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Perez crashes out of Belgian Grand Prix before race begins

2021 Belgian Grand Prix

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Sergio Perez will be unable to start the Belgian Grand Prix after crashing in wet conditions during the reconnaissance lap.

The Red Bull driver lost control of his car in the Les Combes complex. He ran over the kerb in the turn six left-hand and slithered into the barrier on the outside of the corner.

The impact caused heavy damage to the front-right of the car. Perez tried repeatedly to drive away away from the crash scene, in the hope of getting his car repaired before the start, as Max Verstappen did in Hungary last year.

However the damage proved too great and Perez climbed out of his wrecked car. “The right front suspension damage is too extreme for us to continue,” team manager Jonathan Wheatley told race director Michael Masi.

“Obviously it’s very disappointing not being able to take the start,” team principal Christian Horner told Sky. “It just shows how tricky the conditions are out there.

“He reported he couldn’t really see anything and unfortunately the car just got away from him. It’s a great shame for Checo and the team not to be starting the race.”

The crash leaves Red Bull with a single car in the race. Verstappen will start from pole position.

“For Max it doesn’t really change anything for him and his approach,” said Horner. “But obviously it’s pretty nasty conditions out there.”

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2021 Belgian Grand Prix

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14 comments on “Perez crashes out of Belgian Grand Prix before race begins”

  1. I already thought that they should’ve at least replaced the engine for Perez. Now it would have been an even better choice.

  2. He might still yet be in this.

    1. @bernasaurus We did ask Red Bull and they said he won’t be able to start.

      1. Well. It looks like the car is on stands, not in the trailer….

      2. @keithcollantine – just been confirmed my Michael Massi that the stewards will let him start from the pit lane.

        If his car is finished of course.

        1. That’s huge for the championship. Now the race is suspended he’s back in it.

  3. This race isn’t going ahead.

    1. @hahostolze 3 hours and 25 minutes later………. good call.

  4. Early addition to this week’s struggles list.

  5. Bet Sky don’t refund my £9.99 of this doesn’t go ahead

    1. For those poor people on the stands it’ll be far worse !

  6. Perez is not really living up to his star billing is he

    1. Coventry Climax
      29th August 2021, 20:00

      That is exactly according to my expectations, although to be fair, and it has to be said, Max did the exact same thing a while back. I really don’t quite get why so many people rate Perez so high. He can be fast alright, but he also messes up too often, despite his experience.

  7. So, this is about the time Red Bull starts looking for Verstappen’s teammate replacement, or am I a race early?

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