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Hamilton thrilled by “sweet lap” for pole after recovering from stomach ache

2021 Qatar Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton revealed he suffered with a stomach ache following the previous round of the championship, but recovered in time for this weekend.

The Mercedes driver claimed pole position for the Qatar Grand Prix by an emphatic margin, over four-tenths of a second ahead of his championship rival Max Verstappen. Hamilton said he had a difficult start to the weekend at the unfamiliar Losail International Circuit.

“I had a bit of a stomach ache from Wednesday,” he revealed. “But I felt fantastic today, I slept really well last night, so that made a big difference.”

Hamilton ended Friday four-tenths of a second slower than pace-setting team mate Valtteri Bottas.

“Yesterday was a really difficult day for me,” he explained. “Actually Thursday and Friday I wasn’t feeling too well, and so I really struggled through throughout practice and I was just off yesterday.

“So I really had to dig deep, I was here ’til midnight last night, working with the engineers who also always work so late. They’re just such hard workers and found a lot of areas in which I can improve, made some changes for P3 and it seemed to work. Then, of course, you’ve got to try and carry that through into qualifying.”

The Mercedes driver praised his team’s tactics in ensuring he went out at the front of the queue during his final run, ensuring he didn’t encounter any traffic.

“I’m so grateful for the timings that they put us out on track,” said Hamilton. “We didn’t have any traffic and then that last lap was as beautiful, it was a really sweet lap. This track is amazing to drive, it’s incredibly fast, all medium and high speed corners. But it felt good.”

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2021 Qatar Grand Prix

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29 comments on “Hamilton thrilled by “sweet lap” for pole after recovering from stomach ache”

  1. Once again more proof that this LH/Merc turb is not trustable and doesn’t get basically anything in-deep about Formula 1. Should we have taken their words as the ultimate truth, Max would have the championship nailed right now, and not lagging behind in a Red Bull with a significant deficit of straight line speed in comparision to Mercedes. Not saying the championship is over (again!?) but things are no longer looking anything comfortable for Max and his team. The fight will be very tense and dramatic.

  2. Stomach ache? Imagine the laptime if he was healthy.

    1. Sikhumbuzo Khumalo
      20th November 2021, 18:47

      After recovering.

  3. This season looks to be over now with Lewis and the Mercedes about to win the championships. An unpredictable season with a somewhat predictable ending. Whatever Mercedes have done in the last couple of races, well done to them

    1. I wouldn’t write it off just yet as the FIA have initiated ‘Destruction Derby Mode’….

    2. People were saying the same thing after Mexico. Take heart.

  4. RandomMallard (@)
    20th November 2021, 16:20

    That was a mightily impressive lap from Lewis. And at a crucial time as well

    1. *from the w12

      1. RandomMallard (@)
        20th November 2021, 17:22

        @f1fan-2000 But Bottas was 6 and a half tenths off in the same W12.

        1. I forgot the W12 drive themselves.

  5. Give WDC to Ham if his car is not gonna be reviewed, he is brutally outperforming Bottas since Brazil

    1. When RBR and Perez is out qualified by both Yuki and Pierre in the junior team, puts in perspective the underperformance. Gasly is just over 3 tenths off Max. Is the AT really that close to RBR? If so maybe RBR need to start swapping a few staff.

      1. Max was on mediums so this says more about Perez than rbr unfortunately for him.

        1. The AT has been on average a lot more than 0.3 sec a lap slower than RBR all season. (Max’s gap to Gasly in Q3)
          Have they brought serious upgrades or did Max and red bull not execute to the same level as Pierre and AT?

  6. These germans invented so many revolutionary things (first car, first computer, first space rocket etc.) no wonder they made this piece of engineering art look superstellar again, what an incredible machinery.

    1. Tell that to the car’s designes and Manufactures in the UK …

      1. Oh come on, really? It’s just a matter of convenience… An IPhone made in China doesn’t become chinese…

        1. The team is based in England because it took over an English team ‘Brawn’ the car has always been designed and made in England mainly led by British designers, the engine is produced in England initially by Ilmor and now under the AGM flag but still in England. Even the Guy running the team is Austrian who had the sense to marry a charming Scots girl. Mercedes only own 30% of the team , having said all that I love my CLS.fantastic German engineering, but it’s a road car.

          1. Most teams are based in England it is a well known fact. For a variety of reasons. I think acceptance of Mercedes as a British team is significantly influenced by the presence of Lewis Hamilton, that’s all. It is almost like reincarnated McLaren Silver Arrow Mercedes from 2008. But it’s german. German company led this Brawn/Honda/BAR/Tyrrell or whatever to the greatest dominance in F1 history.

    2. These Germans were also behind “Dieselgate”.

      1. Of course, i didn’t say they have to be the saintest. History proves they play smart but not necessary fair…

      2. I hear they are pretty handy with gas technology too.

  7. Saint Lewis suddenly outperforming everyone by nearly 0.5 secs is not normal.

    1. It is clear that Bottas would not be fully exposed to all new developments and tricks as a leaving driver. Particularly if it’s something in the grey area…

      Merc definitely took a huge step on Lewis’ car. Bottas always keeps Lewis honest in qualifying.

    2. You’ve clearly missed the last 14 seasons then

  8. He clearly puts in the work, the whole team does.

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