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Mercedes have “definitely upped our game” in title fight – Hamilton

2021 Belgian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton says Mercedes have made a clear step forward after taking the lead of the world championship.

Victory in the British Grand Prix and second place in Hungary allowed Hamilton to overhaul Max Verstappen to take the lead in the points standings. Although he was aided by the misfortune Verstappen experienced in both races, Hamilton believes his team have also improved their performance.

“We’ve definitely upped our game,” he said. “And I think we’ve also, just during this break in terms of taking time to reflect and look at where we’ve been and where we’re going, I have no doubts that we will take another step forward in our processes and in how we apply ourselves. So it’s been a real positive thing to see.”

After the first eleven races, Hamilton has four wins to Verstappen’s five. He expects the fight to remain close between the pair over the remainder of the season.

“We knew how quick they would be at the beginning, we’ve obviously seen the speed and the competitiveness of them in the past,” he said. “Of course, as we got through the season, they’ve got stronger and stronger and it’s been harder for us as we’ve gone on. We’ve had a bit of a difficult patch.

“But we’ve got back to where, in terms of operating, we have in the past – I think to a good place. But it’s going to be close. It’s going to be tough, the second half of the season.

“The first half was definitely one of the toughest and I expect it’s going to be pretty much the same in the second half, if not more difficult.”

Hamilton was visibly tired after the previous race in Hungary and revealed he’d been struggling with his health after contracting Covid-19 last year. He said he was feeling better after the summer break.

“The break was definitely much needed but it felt too long at the end,” said Hamilton. “I was definitely excited to get back to work and missed working with the team and missed being in the car. I was definitely very keen quite early on just to get back, it seemed a little bit prolonged.

“But having that time is really precious, naturally, so just trying to remain grateful for the spare time that you do have and trying to use it to the best of my ability and now we’re back, which is great.”

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2021 Belgian Grand Prix

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10 comments on “Mercedes have “definitely upped our game” in title fight – Hamilton”

  1. So they confirm that they have the fastest car again.

    1. Well just to feed the latest type trolls on here…

      Well, they have the fastest and best driver even if the car is a bit behind….



    2. On a more serious note…

      Rain fog damp cold….

      Spa run one could be real fun

  2. Have they? Or was their primary competition eliminated by them on the last two races?

    1. Yes, hard to say, red bull was certainly competitive enough at silverstone, unsure about hungary.

    2. Aren’t you the one who’s been saying they’ll turn up the wick at some point in the season?

  3. So they have just turned their engines back up again…………… Had it turned down for long enough to give the perception that there would be a title battle this year to keep the folks tuned in, but now they will no doubt cruise to the titles before the regs change next year. Just a fan of the sport rather a particular driver, so i am hoping that for the sake of the sport we have a non Mercedes car winning the titles this year.

    1. Best team&driver combo should win, that is the sake of the sport.

  4. Let’s all just accept that Lewis and Mercedes are wining again this year.

  5. I am sure this is what we were all hoping for Lewis. More of the same last 8 years. Great stuff. Especially the variation for the spectators is also great.

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