Zandvoort, 2021

First pictures from the 2021 Dutch Grand Prix weekend

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Formula 1 has returned to Zandvoort after a 36-absence. Here are the first pictures from the build-up to the 2021 Dutch Grand Prix.

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4 comments on “First pictures from the 2021 Dutch Grand Prix weekend”

  1. These behind the scenes and setup photos are great. I love seeing how this all works. More please.

    1. I agree! Love to see it all from a production point of view. I’m amazed how they managed to fit the entire paddock onto the available space. With first time events like these it’s always interesting to see how the plans they made work in reality, what they got right and what the learnings will be for next year.

  2. That main image is amazing.
    Also, I’m surprised at how little run off there appears to be at turn 1.

  3. I honestly hate the course on the F1 games, but it’s still better than Hanoi, Jeddah and Miami will be

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