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Chinese Grand Prix faces third absence from F1 calendar in 2022

2022 F1 season

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The Chinese Grand Prix may disappear from the Formula 1 calendar for the third year in a row, presenting an opportunity for both Imola and Paul Ricard to hold races in 2022.

RaceFans understands the organisers of the event at Shanghai International Circuit have expressed concerns they will be unable to accommodate a world championship round in April next year due to ongoing restrictions in the country arising from the pandemic.

The Covid-19 outbreak began in China at the end of 2019. The country’s round of the world championship was the first to be cancelled that year and it was also dropped from the 2021 schedule, along with several other races, due to the pandemic.

Efforts to find an alternative to China’s usual April date on the 2022 F1 calendar have been unsuccessful. The possibility of delaying the round to July was considered but dismissed as impractical.

From its first race in 2004 until 2008, the Chinese round was held towards at the end of the year. Holding the race that late in next year’s season is thought to have been ruled out due to the increased number of races on the schedule and a desire by F1 to end the championship before the FIFA football World Cup begins at the end of November.

Imola, which was in the running to replace Paul Ricard on next year’s calendar, is expected to take over the slot vacated by China. The Italian circuit returned to the F1 schedule last year and held the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix again in April.

It was believed to be in competition with Paul Ricard, home of the French Grand Prix, for a race in July next year. However with Imola’s race set to go ahead in April, Paul Ricard will remain on the calendar.

Rather than form a triple-header with the British and Austrian races, France’s round is expected to be held on July 24th, one week before the Hungarian Grand Prix, which is followed by the summer break.

Singapore’s round, which has been absent from the last two schedules due to the pandemic, is also believed to have secured a return to the calendar in its usual September slot. That means F1 is unlikely to return to Istanbul Park, scene of today’s race, next year.

Next year’s F1 calendar is expected to be presented later this week.

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15 comments on “Chinese Grand Prix faces third absence from F1 calendar in 2022”

  1. So Imola on April 24 where China was shown in that article last month. China’s case is somewhat unsurprising.
    BTW, Singapore is on October 2, forming a triple header with Russia preceding & Japan succeeding.

    1. Singapore ain’t happening. I feel like I am crazy pills with people talking about events that are so obviously not going to happen.

      1. I can 100% believe Singapore 2022 is going to happen. Singapore is rushing to open up with many *Vaccinated Travel Lanes” to other cities starting later this month. The government is pushing to relax restrictions for fully vaxxed even as cases soar into 3,000+ for past fortnight.

      2. It is a year away, and they’ll likely make the final decision around June or July as to whether or not the race will go ahead. Personally, I expect it to go through, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it was replaced by Turkey for a 2nd consecutive year.

    2. some racing fan
      11th October 2021, 5:37

      Maybe Miami on April 24 and Imola on May 8?

  2. Time to drop it off for good from F1 calender.

  3. Singapore probably would be forced do change his layout due to a construction works in the stadium section, I hope the race will happen with the same layout

    1. The works will not be finished in time for Singapore 2022 if it goes ahead so change of route will be necessary.

    2. Aussie motorsport media reported a week or two ago that it’s likely the grandstand section will be removed, so they’ll straight-line from the current turn 16 through to the current turn 19.

  4. Countries that are still having these strict covid restrictions are an absolute joke.

  5. Let’s hope it’s a permanent absence.

  6. Hope its gone forever. They don’t deserve a Race and Certainly not a driver in F1.

    After all the Evil they have done the last years..

    1. some racing fan
      11th October 2021, 5:35

      100 percent agreed about the race, but one driver isn’t representative of a whole country.

  7. Rejoice!

  8. some racing fan
    11th October 2021, 5:34

    Great news. So Miami will be moved forward to China’s original date, and Imola will get Miami’s original date?

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