Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Sochi Autodrom, 2021

Hamilton becomes first driver to win 100 Formula 1 races

2021 Russian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton’s victory in the Russian Grand Prix has made him the first driver in the history of Formula 1 to score 100 victories.

He took his first win in only his sixth start after making his debut for McLaren in 2007. Since that breakthrough he has scored at least one win every year, a streak which has lasted for 15 consecutive seasons.

Only once in his career has Hamilton won just one race in a season. This was in 2013, his first year at Mercedes after leaving McLaren.

However that change of teams – the only move Hamilton has made during his career – delivered enormously in the seasons which followed. He has scored at least nine wins in each of the seasons since.

Last year Hamilton took the record for most Formula 1 victories in a career. Michael Schumacher, who took the record in 2001, had 91 wins to his name by the time he retired from F1 at the end of 2012.

He clinched his 100th win from fourth on the grid at the Sochi Autodrom. He was running behind leader Lando Norris in the closing stages when a rainstorm hit the track. While Norris stayed out on slicks, and eventually spun, Hamilton switched to intermediate tyres and claimed the victory.

“It’s taken a long time to obviously get to 100,” said Hamilton after the race. “I wasn’t even sure whether or not it would come.”

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114 comments on “Hamilton becomes first driver to win 100 Formula 1 races”

  1. Fitting for him and the context to do it in a wet race.

    1. What a way to rub it in on Lando missing out on his 1st!

  2. What a pleasure it’s been to watch all of them. Well done!!!

  3. Well done Lewis!

    Did everyone see today again how mediocre Bottas is? Reasonably fast in clean air, nowhere in racecraft.

    Starting in front of Max and Lec. Well behind them with 5 laps to go. Driving in 14th…
    The right timing to inters saved him somehow but what a team mate to have for 5 years :-)

    1. OR, HAM just extracts more. Who knows. Max in in danger of having worse team mates at this rate.

      1. Of course Lewis and Max extract more.

        It’s just that I can’t see Bottas as a better driver than the Perez-Magnussen-Hulk-tier.
        We can agree to disagree.
        Gasly I rate better.

        1. and that’s why RBR don’t take Gasly back up until there is Verstappen in the team

      2. @trib4udi Bot was super poor today but that isn’t always the case. Before Mercedes he was considered Russel-like.

    2. @trib4udi
      I think it was just impossible to overtake with Mercedes in Russia and Bottas was stuck behind cars that had same tyres as him. Bottas’ car wasn’t set up for overtaking like Verstappen’s was. Hamilton also couldn’t overtake anyone, who didn’t have significantly older tyres than him.

      1. Hamilton was up against quicker cars though. He was also stuck in a proper DRS train with the slowest car (Russel) leading the charge. Think they lost like 10s to Sainz and Norris very quickly.
        My issue with Bottas is how little of a fight he put up against Vestappen. No defending, no attempt at the ol’ switcheroo, nothing. Had Verstappen been stuck behind Bottas for half of the race, well, I doubt he would have got to 2nd in the end.

        1. Yes, he pretty much just waved Verstappen through. Be didn’t cover the inside and actually took a normal racing line into the corner. A message to Mercedes after the engine change etc? Regardless, Valterri was very poor today.

          1. Dave (@davewillisporter)
            27th September 2021, 7:33

            @hotbottoms @@trib4udi @deanr A few things with Bottas. He has been consistently better than the second RB driver apart from Daniel. This year however the Merc has lost a lot of rear downforce which pushes it towards Lewis’s ability to drive an edgier car, like Max (similar story with Redbull but that edginess is designed in!)
            He complained about understeer behind other cars today which is something Lewis spends Friday and Saturday dialling out to a greater extent so maybe when Bottas is happy with the car it still has some understeer to stabilise the rear end which is exacerbated when following other cars.
            His PU change was a result of a fault with the brand new unit he had last race. That needs to be inspected before being brought back into the pool. They were concerned that in 7th with an old PU he would be vulnerable to Max so changed it but not all elements to remain ahead of Max on the grid hence “tactical”
            What I can’t forgive though is his comment that he just didn’t see Max coming. I mean come on, it’s Max! You have him behind you which surely the team would have told him and he has a skinny wing and a fresh PU you drive with one eye on the mirrors always!

    3. @trib4udi Yes, although racecraft has never really been his strong point since 2017.

  4. Fantastic race to win your and Formula 1’s first 100th win. Superb career, congratulations to him and Mercedes (and McLaren too I guess).

  5. Congratz to Lewis. He and Mercedes have been boringly dominant at times (in seasons that became fuller and fuller, some well timed dominance there), glad it’s different this year.

  6. Congrats Champ.

  7. Long covid observer
    26th September 2021, 14:53

    I guess his long covid wore off somewhere between Saturday evening and Sunday morning then.

    1. There’s always one. Take your nonsense elsewhere.

    2. My god you must really be a pathetic loser.

  8. As an F1 fan, I appreciate being witness to this. Nice one, Lewis.

  9. tough luck for norris, he made a bad call. congrats to lewis

    1. Not Norris, but the team.
      Norris can see what is happening on track, the team can see the weather radar and neighbours taking in clothing from the drying line outside.
      The first lap they got wrong was excusable but the second was just way too much.

  10. 100th race wine and what a way to do it.

    Hamilton vs Norris, present vs future, 2nd and 1st …. and in the end it came down to came down to experiance vs maturity.

    In the end it Hamilton played the percentage and decided not to take the chance with the championship.
    Norris could only see the glory of the win, that first potential win blinding him to the facts.

    1. thank you finally someone has said it

  11. Hamilton wins his 100th , as Norris misses out on his 1st…. you could not makethis up.

    At least he got that fastest lap, and whatever points you get for 7th.

  12. Congrats Lewis, getting into Mercedes has been the best decision he made just look at the graph after 2013.

  13. Driving a dominant car for most of his career – a good portion of it with literally zero competition and an inferior teammate – and with over 20 races per season, I don’t see this record as nothing more but a stat.

    1. Yeah, well, I don’t see your comment as any more than vacuous internet fluff from some nonentity. Evens out I guess.

      1. I’d appreciate it if you offered an opinion on the subject, if you disagree with mine, rather than spewing bitterness in a childish ad hominem attack. Thank you, David.

        1. Ah so it’s OK to belittle someone’s achievements anonymously but you’re touchy about being called out for a pointlessly unmeasured attack on someone exposed to public view? Your kind of comment detracts from any meaning to Formula 1. Calling a long, intense career of talent, dedication and hard work ‘nothing more than a stat’ is just ridiculously demeaning. Sorry your can’t handle being told that.

          1. David, you keep throwing your silly little emotions into this for no reason.
            All I did was present my assessment of a statistical achievement by putting it in a wider context (the said statistical achievement). You calling it an “unmeasured attack on someone” is inaccurate and immaturely hysterical. Calm down, David. Please come down. Nobody got hurt David.
            If you disagree with my assessment then just present yours.

          2. +100 percent

            I mean where does such a ridiculous pointless statement come from?

            If you feel the need to denigrate something never before achieved with a daft statement the criticise someone for picking you up on it… well have at it I am sure your going to do well with the usual crowd on this site.

            Your ‘assessment’ is ridiculous

            The statistics are clear

          3. You’re clearly the one with the wounded pride. There is no argument. Obviously any driver racing for a top team will rack up wins due to driving for a top team – that has applied ever since Fangio! Unless you have two equally brilliant drivers in the same team, which occurs only rarely, the better driver will pile up wins. But the point is that your ‘nothing more than a stat’ is clearly intended as a general putdown of Hamilton, one that is completely unmerited. I don’t see any assessment or argument to debate.

          4. @david-br

            You have to wonder at some of the posters here lately?

            I mean however it happened when you have a canvas of 100 out of 290 odd wins across all manner of regulations and rule changes.

            You we’re not lucky – you were seriously gifted.

            Possibly the best there has been

            Regardless of stats

        2. Only childish person here is you.

        3. @amian

          You don’t win a horse race with a donkey. Did max win anything with a donkey? A good car in the hand of a master, is a golden egg. Good car in the hand of a mediocre driver is a rotten egg. Explain your silly rant about ham winning with a dominant car with examples from “miracle” driver who won consistently with a donkey? Provide one please? I ve not seen anyone in the last 30 years of watching f1! Ayrton to schumi etc they all needed a dominant car to consistently win. You being upset about being called out shows your maturity and understanding of F1. Please give credit where its due. Don’t be another schmuck

    2. Yes, zero competition like Alonso, Button, Rosberg, Bottas for example. We can only hope that Merc will one day be in a position to get hold of a Albon, Gasley or Perez. You must be disappointed that Merc have now replaced a zero competition driver with another one.

      1. Dear Ian, you have either missed or ignored the “good portion” part (referring to a good portion of the period when having a dominant car). Please read my comment carefully again and revise your statement accordingly. Thank you.

        1. Don’t hold your breath.
          You are talking to Lewis zealots. They are not interested in a measured view.

      2. Now compare the list of the drivers Prost had to beat to get 51 wins.
        The “weakest” was possibly Mansell, who most of the days would beat Alonso, Button, Rosberg, Bottas.

    3. Though I can agree with part of your cynicism towards this achievement (it’s hard to compare to Schumacher in a simple line graph), you can’t underestimate the role Lewis played and plays in developing the car and keeping the team hungry.

    4. Also: I’m afraid that a driver like Bottas would’ve dropped the ball on decisive moments much more often than Lewis. He (Lewis) doesn’t make many mistakes, makes the right calls and brings it home nearly every time he gets (or creates) the chance.

    5. @amian If you had said that for example Vettel’s wins and titles were just because of the car, the same people would of course be in total agreement. But for Hamilton, wins has of course nothing to do with being in the most dominant team in history, and anyone saying so must be attacked. That’s the level here unfortunately.

      1. @balue No, because you’ve worked in a double distortion there. First, you project an opinion that wasn’t made, always convenient. Personally I don’t think Vettel’s wins and titles were ‘just’ because of the car. He outperformed Webber and was able to maximize that particular Red Bull design with its rear downforce setup perhaps better than any other driver would have – it totally suited Vettel’s driving style. But his subsequent career exposed the limitations of that style when the car wasn’t suited. Second, you distort the response to amian’s comment: clearly Hamilton’s wins are related to Mercedes’ dominance. That’s an indisputable point of observation. However he/she also wrote ‘nothing more but a stat’, which is wrong (including grammatically), unmerited and quite deliberately belittles the driver concerned. I’m sure you know that.

        1. @david-br There’s no distortion. It was just luck of the stars that Vettel got the Red Bull car that he managed to figure out the driving style of, and it was just the luck of the stars that Hamilton went to Mercedes. If Vettel had gone there, he would be on more wins and titles than Hamilton now, who might still only have the single championship to his name. Schumacher himself might have continued at Mercedes and racked up some crazy stats by now. And they would all be stats. With the most dominant team in history, that’s what happens. It could be Alonso on 100 wins now. Maybe more.

          1. @balue ? Again, you’re ascribing views not expressed by me at least. Both Vettel (working with Newey) and Hamilton helped develop the respective cars. Your hypothesis is what, Vettel to Mercedes instead of Hamilton and alongside Rosberg? Or Vettel and Hamilton at Mercedes? I think Vettel and Rosberg would have been evenly matched, equal championships maybe, with Rosberg not retiring, or (second case) Hamilton beats Vettel every year, probably. Schumacher, sorry, don’t see it. He was fading. Alonso, total agreement. But it’s a what if and doesn’t detract from Hamilton actually achieving 100.

          2. @david-br Hamilton did little if nothing to develop the car. He came to a winning car, just like at McLaren. His luck is astounding.

            I don’t understand a bit of your hypotheticals at Mercedes, but who exactly was there would not matter. It would be one of them racking up the titles and wins. Hamilton at McLaren would have had nothing. I just don’t know how you could even argue this point.

    6. @amian, I’m glad you didn’t respond Ian, Amian clearly don’t know what he or she is on about. The best drivers get the best equipment and dominate. Did you think the Schuey/Ferrari or Vet/Red Bull period of domination are only stats Amian?

      1. @t1cee Refreshing to hear a Hamilton fan saying that all those years at McLaren being beaten was because Button and Vettel were just better.

    7. He didn’t have a dominant car in 2008 or 2018 but still took both titles.

      All the great drivers have invariably driven for the top teams with the best cars as the top teams want the best drivers.

      Can you name a driver who could be considered an all-time great who hasn’t driven for a top team?

    8. Sincerely, I would still consider 51 Prost wins as a harder achievement.
      HAM is good but he’s been racing against nobody.
      Just make a mental list of the people Prost had to beat for those 51 wins.

      1. Very true.

        Not to mention how many yearly races F1 now has. Quite sure Schumacher would have won over 100 races if he’d been driving now.

        1. Well if you don’t like the number of races go for %ages. In which case Ham is third to Ascari and Fangio, with MS, Senna, Prost, Clark, Seb and the rest all behind. No? I’m sure there is some other way you can find to get your man in front, isn’t there?

        2. Agreed


          Then look at the number of regulatio and rule changes LH has succeeded in.

          It’s even more impressive

          Cannot understand what these types are arguing frankly.

          It’s crazy – or an attempt to diminish it’s worth because it’s very unlikely certainly in percentage terms to be matched!

    9. Agreed it needs an asterisk beside it. It’s like comparing the current NHL season’s scoring leader’s points with today’s 82 game schedule with the stats of a player that got the most points in the 90s with their 48 game schedule. Apples and oranges.

    10. That’s unfortunate, but still… the fact remains, Lewis has won 100 races. Love him, hate him or feel indifferent towards him, you cannot ignore these huge milestones he keeps reaching. This doesn’t happen by luck and may I remind you that Lewis is the last person to win a WDC in a non WCC winning car!

      1. Whether you like or dislike Hamilton, you have to respect the accomplishment. To break double centuries in wins and poles is truly something remarkable.

        Of course, there’s a team behind that and it requires an equal amount of excellence and consistency.

        To put that in perspective, there are only 3 more centurions in terms of pole and wins:

        1. Michael Schumacher 159 – 91 Wins and 68 Poles
        2. Sebastian Vettel 110 – 53 Wins, 57 Poles
        3. Ayrton Senna 106 – 41 Wins, 65 Poles

        Hamilton has 201 – 100 Wins, 101 Poles.

        It remains to be seen if any of the new drivers will hit a single century.

    11. This is why percentage wins per races is useful to look at. Lewis is still ranked incredibly high on this metric. Long way to go to match Fangio though… any chance he’ll still be racing in 10 years time? The sad thing about great drivers is too few recognise their greatness at the time. I made that mistake with Schumacher so I shall not do it with Hamilton. Phenomenal!

    12. Dave (@davewillisporter)
      27th September 2021, 7:40

      Records are in essence nothing more than stats so whatever! Ponit is, after 15 seasons, he’s only been beaten by a team mate twice and one of those he was young dumb, sacked his Dad and listened to idiots.

    13. I agree, but nevertheless it is his achievement including his incredible luck and incredible team which handed him probably 50-60% more wins than he otherwise would have had when not in a dominance defined era.

  14. Well done Champ. Still THE Benchmark in F1. Still I RiSE.

  15. Still we rise!

      1. Scum sort of develops at a level and never really changes. Scum just sticks there, stubbornly. Sound familiar?

  16. What an achievement! And I’ve seen all of them.
    But remember: records are there to be surpassed. So, who is going to replace Hamilton in the top step?

    1. I hope F1 won’t allow the same dominance Mercedes had/has in the turbo hybrid era and I’m afraid you have to in order to equal this record.

      1. Yes, thats true. A congrats is in place but lets hope we never ever repeat this.

      2. Dominance comes from excellence in all aspects: drivers, teamwork, engineering, strategies and dedication. That’s the essence of F1 and it should always be rewarded. All teams should strive for dominance but few achieve it.

        1. Yes, Merc/Lewis got the chance and they made the best of it – credits to them.
          But that chance was created by regulations, that gave the opportunity for Mercedes to gain a huge advantage with complex technology (again: credits to them), while the competition was hampered in playing catch-up (limited testing/spending/grid penalties). I hope we won’t end up in that same situation again anytime soon.

        2. No question that Mercedes has and still has all of those aspects. They came out with the best car in 2014 and kept developing great cars.
          However, what hampered other teams to catch up were the development tokens used in the first years.

      3. Not necessarily. There’s always the slim chance that a very good driver will make team changes at the exact right time and continue to win in different machinery, a bit like Fangio. Unlikely, but possible.

  17. Didn’t we need an article for him being the first driver to get 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98 and 99 wins? Wonder if we’ll get another for 101 wins! :D

    1. 105 or 106 will be the next milestone one (if the car and driver remain competitive). 10% of all F1 races ever held.

      But I would expect an article from Keith on the total number after every win, as we need a constant reminder that Ham has never faced any strong competition nor had anything but the best car.

    2. They might be one for win 122. 100 with Mercedes. That’s 22 more.. Doable in three years the young’uns allow it. HAM will be 39 reaching 40.

  18. Like him or not, most dominant team and car or not, a great achievement nonetheless.

    Congrats Lewis.

  19. Quite a milestone. I never thought Schumacher’s record and Ferrari’s dominance would ever be beaten, but then I forgot about FIA. Maybe they’ve learned now and this will be the one never to be beaten.

      1. @jerejj FIA is the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile. It governs Formula 1. They decide the format for the sport. You should read up a little.

        Their task is to ensure fair and healthy sport, but did the opposite and gave away controlling power following scandals which led to costs spiraling out of control with crazy development freezes and a whole host of ludicrous decisions which meant that some teams could dominate unhindered for years.

      2. @jerejj FIA is the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile. It governs Formula 1. They decide the format for the sport. You should read up a little.

        Their task is to ensure fair and healthy sport, but did the opposite and gave away controlling power following scandals which led to costs spiraling out of control with ludicrous development freezes and a whole host of decisions which meant that some teams could dominate unhindered for years.

      3. FIA Used to be known as Ferrari International Assistance, but maybe you were not watching back then?

        1. Yes it was in the Mosley years when he was feuding with Dennis. How come you missed it? Were you not following?

          With timid Todt, it was the opposite. Naturally as he was from Ferrari and didn’t want to be seen as corrupt. Additionally, he was on the other side when Mosley was feuding with the teams and almost made them all quit, so he went the other way and became totally hands off, and that was a mistake.

    1. Hey look we glfound someone who knows nothing about f1. Fia banned the Mercedes qualifying mode. New aero rules designed to slow Mercedes down. Banned das. Banned the Mercedes fric system. But no you are right the fia always helped Mercedes out.

      1. Adam lee
        You should have also listed the other actions the FIA took against other teams too :

        FIA banned the EBD, the 2014 rule change was designed to slow RBR, FIA banned RBR flexi wings, FIA banned RBR pitstops procedures , 2019 Front wing rule change has taken an advantage RBR and Ferrari have with their front wing designs, FIA cut Ferrari power advantage in 2019, FIA banned Ferrari oil burn trickery in 2017 after 3 years napping on Mercedes who blew the whistle that year, FIA banned RBR trick suspension before the start of the 2017 season, FIA refused to scrap the token system for 3 seasons and killed the competition…

        1. Dave (@davewillisporter)
          27th September 2021, 7:49

          @tifoso1989 The 2014 change was in discussion before Redbull won their first championship! It was about road relevance to keep manufacturers in the sport after the exodus in 2008/2009 and was started by Max Mosely. It had absolutely nothing to do with slowing Redbull down. They weren’t fast! As for Ferrari PU restrictions, yeah, they were cheating! That’s what regs do!

          1. @davewillisporter
            You’re absolutely right, the hybrid rules draft come out first in 2007 before being finalized in 2011. That was sarcastic response to the claim that the floor rule changes were intended to halt Mercedes. They were intended to reduce the load on the tyres which were already failing badly in 2020. Only after testing teams with low rake concept like Mercedes and Aston Martin noticed that the changes have cost them more than the high rake cars.

            Ferrari was never found to be cheating to begin with. That was a real Casse-tête for the FIA and the teams who had no idea about what Ferrari were doing. They knew the end result which was a major fuel flow but didn’t have any idea how Ferrari were doing it. Even the FIA after having seized PU parts from Ferrari and Alfa Romeo to investigate the issue during the winter, didn’t have any clue about Ferrari fuel flow trick.

            The point is that if the FIA were biased towards Ferrari they could have closed the case till they have enough evidence to convict them. They did the same with Mercedes with regard to the oil burn trick which was first raised by RBR after the 2015 Canadian GP. It took them 3 season to close that loophole when Ferrari and Renault took it to the next level in 2017 and Mercedes blew the whistle.

            If they have acted with the same severity they have used with Ferrari with regard to their fuel flow trick the oil burn trickery could have been closed in 2015 but they were napping. You might argue that the settlement was a joke of a penalty, however the FIA didn’t have any choice but to get Ferrari to tell them what they were doing. Todt said in an interview to La Gazzetta Dello Sport, that he insisted personally that Ferrari will not get away with it and that was obvious since they have been lagging for 2 years in the PU department.

      2. @Adam lee I think we just found the one who knows nothing about F1..

    2. And that proves Silverstone and Monza were racing incidents!

  20. Now only WDC #8 left.

    1. I don’t mind seeing him clinch title #10. That’s a round number, then he retires.
      But don’t get me wrong, I want those titles to be hard to get, with battles that remains in the memories.

      1. Well, then he should do a do over of at least 5 of his championships as they weren’t a battle at all rather a gift

  21. Sir Lewis Hamilton! Centurion!

  22. Well done champ! Thanks for allowing us to witness this great feat

  23. Today’s victory was a great demonstration of all the ingredients bringing him the success – perfect management of the pace in the first stint, solid and hungry drive in the second, clever thinking and namely the foresightful leadership of the team when making the decision about the pitstop. I openly admit that I was quite tired by his dominance in the hybrid era, but at the same time, I can appreciate a great performance in such an open championship.

  24. Crofty’s line when Hamilton took the chequered flag was obviously rehearsed:
    “He started the day a gladiator, but now he’s a centurion!”

    He missed a better one though:
    “He started the day a knight, but now he’s a centurion!”

    How did he miss that one? He had enough time to come up with it.

    Congrats to Sir Lewis Hamilton obviously. Amazing achievement.

    1. @keithedin nice one Keith!

  25. Congrats, Lewis.

  26. I do not believe I will see this record be beaten in my lifetime. And next year, of the new rules level even more the competition, this record might be one that will never be broken. Same for the pole position numbers already held by him.

    1. Hamilton was 5 years older than Verstappen when he started his crushing dominance with Mercedes, with 21 victories already under his belt. Verstappen is only 24 and has already won 17. Give him a machinery like Hamilton got from 2014 – 2019 and he’s gonna get 150 wins.

      1. Yeap, and in terms of the youngest driver with the most wins, Verstappen is currently ahead of Hamilton when he was 24 yrs old – 2009 and 11 wins total by end of season, but remarkably Vettel was ahead of all others when he was 24 yrs old – 2011 and 21 wins total by end of season (or 19 wins after 15 rounds)!

      2. Do you perhaps still remember at what age Lewis entered F1 in comparison to Verstappen? Verstappen entered F1 6 years younger than Hamilton did at 22 years

    2. I certainly don’t hope we ever repeat this dominance streak. It has been the biggest and most meaningless bore era since F1 started. At times I was afraid they would make the series a radio controlled cars race from the pitlane. So please let Lewis keep this record. Please

  27. Great achievement and fortunate to have witnessed it, he has racked up an impressive list of firsts and to be fair he has done the hard work and has always recognised the people that helped him along the way.

  28. A flattered number, yet nothing short of appreciating such an achievement. Well done!

  29. Incredibly complicated race! What a way to hit that record!

  30. Centurion.
    Let that sink in!
    Well done.

  31. 100 wins. Nice work Lewis. And won in a typical Lewis style.

    1. @pironitheprovocateur all records are meant to be broken – whether Verstappen will break, that’s hard to tell.

  32. This is history.

  33. Easy to forget that when Vettel was winning at RBR and Hamilton getting dribs and drabs at mclaren vettel looked likely to rack up records no one would match and potentially catch Schumacher.

    Hamilton’s timing to change teams was widely derided at the time and it was perfect. I’m sure he will take the complaints from the keyboard warriors that he’s always had a great car rather than having sat through Mercedes collapse from 2013 forward with no where to go but RBR who already had Vettel and prodigies in the pipeline.

  34. Well Done Champ. Keep ahead we’re all rooting for you

  35. Dave (@davewillisporter)
    27th September 2021, 8:01

    Good graphic from @keithcollantine.

    That blip in 2005 was Mosely and his one tyre per race farce to slow Ferrari down. Without that Schumacher would have been 8 WDC, Alonso one time WDC. Maybe Shumi would have carried on past 2007 and Massa would have been cut for Kimi. Who knows!
    What you are seeing now is pure competition without puppet masters and circus ringleaders pulling strings in the background. The combination of Lewis and Merc have broken almost all records.
    Imagine if someone thought Usain Bolt was too fast and tied his shoelaces together on the 100m Olympic final?
    Redbull had caught up by the end of 2020 and Honda have caught up this year.
    Leave them to it and the competition will get closer.
    Well done Lewis!

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