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2021 Mexico City Grand Prix championship points

2021 Mexico City Grand Prix

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F1 drivers championship after the 2021 Mexico City Grand Prix

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F1 constructors championship after the 2021 Mexico City Grand Prix

2Red Bull477.5
7Aston Martin68
9Alfa Romeo11

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2021 Mexico City Grand Prix

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20 comments on “2021 Mexico City Grand Prix championship points”

  1. As feared, championship is over since the last race. Max wouldn’t be too hurt even with a DNF now. Redbull are dominant on “their tracks” and even winning races on so called “Mercedes tracks”

    1. pah you cant be serious. A DNF for max would also likely mean a Hamilton win, taking him 6 points ahead of Max. Hurt big time!

    2. There we go again with the “championship is over” folks. :)

    3. @afonic

      There we go again with the “championship is over” folks. :)

      I bet in 2018 this “championship is over” crew actually said the fight was pretty much alive even when Vettel had spin after spin lagging 40, 50, 60 points behind their idol. And of course the championship still was “half-alive” when Mercedes stripped Bottas from victory to give it to their 1# driver at the 2019 Russian Grand Prix. Not double standards anymore, those must be triple by now!

  2. 19 points with 107 the maximum available over the remaining four events, but the WDC moves more and more towards Max’s favor.
    Alpine & Alpha Tauri are now equal on points, so P5 in the WCC is very much on, while Alfa Romeo got four points closer to Williams.

  3. As a McLaren fan, I hate to say it but Ricciardo ruined that race, for McLaren and for fans generally.

    I’m happy to see Verstappen crowned champion but Bottas should’ve been near the front and influencing the outcome of today’s race.

    I’m feeling a bit flat after looking forward to a great day of motorsport. A dull MotoGP race and an equally dull F1 race.

    Just as well this cider hasn’t disappointed!

    1. Ric has been a disappointment this season apart from Monza. He was very clumsy this race, ruining his good qualifying position, loosing so many points to Ferrari and ruining the race at the front by crashing into Bottas.

    2. Yeah, it would have been far tighter a fight had Bottas been right behind Perez, and it lost Norris positions as well for them, took Ricciardo out of the fight when he could have had a solid result in the top 10, maybe mixed it with the Ferraris.

      1. Lewis has just doubled-down on that comment about Checo in an interview with Sky so I genuinely think he’s saying:

        “For Checo to be bearing down on me, it must be a fast car.”


  4. considering the victory given in Bahrain, the fact of Imola, with Lewis out and returned only for SC, the Azerbaijan tire problem, the thrown out of Silverstone by Lewis, the thrown out of Hungary, it would be a scandal if Max did not win this championship, Max he never made a single mistake

    1. RandomMallard (@)
      7th November 2021, 22:11

      @maurob I wouldn’t say Verstappen has been flawless, because I would still consider him at fault in Monza, and would say that while he wasnr obliged by the rules to do much more to avoid the contact at Silverstone, he was probably a bit too aggressive in the end, and ended up losing 25 points instead of a likely 7 or 8 if Hamilton had won and he’d finished second.

      But I agree with the premise. I would say Verstappen has generally been much more consistent than Hamilton this season.

      1. I agree he hasn’t been flawless, I feel Bahrain was a missed opportunity for him. Monza, he got the blame and rightfully so. But considering the events leading up to the incident I can’t call it a mistake. But what I don’t agree with is the narrative Verstappen did something wrong in Silverstone. Sure, many Brits here, that probably explains it. But Hamilton did not make the apex (by a lot) and his trajectory was outward. He correctly got the (non) penalty for it. His overtake on Leclerc showed exactly his mistake. Add to that that Leclercs trajectory was actually more inward than Verstappens, ie. more agressive.

  5. Verstappen’s arduous struggle to the end of the season continues as Pérez once again fails to take points from Hamilton. So far the only races where he has finished ahead of Hamilton are Monaco and Turkey, and arguably Baku.

    On the topic of second drivers, Bottas has now failed to score even a single point in no fewer than 6 out of 18 races of the races. Very rare for a top team in the modern era.

    1. @cashnotclass

      On the topic of second drivers, Bottas has now failed to score even a single point in no fewer than 6 out of 18 races of the races. Very rare for a top team in the modern era.

      Even more considering that only 3 of those were retirements, and in one of them he was struggling for a points finish. Additionally, in Sochi Bottas was going to finish outside the points if not for the late shower. In another words, with a top car like Mercedes he could easily have finished 4 times out of the points in 18 races (almost 25% of very bad results, maybe that would be a record for a top-team driver in recent Formula 1 history). To summarise, many absolute lows for Bottas this season in terms of results and among those some were really the nadir in terms of performance.

  6. Bottas handed Verstappen the lead and then proceeded to show he is no racer during the rest of the race.

    Awful performance.

  7. Max championship win this year is really thoroughly deserved. All of lewis championships are won against easy second rate drivers with no competition but max has to win a 7 time world champion!

    1. So Hamilton is an undeserving 7 times WDC, but Verstappen winning from him is showing he is great?

      1. He means more that Lewis had it easier with his last 5 titles with only his teammate as it’s concurent. While Max has to battle with Lewis in his very fast Mercedes. Still Lewis did a super job with his first 2 titles that is always the most important fase.

  8. It’s definitely over. Red Bull is definitely the faster car.
    Mercedes were very poor in the race. Lost on the pit, bad strategy, bad start. They can’t handle pressure well. So I think they should give up.

    There are only two ways for Hamilton to win this WDC:
    1) Hamilton wins all four races, which is impossible. In Interlagos, Verstappen will win for sure. The same goes for Abu Dhabi.
    2) Verstappen fails to finish in at least 2 races, with Hamilton winning those races. That’s not possible too.

    I don’t this happening ever. So, congrats to the fake champions who can’t build a fast car and ask the FIA for new rules to stop Mercedes. Because it doesn’t matter how you win.

  9. A lot still up for grabs in the drivers championship
    Only 19 points between Verstappen and Hamilton (up 7 since the last race)

    Then decreasingly small gaps from 3rd down to 7th:
    Only 20 points between Bottas and Perez (down 15 since the last race)
    Only 15 points between Perez and Norris (up 14 since the last race)
    Only 12 points between Norris and Leclerc (down 9 since the last race)
    Only 7.5 points between Leclerc and Sainz (up 2 since the last race)

    Relatively spread out further down considering the points those drivers get, but only 2 points between Ocon and Vettel now after Vettel’s 7 place after both had barely troubled the scorers since Hungary when the contested the win (before Vettels DQ)

    In the constructors only 1 point between Mercedes and Red Bull
    Only 13.5 points between Ferrari and Mclaren
    Alpine and Alpha Tauri level on points separated by Ocon’s win

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