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Bottas “expecting maximum points” in sprint qualifying after pole

2021 Italian Grand Prix

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Valtteri Bottas says his pole position for sprint qualifying at Monza gives him a chance to take a maximum points haul from Saturday’s race.

The Mercedes driver will share the front row of the grid with team mate Lewis Hamilton on Saturday. However he already knows he will start Sunday’s grand prix from the back of the grid following a power unit change penalty.

“That qualifying lap was nice,” said Bottas. “It feels so good when you get a nice lap.

“I managed to save it until the end and I had a bit of a tow finally so it was good fun, I enjoyed it.”

Prior to the weekend Mercedes confirmed Bottas will leave the team at the end of the season. He will join Alfa Romeo for 2021.

“I feel good,” said Bottas, “I feel relaxed and everything is sorted for the future and obviously I’m really pleased with the team today.

“The car has been so good and obviously further on, next year there will be new and exciting things and I’m looking forward to it.”

In the previous round at Zandvoort Bottas was told be his team not to take the bonus point for fastest lap away from Hamilton, who is in a close fight with Max Verstappen for the championship. Although he will start immediately ahead of his team mate tomorrow, Bottas is hoping to claim all three points in Saturday’s race.

“For now I’m focused for tomorrow’s sprint race,” he said. “Of course starting from the front I’m expecting to get the maximum points tomorrow and then do the best job we can on Sunday. But the weekend started nicely and I’m happy.”

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2021 Italian Grand Prix

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14 comments on “Bottas “expecting maximum points” in sprint qualifying after pole”

  1. Would be great for Valteri to keep pole position for Sunday. He deserves it for his performance today.
    But Lewis needs maximum points for the championship…
    So maybe he meant for Mercedes to get the maximum 5 points?

    1. Pole position will be impossible with a 4th PU component.

      1. I see now. Too bad for Lewis, as he really needs someone to take points from Max.

        “Such a great driver Lando!”

      2. That new engine was good for pole without a tow. If there is a sc period in the race bottas could be up there with that fresh falcon 9 rocket behind him. I say he finishes ahead of Perez either way. Also the mclarens are only a hair behind verstappen on pace. That could get interesting too if verstappen has to worry about their undercut.

  2. Maximum = 2 points for Bottas

    1. Inverted commas should be only on “maximum”

    2. exactly, lol

      1. @balue

        turns out he got what he wanted didn’t it!

  3. Except he will either be told to let Lewis through or go backwards despite having the best car cos he is utter garbage in a race

  4. Wow, just maybe he can turn the championship around with this!!!

    1. Whose championship? Bottas 3.0?

  5. I just don’t see Toto letting him finish ahead of Hamilton.

    Sunday he’ll be last no matter what.

    I think Toto is just keeping him motivated. If it is Bottas-Hamilton-Verstappen expect him to get the the “Hamilton is faster’ call right near the end.

  6. “Valtteri, this is James…”

  7. Valterri, this is James…

    Hahahaha. I think I need to make a t-shirt with this.

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