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Gasly felt 2021 performances gave him “better chance” of earning Red Bull return

2021 Turkish Grand Prix

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Pierre Gasly felt his performances at AlphaTauri this year had made a strong case for him to earn a return to Red Bull.

However, the team he drove for in the first half of 2019 announced in August Sergio Perez would remain with them for a second season. Perez had been informed of his new deal several races earlier.

Gasly returned to Toro Rosso – now AlphaTauri – after losing his place at Red Bull just 12 races into his first season with the team. He said his performances this year had given him hope the team would rehire him for next season.

“I’m performing at a better level, more experienced and I felt that, based on this year, I could have deserved a better chance,” said Gasly. He took a podium finish at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, which Perez won, and has now scored 66 of AlphaTauri’s 84 points. However Red Bull opted to keep Perez and Gasly at their respective teams for 2022.

“That’s the decision,” sad Gasly. “It doesn’t stop my motivation. I’ve been in Sergio’s position.

“As part of a career perspective, my goal is to be in Red Bull and there is no surprise for that. I want to be in the car which will allow me to fight for wins and podiums, and that will always be the target because that’s what I’m working for every morning, working on myself, trying to be a better driver, win races and that’s the goal.

“They made a decision. I’m happy for them and they’re having a very successful season. I’ll keep pushing and try to get my chance in the future because that’s what I want, I want to fight for a world championship.”

Speaking alongside Perez in today’s FIA press conference, Gasly stressed his comments were not intended as a criticism of his rival.

“Nothing was related to Sergio, it’s more my case and the relationship that I have with Red Bull in my personal contract and for my future,” he said.

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2021 Turkish Grand Prix

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13 comments on “Gasly felt 2021 performances gave him “better chance” of earning Red Bull return”

  1. I think Gasly answers were all good and reasonable. Asking about this when he was arranged to sit next to Sergio is just a bit cheap.

    1. Seems to be a fairly common occurrence at press conferences these days.

  2. Having survived his spell at Red Bull is a great achievement (i.e., he’s still got a drive and is doing very well). It’ll be hard to do it twice, though. It will be better for his career to do his best at Alpha Tauri then move to another team (other than RB).

    1. Other team? there are not many other teams for him. But i think If Perez isn’t going well in 2022 i think they will be swapped.

      There are at the most 4 topteams Ferrari, Red Bull , Mercedes and McLaren and those teams have lots of new guys coming. So Alpine? that depends on his contracts and if he can afford it.

  3. I’m still unhopeful of a 2023 repromotion. I hope for another chance in the senior team, although Tsunoda’s performance next season will partly influence his situation.

  4. I very much doubt Gasly will ever get another promotion to Red Bull, but I don’t think it is necessarily imperative that he moves on from Alpha Tauri soon. He is clearly very comfortable there and has thrived this year – he is currently in the top five of my driver rankings. The Alpha Tauri is the fifth-quickest car on the grid in 2021 and the doors at Mercedes, McLaren and Ferrari are very much closed to him. Alpine is a potential destination for Gasly in the future, but Alpha Tauri are in a better place at the moment so there is no need for him to move on too soon.

    1. I agree.
      There’s a fair chance, given the chassis restrictions for next year, that the series could become quite PU dependent, and if the RBR/Honda ends up being the best one, the AT could well be right at the pointy end.
      For mine he’s better to stay doing what he’s doing with no real pressure from his team mate and see what opportunities come up in a couple of years time.

  5. Stop talking about this Gasly, unless you are asked. It is already getting quite weird now, but Red Bull should already know from experience, how to handle young drivers.

    1. You think a press conference is where the drivers go to just say things? Everything they said is in a response to a question. Maybe you should follow your own advice

    2. “Unless you are asked”?

      That’s literally what they do in press conferences: ask drivers daft questions.

      You can shrug and go “aaa dunno” like Kimi
      You can go on a potty mouth rant like Max
      Or you can do what Gasly did and provide a straightforward answer…

  6. Gasly wants to lose his job, if he gets beaten to a pulp again it is career over for him.
    If he was sly like the Sainz, he would just take advantage of the fact his rookie team mate is really slow.

  7. I think he will go back in ’23 if Perez continues being bad. Who else would they take?

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