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‘Hopefully Ross’s car delivers’ says Hamilton after sprint qualifying procession

2021 Italian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton says Formula 1’s dreary sprint qualifying race yesterday shows the sport needs its new rules package which is planned for 2022.

The lack of action in the second running of F1’s much-hyped sprint qualifying event prompted criticism. Hamilton is hoping next year’s rules changes, devised by the sport’s motorsport director Ross Brawn, address the difficulty drivers experience overtaking.

“I agree with the fans, there hasn’t been much overtaking in the two [sprint] races that we’ve had,” said Hamilton.

“But I still think it’s a good exercise. I’m still proud of Formula 1 for trying something new. There’s definitely going to be learnings from these sprint races we do.

“We can maybe adapt it for next year and hopefully next year there is more overtaking if Ross’s car delivers what they say it’s going to deliver.”

A show car styled in line with the 2022 regulations has been presented at several races this year. The new rules are designed to help cars follow more closely.

“We have so much downforce in these cars that it’s even worse to follow than it perhaps was in the past,” said Hamilton. “But even back in the day, it was still just as hard even in Michael [Schumacher]’s days.

“We’re moving hopefully in a better direction for how they’ve changed the rules for next year. And I think we probably we need more mechanical grip from the tyres in future. That’s something that we’ve all been asking for a long time. And tyres that don’t overheat when you’re following another car. That’s about it.”

F1 is reconsidering the possibility of introducing reverse grid sprint races next year but Hamilton is doubtful about the proposal.

“I have not really thought about it,” he said. “I don’t really know what the point of it would be. It doesn’t have an effect necessarily on the actual reason we’re there.

“But I think what’s important is for us to be open-minded. We’ve definitely got to try and do something different for some of these tracks where there is no overtaking. I know as a fan and as a driver it’s not fun to not have any overtaking.”

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2021 Italian Grand Prix

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13 comments on “‘Hopefully Ross’s car delivers’ says Hamilton after sprint qualifying procession”

  1. Only a few months ago FIA released a statement about The Sprint: “great feedback from everyone”
    and now just after 2 sprints: “I agree with the fans, there hasn’t been much overtaking in the two [sprint] races that we’ve had,”

  2. Biskit Boy (@sean-p-newmanlive-co-uk)
    12th September 2021, 9:14

    I’ve been severely underwhelmed by the sprint races so far. In fact the the result of a spin or collision just leaves me
    feeling sorry for the driver involved, losing there hard earned and rightful place on the grid.

    Plus I work Fridays and can’t watch qualifying live, which is much more entertaining than the sprint race and so is working for that matter!.

    We hear that those at the track say it enlivens the weekend, but I think this could be achieved in better ways and the sprint race just a cynical way of creating more TV time.

  3. This is apparently all done to aid promotors in boosting revenue. So, you want more people at the track over the weekend without nullifying the grand prix… which IMO sprint races are actually contributing to bad races. Both qualis we’ve had fast cars out of position which they have been able to gain back during the sprint rather than starting the main GP from where they qualified.
    Have FP1 then sprint Friday afternoon based on the previous races results. For Sat morning, quali for race in pm. Main race Sunday as is. That way you get more weekend sales as people will want to be there Friday meaning they will engage more over the weekend as more people will be there then for Saturday also. It also means the sprint is an addition to the weekend that doesn’t detract from the main gp and any anomalies quali throws up. Bar Gastly crash n LH losing a couple places Monza Sprint was a snooze fest.

  4. I’m enjoying this new format. Huge time saver!

    No need to watch fake Friday qualifying. And no desire to watch the processional qualifying race.

    Pretty soon could be little desire to watch the red flag special Sunday races. Good work Liberty!

  5. The lack of action in the second running of F1’s much-hyped sprint qualifying event prompted criticism.

    Which will be completely moot if the GP is no better…

    The problem is not the format and it is not the circuit. It is the cars.
    They can’t race well anywhere.

  6. They won’t.

    Directed by Robert B. Weide.

    1. narrator: they wont

  7. Hamilton finding out that when you are not starting from the front row you actually have to do some racing :-)

  8. Yes the sprints have been underwhelming but they have been on courses where overtaking isn’t really possible so they would be.

    However the sprint was infinitely better than the embarrassing scenes in friday qualifying that went unpunished

  9. Can we please get off this whole “overtaking is entertaining/exciting ” thing for once and for all.

    What is great is racing, where drivers actually race each other, one attacking, trying to find an edge to get past, one defending. I’ve seen some amazing races over the years where the lead drivers were hounded right throughout the race, and if they lost position, had to work like hell to regain it.

    Overtaking should not be “easy”, it should take skill and patience and the current crop of cars, combined with completely unsuitable tyres make that impossible other than the push button drs passes.

    Hopefully the new design rules for next year and beyond will give us a return to proper racing where drivers can indeed stay close and pressure the car in front.

    Please Liberty, stop trying to make fake excitement with gimmick races – please wait and see whether next years cars do in fact make the difference they were designed for and we won’t need all this fakery. If they don’t deliver, then fix the cars and tyres, stop messing about with gimmicks.

  10. WWE motorsports. It had to happen.

    “Hit him with a chair”

  11. It’s already boring for 4 consecutive seasons Lewis. I never heard you before when you were winning totally boring races.
    But I agree, a short boring race followed by a long boring race is no solution for being boring.
    Let’s hope some mix up will shake things up.

  12. Lewis is correct. Something needs to be done.

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