Fourth season of Netflix’s F1 series ‘Drive to Survive” announced

2021 F1 season

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A fourth instalment of Netflix’s popular Formula 1 series ‘Drive to Survive’ will air in 2022, the championship has confirmed.

‘Drive to Survive’, which first aired in 2019, has been widely credited with bringing the sport to a new audience, particularly those in the United States, a key target for owners Liberty Media.

The series is produced by Box to Box films. Dedicated camera crews have been observed filming teams in the paddock at races this year.

The upcoming series will debut in “early 2022”, F1 confirmed. Previous editions of Drive to Survive have debuted during the week prior to the beginning of a new championship.

Following the success of ‘Drive to Survive’ several other Netflix projects involving Formula 1 have been confirmed. The streaming service picked up the rights to a forthcoming documentary about Michael Schumacher, produced with the approval and co-operation of his family, which will debut next month.

Netflix is also producing a “fictional drama” on the life of three-times Formula 1 world champion Ayrton Senna which will arrive next year. A further eight-part documentary about former F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone, titled Lucky!, is in production, though its release date is yet to be confirmed.

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2021 F1 season

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12 comments on “Fourth season of Netflix’s F1 series ‘Drive to Survive” announced”

  1. Overall, DTS has been okay, but some things I don’t really enjoy. One is somewhat forced or fake drama, a misleading picture of reality, whatever. Something I’ve seen people pointing out, while the other is over-cautiousness by blurring stuff unnecessarily excessively, i.e., more than needed. I’ve watched other unscripted shows that do far less artificial covering, so I wish Netflix also did this only when truly necessary and justifiable rather than for the sake of doing so.
    2018 episodes (at least the ones I watched) featured none, while 2019 ones slightly, but still below being over-excessive, unlike last year’s eps.
    Concerning the next release date, I hope it’d be earlier in the off-season than roughly a week before the season-opener.

    1. While some drama is undoubtedly doctored, I feel it is within the creative license that content generators should be allowed to exploit.

      Agree about it needing to come earlier in the off-season.

      Honestly, I don’t even mind if they release 3-4 episodes during the season. Kind of shorts – ‘summer break specials’ or whatever marketing names they want to call it. Having all in one go once a year is too low a frequency.

    2. @jerejj Well it’s Netflix :). I remember watching old DVD season recaps and I would like to see more of that but I think “Netflix style” overdramatic episodes have their own audience. They are still quite fun to watch but I still prefer those DVD recaps.

  2. At which races have they been spotted so far this season?

    1. @jff I noticed them with AM in Britain and Williams in Hungary. For now, these are the only occasions I can recall.

      1. Thanks.
        Both could be interesting. Vettel spinning and the Russell position confusion.

    2. @jff

      Netflix have attended several races this season, I think.

      If you’re able to see paddock presentation (eg Sky / Channel 4 in the UK) and you see someone holding a very long microphone boom pole, that’s the Netflix crew :)

  3. Yay!! Some more Buxton’s forced drama and tension!!

  4. I guess we’re going to get more Steiner moments. The Magnussen-Grosjean part in 2019 was nice to see how meetings could possibly go, except for the 10+ f words Steiner said hehehe.

    But I hope that just because of this series alone, that we don’t get unnecessary drama and tension. Especially forced ones. I doubt that the producers make a contract with Mercedes requiring them to do something wrong during the filming because every race in which DTS was with Mercedes, something at least happened. I don’t want forced or scripted dramas really and this is to all teams.

  5. Hooray, I’m looking forward to seeing how they deal with Nikita Mazepin’s near miss in the 2021 world championship battle…

  6. I’ve said in that past that the Netflix series just isn’t for me because I simply don’t like the way they frame things to try & create as much drama as possible & how they add a lot of the fake sound effects & stuff to again create a bit of extra drama. I just don’t enjoy any of that because I can see through all of it.

    I just wish there were more alternatives. A more pure documentary style show that was aimed at the more diehard/knowledgable fan.

    I also really wish they would go back to making proper end of year reviews again as the last couple have been awful, Simply using the race highlight clips with Sky Commentary that they put on Youtube with extras which are also things which are all on Youtube/F1TV. I really miss those dedicated reviews like we used to get which featured some different footage & had it’s own voice over with pre/post race features that helped tell the story of the season. As they are they simply aren’t worth buying anymore.

  7. I love that it brings new fans to F1, and the behind the scenes insight is great. But when you’re fanatic level F1 fan, you know too much so see straight through the superficial drama.

    It’s like watching a film set in the city you live in – it ruins the experience a bit. I’ll still be watching though.

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