Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Zandvoort, 2021

2021 Dutch Grand Prix championship points

2021 Dutch Grand Prix

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F1 drivers championship after the 2021 Dutch Grand Prix

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F1 constructors championship after the 2021 Dutch Grand Prix

2Red Bull332.5
7Aston Martin53
9Alfa Romeo3

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2021 Dutch Grand Prix

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11 comments on “2021 Dutch Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Ferrari’s advantage over Mclaren only increases.

  2. RandomMallard (@)
    5th September 2021, 15:43

    I feel inclined to take this as a pinch of salt because I still may expect legal challenges to the Spa results. but seen as no formal action has been taken by the teams beyond putting out statements, so I doubt anything will come of that now.

    (FYI, if the Spa results were rescinded, Lewis would lead Max by 2 points)

    1. lets hope Max doesn’t win the championship by those 5 points. Let him either win by more or lose altogether

      1. Quite the opposite, it keeps the clicks and comments coming on sites like this (Rosberg 2016).

        So far this season he’s been the best driver, and IMO he deserves to win.

        1. Indeed, if anything I hope hamilton doesn’t win by less than 50 points, else verstappen (for now) lost it through bad luck and being hit by mercedes, while for the team championship the luck effect is a lot closer than that.

      2. ? Hamilton has had way more luck in luckier events than spa. He needs to win by forty at least for it not to look like a sham

        ~10 for imola, 7 for Baku, eighteen (if not twenty five) for Silverstone, ~eighteen for Hungary, take off five for spa and a few extra for rb maybe being a bit faster so far (this could change)

  3. AJ (@asleepatthewheel)
    5th September 2021, 16:09

    Without that Sprint race BS they’d be sitting equal on points.

    1. Probably not as Hamilton would’ve started in front of Verstappen and a butterfly flapped its wings.

  4. With 9 races left, if not less, Max and Red Bull look quite strong for the Driver’s Championship.
    Lewis needs Mercedes to do something with the car, and/or for Max to have some bad results. Even if Lewis manages to win the championship with some more bad races for Max, I don’t think Lewis can manage to finish with more wins than Max.

    On the other hand, I don’t think Perez can help Red Bull win the Constructor’s.

  5. Great race today at Zandvoort, after 36 years without F1 racing there. The circuit is a looker, the flow of the curves is fascinating, and pretty much there are no bland run-offs. No Tilke deposition, this one. Overtaking was not easy but also not too difficult, and besides the obvious DRS/motorway passes along the straight, we have seen a few great exterior overtakes at Tarzanbocht and other places. And the overtaking attempts at Hugenholtzboch (T3) while not consummated (at least I could see none in the broadcast) were worth the price of admission (Ocon trying hard to recover the lost position from Alonso, e.g.).

    Max, the local hero, had no competition to speak of, although the near minute from him to Valtteri was nearly doubled in the later’s last-minute free pitstop (successfully going for the FLAP). Also we welcame Robert replacing Kimi at Alpha Tauri. Glad to see the chap back (although I’ll miss the terrific Kimi) but his race was undistinguished.

    The Abolitio Memoriae F1 classification shown an almost 100 point gap from Max to Valtteri, who has left Lando behind (he was surprisingly out of the pace today) Pierre shared the podium today and overtakes Daniel for 7th in the championship. Great race also for Fernando, who went from 11th to 9th leaving Sebastian and his teammate Esteban behind. At some point Esteban said on TR he was much faster than Fernando, but we didn’t quite see that. Also Alpine is not Ferrari, and Zandvoort ’21 is not Hockenheim ’14, so it was to no avail.

    The classification after Zandvoort:
    1 VER 243,5 points
    2 BOT 144
    3 NOR 132
    4 PER 127
    5 LEC 116
    6 SAI 106
    7 GAS 79
    8 RIC 72,5
    9 ALO 58,5
    10 VET 56
    11 OCO 57
    12 STR 29
    13 TSU 22
    15 RUS 14
    14 LAT 8
    16 RAI 5
    17 GIO 2
    18 SCH 0
    19 MAZ 0
    20 KUB 0
    No changes in the AMF1 WDC although Ferrari makes a big gap on McLaren

    TEAMS (As Valtteri Bottas has no teammate, Merc’s points are doubled )
    1 RBR 370,5
    2 MERC 288
    3 FERRARI 222
    4 McLAREN 204,5
    5 ALPINE 115,5
    6 ALPHA T 101
    7 ASTON M 85
    8 WILLIAMS 22
    9 ALFA R 7
    10 HAAS 0
    And the AMF1 Medal (Bernie style) classification, only one change: Pierre, with his second podium, surpasses Daniel

    1 VER 10 wins 1 ninth
    2 PER 1 win 1 second
    3 LEC 1 win 2 thirds
    4 OCO 1 win 1 fourth
    5 BOT 7 seconds 1 third
    6 VET 2 seconds 1 fourth
    7 NOR 1 second 4 thirds
    8 SAI 1 second 1 third
    9 RUS 1 second 1 eighth
    10 GAS 2 thirds 2 fifths
    11 RIC 1 third 1 fourth
    12 ALO 1 fourth 1 fifth
    13 TSU 1 sixth 1 seventh
    14 STR 4 sevenths 2 ninths
    15 LAT 1 seventh 1 eighth
    16 GIO 1 ninth 3 elevenths
    17 RAI 5 tenths 1 eleventh
    18 SCH 1 twelfth 1 thirteenth
    19 MAZ 1 fourteenth 3 sixteenths
    20 KUB 1 fourteenth
    And finally, the AMF1 podiums:

    1 VER 10p
    2 BOT 8p
    3 NOR 5p
    4 PER 4p
    5 LEC 3p
    6 VET 2p
    7 SAI 2p
    8 GAS 2p
    9 OCO 1p
    10 RUS 1p
    11 RIC 1p

    The veredict: Hugenholtz (designer of Zandvoort and Suzuka, among others) wins, Tilke abysmally loses.

    1. Well, verstappen is dominating even the regular medal championship, which shows how much better he’s been with an only marginally better car on average, so close that mercedes can still easily become the best car towards the end of the season if it proves slightly quicker on a few races.

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