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Formula 3 season finale moving from COTA to Sochi

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The FIA Formula 3 championship’s first ever event at the Circuit of the Americas will not go ahead, RaceFans understands.

The Texan track was due to hold the F3 season finale alongside the United States Grand Prix on October 26th. However F3 is changing the venue for the final round of this year’s championship is changing due to Formula 1 Management’s need to reduce the number of staff travelling to the USA as a result of Covid-19 restrictions.

F3 will instead support the Russian Grand Prix at Sochi Autodrom in the final weekend of September, four weeks earlier than the original scheduled end to its season. US racers Juan Manuel Correa, Logan Sargeant, Kaylen Frederick, Jak Crawford and Hunter Yeany will therefore miss out on their home race, while Alexander Smolyar will get to race on home ground.

The change means F3 will share a track with Formula 2 for the first time this year. F2 and F3 have operated separate calendars this season as a cost-saving measure, and moved from double to triple-header formats.

Formula 1’s plans to race at the Circuit of the Americas are not affected by the change.

The sixth and penultimate round of the F3 season is underway at Zandvoort. Arthur Leclerc won the first of the weekend’s races this morning.

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  1. Why are they doing fly-aways for the third-tier junior formula? Who came up with that nonsense in the first place?

  2. Dang, I was looking forward to witnessing this. While they are scrapping things from the USGP, I hope they don’t hold sprint qualifying here either.

  3. Europeans get the advantage.

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