Sainz pleased for McLaren despite “worst possible” result for Ferrari

2021 Italian Grand Prix

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Carlos Sainz Jnr congratulated his former team McLaren on ending their eight-year win-less streak at Monza, but admitted the result is a blow for Ferrari.

McLaren’s one-two at Monza reversed Ferrari’s lead over them in the constructors championship. Ferrari now trail McLaren by 13.5 points in their fight for third in the standings.

Sainz, who came within a second of winning the same race for McLaren last year, said he was pleased for his former colleagues.

“They were really quick right from the getaway,” said Sainz, who left the team to join Ferrari at the end of last season. “We could see they we’re going to be in the fight for the podium. They had even more pace than last year.

“Last year we had good days, but not as good as what they had this year. And the combination of great starts with great pace, I think they managed to put together a solid weekend.

“For that I congratulate them. I have a lot of appreciation and in some way I would be happy for my ex-engineers and the people that have been working there. They’ve been working very hard.

“They’ve gone through very hard moments also in that team. And it’s nice to see a historic team like McLaren winning again.”

However Sainz admitted McLaren’s gain is Ferrari’s loss. “Unfortunately, they are in the fight with us for the championship and it’s the worst possible that we could have for P3 in the championship.

“But we are still within reach. They’ve used their chances, congratulations to them and we will try and get them back in Russia.”

Sainz came sixth on Sunday, two places behind his team mate. He said he was fortunate to avoid damage in a first-lap collision with Antonio Giovinazzi which sent the Alfa Romeo driver into a barrier.

“I believe it was tyre with tyre, so I didn’t receive any damage in the car,” said Sainz. “We couldn’t measure any losses. I was lucky to get away with it because the impact was relatively heavy.

“I think Antonio didn’t see me there on the left and it was a bit of a heavy impact at this time. I’m glad it didn’t cause me any damage.”

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2021 Italian Grand Prix

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11 comments on “Sainz pleased for McLaren despite “worst possible” result for Ferrari”

  1. Jelle van der Meer (@)
    16th September 2021, 8:17

    Talking about having bad luck career wise in F1.
    * Came into F1 being team mate of Max Verstappen, got ignored and overlooked by Red Bull
    * Made a smart move to Renault but gets knocked out of his seat by Daniel leaving Red Bull
    * Joins McLaren after Alonso retires and things are looking better with McLaren on the rise.
    * With Vettel leaving Ferrari Carlos gets an offer every boys dream team only to hear around X-mas that Ferrari secret
    engine trick will not be available from 2020
    * While struggling himself with a few crashed sees his old team get a 1-2 at Ferrari home ground.

    People do say you need to create your own luck but a lucky break for Carlos seems overdue.

    1. @jelle-van-der-meer I don’t think Sainz is that unlucky. Ferrari are already improving and will always likely be fighting for podiums at least. He already has two podiums for them and is somewhat managing to keep up with their golden boy Charles, who I think is a great talent. People call Sainz “underrated” but since 2019, I’ve head nothing but praise from him. Sure, he’s not the most fortunate driver in F1, but some others have had it much, much worse. He has got a chance at a team like Ferrari and is making good use of it…I don’t see a lot of misfortune here.

      1. Agree and let’s not forget mclaren used their chance perfectly at monza, ferrari had 3 races where they were fairly competitive, silverstone which was a wild card, they were, with leclerc’s speed, 15 sec behind hamilton and verstappen, so was always gonna be hard, but monaco was a chance for even a ferrari 1-2 ruined by leclerc’s red flag, and in baku sainz didn’t perform like leclerc did.

        In my opinion mclaren took their chance to win this year and ferrari lost it.

        1. He would never be P1 in RB with Verstappen there. He had to move. Renault never had a good car since 2000s. Easy move to McLaren. Betwen McLaren and Ferari I think there’s no difference. McLaren has Lando and Ferrari Charles. Probably McLaren would be better as he was there and performing very good. But I think that all F1 fans learned to never think Ferrari as a dead horse. From his perspective Ferrari had more chances to fight for title in 22 than McLaren. I still believe that it’s true.

    2. I’d say the opposite. Beat 1 team mate his entire career and he is stil in f1.
      His clash with Gio is as much his fault as Gio’s. I don’t think being that happy for mclaren is the right image a competitor should project.

      1. I thought the penalty given to Gio was harsh.

      2. @peartree

        I’d say the opposite. Beat 1 team mate his entire career and he is stil in f1.

        He beat two, Kvyat and Norris. And had been defeated by two as well, Verstappen and Hulkenberg. He probably will finish behind Leclerc in the standings this year, so it’d make it three. Not bad at all, but not spectacular either.

    3. Learning from his fellow country man. However he has some way to catch up with Alonso’s level of “bad luck” changing teams.

      That said I do rate Carlos and think he is doing a solid job at Ferrari. Was one on the drivers that seemed to struggle least in a new team this season which bodes well for next season.

    4. You must be joking he had the car to do it in Monaco he should of took that chance. And Max or Lewis wins the racer last year instead of Gasly you make your own luck. He is a quality driver though i am not disputing that and seems on the upwards trend even now. Reminds me a little bit of Button could see him having same sort of carear.

  2. Total respect for Sainz, always polite, never out of line; a true team player. Wish he has more success in the coming years.

    1. He still is on a top team with lots of development potential. So his time will come.
      For now he should focus on a clean weekend.

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