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Haas confirm second season for Mazepin and Schumacher in 2022

2022 F1 season

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Haas have announced an unchanged driver line-up for the 2022 F1 season, retaining the two rookies which joined the team this year.

The team has confirmed a second season for Nikita Mazepin on the eve of the Russian driver’s home race. Mazepin’s father runs the Uralkali company which joined Haas as its title sponsor this season.

Mazepin will remain alongside Ferrari-backed team mate Mick Schumacher. Relations between the pair have been strained following a series of near-misses on-track, notably at Baku and Zandvoort. The duo tangled collided during the last round at Monza.

Team principal Guenther Steiner said he valued consistency in their line-up after replacing both drivers 12 months ago.

“We knew we wanted continuity behind the wheel in 2022 and I’m happy to confirm exactly that with Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin competing for Uralkali Haas F1 Team next year,” said Steiner.

Haas has consistently been the slowest team on the grid this year and failed to score a point over the 14 races so far. But Steiner said his drivers have benefitted from “the opportunity to learn Formula 1.”

“It’s been a tough season for sure with the package we’ve had,” he admitted, “but at the same time they’ve both embraced the challenge and worked closely with the team to learn our processes and adapt to the rigors of a Formula 1 campaign and all that brings – both internally and externally.

“Now as we look ahead to the 2022 season, we’re confident we can move forward as a team and give Mick and Nikita a competitive race package to make the next step in their Formula 1 careers.”

Schumacher expects the team will be able to compete for points finish with its new car built to drastically different technical regulations next year.

“The first year together with Haas F1 is very exciting and instructive and I’m sure I can bring all the experience I’ve gained into the coming year,” said Schumacher. “New technical regulations, the impressive ambition of the entire Haas F1 team and the support of Ferrari – of course I believe this will bring us closer to the field in the 2022 season and we will be able to fight for points.”

Mazepin said he is “very excited for next year, the new car and simply just to get the opportunity with Haas F1 Team and grow together with them.”

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2022 F1 season

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25 comments on “Haas confirm second season for Mazepin and Schumacher in 2022”

  1. Quelle surprise!

    No, seriously, I figured Gene would have sold the team by now. (And maybe he has?)

    1. I had expected the same, but if Mazepin sr. controlled the team, you’d have expected Schumacher would’ve been forced out.

    2. No he has not. Gene Haas was even in the Haas department in Maranello last week to see the progress on the new car.

  2. So Haas without rookies next year
    New car, new engine.

  3. Usually with double renewals there’s a quote about how they ‘both work so well together and the team’.

    Anyway, if we need reasons I guess continuity will have to do.

  4. Money talks etc.

    1. It’s rare these days to have both drivers fall under that category these days though. Historically, not so odd for backmarkers with struggling financials, of course.

    2. Now all you need is the guy who manages you as a driver to own the top team and you will make it to the very top. And fail

      Money has always talked, stop this weird modern narrative that it’s only started happening recently

  5. Clear cut for a while, effectively since they joined. At least I never doubted.

  6. Mick is super happy to be teamate of his best friend again 😁

    1. Mick is probably very conscious of where his rival Ferrari juniors have ended up or are threatening to end up, and will enjoy even a crappy F1 seat over their fate.

  7. Mick has time on his side. Ferrari would be happy to carry his name alongside Leclerc in a not-so-distant future. But he did not enough to earn a promotion to Alfa Romeo. It’s a warning for him to up his game.
    And surely no one is mentioning him as the next Leclerc.

  8. Shame Mick didn’t get the Alfa seat

    1. Yes and disappointing as well. I tend to see this as a indication Mick might not be what we’ve hoped. Not sure whether thats fair but the steeper learning curve seen at others that did become champion, would bring them forwards after their first year.

      1. He could be a ralf schumacher instead of michael, we’ll see when he gets a better car.

  9. Mick Schumacher has, historically, taken a season to find his feet, then in his second season he operates at a much higher level and i expect to see the same next year. This may be complicated by the introduction of a new car, but as far as learning how to set a car up goes, he’s getting better and i suspect that Mazepin’s side of the garage is utilising micks set up to coach Mazepin.

    Next year will be telling for both. if Mick ups his game as he has in both F3 and F2, expect him to be over driving the capability of the car much like Russell has done at Williams which will seal him a seat at Alfa Romeo or be a shoe in for another season before Bottas makes way, or Sainz, depending on how good he gets. If Mazepin continues to improve at the rate he has done, he might actually be an OK driver but I doubt it. He has never sparkled in the way that Stroll did in the lower order series and has ground out whatever he has achieved through continual racing so at the peak of his powers, has only ever been better than mediocre opponents. There will come a point where even his father will have to question how good his sponsorship is if he tanks in comparison to Schumacher, or a rookie comes in and trounces him. It will look bad if he remains uncompetitive against a talented teammate

  10. Guess Haas really needs Maze-spins money…Sad!

    1. Just run past me again the history of Force India and Sergio Perez…

  11. I wonder if this now means that Alfa have possibly confirmed their driver line up as well. Its no secret that Mazepin and Schumacher don’t see eye to eye so it wouldn’t be surprising if Mick was also in contention for the Alfa Romeo seat as that may have been a good option for team and driver (ferrari driver academy, brings sponsors, famous surname)

  12. Mickita Mazecher. What a massacre, or should I say, ma-haas-acre.

    1. You get a few points for effort, however with the time penalty enforced for wasting people’s lives you fell out of the points scoring places

    2. i agree with Jeff

  13. Haha, look at that photo! God, they hate each other.

  14. Yep, and then the same livery kept next year. Designed for failure, by the way.

  15. I have to admit, I didnt think much of Mazepin. However, I was really surprised upon hearing him on Beyond The Grid. He came across as an articulate, intelligent and insightful character with a strong personality, which I was not expecting.

    I guess it doesnt help when you have a difficult start to your F1 career, while the media and everyone hates you equally.

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