  7. Confirmed earlier but not reported anywhere.
    This means he isn’t a 2022 drive candidate anymore if he ever was a serious consideration in the first place.
    Ousted only because some random person complained is weird, though.

    1. Yeah, i assume it was the straw that broke the camels back rather than the result of a single complaint (unless the complaint was about something extremely serious)

    2. @jerejj
      I agree and was also going to say it was the straw that broke the camels back. His last F2 team could not wait to get rid of him, he was verbally abusive to them and was very surprised that he got a Carlin ride. I’m sure there’s been internal talks and probably was already on Double Probation.
      Also, you never bite the hand that feeds you. Williams gets huge money from Latifi’s sponsors that probably was also used to help pay for Ticktum’s ride in F2.

      Next job: Probably some reality TV show with other Einstein’s living together in the same house. I think I’ll skip that one.

      1. @redpill how about partnering with Ferucci in Indycar?

      2. @redpill according to Ticktum, he’d already been told before that incident that Williams were going to withdraw their support. It may be a case of biting the hand that fed him, but more because he seems to have decided to burn all possible bridges with the team by having a go at Latifi.

  8. He sounds like a pretty toxic character you don’t really need to take the risk with when there’s so many other super talented young drivers out there who don’t bring you these potential issues down the line. He sounds like a delight…

  9. Don’t need this guy when you’re getting Bottas

    1. Not a nice commennt at all!!
      Bottas is actually very good.
      Sunday was a genuine error.
      Maybe you would care to list the number of times Bottas has deliberately taken someone out?

      1. I think you’ve missed the point somewhat @macradar. Why would Williams need a dubious character such as Ticktum, when they are getting a genuine top driver in Bottas?
        He may not be the absolute best, but he’s generally a team player

  10. Good riddance. He doesn’t deserve a spot on the F1 grid on talent, and his mouth and awful attitude make him one of the most toxic drivers in the world. He won’t be missed.

  11. I was prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. Not sure what hes done this time? But that benefit has been removed. I mean… I was a tool at his age (prob still am now) but I didn’t have the opportunities and talent like he has… what a wolly!!

    1. One quick question: Thoughts on the MSA Silverstone 2015 incident which made him eternally infamous? And do you still know that Reply is placed to the left?

  12. Fantastic. Good riddance.

  13. Guess he can head to Indycar with Ferrucci now.

    1. Was thinking the exact same thing!

  14. Who pays for his F2 drive this year, is / was that Williams as well?

    1. Interesting question. I guess we’ll find if he stays on the grid until the end of the season.

    2. @Sven

      It would be Williams and his sponsors. The question is does Williams have a contractual obligation to keep paying for Ticktum’s seat at Carlin? Most likely the seat has to be paid for by Williams (or someone else) to the end of the year unless they have a out-clause they can use to break it off with Ticktum breaking contractual obligations. If Ticktum is asked to leave, then Williams maybe able to insert another driver into the Carlin seat since they’re still paying for it but who knows as it’s a complicated multi party contractual issue.
      Carlin may not like Ticktum as a person but they still need him to finish out the year to get higher points for both categories. Carlin is currently 3rd in the team championships and Ticktum is 4th, they potentially have a lot to lose on this.

      1. Dan seems to have a very good relationship with Carlin and I am not sure Williams funds the F2 seat either. His father is the main funder afaik. Happy to be corrected. These ‘young driver programs’ aren’t necessarily funding programs, people should be aware of this.

  15. Jack (@jackisthestig)
    3rd August 2021, 21:39

    I do think the sport needs a wide range of characters, heroes and villains if you like but his level of talent doesn’t justify a seat in F1.

    1. To be fair.. nor does Latifi’s talent justify his seat in F1.. Mazepin too.

  16. I think the sooner he’s away from any form of motorsport, the better. His personality and temper do nothing for himself or the teams/brands he’s associated with. At least with Red Bull, they’ve got that edgy thing going. Now he’s messed that up, it’s high time he moves onto the next step in his life.

  17. I wonder why. He’s actually in title contention in F2, or at the very least in position to get enough superlicence points, more so than any of his fellow academy members (will Aitken’s be valid for much longer?).

    I can only assume Williams have decided he’s not going to be needed any time soon as they’ve figured out a plan B if Russell goes, or the complaint was more serious than just him coming across as a bit unpleasant on TV. I suspect we’ll be hearing a bit more about this.

  18. Can’t speak truth in this sport. That will get your ass fired.

  19. He’s just a loudmouth who thinks he’s the next LH and can get away with it. I guess he’s coming down to earth now…

  20. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. What a tragedy.

  21. The driver with the worst attitude. “Why meeeeee?!”. What a twit.

    Typo, of course.

    1. Once and Always an atrocious person.

  22. Charlie Dayman
    5th August 2021, 12:23

    The quintessential Ticktum moment: after the final race of the last F2 season at Sakhir, he completely trashed his team and announced that he’d be driving for a “good team” the following season. See for yourselves here at the 1:05 mark:

    This guy is a paddock cancer and I’m not surprised that he’s been fired by every development program he’s been a part of.

    1. Me too. Once atrocious, always atrocious

  23. Dan Ticktum has spoken openly about the pressures of being a race driver in the modern era, the gigantic burden he has felt racing considering his father’s investment. He expresses himself openly and often without filter, and has said for him it’s been pretty much impossible to “play the (PR) game” . He talks about how many drivers lose out to wealthier drivers, which is a topic behind the scenes is pretty common. And he is still very fast.

    Yet in an era when someone like Biles is celebrated for putting her mental health first, we have a gigantic wave of people pretty much saying “Racing drivers need to shut up and tow the line”. Even complaining about his radio outbursts (which almost all drivers do over their careers). Is that the sport people really want?

    Dan clearly has a controversial history, and he’ll admit sometimes saying stuff he regrets, but I am not sure people are really addressing just how under pressure young drivers are. They don’t understand what they have to give up, especially when they aren’t massively wealthy (by that I mean being able to buy a seat/team. These guys are often still very wealthy relatively speaking).

    Quite frankly I find it slightly uncomfortable the reaction of the fanbase celebrating a talented driver, who let’s face it just says what a lot of young drivers would say too if they could, losing a chance to race in F1. Dan gets flak because he’s honest, but many drivers who do stay quiet and tow the line get kicked to the kerb too. Being honest should exclude you from racing in F1. A lot of drivers we all celebrate simply wouldn’t make it in the modern era. Ticktum’s conraversies bar the big one barely registers with some of the antics and behaviors of years gone by by drivers lauded until this day.

    A lot of people talking a good ‘mental health’ game, I am not sure many really understand the realities of it.

    I suggest those commenting here and on social media take a step back and trying and understand.

    1. He should quit motorsport right now. He should have quit motorsport and changed his career a long time ago.

  24. Ever heard about Dan Ticktum? Yes?
    He was the man who deliberately collided with another driver. (And Lando won the championship)
    He got banned for two years. (Could have been lifetime, but who knows)
    He destroyed his reputation. (Could have changed his career)
    He made false accusations against Prema and Mick Schumacher. (And Mick won the championship)
    His interview during Asian F3 went poor. (What did he meant by that?!)
    His Super Formula career failed. (Confronted someone)
    He rages when he plays Call of Duty. (Angriest British person ever?!)
    He stepped up to F2 and won a race. (Who congratulated?!)
    Had an interview with someone. (Who is just a known YouTuber)
    And his behavior seemed to be a little bit better. (Until…)
    He tried to place the blame on someone else for the Baku collision, even if it was his fault. (Pourchaire was right about you)
    He trashed a Williams senior driver. (But it was after his dismissal)
    What he did in 2015 will haunt his entire life. (You should have been banned for life)
    His reputation will never, ever be redeemed. (No redeeming qualities)
    And one more thing… (What you should have done a long time ago)

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