Consolation from Hamilton “means a bit more” for Norris

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In the round-up: Lando Norris says he was especially grateful for Lewis Hamilton’s sympathetic words after he missed out on victory in the Russian Grand Prix.

In brief

Norris grateful for Hamilton’s consolation

Hamilton praised Norris after the McLaren driver narrowly lose victory at the last round of the championship in Sochi. Norris told ITV’s This Morning he was grateful for the sympathy from a driver he “looked up to” early in his career

“Coming from Lewis, because he was the guy I watched growing up – and he’s Lewis, a seven-time world champion – to hear what he had to say because he’s been through many scenarios, probably even worse in some cases but I guess in my way it feels worse because it’s that first win that you just want to really get…

“Many drivers said I did a good job and my time will come which I obviously head a lot of. But when it comes from someone that you looked up to or you know has been through it then it definitely means a bit more.”

Triple-headers acceptable if we have stable calendar – Steiner

Start, Albert Park, Melbourne, 2019
Information: 2022 F1 calendar
Haas team principal Guenther Steiner is prepared to accept more triple-header rounds on the 2022 F1 calendar providing the sport can stick to its schedule for the first time since 2019. The last two championships have been disrupted due to the pandemic.

“My first wish is that the pandemic goes away, not only for Formula 1 but the world,” said Steiner. That people are not dying or getting sick from Covid anymore and that we can all return to a normal life.

“The second is for Formula 1, and that we can have a stable calendar. If we have a stable calendar, even if there are some events back-to-back or triple-headers, if you know exactly what is coming you can plan a lot better than always having this uncertainty.”

Formula E viewing figures rise

Formula E reported a cumulative audience of 316 million viewers for its 2021 season, a 32% rise compared to the previous championship, which was severely curtailed due to the pandemic. It credited the increase to changes in its broadcasting arrangements in markets including the UK, USA, Germany, Italy, France, Brazil and Indonesia. Its races on the British free-to-air channels BBC2 and Channel 4 yielded its largest audiences to date in the country.

Hamilton’s foundation begins drive to recruit black teachers

Mission 44, the foundation established by Lewis Hamilton to promoting young people from under-represented backgrounds, has begun a two-year partnership with Teach First to recruit 150 black teachers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

“Our work with Teach First is another step towards addressing barriers preventing young black students’ engagement with STEM, as identified in The Hamilton Commission report,” said Hamilton.

“We know representation and role models are important across all aspects of society, but especially when it comes to supporting young people’s development. By establishing this partnership, which focuses on identifying the best way to attract black talent to STEM teaching roles, we hope to create a framework the wider education industry can implement. It’s our hope other organisations recruiting teachers will support and join us on our mission to see more diversity in the classroom.”

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Comment of the day

The creeping realisation sprint races are here to stay has disappointed many but surprised few:

All those comments I replied to at the start of the year “why don’t we give it a go” etc. Those of us with half a brain knew it was already decided, just like DRS was an experiment that could be reversed, which it never will be.

The biggest surprise for me was that this has happened with Domenicali in charge, didn’t think he was the type to weasel something in by patronising us all. Oh well.

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On this day in motorsport

  • 35 years ago today Pierluigi Martini won the Formula 3000 season finale at Jarama, then was disqualified for a technical infringement, then reinstated. But it wasn’t enough for him to keep Ivan Capelli from winning the title.

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  • 26 comments on “Consolation from Hamilton “means a bit more” for Norris”

    1. Over the years I’ve read quite a few comments saying “Hamilton should put his money where his mouth is”, well it appears he is, however I don’t expect those commenters will be praising him for doing it. Are you still here, and will you ?

      1. @hohum

        Good call. While never malicious, I was a sceptic, still am to a point, as I dont condone any race based programs (I should point out that I am, in 2021, for the lack of a better a description, Person of Colour, because it is what defines me, according to the internet anyway). Thats just my opinion.

        However, if Lewis is spending is own money in pursuit of his personal passion, I applaud him for that. Instead of complaining, he’s taking action in an effort to make a difference which is important to him. Each to their own.

      2. I’ve never said that “Hamilton should put his money where his mouth is” (I did find though that he should put his plane where he lives), but I’m a bit sceptical about this specific development.

        Uni’s and Colleges should hire the best teachers independent of the colour of their skin.
        I’m totally in favour of scholarships for the disadvantaged, and other ways to break down barriers. But please let’s not go the Instagram way and present a fake reality so the viewers/students think everything is OK.
        It might even work against them, as often happens with women in senior positions; they’ll be accused of only being in that position due to their gender/colour.

    2. Istanbul could be a good place, a dry race could end up stale otherwise.

    3. Richard Mille thanks Romain Grosjean for his tweet.

      1. Indeed @geemac. If he was one of my friends, I’d be like yes yes Romain, we all know you burnt your hand, no need to go on about it!

        1. We all seem to go on about certain things ;)
          congrats with the CotD.

      2. So that isn’t an ice pack on his wrist?

      3. My first thought was, ugh, what an ugly watch. Then I noticed the burn.

    4. Triple-headers or not, stability is what I also want, i.e., that race calendar wouldn’t alter past the previous year’s last WMSC meeting, especially during a season.

      The hand is easier to look at now than a few months back. I didn’t immediately look away anymore.

      Mercedes should take the hit for Hamilton as a precaution if they are skeptical about reliability lasting until the end.

      Coincidently, Singtel was the Singapore GP title sponsor for the first six editions.

      DRS will get removed eventually. The reason for keeping is to see how well the next car concept can follow IRL.
      Otherwise, COTD is pretty accurate.

    5. Supportive words to Norris was maybe good, but having been just cheated out of your first win, and having the eventual winner come grinning up to you can’t possibly have been nice.

      1. (I’m sure I’ll regret this)
        “cheated out of your first win” ?

      2. Norris was the one who went up to Hamilton in parc fermé after the race. And Hamilton spoke to him mid-interview precisely because he realised Norris was standing next to him in the pen for their respective press calls and didn’t want to rub it in.

      3. He was not cheated out of his first win, he lost fair and square.

      4. If by “cheated” you mean that Lando made the wrong call on tyres and shouted “No!” at the team when they asked him about going to Inters after Bottas switched, the yes he was cheated but his own mistake.

        I say this as a McLaren and Lando fan who was heartbroken but Lando has himself to blame for telling the team to shut up as they were trying to give him weather updates that would prove to be critical. McLaren should learn from this and have a system in place to override a drivers decision based on what they see on the pit wall that the driver can’t see.

    6. Look at those two brave athletes hugging it out without masks. It’s a beautiful thing to see.

    7. @hazelsouthwell

      That is actually the logical outcome. Just because you have different ideals, doesn’t mean that the outcome is different.

      And to those who don’t know what this is about, a bunch of comments have been removed.

      1. @aapje absolutely not.

        It is offensive, dismissive and ignorant to pretend you cannot understand the difference between attempts to redress an existing imbalance that disadvantages a specific group and violent colonial oppression.

        Comments that attempt to compare funding STEM teachers with apartheid will continue to be removed.

        1. Absolutely no fantasist tracts on this are going to be hosted, sorry. Please, when you get told to stop doing something, stop it.

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