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Rate the race: 2021 United States Grand Prix

2021 United States Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the United States Grand Prix.

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57 comments on “Rate the race: 2021 United States Grand Prix”

  1. A great contest almost ruined by backmarkers and the absurd policing of blue flags. How can you have such a tight final sector and zero respect for the race leaders? And Tsunoda, wow.

  2. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
    24th October 2021, 21:42

    Close, but not the most exciting

    1. Possibly because it was drama free. A race as races should be, just wished there was more grass on this track.

  3. Overall a decent race, even if not an absolute classic.

  4. Promised a lot but ultimately fizzled out.

    1. I feel it didn’t. With 10 laps to go I was sure Hamilton would get him. But even the last 4 laps when I realized it might not be that easy, Verstappen twice gained a little bit of time giving the impression Hamilton was recharging and going for it the next lap. I would have loved 2 more laps though

      1. Could have had 20 more laps and LH still wouldn’t have overtaken MV.

  5. I gave it a 9, yet another great race this season. I’m not sure how good it would be to watch again but it had great overtakes throughout and the tension was unbelievable.

  6. A weaker version of French GP but still entertaining. 6 because the middle part of race was a bit boring

  7. petebaldwin (@)
    24th October 2021, 21:44

    I’d give that an 8. My heart hasn’t slowed down yet… Both Lewis and Max drove great races. Two incredible drivers dualling it out on track. Mercedes just isn’t good enough in dirty air – if Lewis hadn’t hit an invisible wall once he got within 2 seconds and got in DRS range, it would have been an easy pass.

    Really enjoyed that.

    1. petebaldwin (@)
      24th October 2021, 21:59

      Ok I upgrade that to a 9 for them having Shaq on the podium. Despite standing on the floor, he was taller than Perez and Lewis and almost Max even though they were on the podium.

      1. 2,16m height? wow!

    2. Bruh, why when I always switch off, something great happens. I guess duties need to call me…

    3. Agreed. There just aren’t that many races that are this close without weather of some sort.

  8. Solid 7. Decent enough but the tv cameras were all over the place in regards to what battle they should be showing

    1. Agree on the camera work. But apart from being clumsy in showing the right battle at the right time I feel another annoyance really messed up some shots: too much close up! Driver joining the track after the pit stop, good, let’s see if he has some lunch between his teeth and not show how he ends up relative to the other car in the turn

    2. On the pitlane channel you get 3 camera angles and some extra data.
      But best of all you don’t have to listen to the Sky team.

      1. Normally the sky stuff is ok as they show important battles in a small window on the left. But this time cutting away to Ben Stiller and suddenly showing the Ricciardo and Sainz battle as the main image when the race tension was all about p1 andp2 was poor. It was also very jumpy, not following battles long enough etc. I like the f1 app a lot and I take it because I can watch it in my first language of English despite having canal+. I wasn’t sure about the pit channel commentary though. Rosanna seemed very rigid during the Hungary race

  9. Gripping race, my heart was pounding like crazy 9/10 . Clinical Max.

  10. Great race. Brilliant start by Lewis and brilliant strategy perfect executed by max.

  11. Not much. Being awake so late in India, I am not impressed.

    1. petebaldwin (@)
      24th October 2021, 21:52

      I struggle to watch looking after a 1 year old but at 8pm (here in the UK) he’s asleep so I’d take this time every race!

    2. Had to stay up late, but definitely a good way to end the weekend with a Redbull double podium and some great racing at the end

  12. Felt very similar to Bahrain with the roles reversed.

    Solid 7.
    But why didn’t Ferrari pit Leclerc for the fastest lap? How stupid was that?

    1. I was thinking the same. Maybe they were afraid of yet an other poor pitstop that would have dropped them behind Ricciardo.
      The same appies to Norris too. They had an even bigger margin over Tsunoda.
      It could also be that both their simulations calculated that they wouldn’t beat Hamilton’s time.

      1. Norris closed to within 6 tenths of Sainz on the last lap so they probably thought he was vulnerable when Bottas got through.

  13. 8. Heart-pounding closing stages and seriously quality drives from both Hamilton and Verstappen. World class lap after lap.

    1. petebaldwin (@)
      24th October 2021, 21:54

      For driver of the day, I honestly couldn’t separate them. They both did everything they could. Red Bull were quicker around the lap but Mercedes were much quicker down the straight. Ultimately, Mercedes’ struggles running in dirty air settled it. If Max gave up track position, he couldn’t pass so he had to pit early. Hamilton caught but his car couldn’t cut through the dirty air.

      1. Yes, me neither, different car and different strategy but it felt both did the maximum, if there were another strong candidate I’d vote for him, but I feel there isn’t.

  14. World class drive from Max, not a single error under maximum pressure. Awesome. Relentless pursuit from Lewis, he still wants it, also flawless.
    If Max takes the WDC, be thoroughly deserves it.

    1. Either of them deserve it. Superb from both.

      1. Hamilton can deserve driver of the day this race, but not the championship, if you even luck out he should be 50 points behind or so.

  15. That tension at the end was incredible. Both of them drove so well it was 50-50 on who was going to win until the very last couple of corners. Excellent to watch.

    1. Sorry it wasn’t. It was clear that Lewis had zero chance of passing Max if he could even catch him (which wasn’t fast enough). Not enough laps or car pace to have a hope of passing.

  16. 10. We can hardly have a better dry race in 2021

    Best for me was WDC contenders exchanging pace advantage at various points of the race.

    1. Yes, that was a good thing.

  17. A 7 from me. So many fantastic races this season that I feel I have to be harsher, so loses a point for that horrible petty conversation between Alan Permane and Michael Masi. What were Alpine hoping to achieve with that?

    But another awesome, nail-biting race in a season of such races. As I’ve said before, if we get a 2008-like title decider, I will rate 2021 as the greatest season ever (which would be more likely if Brazil was the final race instead of Abu Dhabi).

  18. If there were only two drivers it was a 10. But there were 18 others. An 8.

    1. That captures it perfectly. I actually went with a 10 shortly after the race and that epic finish, but would change it with a bit of a hindsight to 8.5.

    2. But there were some great fights between most of those 18 other drivers.
      Can’t see how that devalues the race.

  19. Easily the best race of the season, given how close the qualification and the cleanliness of the racing, completed with the edge of the seat finish.

    Not wheel to wheel racing at the front, but, some great racing passes from the midfield and superb strategies throughout.

  20. Great race.

  21. I don’t like the ‘racing’ this track provides. Still, it was on the edge at the pitwall. Solid strategy and solid driving by both sides.

  22. Awesome race, heartrate way up until the final corner of the last lap, easily an 8 perhaps even 9.
    Even had the Alonso – Gio bit for comic relief.

  23. 6/10 for me. As soon as Merc gave up track position to a clearly faster car it was game over.

    Not sure why some here didn’t see that and I hardly think the finish was nail-biting no matter how hard Sky tried to talk it up.

    1. Where do you think Merc gave up? (serious question)
      I feel the result in the end showed RBR were on the edge with the aggressiveness of the pit calls. I don’t think there was room to play there for Merc by going even more aggressive. Therefore, about track position, I don’t think there was much ‘giving up’ in it, more like RBR ‘took it’ when they took the initiative. It left both Hamilton and Verstappen with a big task in the last stint.

    2. I think not. On the hards Mercedes was faster. Lewis almost catched Max and would have if the race was 1-2 laps longer.

  24. As the weekend unfolded, i expected race day to be more exciting than the actual outcome. Unfortunately Perez didn’t play any role in the battle for the win and had a lonely race, Bottas couldn’t make any progress and there was limited “real time” battles at the midfield, as most were on different strategies (thus many overtaking moves were done with significant tyre difference). A 5/10 for the race, although i should have given it an extra point just for having Shaq on the podium

  25. 8/10
    It was a close call this week performance wise. Battle for the lead lasting for the entire race duration is privilege to watch. Liked the battle between Ferrari’s Sainz and Mclaren duo at the opening laps. Only four points separate ferrari and Mclaren in constructors championship. With the midfield this close, it shows how crucial setup is every race.

  26. 9. Super exciting race with absolutely class drives. How many times in the past haven’t we seen these end-of-races showdown be ruined by someone snatching a brake or something silly. It’s rare to see this kind of quality battle.

    With the huge crowd in USA, it was fitting with such a Hollywood nailbiter finish.

    1. Yes, the crowd was great and deserved a race like this, great track, the 2018 version was also great and 2017 not bad.

  27. It was worth a 6.
    Some good bits, but a lot of it almost put me to sleep.

  28. There were reasons to give this race a 10, I really liked the battle at the front with verstappen faster chasing hamilton earlier on, hamilton recovering in the middle part of the race, which prompted red bull to anticipate 2nd stop and then hamilton chasing verstappen in the end, but in the end I decided on a 9, since no rain to make it all more spectacular.

    Apart from that, nice battles between bottas, ferraris and mclaren, they’re very close in the championship too, and the scraps between alonso, giovinazzi and raikkonen were also interesting.

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