Miami Grand Prix sees “high demand” as 275,000 apply for tickets

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Formula 1 has reported huge demand for tickets for next year’s inaugural Miami Grand Prix.

Tickets for the second US race on the 2022 F1 calendar went on sale last week. The event will take place at the Miami International Autodrome at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens on May 8th.

Greg Maffei, CEO of F1 owners Liberty Media, told an investor conference call today “demand is high” for tickets to the race.

“275,000 people pre-registered to purchase tickets as compared to a planned capacity of around 80,000,” he said. “1,800 people have placed a $5,000 deposit for luxury hospitality. Paddock Club and suites sold out the available inventory on the first day. We’ve also sold through the available grandstand tickets in the first day.”

F1 is enjoying strong growth in popularity in the USA. Maffei claimed “an F1 attendance record over the race weekend” in Austin including an unusually high number of first-time visitors.

“Of the 400,000 people that showed up in Austin, almost 70% were attending their first grand prix,” said Maffei. “Usually, this figure is more like in the mid-thirties.”

Column: Miami Grand Prix sees “high demand” as 275,000 apply for tickets
“Recently released results of F1’s fan survey [show] our demographic is skewing younger,” he added, “something few other sports can claim.”

The rising popularity of F1 is allowing the series to strike more lucrative deals with promoters, according to Maffei.

“The strength of the sport in terms of the demand and the audience helps us in many ways,” he said. “We’ve seen new cities want to enter like Qatar. We’ve seen increased performance and increased success of existing promoters, for example Austin adding extra seating.

“All of those allow us, frankly, both sides of that allow us to get a better deal and to do better both with the new partners and with the existing partners. So all to the good on the promotion side.”

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9 comments on “Miami Grand Prix sees “high demand” as 275,000 apply for tickets”

  1. That certainly is a hopefull sign that F1 can really get a solid base of fans in the USA over the next few years.

    1. It’s a bit on the low side if i am honest that is just 91k+ a day if you take Zandvoort more then 1M applied for tickets and i am sure Silverstone passes 500K for applying for tickets.
      Or is the amount of seats 50k orso?

  2. What I would really like to see is Liberty producing their version of F1 on that side of the Atlantic with all the American Razzamatazz and Indy style spec cars and let the real F1 cast them adrift.
    We have wonderful circuits in both Europe and internationally, Aus. Malasia, Japan, India, Africa.
    We have great teams, lets form a breakaway series, still with budget caps but less restrictions on design and easier entry for new teams.
    Do we really need all this American influence. Let them enjoy racing with Haas and whoever.

    1. PS If they really want to race on carparks and Vegas strips, is that how we see F!.

      1. some racing fan
        4th November 2021, 22:11

        Aside from the fact that I don’t appreciate your condescendingly anti-American sentiments, without a round(s) in America it really wouldn’t be an F1 world championship- America (and also Canada) is part of the world, whether you like it or not. It really hasn’t even been a whole world championship since 1993- but the fact that you see this kind of razzmatazz at these events gives them their own sort of character- it’s something you wouldn’t see in any other country.

        And on top of that your idea of F1 is the kind of thing seen in the 60s and 70s, when times and technology was far simpler. That just isn’t how F1 is today. F1 had rounds in America even back in those days.

  3. And all it took was manufactured melodrama TV show

    1. Yep, and I wouldn’t be so condescending on that. I’d also state that the accessibility of F1 on Youtube these days must be helping as well. Quick clips, historic clips, highlights of races, quali and practice, it all helps get people into F1 who might otherwise have missed it completely. It was always infuriating how much Bernie was so against such things.

      F1 is getting more popular and it’s “cool” again after decades of growing ever more niche and exclusive. It’s a good thing.

      1. Bernie was a idiot had no vision for the future…. One of the major reasons i wanted to quit watching F1 (untill Max came and Lewis before him)

  4. The new venue for doing under the table deals?

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