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Other interests vital to “blow off steam” between F1 races – Hamilton

2021 Turkish Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton says his interests outside of Formula 1 help him stay at his best by giving him an opportunity to “blow off steam” between races.

The Mercedes driver’s packed professional and social calendar away from the track has been curbed by the pandemic, but he has begun attending events again recently, notably the MET Gala in New York which followed the Italian Grand Prix. Throwing himself into other projects such as fashion and music make it “relatively easy” to deal with the pressures of the championship fight, he said today.

“I have these other outlets so I’m able to blow off steam in lots of different ways,” said Hamilton. “The most important thing is always to be able to come back into the racing environment fresh, recovered, positive and not really have many worries.

“I’m able to arrive and just love doing my job. We just take one week at a time or one race at a time, just always trying to elevate.

“I’ve spent plenty of time speaking to the team about how we can advance and improve. But I’ve been doing this a long time so I’ve found ways, personally, and what works for me won’t work for everyone. I found the way that I know how I tick, what gets me on course and what can put me off course, and so I stick to them.”

With seven races to go, Hamilton has a two-point lead over Max Verstappen at the top of the standings. Having contested many championship fights in the past, Hamilton says he has to accept the pressure of the title battle will always be there.

“It’s not a case [of] ignoring it because it is there, but it’s understanding that what will be, will be. All you can do is prepare the best way you can, all you can do is give it 100 percent and what’s coming up is coming up.

“So I just don’t worry about those things. I’ve been very, very fortunate in the past, I’ve had lots of ups and downs, but had an amazing time, a lot of growth. And so I just don’t worry about ‘what if that’s up ahead?’ I just try and prepare for now. That means making sure I’ve done the work with the guys back at the factory, with Bono [race engineer Peter Bonnington] and the team.”

Enjoying the competition is also important, said Hamilton. “You’ve just got to enjoy it. What an amazing season it has been so far, it’s been super-exciting for fans, massively engaging with Netflix around the world, new people coming in. We finally see two teams neck and neck, which is amazing.

“Of course we want to win but you’ve got to learn to let that not overtake everything in your life.”

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2021 Turkish Grand Prix

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    19 comments on “Other interests vital to “blow off steam” between F1 races – Hamilton”

    1. I really like seeing Hamilton enjoy himself – giving us great on track action, and some interesting ideas and initiatives that give us an indication of who he has become by now.

    2. I can’t find any news on him speaking about BLM activists that get arrested at MET Gala. Or is he distancing himself from the cause since the group now at odds with mainstream narrative by opposing vaccine mandate?

      1. Tell me, what does this have to do with an article about Hamilton talking about his interests outside of F1?

        1. MET Gala as a part of his ‘social calendar’ is on the article and Lewis is the one who brought BLM inside of F1.

          1. Interesting, you know his social calendar…?

            1. Look at his social media and just follow your idol…

      2. Try going back a year or so, you can find why he supports the movement but not certain BLM organisations; inc the one operating in the US. I dont think he has any problem with the Salisbury Cathedral and residents one for example. Although you might.

    3. I love Hamilton the driver but just laugh at Hamilton the woke warrior. What’s wrong with the Met Gala? Let’s see. Flying from Italy to NYC for a party doesn’t seem environmentally friendly. I think tickets are in the thousands of dollars which isn’t really inclusive. Pictures from the event show the servants wearing masks whilst the elite were maskless.

    4. Hamilton’s politics I’ll listen to, like any other driver; what they do for recreation, who cares?
      Liking the hair, though.

    5. Not a GOAT behaviour (if meant as the best performing driver ever, not loads of statisitical flukes enhancing it). For the real one, Formula 1 efforts, let alone passion for motorsport, is not already over after seeing the chequered flag during a race weekend. Take a look at historical examples: Fangio, Prost, Senna, etc. and see the difference.

      1. Nell (@imabouttogoham)
        7th October 2021, 23:52

        I thought I’d entertain this seemingly dumb comment by actually indulging myself in research on what Prost, Fangio and Senna used to do outside of F1…

        This is what Senna’s website says
        “Holidays were sacrosanct: Ayrton Senna allowed himself the luxury of leaving the tracks and enjoying the sea at Angra dos Reis, a refuge he loved. He also loved playing sports. He was a sportsman that also showed great ability for running, tennis, bicycling, jet skiing, and many others.”

        I guess going by rodewulf’s criteria, he can’t be GOAT anymore.

        Michael Schumacher went skiing, played soccer and didn’t his documentary say he loved karaoke and throwing people onto swimming pools? That’s not motorsport!! I also saw some photos of Max hanging out with his girlfriend, his “step-child” and posing for his fashion brand that his sister runs. I guess he’s not GOAT-worthy anymore either.

    6. Inspirational human being.

      1. Supposed to be a response to rodewulf. Well…

    7. Lewis, your grandma called. She wants her shopping clothes back ;)

      1. Isn’t that the same outfit that little old lady wore when she whacked him with her sword?

    8. So, after ‘letting off steam’ and wearing the latest fashion clothes, he manages to look thoroughly miserable about the joy of doing his ‘thing’.

      Herr Neubauer would have never allowed such!

    9. Selecting interest as “auto racing” was the biggest mistake in Twitter as its giving me 100’s of post of people posting pics of what Lewis Hamilton is wearing. Let the guy dress whatever he wants to, why is a big deal made out of it. If I wanted fashion news I would not come to motorsports section.

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