2021 Russian Grand Prix grid

2021 Russian Grand Prix

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Lando Norris leads the provisional grid for the 2021 Russian Grand Prix.

Row 11. Lando Norris 1’41.993
2. Carlos Sainz Jnr 1’42.510
Row 23. George Russell 1’42.983
4. Lewis Hamilton 1’44.050
Row 35. Daniel Ricciardo 1’44.156
6. Fernando Alonso 1’44.204
Row 47. Lance Stroll 1’44.956
Aston Martin
8. Sergio Perez 1’45.337
Red Bull
Row 59. Esteban Ocon 1’45.865
10. Sebastian Vettel 1’46.573
Aston Martin
Row 611. Pierre Gasly 1’46.641
12. Yuki Tsunoda 1’46.751
Row 713. Kimi Raikkonen 1’49.586
Alfa Romeo
14. Mick Schumacher 1’49.830
Row 815. Nikita Mazepin 1’53.764
16. Valtteri Bottas 1’44.710
Row 917. Antonio Giovinazzi 1’51.023
Alfa Romeo
18. Nicholas Latifi No time
Row 1019. Charles Leclerc No time
20. Max Verstappen No time
Red Bull


Charles Leclerc – Start at back of grid for exceeding maximum number of power unit components
Max Verstappen – Three-place penalty for causing a collision with Lewis Hamilton in the Italian Grand Prix; Start at back of grid for exceeding maximum number of power unit components
Nicholas Latifi – Start at back of grid for exceeding maximum number of power unit components
Valtteri Bottas – 15-place grid penalty for exceeding maximum number of power unit components
Antonio Giovinazzi – Five-place grid penalty for gearbox change

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30 comments on “2021 Russian Grand Prix grid”

  1. Looking forward to tomorrow, kinda hoping the track remains the same :-)

    1. Lando is the man.

  2. Mclaren, Ferrai, Williams in top 3…retro F1
    Mercedes again messed up

    1. Indeed! I’m hoping for some Alonso/Hamilton action on track.

    2. The last time these three teams were at the front of the grid was Brazil ‘04 with Barrichello, Montoya and Raikkonen.

  3. Lewis can still win. P4 isn’t necessarily bad on this circuit + slower cars ahead.
    Still, Merc dropped the ball.

    1. *lewis dropped the ball

    2. Hamilton dropped the ball

    3. @jerejj As long as he didn’t damage the car and can start P4 then I think he is still favourite for the race. Second row is a good place to start this race and I would’ve thought he could make an undercut or running long strategy work even if Lando will be quite hard to overtake on track.

      1. “Second row is a good place to start this race” Good point … go for P4 in all the races.

        1. @elchinero Not suggesting that’s always the case, but Sochi has the longest run to turn one in the calendar and it’s often said that P3 is maybe a better place to start because of the slipstream. Bottas arguably went for P3 on purpose last year by giving Verstappen a slipstream. P4 is not perfect and I’m sure pole would be better, I’m just saying it’s not as bad as it would be on most tracks.

      2. Yeah, I kind of guess he should get by Russel in the first few corners, what with Russel having somewhat tardy start phases anyway @keithcampbell, and Sainz should be doable. But if Norris gets a good getaway and drives ahead that might be a real battle. If Ricciardo gets a good start, that might make it even more interesting IMO.

        Will also be interesting to see how far up Max and Leclerc can get. Wouldn’t bet against Max beating both his teammate and Bottas tomorrow.

      3. @keithedin His rear touch was too slight for requiring a gearbox change, so a non-issue.

    4. Rather ironically it seems Lewis has effectively inherited Max’s 3 place grid penalty…

      1. You have to shout “karma”
        That’s what Lewis fans do :)

    5. Hamilton crashed into a wall, crashed into his jack man, and then spun on his hotlap. And it’s MERC dropping the ball?

  4. Crashing twice and getting beaten by your future teammate. In a Williams.

    It’s almost as if someone’s been projecting when talking about pressure.

    1. I think Lewis hitting that pitwall also messed up Bottas getting a chance – the delay meant he just did not have the time to get that second lap in to set a good time on them, much like Perez and Ocon did not get a real shot at improving for being too late on the slicks @proesterchen.

      Then again, they could all have pitted earlier, like Russel did.

    2. Lewis and pit lane entrances don’t have a good relationship, his only main concern is no lasting damage to the gearbox

      1. @rob8k The rear touch was too slight to require a change.

      2. It was his front left suspension not gearbox.

  5. If Danny Ric was also at the back of the grid instead of Max, you would’ve had same 3 teams at the front of the grid as at the back (McLaren, Ferrari, Williams).

  6. Verstappen is cracking under pressure :)

  7. I’ll be dreaming of another McLaren win tonight…

  8. I can’t believe the amount of mistakes Lewis is making this year. Very unlike him. I think he’s pushing himself past his limit

    1. It is strange, but not all of his mistakes can be attributed to pushing too hard. Today’s pit lane incident was more like a loss in concentration, or moment of carelessness, than anything to do with pushing the limit.

      1. In other words, he dropped the ball

  9. You’d think Perez can do better after so many races, but he just doesnt have the pace.

  10. Always good to see your second driver take over and deliver on days such as these RedBull. Oh, wait..

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