F1 team mate battles at mid-season: Schumacher vs Mazepin

2021 F1 season

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The balance of power at Haas has been one-sided this year, though probably no more so than anyone expected.

Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin knew from the outset they faced a tough year in a lightly reworked version of last year’s uncompetitive Haas, which has duly proved the slowest car on the track at every race. As a result they have usually only had each other to beat.

At times the intensity of the fight between the pair has been a match for any other contest in the field. But one driver has consistently emerged ahead – Schumacher, who has often been more than half a second ahead of him in qualifying. Only in Monaco and Hungary, where Schumacher smashed his car up in practice, has Mazepin fared better than his team mate in qualifying.

The races have been a similar story. In ordinary circumstances, Schumacher has regularly come out on top, to Mazepin’s obvious displeasure.

There are signs Mazepin is beginning to close the gap in terms of one-lap performance. The gap between the pair has drawn closer as the season goes on.

Both have proved incident-prone, driving team principal Guenther Steiner to warn they need to get the incidents under control as the team’s repair bills mount up. Mazepin was, however, blameless in his latest retirement at the Hungaroring, where he was taken out by Kimi Raikkonen in the pits.

Irrespective of the outcome between the pair at the team this year, both drivers are expected to retain their places in F1. Steiner recently confirmed Mazepin will continue on his multi-year deal while a continuation for Schumacher is in the works and likely to be a formality.

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Mick Schumacher vs Nikita Mazepin: Key stats

Mick Schumacher vs Nikita Mazepin: Who finished ahead at each round

Mick SchumacherQ
Nikita MazepinQ

Mick Schumacher vs Nikita Mazepin: Qualifying gap

Times based on the last qualifying round at each race weekend in which both drivers set a time. Negative indicates Mick Schumacher was faster, positive means Nikita Mazepin was faster

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19 comments on “F1 team mate battles at mid-season: Schumacher vs Mazepin”

  1. Mazepin at Haas reminds me of George Best being a drummer for the Beatles because his mam owned the nightclub.

    If Haas start to make waves, I wonder who their Ringo Starr will be?

    1. Derek Edwards
      9th August 2021, 14:44

      I feel that Haas might be better off if they took George Martin’s approach on the first Beatles single and just paid for somebody better than either of them to do the job…

      1. Coventry Climax
        9th August 2021, 20:32

        Actually, Sir Richard Starkey is a very unique drummer, whereas drivers of the calibre Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin come like 12 in a dozen.
        I do understand what your saying though, and completely agree with that idea.

    2. Man.. you’re comparing Haas to the Beatles. Haas is a poor man’s Bon Jovi at best.

  2. I feel Schumacher gets a bit too much credit (in general) for his season. He looks somewhat good because Mazepin is an even much slower learner than Mick is. But he has made so many mistakes already. I think he got lucky with Nikita as teammate.

    1. @montalvo My sentiment is pretty much the same.

    2. @montalvo Mick always has his first season troubles (which seems a bit odd to think about). In F2 his first season was below mediocre, same with his F3 season and lastly but not least his F4 season was the same. So even if next years Haas isn’t much better I expect him to be somehow better. (If he and Mazepin are still team mates)

    3. He’s done fairly decent regardless of Nikita as a teammate. There weren’t too many rookie mistakes on his end.. especially if you compare his performances to Tsonuda. Schumacher’s pace is still questionable… but how much of an impression can you make in a Haas. I honestly don’t see the start of his F1 career being much different to Russel’s.

      1. @todfod Uumm.. what? He spun in Bahrain and in Imola (when safety car was on track!), totalled his car in Monaco, France and Hungary… There were probably even more but can’t remember. All in all he has crashed plenty more times than Tsunoda and comfortably more often than anyone else on the grid.

  3. I assumed the order would be the same as current WCC standings, meaning Haas pair would come last, but oh well, a triviality.
    Mick has overall been the better one, although he’s made more costly errors than his teammate in comparison.

    1. Out in order of RaceFans fav and least fav drivers by some coincidence.. ;)

  4. Their feud is like two bald men fighting over a comb.
    Interesting feature though, thanks.

  5. I’m not sure either of them have been great. When the Williams was miles off the pace, you could still tell Russell was extremely talented and getting a lot of it – you don’t get that sense here.
    Schumacher has shown a bit of pace and definitely showed his wheel to wheel ability in Hungary, but he needs to keep it out the wall. He’s had way too many offs, especially for a team who are tight on money and not racing against anyone.
    The stats really don’t look great for Mazepin, if it wasn’t for his backing, an ordinary driver would be in danger of a mid-season sacking

  6. I thought Mazepin was going to beat Mick, on the basis that Nikita is aggressive, he looked stronger in testing but as soon as the season begun, nikita pushed too hard.

  7. At the beginning, Nikita had something to prove – that he deserved to be in F1, and the result was dismally bad. Lately, however, he’s settled down and not just looks like, but behaves like and talks like a Formula One driver. For instance, interviews are actually enjoyable to watch. I’ll venture that by the end of the season Gunther’s doubtful decision (money aside) to bring him on board will have been justified. I’ll further say that if in 2022 Haas still finishes last, Mazepin won’t be the reason.

  8. Haas can’t do anything anymore. That’s it.

  9. It still throws me every single time that Nikita is the one with the red helmet.

  10. Since mazepin complaining about his car being heavier which makes no sense, Mick seems to be way slower (not maz faster) and i think Nikita’s dad is the one to blame since we know how trash that family is they will not hesitate to sabotage Mick’s car, mazepin is working to improve his image with made up jokes with Steiner and trying to look nice to the media and it’s kinda working

  11. Let’s face it: Mike takes more risks that Nikita because, after all, he is not paying for the rebuilds of his car.
    Since these crashes are covered by Nikita’s Father, Nikita is more considerate with the machinery.

    Meanwhile, Mick crashes with abandon. The more he crashes, the more Nikita’s father sermons his son to be easy on his wallet, and Nikita being a good son, obeys his Dad and keeps his Haas away from the walls.

    After all, while being at the same time in F2, Nikita has 2 wins and 9 podiums for 5th overall which is not a bad statistic.
    It is true that Mick came 1st overall but he might have been in a better machine than Nikita.

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