Pierre Gasly's 2021 Italian Grand Prix helmet design

Six drivers bring special helmets for Italian Grand Prix

2021 Italian Grand Prix F1 drivers' helmet designs

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With one home drive and two home teams there are a lot of special helmet designs on the grid for this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix.

Pierre Gasly’s 2021 Italian Grand Prix helmet

Last year’s Italian Grand Prix winner Pierre Gasly has added striping in the colours of the Italian flag to a pale design incorporating his number and initials.

Yuki Tsunoda’s 2021 Italian Grand Prix helmet

Yuki Tsunoda won’t have a home race this year following the cancellation of the Japanese Grand Prix. His country’s flag is featured on top of his latest design.

Antonio Giovinazzi’s 2021 Italian Grand Prix helmet

The only home driver on the grid usually brings a special design for races in his backyard, and this weekend is no different. Bold ‘ITA’ lettering and his usual wasp motif feature on Antonio Giovinazzi’s latest lid for his fifth race on home ground in 12 months.

Images: Giovinazzi via Twitter

Carlos Sainz Jnr’s 2021 Italian Grand Prix helmet

Ferrari are one of two Italian-based teams on the grid (Sauber-run Alfa Romeo operate from Switzerland) and by far the most famous. Carlos Sainz Jnr has produced this retro-styled design blending the Italian and Spanish flags for his first Italian Grand Prix as a Ferrari driver.

Images: Sainz via Twitter

Charles Leclerc’s 2021 Italian Grand Prix helmet

The 2019 Italian Grand Prix winner has also added plenty of local colour to his helmet for this weekend’s race, though he expects it will be a difficult round for the team.

Images: Leclerc via Twitter

George Russell’s 2021 Italian Grand Prix helmet

Not only is George Russell wearing a special, red helmet design this weekend, but the future Mercedes driver will also have a helmet camera fitted for the first and second practice sessions.

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4 comments on “Six drivers bring special helmets for Italian Grand Prix”

  1. Decent designs. Sainz is my favourite though. Love the symmetry and simplicity.

  2. Yuki’s helmet looks more like a Zandvoort special with all the orange.
    Giovinazzi is the only one to put some Azzurro in his helmet design. And its the only daring design of the 4.

  3. Gasly’s stand out for me, followed by Sainz and Giovinazzi. Tsunoda’s and Leclerc’s are less dissimilar from standard.

  4. Giovinazzi had the (probably last) chance to bring a home-inspired helmet and comes up with this post-it collage.

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