Haas now ‘very upset when we don’t reach Q2’ – Schumacher

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In the round-up: Mick Schumacher says his Haas team increasingly feel competitive enough to avoid elimination in the first round of qualifying.

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Schumacher, who has reached Q2 twice this year at Paul Ricard and Istanbul, admitted is was “definitely frustrating” to have been unable to progress beyond the first round of qualifying, and miss out on extra running, on so many occasions during the season so far.

However he sees genuine progress from his team since the start of the year. “What’s great to see, for me and for the team really, is we’re getting more and more competitive,” he said.

“Now we’re very upset when we don’t make it to Q2. Especially after what gave us a lot of motivation in Turkey, we were hoping for something good also [in Austin]. We weren’t too far off it and I think that just confirms our our work.

“We can be happy and proud of what we’ve achieved with what we have. Obviously, I think most of our things and most of what we are working for is for next year and hopefully we’ll have the car next year to be consistently in Q2 and even hopefully consistently in Q3.”

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Comment of the day

Does Formula 1 have too many races in the Middle East on the 2022 F1 calendar:

Four races in the middle east. Putting the human rights arguments to one side, this is still 3 races too many for that region. Especially when the French and German races have doubtful futures, only 1 race in the whole of South America, nothing in Africa, nothing in Scandinavia (although hopefully the new track at St Petersburg will become the defacto Finnish race being so close to the border). The sport may be heading towards renewable fuels, but boy do they still like that oil money……

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to L. Martins and Haseyachooli!


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8 comments on “Haas now ‘very upset when we don’t reach Q2’ – Schumacher”

  1. Isn’t it true that Honda will be assembling and maintaining the PUs under contract for RedBull next year and will keep ownership of the IP?
    Now if VW do decide to enter F1, I think it would be with their own setup as Honda would not share what their IP with a competitor. I think the chances of a VW/Porsche entry are very slim given the build up and expectations in the run up to Cop26. Plus the fact that Herbert Diess invited his very good friend Elon Musk to address VWs top management only two weeks ago. VW are looking at speeding up the transition to full electric vehicles, so expect some big changes in how management operates at VW and the speed at which things are done.
    I hard to see F1 being a part of this plan.

    1. Disagree as the signs are all there that they will join somehow. It’s just really unclear how.

      I really can’t see them joining as a team, but not easy to see them as engine supplier either.

    2. @johnrkh To my understanding, Red Bull will maintain, operate, & service the PUs with Honda giving some assistance, some present Honda employees moving to Red Bull, etc.
      I could also be slightly wrong, though, as I’m not entirely sure about everything.
      The VW mention is interesting.

    3. The engine specification currently used is going to run out at the end of 2025, and a new engine spec will be used from 2026. My understanding is the details of this new engine specification haven’t been finalised. I’m guessing the Directors at VW already know enough about the new engine and power unit to be able to a decision about whether or not to commit funds to designing and building an F1 engine.

  2. re Haas and

    Now we’re very upset when we don’t make it to Q2.

    Honestly, you’re lucky to make it out of the 19th and 20th spots. Get real; you must be ‘very upset’ all the time.

  3. Re COTD: Yes, F1 is a global series, but I care more about how many races a single country has than the overall continent balance. Scandinavia having nothing isn’t an issue since Europe already has several races.
    One in South America is more than enough, & even that should’ve got axed a while ago for safety issues outside track boundaries, which no other track location has, not even Mexico City.
    Africa, either way, I’ve never really cared & the same for Germany.
    Possibly/likely losing French GP after next season for Qatar & China, a non-issue in the big picture.

    Also, on this day in F1: 2016 Mexican GP. Present WDC contenders infamously drove through the T1-T3 runoff area.

    1. Why should continent balance matter more in this global day and age? For someone living in Spain Morocco is closer than UK. Someone living in Norway is culturally probably more related to USA (because of movies, migration etc.) than Italy, and it doesn’t take much longer to get there. F1 needs variation to be a global sport and it’s not about personal preference. South America’s as big as Europe, I don’t think one race is “enough”, but it’s up to them to organize more if they want. Brazil’s got more in common with Portugal than Colombia or Peru. People from Peru, Bolivia or Venezuela are culturally and even genetically very different from each other, the language may be Spanish, but unlike in USA native population didn’t entirely disappear, but is dominant. Argentina offers very different culture and geography than Brazil. Mexico is in Northern America, so we’ll have 5 N. American races in near future. Africa offers much more variety than N. America, it’s much larger and with much, much greater population. True, there are many issues, but I find it hard to imagine someone wouldn’t like races to be possible there. And since Nigeria, Tunisia, S. Africa, Egypt or Madagascar have barely a thing in common (and there are many, many other countries), I say one race is not enough, there should be a few if they ever get able to organize them safely and according to all standards. Some tiny countries from the same little region organize few races already (speaking of those emirates and sultanates that will soon own F1 and organize 90% of events).

  4. How can you lead a daily round-up with a story and quotes which were reported by other sites a week earlier? https://www.motorlat.com/notas/f1/22664/f1-us-gp-mick-schumacher-and-his-first-u-s-grand-prix-i-really-enjoy-being-here?motref=twitter6174fc3d2abce

    I wish RF would make the round-up again what it used to be, an overview what has been reported by others over the past 24 hours.

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