Zhou takes number 24 and Ferrari drop ‘Mission Winnow’ on 2022 F1 entry list

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Guanyu Zhou has selected the race number 24 to use when he makes his Formula 1 debut next year.

The only rookie driver on the grid for the 2022 F1 season will drive for Alfa Romeo alongside Valtteri Bottas.

Zhou is named as the driver of car number 24 in next year’s entry list issued by the FIA. He is the first driver to make that selection since permanent career numbers were introduced in 2014. The last driver to use the number was Timo Glock in 2012.

The entry list also indicates a change of official name for Ferrari. The team is now referred to simply as ‘Scuderia Ferrari’ rather than ‘Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow’.

Mission Winnow is a programme run by major Ferrari sponsor Philip Morris International which first appeared on Ferrari’s cars in late 2018. The cigarette manufacturer’s brand has been removed from the cars on several occasions since then, usually in countries which have strict rules on tobacco advertising, and returned at other venues. A striking, bright green Mission Winnow logo was introduced this year, which features on Ferrari’s engine cover.

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto said last month it was “very likely PMI will remain, [but] maybe not as a title sponsor” beyond the end of this year.

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2022 F1 season

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12 comments on “Zhou takes number 24 and Ferrari drop ‘Mission Winnow’ on 2022 F1 entry list”

  1. So car #77 & #24 at Alfa Romeo.

  2. From a little googling. That is interesting because the number of death for chinese is 4. It also goes anything with that number 14,24 etc. Even though it’s meaning chances a bit.

    1. Maybe china should move away from anarchic ridiculous superstitions.
      Maybe the 24 is how many million € the ccp directly pays alfa for zhous seat(!) .

      Sarcasm aside Its a joke that the only reason he has a F1 seat is because of state funding whilst a genuine talent like Oscar Piastri who is dominating F2 in his first season(zhou has been in F3/F2 for a total of 6 seasons in top teams with ZERO titles…) cant get a F1 drive due to lack of money.

      1. Maybe he is the dead man walking even though he is driving.
        He has to be fast or he will forever be remembered as a pay driver.

    2. FWIW, In NASCAR, 24 was driven by Jeff Gordon. If he can have a fraction of his success, Zhou would be good!

    3. Maybe he just isn’t worried about such a moronic superstition. It’s astonishing the degree to which some Chinese people will go to avoid the number. Skipping the number in elevators and buildings. Utter stupidity

  3. Zhou = Willie Mays

    Mission Winnow is lost…

  4. Possibley 24ou in some sharp font (Zhou) on his merch?

    1. This makes sense!

  5. FlyingLobster27
    8th December 2021, 19:42

    Maybe Ferrari will be front-runners again instead of… Wishin’ Minnows.

  6. Obviously a tribute to the late basketball great Kobe Bryant

  7. 24=Jeff Gordon fan?
    This number had not been picked up before
    Almost all numbers between 2 and 35 have been picked up at some point, except 15, 29, 32 and 34. Some numbers are free again following exits and retirements.

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