Verstappen expected Mercedes to call for incident review but doubts he’ll get penalty

2021 Qatar Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen says he wasn’t surprised Mercedes have asked the stewards to review an incident between him and Lewis Hamilton during the Sao Paulo Grand Prix.

The Red Bull driver said he doesn’t expect to be penalised for the incident which occured on lap 48 of last weekend’s race. Verstappen and Hamilton ran wide when the Mercedes driver tried to overtake his rival around the outside of Descida do Lago, turn four on the Interlagos circuit.

The stewards chose not to investigate the incident at the time, but Mercedes have requested a review claiming they have new evidence relating to it. A Red Bull source said the team had been surprised by the development, but Verstappen was not. “No [I’m] not really surprised by that, but that’s how it goes,” he said.

He said he hasn’t considered the possibility of a penalty, which could cost him a place in the classification of last week’s race and therefore reduce his championship lead over Hamilton.

“I don’t even think about that,” said Verstappen. “‘If, if, if’, it’s not the end of the world.

“I don’t expect that to happen because I thought it was fair and hard racing between two guys who are fighting for the championship. So it wouldn’t have been, anyway, an easy pass because that is not how I am and I don’t think how it should be when you are fighting for the title.”

Verstappen said he would do the same again in similar circumstances. “As I driver I think we know exactly what we can or cannot do in a car,” he explained.

“We were fighting hard, braking late into the corner, the tyres are quite worn. If I would have turned more abrupt to the left you just spin off the track. So that’s why we are the drivers, you try to control the car.”

If the stewards agree to investigate the incident, a likely focus of their discussion will be whether Verstappen running wide prevented Hamilton from staying on the track. “I think we both braked late so it would have been very difficult to make the corner,” said Verstappen. “But it’s always afterwards, isn’t it, it’s difficult to know.”

The call for a review is the second involving the championship contenders after Red Bull attempted the same following the collision between the pair at Silverstone. The two drivers also crashed into each other at Monza.

However Verstappen said he isn’t concerned the championship fight may be taking an ugly turn with three races to go. “I don’t think about it too much because it’s not in my hands these kind of things,” he said. “I’m the driver and I just need to focus on what’s happening on-track.”

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2021 Qatar Grand Prix

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  • 78 comments on “Verstappen expected Mercedes to call for incident review but doubts he’ll get penalty”

    1. Mature reaction.
      I know Lewis fans like to see the most terrible things but hard racing is what we like.
      If it’s over the line, like Lewis in Silverstone there are penalties. If the stewards decide its over the line it’s what it is.
      Mercedes is grasping at every straw to win this championship. So more to come.

      1. Hard racing, yes! But that wasn’t racing. It was a desperate, shoddy move.

        Perez vs Hamilton was hard racing and you’re correct I loved that! Even when Perez came back and overtook Hamilton. Fantastic all around. That’s what I want to see.

        It’s not racing is you just refuse to be overtaken fairly. The move was done, just like it was in Monza.

        If penalties are the only way to make Max learn then hopefully he gets one.

      2. Did you not see the line being crossed by both cars on Sunday?
        I too like hard racing, like Sergio was able to do: clean, aggressive and effective. I know you really like Max, but to me his wheel-to-wheel skills are not nearly as good as his awesome speed and that is a real shame.

        Maybe if French drivers like Ocon, Gasly and Leclerc (nearly French!) were in Max’s position in the championship I would be biased towards them the way you are towards Max (btw, I am French and assume you are Dutch but maybe I’m wrong). I hope I wouldn’t though.
        So in the meantime, I enjoy hard racing when it happens (!) and do not like bad racing – whoever might be driving.

        1. I disagree that it was both cars. Hamilton is in the clear here. He had completed the move and was on the racing line. He can’t stop quick enough to keep out of Maxs dive down the inside so he had to take avoiding action. To blame him for also running wide is like blaming someone who was punched for being in the way of the attackers fist…

          1. I disagree that it was both cars. Hamilton is in the clear here.

            Hamilton of course did nothing wrong except for missing the opportunity to break early enough to do a switcheroo. But that move is not easy in T4 of Interlagos (not sure if anybody did it).

            And it’s even more challenging when it’s Verstappen next to you; he would react and brake earlier as well and try to close the emerging gap.

          2. I am not blaming Hamilton for crossing the line. He did cross the line though, but surely to avoid a collision with Verstappen who crossed the line himself.

            1. It would be necessary to get data from the cars. Something the stewards perhaps should of done. If Hamilton has braked in time to make the corner then I think Max does have something to answer for.

          3. Max couldn’t make the corner – doing so wasn’t even his prime objective.
            It’s irrelevant but Hamilton could have if Max wasn’t barreling straight past it.
            My money’s on a 5 place penalty – it should be 10.

      3. That was hard racing the same way that Verstappen’s incident with Ocon post Brazil 2018 was a “heated conversation”.

      4. Immature conclusion.
        This is not about Hamilton or Max, it is about racing standards and stewarding.
        If Max is on the inside he expect right of way(Brazil, Canada, Monza).
        If Max is on the outside, he expects right of way(Silverstone, Monza)

        1. I’d add Spain and Imola to the list of being on the inside. See, this happens way to often and his response isn’t to learn from it. He doesn’t take it seriously. He even chose to mock the stewards in Brazil after they warned him that his driving wasn’t good enough.

          1. You make it sound like it’s always Max his fault and never Lewis his fault. Imola and Barcelona were both races all f1 tv pundits on Sky and Channel4 said that Max was not at fault just great racing!
            And Silverstone was clearly Lewis his fault. Max was totally in front and Lewis hit Max on his rear tyre. How can you hit someone on the rear tyre and not be to blame!
            Btw ask Alex Albon how good Lewis is in wheel to wheel racing. Remember Brasil and Austria?

            1. If a driver gets off the brakes at a corner, he can be ahead when the accident happens even if he started out behind like we witnessed in Brazil and exactly what he did at Silverstone.

            2. lexusreliability?
              18th November 2021, 17:06


              If you want to start cherrypicking we can also ask Ricciardo how good Max is at wheel to wheel racing. Maybe we can have a look at Baku? Or shall we ask Valterri in Monza- when Max got a penalty for shoving him wide? Better yet, shall we also ask Lewis, who nearly had his head taken off by a guy so desperate he attempted a pass on the sausage kerb and got a penalty after which turned out to be a non penalty in Russia. I also take you back to Monaco a few years back when Verstappen attempted a pass on Lewis at the bus stop chicane when there was literally no room and a wall there.

              Lewis vs Fernando in Hungary was how it should be done, Max just has poor racing IQ or worse,, none at all.

      5. Max is super mature, name calling of other drivers and officials, weaving, double standards, refusal to admit when obviously at fault, telling reporters he is going to headbutt somebody if they ask him any more difficult questions, pushing other drivers after races, repeated use of disabilist language….. You are of course comparing this to the kindergarten he was talking about earlier, right?
        They should change the song to super mature Max.

        1. @Davethechicken I’ve never seen a comment on here which echoes my own opinions so much as this!!!

    2. Surely by saying he would do it again it means that he is admitting that he intentionally ran his rival off the track

      1. @broke1984 And in which quote does he say he would do ‘it’ again? I think if you can glean anything from his actual quotes, it would be that he would always race his hardest, so yes he’d do that (race hard) again, especially when it is for wins and Championships with 4 races to go.

        1. Pushed on whether he would repeat the move if he got the chance, Verstappen said emphatically: “Yes.

      2. No he tried to keep the position and the grip wasn’t enough to hold the car after braking late.. it happens. If he brakes a meter earlier, will it hold? If he brakes 2m earlier would it work? Remember that these guys are judging continually changing conditions and have to judge their braking point perfectly while being forced to take a different position on track. It’s a split of a second call and sometimes it doesn’t work as wel as others. He had little data about the amount of grip on the it’s a guess.

        1. Many other drivers had the same data on the inside and managed to make it work @w0o0dy

          It was either deliberate or Max is a poor driver when it comes to wheel wheel racing. Each weekend he’s showing everyone just how bad he is.

        2. doesnt matter how he ended up outside the track, by doing that he gained a lasting advantage OFF the track which is not permitted by the letter of the rules.

    3. I still don’t understand Max’s defense here; if the excuse he’s going with is that applying more steering angle would’ve spun the car, then he has to accept responsibility for going in way too hot – he was absolutely nowhere near making the corner at that speed, regardless of what Hamilton was up to. As the driver coming from behind and on the inside, he was responsible for leaving a car’s width and not causing a collision, and instead overshot the apex and ran himself and Hamilton off the track entirely.

      If it had been Max attempting to outbrake Hamilton for a pass instead of defending, from an identical line and position, he would’ve been told to hand the place back immediately for making a desperate lunge that Hamilton was wise to avoid.

      1. Coventry Climax
        18th November 2021, 15:16

        His point is that they were both trying to brake lastest, and that Hamilton too, given where he applied the brakes, would have run off anyway as well. Equally hard to prove or contest when we do not know the data to back it.

        1. If Max was trying to brake later on the inside line on which you categorically have to brake earlier to make the corner, then it’s a particularly egregious and avoidable error, wouldn’t you say?

      2. @effwon But it is not ‘regardless of what Hamilton was up to.’ It is exactly because of the pace of LH and because they were trading places going into that corner including going in so deep. Yes Max is admitting braking late on worn tires for the Championship. They both left each other space going into the corner. Max’s defence meant he had to go wide. LH saw that coming given his ability to react and stay outside of Max. LH called this the kind of racing we should have for Championships.

        1. LH is a class act and he loves to race, he’s magnanimous enough to see this incident for what it is, safe in the knowledge he made it past in the end and put in one of the most satisfying performances of his career exactly when he needed to.

          From Max’s perspective, he outbraked himself not by a bit but by a country mile, seemingly out of desperation to avoid giving up the place, and forced his rival off track. You can talk all you like about hard and fair racing, but it wasn’t even close to staying on the track – he ended up 5 car widths deep – and that is exactly the kind of cynical, zero-compromise send that the rules are there to prevent. If you set the precedent that this sort of dive-bomb defense is acceptable, then don’t be surprised to see F1 cars being speared off for having the temerity to pass, or even hold position, on an outside line.

      3. RandomMallard (@)
        18th November 2021, 15:27

        @effwon I agree. If he went off track because he braked too late, he outbraked himself, went in way too hot, and gained an advantage. Still worthy of a penalty. If he had… other intentions (Senna’s “let me through or we crash” mentality comes to mind) then it should still be penalised.

        From a Verstappen fan (at least in the context of this championship at least)

        1. @effwon @randommallard And yet…no penalty. Not even an investigation. Sounds like your issues should be taken up with F1, not Max. I think the only precedent that has been set here is that similar to what has happened in the past sometimes the rules are given a bit of slack when it comes down to the majority of fans wanting to see close Championships settled on the track and not in a stewards room. This incident was obviously too close to being hard racing between the two blokes for whom everything is at stake for them to take and decide the Championship in a room afterwards.

          1. Max refused to yield, outbraked himself not by a tiny amount but by a mile, and ended up 5 cars deep in the run-off.
            Hamilton didn’t put a foot wrong in his overtake attempt, yet had to avoid a certain collision when Max drifted wide.
            The race director sat on his hands and promptly dismissed the incident, despite not possessing the most important camera angle, and opted to stay out of it for fear of ‘meddling’ in the championship race.

            Ultimately the blame falls on Max for committing a penalty-worthy lunge, which piled pressure on the race director to act. Despite precedents for similar penalties already this season, none of which were as blatant as this one, they opted for negligence rather than applying the rules they’d been using all year. The surprise non-decision rewarded Max for gambling on the FIA’s reluctance to interfere in the title race – push your rival off the track and see if they have the brass to do anything about it.

            1. RandomMallard (@)
              18th November 2021, 19:20

              @effwon Also

              The race director sat on his hands and promptly dismissed the incident, despite not possessing the most important camera angle, and opted to stay out of it for fear of ‘meddling’

              It’s not Masi’s fault, it’s the stewards. The incident was noted, but only the stewards have to power to force something to be investigated.

          2. RandomMallard (@)
            18th November 2021, 19:18

            @robbie I don’t think I said anywhere that I was necessarily annoyed at Max (although I am slightly, it was unnecessary). As Lewis said, it’s exactly what you’d expect in a championship battle. I just want to see the rules enforced, whether or not that means interfering in a title race or not. I’d rather see a fair title win than one tainted by an incident that probably should have been penalised, but wasn’t (and while it may not make a difference, a retroactive 5 second penalty would cost Max 3 crucial points in the championship).


            Despite precedents for similar penalties already this season

            This is my real trouble with the FIA right now. For every precedent for a penalty this season, there is a precedent against it. For every Austria, there is a COTA. And not many penalties/incidents this year have dealt with both drivers going off the track. The most recent one similar to the one in Brazil that I can remember was Stroll’s lunge on Ricciardo at the end of the Styrian GP in 2020. Again, over-opportunistic lunge that resulted in both drivers going off track and the lunging driver staying ahead. That one was investigated, but Stroll went unpunished in the end. But in my opinion, both should have been a stonewall 5 second penalty.

    4. The comments above sum up quite nicely why it’s so hard to talk about an incident like this during this season. Both are directed at the other group of fans and don’t really go into the facts of the matter. First comment: If it’s near the line the stewards should investigate, second comment: he did not nor imply anything like that and you know it. Please, people.

      1. RandomMallard (@)
        18th November 2021, 15:30

        Oh how I wish I could give this a million and one likes/thumbs up etc. I’ll admit I’ve been a far from perfect commenter at some points this season (especially after Silverstone), where I’ve been pretty confrontational and just plain un-useful as a commenter. I’d like to think I’ve learned from that this season, but that’s not for me to decide.

        1. It rakes in the clicks though.

    5. Of course he would say he doesn’t expect a penalty.

      1. RedBull are part of the problem. If you’re always told you’ve done nothing wrong then you believe it. Max really needs to learn that you can’t just shove your way around. He’s so far from being a top racer in wheel to wheel action. He’s extremely quick but he really can’t race.

        1. Coventry Climax
          18th November 2021, 15:19

          Oh yes, let’s take out each and every team that YOU think is a problem, so you get to enjoy your one man F1 show.
          Too bad demolishing things, like a true ‘fan’, is hard to do online, no?

          1. I don’t actually understand your point? Is it just ramblings?

            RedBull are the problem. Their treatment of Albon, Gasly show exactly who they are. Horner contradicts himself each weekend. The fact they have a single fan always amazes me.

            I’ve said nothing about removing them, not any other team. Likewise, I’ve said nothing about wanting a one man show. I’ve actually said in previous comments that I loved the Hamilton/Perez battle in Brazil and Turkey. Last time I checked he drove for… oh yeah, RedBull!

            My point is that Redbull constantly backing Max even when they know he’s wrong doesn’t help the situation or help him learn. I fail to see how you’ve read that as me wanting them and every other team removed?

    6. We were fighting hard, braking late into the corner, the tyres are quite worn. If I would have turned more abrupt to the left you just spin off the track. So that’s why we are the drivers, you try to control the car

      So, being a fairly talented driver, there was another solution available for Verstappen, brake earlier and not risk a spin, even if it meant being passed.
      FIA need to clarify the difference between ‘racing hard’ and racing within the rules and within the boundaries of the circuit. It’s not difficult. Especially when a driver goes 5 car-widths off track to keep a place, forcing the other driver to do the same (or crash). Or is ‘hard racing’ to be the excuse for any kind of driving now? Verstappen was outclassed at São Paulo. Sometimes a bit of humility in accepting when you’re beaten wouldn’t go amiss.

      1. @david-br Fortunately for us Max is no lay down like VB. And of course Max has the humility to accept when he’s (they’re) beaten. Surely you heard him for most of the last couple of seasons when they just knew from race one of those seasons they’d have little hope against LH/Mercedes. Surely he has accepted with humility the times this year when LH was simply faster. Surely he accepted it once LH did get by, and yeah, with some weaving from Max and a warning, and it just shows fortunately that Max is the one driver finally, other than Nico in 2016, to give LH a legit challenge since 2014. Thank goodness. If he has to go in too hot into a corner the odd time, and even then the stewards see that they might as well let these gladiators duke it out on the track, then good for us fans.

        “Or is ‘hard racing’ to be the excuse for any kind of driving now?” Hard racing is what we should be expecting at all times and there is no need to be alarmist and sterilize F1 by taking that away from the two blokes that are taking this Championship down to the wire. If you are upset that there seems to be a different rule book for the gladiators going for the title, as indicated by the stewards non-call, then you must be new to F1, but I know you are not, so you must be simply anti-Max. I don’t think FIA need to clarify anything. The rules are the rules and are followed and enforced 99.5% of the time, and then there’s times when Max and LH are fighting for the WDC and WCC and go into a corner side by side trading lead 3 times, come out unscathed, and the stewards decide let’s not decide this Championship right now by a ruling. Let’s leave this one at that. That reminds me of the times FIA let Mercedes settle their driver issues within the team rather than with a ruling, when the clashes were between LH and NR.

        1. @robbie You’re defending the indefensible, but fine, go for it. The issue is track limits and using run-off as extra track. Max can race as hard as he likes, but it has to be, you know, on the actual racing circuit. And please lay off the ‘you must be knew to Formula 1’ stuff. We’ve been here for a few years now, chatting, right? Plus tell that to all the pundits who were equally non-plussed that the FIA stewards let it go. Some of whom were quoted by Max fans as ‘reliable sources’ in defense of Max at Silverstone… It all seems pick and choose to defend Verstappen whatever.

          1. @david-br I also said “but I know you are not.”

            It would seem I am not defending the indefensible, as there was no investigation into the incident. As to pick and choose? Of course I am going to defend the driver I am a fan of Max as hard as he himself tries to defend in corners on occasion. That’s fandom for you. LH has his share of those too.

            1. Of course I am going to defend the driver I am a fan of

              No, it is called bias. You will see some here say they bothered by the lack of investigation, and/or what Verstappen did despite being a fan of his. For me, this sort of thing, but more than that, his reaction (and that of his team), makes me ever less of a fan of his.

        2. I admire the Dutch support of Max, but you surely can’t deny difference between racing of Ham-Per and Ham-Max? Perez and Hamilton have been racing eachother pretty hard, but fair, both in Mexico as in Brasil. The thing is, Max doesn’t want to acknowledge when he isn’t the faster guy. We all love F1 because of the racing, but racing hard is not the same thing as pushing other drivers of the track.

          I know it’s difficult not to be biased, but as a Dutchman myself, I’ve watched Ziggo Sportcafé. Even they admitted that Max crossed the line.

    7. I’m surprised that Red Bull were surprised…

    8. At the end of the day they had the chance to hand out a penalty during the race (IMO it was close to but not worthy of a penalty) and now the race is over. Not particularly impressed by these efforts to get a penalty handed out post-hoc. Let them race, as they say, and let the stewards be the authority on the day.

      1. Yes. Reminds me of RB trying to get Hamilton further penalties post-hoc Silverstone. Seems quite a few have changed their mind about this review business since then.

        1. Reminds me of whataboutism.

          I also believe it should’ve been a penalty (5s seemed fair) or at least a stern warning by the race director.
          But the stewards made a different call; I don’t see any new insights which should change that call.
          And all of us here are just as repetitive as the proverbial broken record.

    9. What else was he going to say? He is not going to admit to anything that could be helpful to Mercedes request for review.

    10. Yes we could see Max was right on the edge by the way he was fighting that wheel trying not to break traction. :)

    11. Max reminds me of Vettel in a way, very fast in a good car but lacking wheel to wheel race craft. But unlike Vettel, Max has a dangerous streak that is even praised by he’s boss “My corner or we crash”.

      1. I blame Red Bull and Hornery Spice. Vettle gained a lot of humanity after leaving the outfit.

        1. So true. I now find myself even liking Vettel now! Words I thought I would never say!!

    12. because I thought it was fair and hard racing

      perhaps this is the problem, Max’s definition of fair and hard has never been corrected/altered by his team or the FIA.

    13. “I don’t expect that to happen because I thought it was fair and hard racing between two guys who are fighting for the championship. So it wouldn’t have been, anyway, an easy pass because that is not how I am and I don’t think how it should be when you are fighting for the title.”

      Are the other drivers penalised for milder incidents not battling for the championship or championship positions?
      Why did Perez get a penalty in Austria, why did Norris get a penalty in Austria, they both stayed within the limits of the race track. Why did yuki get a penalty in Brazil, was it because Stroll didn’t take avoiding action?
      Why did Hamilton get a penalty vs Albon, when he didin’t change his line through the corner and never crowded the car off the race track?

      You can’t just decide to penalise or not penalise because you feel like, which is the route Masi and his stewards are taking.
      Hamilton knew what Verstappen was going to do which was why he didn’t attempt to turn in.
      If a driver aims his car at another driver’s car but the second driver takes evasive action, are we now saying because nothing happened everything must be fine.

      A driver must be in control of his car at all times, tyre wear is not an excuse, if your tyres are worn you drive within the limits of your worn tyres.

    14. “As I driver I think we know exactly what we can or cannot do in a car”

      Verstappen has been coddled at Red Bull to the point where reality doesn’t even matter. A comment like this from a guy given a black and white flag for weaving under braking. Something he’s done his entire career and they had to even clarify/change the rule because of his behavior…. “tell them I said hi”

      It’s a shame he’s such a frafile little kid, he’s a talented driver otherwise. It’s like Red Bull make fizzy drinks and ego fueled primadona drivers.

      1. Done his entire career? Really. Please highlight for us the number of times Max has received a black and white flag.

        1. You’ve made the point that Max is never penalized. Thanks.

    15. Considering his tyre state, he would’ve been better off braking earlier than on fresher rubber.

      1. @jerejj But putting yourself in Max’s shoes that’s the equivalent of him saying to himself, ah well LH has me, I might as well give up. Thank goodness Max is out there trying as hard as he can.

        1. *Technically* he tried harder than he can, and this is something he refuses to work on. No-one is saying Verstappen should roll over, but he has no upper limit to what he will attempt, regardless of the odds of success, and it creates controversy. The greats obviously drive right up to the line of acceptability and compete with everything they have, the ones that cross the line too often or by too much (Schumi and Senna come to mind) end up with little asterisks next to them – I respect Max, he’s an incredible driver, but he has been acquiring asterisks like crazy.

        2. @robbie

          Thank goodness Max is out there trying as hard as he can.

          Just like Hamilton at Copse. Only you were happy then with the penalty. Why if you prefer hard racing? Because sometimes ‘trying as hard as you can’ means exceeding the limits. As at São Paulo.
          Really, if they had at least b+w flagged Verstappen for the incident, as Masi said he’d thought of doing, it would have been enough to signal he’d overstepped. The problem was the ‘nothing to see here’ line and, I think, the overcosy chat between Red Bull and Masi about ‘letting them race.’ Mercedes have every right to seek clarification of the incident.

          1. @david-br Of course the glaring difference to the hard racing LH was doing was that he hit Max. I would have far preferred he not hit Max and the both survived to finish that race. Also, I agree Mercedes has the right to request a review.

            1. lexusreliability?
              18th November 2021, 17:14


              Of course the glaring difference to the hard racing LH was doing was that he hit Max

              But Max would have hit Hamilton had Hamilton not taken avoiding action, so your point is invalid. Had Hamilton maintained his line and stayed ontrack do tell us what was going to happen. You are biased beyond reason.

    16. I like Max’s statement in the Dutch press about Mercedes showing their true colors in Brasil again, like they did in the UK.

      +1 for that one

      1. But Hamilton didn’t hit Verstappen this time out. What true colours does Verstappen refer?

        1. It was never the hit, always the behavior afterwards.

    17. Max’s defense does not stand up as he followed this “loss of grip” action with weaving down the straight. Both actions are clearly intentional as Max is the greatest driver to have ever driven.

      1. So true, except that he’s not.

      2. geoffgroom44 (@)
        18th November 2021, 20:57

        “”As a driver I think we know exactly what we can and cannot do in the car”. Verstappen quoted by ESPN today 18 Nov.
        That says it all.

    18. I am a “Verstappen fan” since Melbourne ‘96 and have seen this move and comparable ones more than once done by Lewis even before Max was in F1! In that quarter of a century I have not been able to see any logic in the stewarding regarding this move. So I think it’s not a driver related problem but a problem in stewarding. Anyhow, no investigation was a very, very strange decision! Time for FIA to make up their minds.

    19. It looked to me that Max used his brakes to run wide….probably taking the pressure off a touch..and hoping to give Lewis a puncture…data will show if this was true..But the stewards are not looking good out of the whole weekend…we will penalise a car with a slightly illegal wing and put him at the back….and then with a completely legal wing…he was still the fastest car…good judgement stewards

    20. It is amazing the FIA was chasing a seat belt issue on the slow down lap as dangerous and not what children should see and learn from, but do not think a driver throwing another driver off track is going to make an impression on young kids.

      1. geoffgroom44 (@)
        18th November 2021, 20:54


    21. geoffgroom44 (@)
      18th November 2021, 20:58

      Can stewards issue an ASBO ?

    22. Max already knows that Lewis gets judged three times as harsh as the average driver and is taking full advantage of the fact!
      FIA wants Max to win the championship and they aren’t even hiding it anymore.

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