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Verstappen rubbishes claim he’s under pressure and attacks ‘hypocrisy’ over Hamilton crash

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Max Verstappen gave short shrift to questions over his reaction to his collision with Lewis Hamilton at Monza and his rival’s suggestion he is feeling the pressure of the title fight.

Following the collision between the pair which put both out of the Italian Grand Prix, Hamilton said he was “surprised” Verstappen walked away without checking whether his rival had suffered any injuries when the Red Bull landed on top of his car.

Verstappen, who accused Hamilton of “disrespectful” behaviour at Silverstone for celebrating a victory after the Red Bull driver was taken to hospital for precautionary checks following another collision between the pair, said “there are a lot of hypocrites in the world” when his rival’s reaction was put to him.

Verstappen said it was obvious Hamilton had not been hurt in the collision. “I jumped out of the car, I looked to the left and he’s of course still trying to reverse, checking the wheel, trying to get away under my car.

“So I think he was absolutely fine because also flying on Monday or Tuesday to America to attend a gala, I think you only do that if you feel fine. I think already there everything was all under control.”

Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko also doubted whether Hamilton had been injured in the collision. Hamilton said he was in discomfort after the crash which his physiotherapist Angela Cullen worked on over the following days.

“It’s natural when a car lands on your head that you’re going to have some sort of discomfort,” said Hamlton. “As I said, I definitely felt a bit of something after the race.

“I said I was going get it checked out, I worked with Angela straight after the race and in the flight and had check-ups the next day. Then we just worked on it through the week with acupuncture and everything. In a millisecond anything can happen and so I did feel grateful to come out of it not badly injured.”

Verstappen, who was given a three-place grid penalty for the latest collision between the pair, responded sarcastically to Hamilton’s suggestion that the incident showed the Red Bull driver is feeling under pressure in his first chance to win a world championship.

“I’m so nervous I can barely sleep,” said Verstappen. “It’s so horrible to fight for a title. I really hate it.”

He said Hamilton’s comments show the Mercedes driver doesn’t know him. “If someone knows me I’m very relaxed about all those things and I really can’t be bothered. I’m very chilled.

“It’s the best feeling ever to have a car, a great car, where you go into every weekend and you can fight for a win. It doesn’t matter if you’re just leading a championship or not.

“I think those comments it just shows you that he really doesn’t know me. Which is fine, I also don’t need to know him, how he is fully. I just focus on myself and I really enjoy it out there in the front and hopefully of course we can do that for a very long time.”

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2021 Russian Grand Prix

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103 comments on “Verstappen rubbishes claim he’s under pressure and attacks ‘hypocrisy’ over Hamilton crash”

  1. So definitely going to crash into Hamilton this weekend, as ahead in the points. Right ?

    1. Yes, can keep crashing and get grid penalties, can even wait to get lapped, crash, stop and go penalty, np!

    2. As stated before, all the off track antics and mind games are lost on him. And he is just getting started being of similar age when Lewis entered F1. New era, new more authentic drivers.

  2. Well, I guess one can read that as feeling under pressure to explain himself; not really sure that ‘going to a festival the next day, so he must be fine’ is the same as ‘no did not bother to ask him if he was fine as I just walked past him’ (yes I know, one can easily argue getting out of way of car trying to reverse from under your car might be the safe and sensible thing to do, but that’s now what Verstappen argues here is it), while also again feeding the lie that HAM was partying on Silverstone podium while VER was in hospital (a checkup that Merc, HAM had been told before that checked out fine).

    I am sorry, I know there are a lot of fans here, but while he is a great driver, I do not care for the way Verstappen chooses to come across in the media.

    1. well at least he is not playing the drama queen, and is honest about it. No fan of him either but Hamilton is always bending his words. Should go into politics when he retires.

      1. Already is in politics!

      2. Hear hear. And it further dilutes his wins … on top off the car dominance already having done that. Lewis is mentally not as strong as people give him credit for. He needs a lot off trickery and shady antics to get ahead.

    2. Wait, he should have walked to the car while the pebbles were spraying around?
      Just to make sure Lewis was alright? While even the medical car just drove by?

      I am sorry, I know there are a lot of fans here, but I do not care for the hypocrisy some of them portray.

      1. @bart agree 100%. I don’t know what else He should have done to satisfy some people. Call the ambulance? Please, for God’s sake, the guy was stepping mad on the gas trying to get the car out from underneath the Red Bull.

    3. You do now the medical car passed the scene during Lewis escape attempts and did not bother to stop.
      But probably you are way better equipped to make those calls :)

    4. while also again feeding the lie that HAM was partying on Silverstone podium while VER was in hospital

      Did he? @bosyber
      Or did the authors of this article just refer to an old interview? (probably to keep the clicks coming and the controversy alive)

    5. He doesn’t like the Media so i think in his eyes it’s a winwin if they stop bothering him with repeat questions.

  3. Max doesn’t like to play mind games so he just dishes it out, great to see that someone like that after Kimi.

    1. Isnt that playing?

  4. If they keep crashing out, then who do you think will win the championship this year? Bottas or Norris?

    1. @cdfemke The FIA could disqualify the other 19 drivers from the championship and Bottas would still find a way to lose.

      1. @mashiat gets my nomination for COTD

      2. Yes! Robert Kubica 2021 WDC!

    2. @cdfemke – I would love to see Norris in with a shout of WDC! If these two keep taking each other out, and Lando keeps up his consistency, it could happen!

      1. Get real, it’s absurd how much Verstappen is in front of third in the championship with his insane amount of DNF’s this season

        1. And three of those dnfs are Mercedes inflicted.

  5. Of course Verstappen’s under pressure to win the championship. That’s normal for any competitor in any sport. It’s how he handles the pressure that matters. If he tries to crash into Hamilton again that will reveal how he’s managing the pressure.

    1. John Clearwater
      23rd September 2021, 15:28

      Verstappen has always been a reckless driver, think back to his clashes with Ricciardo. Can put the blame fairly on the shoulders of Helmut Marko and Jos Verstappen, both of whom enabled and encouraged him, at the expense of others.

      1. Oh that day where I thought Max would be sacked? That could SERIOUSLY have happened.

        1. You are afraid of competition and only hoped that would have happened.
          Sore losers..

      2. Such nonsense. Before Monza Max had zero penalty points. You are stuck at Max 1st and 2nd year. Please review Lewis first years. ‘Reckless’, ‘somebody’s going to get hurt’ comments all over. Even from Lauda who called him an idio.. stop going along with the shady off track antics of Lewis & Mercedes.

    2. If he tries to crash into Hamilton again

      Ah @greenflag, that IS you, Toto…

      1. Ah “@S”, that IS you, Christian

        1. You don’t read many of my comments, do you, @deanr
          I don’t like either team or driver.

  6. Max is starting to show that Ham and the media is getting to him. I reckon his best option is definitely to not take the bait.

    1. He says he’s enjoying finally having a car that can fight for the win every race. I don’t see how that could be warped to ‘getting to him’ or ‘taking the bait’…

  7. A title fight brings out a lot in a driver – not all of it good.

    Max is a phenomenal talent, there’s no doubting it, but he is begining to show he isn’t the nicest character. It’s a shame, I was genuinely rooting for him to break the Mercedes cycle at the start of the year, now i’m quite happy for Lewis to pass Michael.

    At the same time though, is it surprising? Look at the people around him – Horner, Marko and his dad all have some pretty seerious negative qualities about them… it’s bound to rub off eventually.

    1. If it’s me though, I like Max more these days than his earlier career. He was a bit petulant and not self reflecting back then. He really matured.

      Monza crash was avoidable, but so was Silverstone. Max argument was sound, he doesn’t need to pay too much attention outside from his team. He has the chance this year and it’s best to focus on your own. He should not and could not care less

      Both Mercedes and Red Bull camps have selective memories so there would be no end to moan around.

    2. Look at the people around him – Horner, Marko and his dad all have some pretty seerious negative qualities about them…

      Birds of a feather flock together

    3. Who cares if he is nice or not? His job is to win races and championships, and right now he is doing that better than anyone else.

      1. Max is seeing that when you fight Hamilton, you are not fighting only against him, but against (part of) British journalism who will do everything possible to destroy him, as they tried before with others. So far, he’s playing well.

      2. Exactly, Schumacher, Alonso, Vettel and Rosberg didn’t bother having a ‘nice character’ when they fought for championships
        One could argue Rosberg wouldn’t be a world champion if he had bothered ‘playing nice’ with Lewis

  8. Well said by Max, and consistent. He was asked about pressure at the start of the season when it was initially looking like RBR were going to be very competitive, and he similarly said that it is always better to have the car and to be able to fight for wins and so if anything he felt less pressure. He’s coming from a space of gratitude for finally having the car, and it’s not even a dominant car at that.

    Oh of course it is hard to imagine him not feeling extra pressure especially if this battle comes down to the last race, but he is obviously stoked and up for it.

    1. My favorite shill. Thanks for taking me into the mind of Verstappen.

      1. @darryn Your favourite? Awe shucks…thanks. And…you’re welcome.

  9. Lewis is feeling the pressure. Why would he otherwise make these comments to deflect his own feelings on Max?

    Lewis made the majority of the mistakes this year.
    Do people forget so quickly how Max took the championship lead in Zandvoort with all the expectations from the crowd?

    1. The fastest car by nearly a second a lap also helped

      1. Ben, stop trying to bring facts to a discussion with Verstappen zealots, they will argue Mercedes had some magic pixie dust that guaranteed them a race win but Max is just such a great driver that he managed to overcome it.

      2. In the same way that Merc was 3seconds per lap quicker in Monza then?

      3. Weird how only one Red Bull car was the fastest car and the second one was actually behind the Mercedes

    2. @trib4udi It does seem that way to me too. No sooner did RBR confirm their pre-season testing pace at the first race, even the first qualifying, and LH said it was ‘no secret’ the floor changes were meant to favour high rake cars. Then it was about RBR’s flexy wing, then tire pressures, then an engine upgrade, then too-fast pit stops. Now it’s about pressure. LH plays the media game and uses deflection when the chips are down. Just as he did in 2016. Then of course Max gets thrown at him by the media these things LH has said and has to respond.

      I’d say as much as LH claims to have the experience now, that doesn’t mean there is no pressure for him, for he is the one going for his 8th title and who knows if he’ll have another chance, and he is the reigning Champ with the 7 year dominant car trying not to get knocked off the block. If Max wins this season he and RBR will have been the underdogs taking on the dynasty. A dynasty that has some cracks showing.

      1. Seidl-We went to the FIA about the pit stops. Robbie-No you didn’t it was Hamilton.

    3. If he does that another 7 times, let’s talk

  10. Both are acting like children and both are hypocrites. And this extends all the way to team management

    1. Yeh… I think you’re right.

    2. You’re probably the one that has the best answer here. I completely agreed.

  11. flying on Monday or Tuesday to America to attend a gala”

    He saw all that while walking past the car?

    1. @OOliver No.

    2. It was a weird ‘fashion’ show in the US – most people who know anything about Hamilton can see it a mile away.

  12. Lewis again breaking up under pressure and trying to play mind games.
    More mistakes will follow.
    A pity to see a great driver decline this way. Embarrassing even..

    1. You mean like how Verstappen was pretending that he was “Hospitalized” and how dare Hamilton celebrate a home win when Hamilton heard that Verstappen was fine and saw him walk out of the car?

      1. His 8th home win, none the less!! Pathetic isnt it! Only 8 home GP wins?? What a dud!

        1. For me it’s 7, last one was a robbery.

    2. Yeh… lewis is a fragile, non entity. I mean come on!! What a fragile, weak guy he is winning 7 titles, 99 race wins, 101 PPs! Pathetic! I mean who does he think he is promoting F1, supporting and financing charities… what a joker! He will be lost to the mists of time and will never be remembered as the greatest of his era! 🤣

      1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
        23rd September 2021, 18:58

        @deanr you’re failing at making erikje’s point :-)

        Speaking of embarassments, where’s erikje?

        1. She’s busy hanging more photos of Max in her living room.

        2. You, particularly are probably more biased than erikje but on the hamilton camp, so don’t think you should talk about embarassment.

        3. Not taking the Hamilton shills bait :)

  13. Incredible that several armchair psychologists here can determine the mindset of Max, Lewis it any other driver based on a few lines in an interview.
    Also don’t forget that English is the second or third language for most drivers, so words have different connotations.

    1. Funny indeed. Bear in mind that Max did not start this fire; Lewis is cooking up the ‘pressure getting to Max’ thing and Max is just responding to it. Moreover it does not seem like Max changed anything in his approach, unlike Lewis.

      Max is suddenly having a fully competitive car and enjoying every bit of it while Lewis suddenly finds himself challenged harder than the previous 4 years, maybe even harder than Nico did. So who really is feeling the pressure here?

    2. From some of these quotes I’d think the pressure is getting to Verstappen, but when I see the actual interviews, he is cool and collected, more so than in past seasons actually.

  14. Typical F1 media, especially the British. First someone asked Verstappen if he will continue to crash, and then Hamilton fan Kalinauckas (Autosport) dutifully picked up on Hamilton’s mind game ploy from his press conference of how the pressure fighting for a first F1 title must be affecting him and how that was on show in the Monza crash, and asked him for a response.

    For Hamilton the questions were the opposite, if he thought Verstappen should have gotten a penalty from the L1 T1 push-off at Monza etc.

    It’s a bit embarrassing when journalists acts as supporters and help in the fight, which can border on bullying as we saw with Rosberg, so maybe there really should be some Dutch journalist do the same for Verstappen and ask Hamilton the awkward questions to rile him up.

    1. How much of the world speaks Dutch? How many large F1 and sports media companies do the Dutch have? Its unfortunate but It comes down to this.
      I do love you though Balue. You bring neutral, insightful commentary to this sight and I thank you for it. God bless you!

      1. If all parts of the world that don’t speak English don’t count for you, I’d say there’s not so much left of your favourite man’s victories and ‘world’ titles.
        Look, I get why English is the general language in the paddock. But the entitlement some people take from that, while F1 travels and attracts fans worldwide, is really weird and short sighted.

      2. @deanr Your obsession with me is unbecoming

        1. Awww come on Balue! We are all friends here x

          1. Luta a candle, maybe that works 🕯

  15. Max has been under pressure since he was a little kid. Fighting for championships in karting for years against more “experienced” drivers. Same in F3, and then in F1.. always the young talent trying to disrupt the more established drivers… And he is in his 7th F1 season so plenty of experience even in F1. The guy is as cool and collected as they come when it come to racing. The media train seems to be more challenging.. but then.. that DOES NOT get you a title anyway so …

    1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      23rd September 2021, 19:01

      @w0o0dy Max is stronger than Wood!

  16. Max anwers shows that he is a short-sighted man not looking at what is happening around him. He only talks about himself and how he enjoys driving a fast car. Lewis Hamilton on the other side has a far broader way of looking at his collegues and racing in general. He is a more intelligent man and it shows in the way he drives his car. To me its obvious who will win this championship

    1. Yeah, I think it’s Max too, agreed.

      1. Kek, exactly. Verstappen is focusing on driving while Lewis is distracted by 100s of other things

  17. RandomMallard (@)
    23rd September 2021, 18:35

    I’m slightly disappointed in just how publicly polarised this title fight has become from both sides. By that I not only mean everything said by the drivers and teams, but by fans online as well, obviously culminating in the horrific racist abuse after Silverstone, but with other flash points as well. This is something I don’t think we’ve really seen before, mainly because of just how much F1’s online presence has grown under Liberty, and this is obviously a major downside of such a growth.

    It’s a shame, because it was generally alright until around France or Silverstone, and then since then it has been really, really polarised. It is almost impossible to look anywhere with public interaction (social media, websites, etc.) and find a reasonable comment section (by that I mean not just one or two outliers, but an abundance of polarised toxicity). It might not always seem like it, but this site is on the more sane and civil end of the scale, but despite that there are points where it just gets embarrassing, and I include myself in some of these times. Looking back (with the benefit of hindsight and calmer emotions) on comments I said particularly after Silverstone, but also Monza, I am slightly ashamed of some of the things I said that were more often than not just to fuel a fire more than make a point or give some information.

    In the future, I hope that everyone, including myself, can be a little more calm when it comes to comments. There is a fine line between passion and toxicity, one which I have crossed a few times this season, and I wish that everyone could just read over their comment again before they post it, and check if it is really necessary/valid, or just making a point to fuel the fire.

    1. +1
      Completely agree with your analysis. But then again, all these emotions running wild is proof this season will go into the books like the Senna-Prost years. If they would have had social media in those years I bet you would have seen the same online emotions running wild as today. What a season, may the best man win!

      1. The problem is there’s not been balanced luck this year. If it balances out, then it could be a senna-prost, but as it is it’s gonna go down as a 2016.

    2. culminating in the horrific racist abuse after Silverstone

      Fools always find a way to embarrass people.

  18. Not a fan of Max or Lewis particularly, but I’m so happy that we finally have a proper rivalry between two top drivers in equal cars. This season will be talked about for years to come.

    1. Verstappen had a big championship lead which evaporated. It was going so smoothly and suddenly it’s not. Naturally, he’s rattled. If he can regroup let’s hope Max and Lewis have close, clean racing for the rest of the year.

      1. He lost the championship lead through no fault of his own, regained it in two races time by getting pole positions and race wins, increased it the next weekend, I think that regrouping is already done.

        There is no real indication that he is rattled. If anything, there is more arguments for Lewis being under pressure than otherwise.

        1. He helped lose his lead. He was partly at fault at Silverstone. In Hungary he qualified third; if he was on the front row he would have avoided the crash.

          1. Racing incident 100%.

          2. Hungary quali point is true, but I have a feeling mercedes was too strong to lose the front row lockout that quali.

  19. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    23rd September 2021, 19:02

    Things are looking good for Max especially at Sochi. Horner has been saying that the penaThey’ll run the PU and decide whether to start from the back of the rid

  20. I have to say I’m loving this. A couple of drivers with massive egos, both over elaborating themselves either being “hospitalised” or else hit by a tyre causing neck damage. It’s just ridiculous, but I have to admit to enjoying it. They’re both as bad as each other. The most fun is seeing the same names on here defending either driver, just ridiculous!

    1. Yea they should stock the interview room with metal folding chairs and folding tables.

    2. @john-h

      a tyre causing neck damage

      Not a trivial thing to happen, though. It’s the kind of injury that may seem slight but could cause long-term pain or worse. Especially with the amount of pressure but on a F1 drivers neck. I don’t think Hamilton was wrong to point out he had to go through checks and that it could have been serious.

      1. I have to be honest, look I’m a Hamilton supporter @david-br as many on here know, but really it’s a slight nudge of the head. I don’t want to belittle it, but like Max said he was at a Gala the next day acting completely normal. Seems a bit overblown to me.

        1. @john-h I know, but my point was this kind of injury may initially seem slight but cause long-term problems – I know various people who’ve suffered long-term neck injuries just from simple sports, weight-training or even pilates. Being hit by a F1 tyre would be a justified cause of concern. I didn’t get the impression Hamilton was milking it, as Max implied, he was just mentioning that they’d been duly cautious. But maybe I missed something in the way he said it.

          1. I see you already made up an explanation how Lewis lost his 2021 championship.
            Long term effects…

  21. A rather graceless response to sympathetic comment from Hamilton. Which was a rather welcome surprise given that he continues to be maligned by RBR management.

  22. Max is definitely cool-headed under pressure. I don’t think crashing into Hamilton, deliberate, semi-deliberate or accidental, was a sign of succumbing to pressure. He just applied Plan A (‘that’s my corner’) as usual. Whether it was wise is another question, which I don’t think he’ll learn except the hard way – like losing a championship with a relentlessly non-compromising approach to every contested bit of track. But who’s to say it won’t work for him this year? Perfectly possible. I do think he gets irritated by media questions, tends to sarcasm quickly, and the comments on Hamilton feel personal, still offended by Silverstone presumably.

  23. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    23rd September 2021, 21:17

    I fail to see how Max is not under more pressure than Lewis.

    It’d be great for Lewis to win the WDC and add an 8th title but ultimately you cannot win them all in life. He’s already broken just about every record there is.

    For Max, however, this is his one genuine chance to win and as we’ve seen, his hands are turning into jelly whenever he gets close to Lewis. That’s only natural – everyone who’s competed in anything knows that.
    The fact is that Max has not won any series before – this is his first series and in my opinion it makes this championship more difficult to win.

    Lewis has been in F1 for a while now and we tend to forget that he has won Formula 3 and Formula 2 before entering F1 which allowed him to compete for the WDC in his rookie year against Fernando and Kimi.

    1. @freelittlebirds I think the pressure will be more for Max, which isn’t to say he can’t handle it. However, I don’t think this is easy for Hamilton. He’s facing the current best of the new generation in cars that are, for most outsiders, rated as basically equal (so far this season). And I do think he’s made more errors than Max and has yet to put in a really outstanding performance compared to various last year. Plus Monaco was really subpar for Hamilton with no excuses (say compared to post-Covid last year). Verstappen has been far more consistent. However, the rest of the season could well prove your point since Max will be facing a championship run in for the first time and it’s set to be intense.

  24. Focus is on Lewis, of course, but remember that the McLarens have some serious pace now and, with Max taking that grid penalty, chances are that he will at some point come up alongside Lando or Danny Ric at Sochi.
    And they will not roll over for him.
    And of course Max will go into “move over or we crash” mode, and they will crash.
    And then it’s no longer about Lewis – it becomes 100% about how bad a competitor Max is.
    And the stewards will obviously come down hard on him.
    And the pressure on him will increase, so he will become more reckless and more aggressive, and the cycle continues, ad infinitum.
    Until Red Bull realise he’s actually a liability.

    1. That comment is also a joke, just by putting verstappen and liability in the same phrase, same as saying msc was a liability.

      Apart from that, verstappen purposefully took less risk this year against mclarens etc., since he’s not fighting for titles.

  25. The great thing about this championship is whoever wins, my 6 year old will be thrilled! Max was one of his first words and he’s always been a big fan of Lewis! A great championship for the neutrals!

  26. Ok… now I get it why hamilton was saying in the Sochi post-race interview that his neck was hurting. such a Cry-baby ..godddddd

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