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Vettel keeps Aston Martin seat alongside Stroll for 2022 season

2022 F1 season

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Sebastian Vettel will remain at Aston Martin for the 2022 F1 season, the team has confirmed.

The four-times world champion joined Aston Martin this year from Ferrari. He will continue alongside Lance Stroll, who arrived at the team in 2019 after it was purchased by his father Lawrence.

Vettel, who will contest his 15th full season as an F1 driver, said the new aerodynamic rules being introduced for 2022 present a “great opportunity” for Aston Martin.

“I am really looking forward to racing the new generation of Formula 1 cars, he said. “Their look is very different and the new technical regulations should give us cars that can race much more closely than recently. More exciting racing will be great for the drivers as well as for the fans.”

The team has been disappointed by the performance of its 2021 chassis and has slipped from fourth in the championship at the end of last season to seventh after the last race.

Lawrence Stroll said the team’s first season since its rebranding from Racing Point to Aston Martin had “got off to a disappointing start, owing to the regulatory changes over the winter that disadvantaged the two teams whose cars utilise a low-rake aero philosophy.

“But we have made good progress over the past few months, and both Lance and Sebastian have delivered some excellent performances. They have had more than their fair share of bad luck, but in 2022 we are delighted to be continuing with such an excellent blend of youthful talent and experienced expertise.”

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2022 F1 season

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41 comments on “Vettel keeps Aston Martin seat alongside Stroll for 2022 season”

  1. Happy for Seb, he still has a lot to offer Aston Martin.
    But the reality is this is one of the weaker driver line ups on the grid.
    And in such a tight midfield it is the difference between 7th (where they are) and 5th (probably where they should be).

    Would much rather see some of the F2 or Indycar talent paired with Seb.
    But we all know why that won’t happen.

    1. When last has an Indycar driver made a switch to F1?

      We all know the reason for that.

      1. If you count champ car (they eventualy merged with Indy Car), I’m guessing Bourdais? He went from winning four champ car championships in a row (2004-2007) to being obliterated by Vettel in Toro Rosso in 2008

        1. This isn’t really fair, champ car was on its last legs and most of the good drivers had switched to indycar, which was all oval at the time.

      2. “When last has an Indycar driver made a switch to F1?”

        I agree with you on this, I don’t think Indy can produce drivers capable of being competitive in F1.
        As an example, the current Indy series leader is Palou was racing in Europe & Asia for a long time before coming to Indy, but his track record cutting his teeth against many other open wheeled drivers in those series was not too impressive and was never remotely good enough to be considered getting a seat in F1, far from it.
        I’m glad he found a home in Indy and doing very well leading the series but drivers coming out of Indy going to F1 is not realistic.

        Here’s his racing record:

    2. Aussie Rod you are right, love the hypocrisy of the F1 press not wanting to step on the toes of billionaire Stroll snr, his spoiled son is guaranteed a seat for life due to ‘daddy’ part owning a F1 team just so he can race..this is why there is never an article questioning Stroll jnrs seat for next season…

      Its frustrating that pushy parent nepotism is costing this team points as stroll jnr who gets newer parts and has the pest engineers compared to seb is still the slower inferior less talented driver. With an actual talent behind the wheel next to Seb and not one that has had €100+ million spent on grooming him into Motorsport the team would be chasing for podiums..
      I guess this will never happen as Stroll snr and his ego plus judgement clouded by biased nepotism would never allow this to happen.

      1. You can argue all you want about nepotism and your hate for rich people (F1 is capitalism with a capital C by the way), but Stroll isn’t driving worse than half the field, and Stroll sr. is doing everything he can to make this a championship winning team, including hiring a 4 times world champion teammate for his son. I see no problem with what the Strolls are doing, it is better than what the rich corporations like Mercedes and Red Bull are doing.

        1. Hamilton, Bottas, Verstappen, Perez, Russell, Alonso, Leclerc, Sainz, Norris, Ricciardo, Vettel, Gasly, Ocon. Just a list of drivers who are better than Stroll Jr. Only drivers in F1 that are definitely worse than him are Mazepin, Mick (has a higher ceiling most likely), Tsunoda and Raikkonen. That’s not “half the grid” as you are trying to portray.

          1. Perez is being demolished by verstappen worse than stroll by vettel, just saying. I believe there’s 10 worse drivers than stroll, he’s in the mid.

      2. Is someone like Damon Hill or Max Verstappen much different? Their parents were wealthy enough to support them and had all the right contacts – which many outsiders lack – to enter racing and Formula 1. Stroll might not be at their level, especially Max’s, virtually nobody is, but I agree with kpcart that he matches a lot of the grid and is a lot better than some.

        1. I really don’t think there was much family money for Hill.

          1. I really don’t know. Maybe I should have picked someone like Mick Schumacher instead. I just mean there are drivers who have insider advantages others lack. And I also see Stroll as more worthy of a place on the grid than some drivers who are currently driving only because of the sponsorship money they bring in.

        2. The verstappens had no family money.
          It was the investment of his dad’s earned money in f1 ( not one of the high salary drivers) that made his career possible.
          So not a really strong example.

      3. I’d take Stroll over Vettel these days though

    3. I do not believe in your assessment. Vettel is a proven champion top tier driver, and Stroll has earned his keep very well growing up in F1, his progress remove NDS me of Felipe Massa. Thus is a string driver pairing whichbyou will see if the car can perform too 3-4. Good luck to Aston in 2022.

      1. Typing on phone, sorry all bad auto correct. I meant they are a strong driver pairing if they have a top 3-4 car.

    4. Fully agree, you can’t have 2 subpar drivers in one team. That just blurs the development of the car and you’ll end up not knowing where you are going.

  2. Great to keep Seb on the grid. Hope he drops the BWT sponsor deal for his helmet designs though.

    1. +1

      Also drop his old mental baggage stockholm syndrome and whatever else is loading. Get a new mental coach.

      1. What? Armchair psychologist. Vettel has been very happy driving this year, as happy as in championship years.

        1. I see your point about Seb being happy. It sure beats being unhappy especially in terms of results in F1. Perhaps, he may be a little too happy:)

          I also feel a good coach/ mentor is a good idea for any F1 driver, even Seb.

        2. Since being booed Vettel is desparate to be liked and will take on any popular cause on social media and will even pick garbage in UK just to be liked by the British crowd. His confidence has obviously taken a massive hit from this, excarbated by the soul-destroying spin in Germany 2018, and the consequent fall has been obvious for all to see.

          He needs to shake it all off and give it the finger.

      2. I don’t think it would help, having kids is very bad for a driving career. Still think it’s the right decision because for most people raising a family will be much more fulfilling than driving a car fast but every kid has to count for a tenth or so

    2. “Hope he drops the BWT sponsor deal for his helmet design”


      Why do you hope he drops BWT?

      It’s a good company with a good cause and has been helping autosport racing a lot; not just F1.

      1. @redpill indeed!

  3. The only logical decision. Anything else will be ridiculed.

  4. It seems clear Aston Martin already stopped developing this year’s chassis very early. Where Mercedes was able to overcome the new aero problems, AM stood still.
    So next years car will be a big step and they need that.
    Interesting to see if there is a lot “inspired” by the 2022 merc design.
    For seb a good opportunity to end his career with a podium if AM delivers.

    1. Well yeah but it’s much easier to develop your own car so you’d expect Mercedes to do a better job. Aston Martin will be nowhere next year as they won’t have anything to copy.

      1. I think that’s a bit harsh. This team’s engineers overperformed for years given their budget. They won’t have forgotten how to develop a car because one of their bigwigs made a decision to copy another philosophy.

        1. And it seems toto during meetings ith stroll, sometimes forgets the map with design drawings.

      2. Aston Martin knew this already, before covid they knew that their decision to copy Mercedes might backfire, but their decision worked only the covid pushed the regulations back, and with the huge setback they got with the current rules favouring high ground clearance. They will recover

  5. Vettel is not as good as one would expect a quadruple world champion to be and Ferrari was right not to renew his contract.

    But give him a well-balanced and stable car and he’s the quickest guy out there. Therefore I hope Aston Martin can provide him with that. We’ve already seen glimpes of the virtuoso he can be this year, so that’s promising.

    1. Is the increased ground effect going to help Vettel? I’m just guessing but more mechanical grip could fit his driving style more, wouldn’t it?

  6. Effectively a given.

  7. Its a pity since he doesnt add anything for the spectators. For me personally he overstayed already 6 years. From team perspective I can somewhat understand given all changes in 2022. Feeling very sorry for the young talent though since there aren’t that many seats.

    1. Who? Seb or Lance?

      1. Ha-ha:)

  8. Shouldn’t it be the other way around (with driver names swapped?). Not that one’s having the best of times ever since approx 2018., but at least he had them.

  9. It’s great for Aston Martin, Alpine, and Alfa Romeo to have World Champions in their lineup. Oddly both Alpine and Aston Martin have gone backwards and that might have to do with car development efforts being focused on next year’s changes.

    The last time a driver joined a midfield team was Schumacher at Mercedes followed by Lewis and we all know how that went. You definitely want to surround yourself with the best talent and that, of course, always includes drivers.

    1. Would be so funny if next year is vettel and Alonso winning 90% of the races without wrecking each other out

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