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Bottas relishing opportunity for “fresh start” at Alfa Romeo

2021 Italian Grand Prix

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Valtteri Bottas is anticipating a “fresh start” at Alfa Romeo next season after his five-year stint alongside Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes.

His move to the team was announced earlier this week. Bottas revealed he had discussions with other teams before settling on Alfa Romeo, which he described as an “exciting” choice.

“It is a great brand,” he said. “They have a great history in motorsport. I feel like, based on information I know, they can have a bright future and hopefully I can help that.

“It’s something new, something exciting for me. And it’s a bit of a project, no doubt there’s going to be work to do. But I will give all my expertise I can to try and improve from this season for sure.”

Bottas has finished behind Hamilton every season during their time together at Mercedes. While he doesn’t feel he has been eclipsed by his team mate, he admitted Alfa Romeo offers him the chance for a new beginning.

“If you look at the results overall, Lewis has been able to beat me every year. So in that sense, yes, I’ve been in the shadow. But honestly, I don’t really feel it that way. We are a team and we’re now in this together.

“Unfortunately, I’m not fighting for the drivers world championship anymore this year, so I’m just fighting for the constructors and that’s the way it is. But it is going to be a fresh start for me and whoever my team mate is going to be, I hope we can work well together. It is an interesting new era for me.”

Alfa Romeo is yet to announce who his team mate will be. Bottas said he will leave the decision up to team principal Frederic Vasseur, who has indicated an announcement is likely in around a month’s time.

“I don’t want to have I say,” he explained. “The team are professional, Fred is professional. He knows what is going to be best for the team and for the future. So I’ll let them choose.”

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2021 Italian Grand Prix

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18 comments on “Bottas relishing opportunity for “fresh start” at Alfa Romeo”

  1. This is going to be a pivotal moment for Bottas in his career.

    He did well at times at Mercedes, won some poles and won some races; he also had a really hard time at Mercedes and falling performances. Gong to AF will be a nice breadth of fresh air for him, getting the lead role in a very different environment. I would think this would give him and his fans a chance to see how he can really perform under a different environment and under different roles, I hope it means an improvement and the Sauber/AF – Bottas match up ends up being a happy match.

    1. I think he’ll do okay…….

      as long as its not raining!!

    2. It’s easy to forget how good he looked in the Williams (when it was a reasonably front-running car for a few years…), and how excited we were to see him graduate to the Mercedes.

  2. A return to the easy life for Bottas. Nothing to lose really. Won’t look bad when he’s nowhere (it’s the car). Will look OK if he manages Q2. A cushy few million in the bank as he slowly exits F1…

    1. That depends who his team mate will be..

  3. Bottas 4.0?

  4. Bottas is certainly one of the beneficiaries of these silly season’s results. Now he can be the man of his own doing, not a puppy that is recompensed with beautiful words after being thrown under the bus and here and there get a bone after his team mate has eaten an entire filet mignon.

  5. “I don’t want to have I say,” Anyone know what that means?

    1. a misquote probably, I’d bet: “I don’t want to have a say”, or “I don’t want to have to say” (pretty much the same)

  6. You could almost see it as a rebirth, unleashed from the tyrannical shackles of Toto Wolff.

    Bottas can finally compete again.

    1. Yeah, sure, those terribly tyrannical shackles of driver management placing Valtteri in F1 for a solid decade, with 5 years at the dominant team of the ear.

      Bad Toto. No Christmas card for you.

      1. *era, not ear *argh*

  7. Relieved of the burden of having the most dominant car of the modern era, I’m sure (cough) Bottas will (cough, cough) shine…

    1. Man:)

    2. @sonnycrockett

      Relieved of the burden of having the most dominant car of the modern era, I’m sure (cough) Bottas will (cough, cough) shine…

      At least his efforts now won’t be drained to another driver’s benefits as the team sees fit. Everybody knew all along that the place Bottas really belongs is not fighting for the championship.

  8. whatever wich perfomance i will have, he will be release from the doormat role he had in mercedes.

    1. wooops, i wrote too quickly.
      I meant, the first thing that he needs, in my opinoin, is to be release from the role of doormat, wingman, that he has in Mercedes.
      To be with people who he can have constructive and fair work, where he is not at service of someone, but a full part of a team, with respect and joy.
      I wouldn’t have liked to be in his place.
      It should be very super frustrating and kind of giving lack of motiviation.
      I really wish him a new fresh start :)

  9. Maybe he will excel and become the clear lead driver in the team.
    Was getting tired of seeing the WDC and more experienced driver being constantly outclassed by some guy called ‘Tony Gio’;

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