W Series replaces Mexico race with USA double-header to conclude season

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W Series will conclude its second season with two races at the Circuit of the Americas in America, having dropped plans to hold a round in Mexico.

The championship was due to accompany Formula 1 to its two races in the USA and Mexico. However following F1’s decision to postpone the latter by a week, W Series has scrapped its plan to race at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez.

Instead the all-women series will hold two races in the same weekend in Austin, on October 23rd and 24th.

W Series CEO Catherine Bond Muir said they were “disappointed” at the decision not to race in Mexico “where support for W Series and our mission is very strong.”

“However, the changes to Formula 1’s calendar would have resulted in a standalone W Series race there, which would have been logistically impossible for us,” she explained.

Alice Powell and Jamie Chadwick will go into the final two races tied on 109 points at the top of the standings. Third-placed Emma Kimilainen, 34 points adrift, could also take the title with 50 points available in the remaining races at the Texan track.

“It will be a fitting way to end our breathless and action-packed eight-race season, and promises to be a very special weekend as we celebrate everything that W Series stands for and the giant strides we have made since launching three years ago,” said Bond Muir. “If you had told me then that we would stage two races on the same weekend at one of F1’s flagship events in just our second season, I would have pinched myself.”

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  1. Can they not reschedule to Saudi Arabia?

    1. They’d have to put male passengers in all the cars so the women could drive, not really feasible

      1. @falken I think that has recently changed.

      2. @falken This is incorrect, the law was changed in 2018 as a condition of FIA-sanctioned racing happening in KSA.

        A Saudi woman (Dania Akeel) recently won the FIA T3 world cup.

  2. Save for Austin’s ICU situation.

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