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Another Mercedes engineer joining Red Bull’s Powertrains division

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In the round-up: more Mercedes HPP staff are migrating to Red Bull powertrains since their announcement of a UK-based, Honda-patent facility.

In brief

Red Bull lure more Mercedes staff

Red Bull has hired another former Mercedes engineer to the new powertrains division which will handle the production of its power units after Honda’s departure. RaceFans has learned Owen Jones, a chief engineer at Mercedes’ High Performance Powertrains division, is to join their Milton Keynes-based rivals.

A Mercedes spokesperson said Jones is on a glide path to retirement from HPP, which he is due to complete at the end of the year.

Red Bull has previously announced the hirings of Ben Hodgkinson, Steve Blewett, Omid Mostaghimi, Pip Clode, Steve Brodie and Anton Mayo, all of which have previously worked at HPP. Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has previously claimed Red Bull approach 100 of his staff and hired 15.

Breakthrough points could prove “pivotal” – Latifi

Latifi took a surprise seventh in Hungary
Nicholas Latifi said his breakthrough points finish in the Hungarian Grand Prix could prove “pivotal” for Williams after it moved them up to eighth in the constructors’ championship.

“From a team perspective [getting] both cars and the points and the amount of points we got could prove pivotal come the end of the year for the team championship,” said Latifi.

He ran third in the early stages of the race after a first-corner crashed eliminated five of his rivals and left two with damaged cars.

“After the start and everything that happened, being in that position, I kind of knew that this was a race I had to capitalise on because we don’t know if opportunities like that will come up again. So if there’s one track you want an opportunity like that to come to you, it’s definitely Budapest.

“But we took it, we didn’t make mistakes. And it was just amazing.”

Ricciardo’s battles are most memorable after 200 grand prix

Daniel Ricciardo will make his 200th grand prix start this weekend. Although he counts seven wins including a Monaco Grand Prix victory among his achievements, Ricciardo said his battles with rivals such as Fernando Alonso stick out in his mind as the most significant moments.

“The first victory, that’s a day I’ll never forget – June, 8th 2014,” he said. “But I think there’s just moments along the way, even races which didn’t end up being victories or podiums.

“Like I remember 2014 with Alonso in Germany, I battled him for a few laps older tyres and I felt at the time he was just expecting me to let him go and kind of do his race because I wasn’t really in his race. But I thought I’d make a battle out of it.

“And I don’t know if he’ll kind of see that as a point in time, but I felt that was a point in time where I truly gained his respect. So there’s moments along the way which I personally remember which I’m quite happy about.”

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Comment of the day

Although Max Verstappen has been racing in F1 for seven years, Green Flag raises that he has never really had to stare down a world championship against someone who is very seasoned in that.

Verstappen has never had the pressure or the experience of being close to an F1 championship.

He doesn’t understand what he doesn’t know. But he’s about to find out. Let’s see how he copes, not just with the pressure situation but with the toughest competitor in F1.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Vettelfan, Pemsell, Monosodico and Konstantinos!

If you want a birthday shout-out tell us when yours is via the contact form or adding to the list here.

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15 comments on “Another Mercedes engineer joining Red Bull’s Powertrains division”

  1. I wonder if Red Bull Powertrains will supply a competitive outfit with its PU once its up and running or whether it’ll make sure they never allow a competitor the same advantage like other PU manufacturers did when RBR were looking for a new supplier.

  2. Men i hate Red Bull. I really can’t stand them

    1. @noname What’s with the hatred?

    2. How dare someone try making 2021 not a snoozefest like the past 7 years!?!

    3. You hate Mercedes then even more?

    4. Forza McLaren! XD

    5. Why hate Red Bull? Mercedes have head count obligations, so Red Bull is helping Mercedes. Also, it seems Honda don’t want their brand name associated with F1, and if it wasn’t for Red Bull Powertrains then who would supply engines to Red Bull and AlphaTauri? Renault? Red Bull’s relationship with Renault isn’t what I’d call friendly. Ferrari? That’s sort of possible. Mercedes? Red Bull would love to have Merc engines in their cars, but I just can’t see that happening unless Mercedes decide to sell their team.

  3. Pip Clode is a name? I thought it was a safe word..

  4. COTD made me think, and it’s true, even in his one season in F3 Max didn’t learn how to fight a close championship. This will be a real learning season for him, if not one filled with glory.

    1. I’m sure he’s learned a lot from that F3 campaign: winning the postcards doesn’t guarantee the championship. He’ll be fine

      1. *most races

        1. Due to budget cuts, the winner’s trophy has been replaced with a postcard of the circuit the driver won at.

          I’m sure Jos stuck all Max’s postcards onto the fridge door!

  5. As for COTD, the pressure is really more on the 7 times champion to deliver, and not on the newcomer to the championship fight. He’s not got so much face to lose.

    As we’ve seen in the past, it’s not always the experienced that can hold their nerve. Schumacher against Hakkinen last race showdowns for example.

  6. Look at that, they certainly are not stealing Renault engineers.

  7. Re RB Powertrains: More luring here and there.
    Re Latifi: They can go so far as eighth.
    Re Ricciardo: It’s been 7 years…
    Re COTD: Also a reminder – Silverstone and Imola were both racing incidents.

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