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FIA will not change DRS rules for turn 14 after F1 practice

2021 Dutch Grand Prix

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Formula 1’s DRS rules for the final corner at Zandvoort will not be changed after practice, RaceFans has learned.

The remodelled Dutch circuit is hosting F1 for the first time since 1985. A steep, 18-degree banking has been added to turn 14, Arie Luyendykbocht.

The banking was added to ensure drivers could accelerate flat-out from the penultimate corner to turn one, Tarzan, to improve overtaking opportunities at a track where passing is notoriously difficult. The race organisers also intended F1 drivers would be able to use DRS through the corner.

While the FIA originally announced DRS would not be used at the corner, some drivers indicated the matter would be reviewed following today’s practice sessions at the track.

“I don’t expect that the DRS would have made a huge difference,” said Carlos Sainz Jnr yesterday. “But if we see it is okay then we might actually have it on Saturday I heard.”

However an FIA spokesperson confirmed to RaceFans there will be no change to the positioning of the turn 14 DRS zone during the race weekend.

Several drivers yesterday predicted overtaking will be very difficult at the track regardless of whether the zone was extended.

“It’s going to be tough, very difficult,” said Fernando Alonso. “You need a big tyre advantage, I think, to go very close in the last corner or the last two or three corners.

“I think the banking was there also to allow cars to use the DRS on the banking but we decided, I think, to put the DRS after the banking and that’s probably too short in terms of distance until the first corner. And to open the DRS before the banking and have the possibility to go flat-out there, maybe the last analysis said that there was dangers and they didn’t allow it.”

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2021 Dutch Grand Prix

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3 comments on “FIA will not change DRS rules for turn 14 after F1 practice”

  1. Slightly anxious about this one!! Very fast, hardly any run-off, will the tyres hold up on the banking…

    Should be fascinating!

  2. Good move. Better not to take any risk. Using DRS through a corner isn’t a norm anyway, so an unnecessary fuss.

  3. DRS would help tires… That corner is easy for F1, aero load is what is straining tires.

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