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Verstappen will “hopefully” collect trophy tomorrow if no appeal materialises – Horner

2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Red Bull team principal Christian Horner says he has had no indication from the FIA Max Verstappen will be unable to collect his Formula 1 drivers championship trophy at the governing body’s prizegiving ceremony tomorrow.

Rivals Mercedes gave notice of their intention to appeal over the controversial end to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. They have until tomorrow to decide either way.

“It’s very difficult for me to know what their position is,” said Horner after Verstappen return to the team’ factory to celebrate today. “From our perspective we’ve welcomed Max home to the team today as the world champion. And as far as we’re concerned, the situation is that obviously, we’re looking forward to seeing him pick up the trophy, hopefully, tomorrow evening as the world champion.'”

“I think the official period is until 7:00 o’clock tomorrow that the right of appeal exists,” Horner continued. However, he stressed: “Max Verstappen is the world champion. We’ve welcomed him home to Red Bull racing today, he’s seen all of the team and I think, really, it is time to move on.

“Hopefully he will receive the trophy tomorrow evening and be crowned as the world champion. I have no indication otherwise. I haven’t spoken with Mercedes or heard from Mercedes or the FIA to hear anything different at this point in time.”

Red Bull were not planning their own counter argument, currently, he said. “This is a dispute between the FIA and Mercedes. Of course, Red Bull is an interested party, so I would be represented accordingly. But this isn’t a dispute between Red Bull and Mercedes. Max won the race. He became the world champion and we’re incredibly proud of him. And that’s that’s where our focus is.”

Horner said there was contact between himself and Toto Wolff after the Abu Dhabi race. “Yes, I went to see Toto after the race, unfortunately he was unavailable, but I saw Ola Kallenius [chairman of the board of Daimler] who congratulated me and then Toto later in the evening did, as he sent to Max he sent me a text congratulating us on the drivers’ world championship.

“I congratulated him on winning the constructors world championship and reminded him that’s where the money is paid. Not the drivers. And that was it. I haven’t heard or spoken with him since.”

The call to restart the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix for a final lap, Horner said, felt like justice for Verstappen as “so many calls have gone against him this year. When you think Imola, a red flag, Lewis is in the gravel trap, he gets to restart the race in P2.

“You think to Silverstone, you think to Hungary, where we were obliterated from the race with both of our cars with Bottas, you think Azerbaijan, where a tyre explodes and he’s taken out of the lead of the race.

“Then obviously moments even in Abu Dhabi, right, where he took the lead of the race and Lewis the chicane at turn six and there was no penalty given. We felt that decisions have gone against us more often than not. And finally, a safety car caused by a Williams gave us an opportunity to throw something strategically at those last five laps and it paid off.”

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2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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108 comments on “Verstappen will “hopefully” collect trophy tomorrow if no appeal materialises – Horner”

  1. “We felt that decisions have gone against us more often than not”

    He doesn’t seem to mention the *very* lenient penalty for brake testing. This Abu Dhabi lap one case as well, it’s a massive dive bomb that would be a collision had Hamilton not steered to the right, it’s not hard racing just because the attacker that dive bombed stayed on the track. I just find it totally baffling having watched and been involved in Motorsport for years! Anyway I’m sure I’ll be told I’m wrong and Horner is right. I must stop checking racefans, sorry everyone for commenting so much ;)

    1. You’re Wrong, Horner is right. ;)

      1. Ha, thanks David. I asked for that :)

    2. Oh he was so innocent in brazil, he complained the very next race about unfair treatment based on brazil not being a penalty, why now?

      brazil 5 sec added, would drop him 3 points…

      jeddah, either dsq or drive through/25-30 sec added another 18 point or 3 points drop he wouldnt act like he did in abu dhabi…

      he has been dive bombing, and hailed as hard racer… ham didnt yield for once in silvrestone, he is insulted for so long by redbul….

      i m really hoping justice will prevail for once…

      1. Already happened.

      2. You can’t look at what can be penalised about verstappen and not about hamilton. Black flag in silverstone, that’s -25, I personally WOULD take consequences into account.

        1. you dont get black flagged for a racing incident, Red bull also tried to appeal, but if you want to count being late into a corner staying on track and your opponant having to take avoiding action as the same sort of offence then thats a lot of BnW flags for max, its his one and only over taking move……… But him and Horner have been trying to fool you into believing when MV does its that it is just hard racing……

          1. All of Max’s moves in the last two races have been wild lunges which forced Lewis to take avoiding action. Forcing a car to take avoiding action is an automatic penalty. Also on the final lap in Abu Dhabi Max weaved across the track twice on the back straight. He should have had at least 4 b/w flags

    3. It’s funny how things are represented to drive perception by sing words. Did Max brake, apparently he did… but to call it brake testing is just manipulation of emotions. VER had been told to return position, HAM told that he didn’t want to pass due to the DRS zone, so he knew VER had to return the position. Were they playing each other, yes… is it brake testing? not exactly as VER was complying to the directive to return the position. Both drivers were downshifting, both drivers knew about the situation. Yes, I am a fan of Red Bull, I’ve been following F1 for almost 20 years since the RB was still Jaguar and I was a supplier and spent much time with that team and even occasionally in the paddock. I am not trying to take any position on this one race. The FIA stewards have always been interpreting their own rules, per situation and under pressure of Team leaders and since they are human have made mistakes and there were many inconsistencies. Even in the last race rules were followed, as per rule the Racing Directer is allowed to overrule the rulebook. I would love to see less wining en crying on and of track. “Let them race” is a healthy attitude. Both drivers have taken risks, both drivers have caused accidents and both drivers have had their side of luck with rule interpretation. You can’t pick and choose what is convenient for you, it’s accepting all or nothing.

  2. Exactly which calls went against Max? Apart from forcing Hamilton off the road at Abu Dhabi and not getting a penalty.

    1. He’s talking about red flags advantaging hamilton in imola and silverstone.

      1. We can debate the Silverstone one @esploratore1 but Imola was just lucky for Hamilton. It wasn’t a call as such.

      2. @esplatore1 and in what way did they go against Max?!

  3. Barry Bens (@barryfromdownunder)
    15th December 2021, 18:06

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Mercedes wait till the final moment to send notice of them moving forward with the appeal. Maybe not 6:59, but for sure somewhere between 12:00 and the beginning of the ceremony.

    Mercedes’ problem might not be with Red Bull, but Wolff surely would like to use this chance to rain on their parade as much as possible. It’s what he has done all year, 1 text doesn’t change that.

    1. lets hope they will do so…

      1. Really? I cannot believe you would say such a thing. So sad if it has to come to that…

        1. It’s the kind of “fans” Lewis seems to attract.
          Very toxic and shortsighted.

          1. Erikje I haven’t seen a single comment on this site from you that isn’t either to do with Hamilton and Max. Is there anything else you’re interested in, for example the wider health of F1, feeder series, battles down the grid, Ferrari Vs McLaren, etc. because (and I think I speak for many here) yours are the comments that if anything are “short-sighted”.

          2. Joe Pineapples
            15th December 2021, 18:59

            There’s good and bad fans on both sides.

          3. (@john-h)
            Every topic is about max and Lewis.
            Maybe you missed that detail :)
            Lots of repeated nonsense about the rules and the race.
            So when I balance things out (impossible, the “opponents are 20 to 1 biased towards masi)
            You have the audacity to make a remark. Open your eyes and try to correct those nonsense additions.

          4. Yep I have the audacity and my eyes are wide open.

          5. @john-h

            and my eyes are wide open.

            Then it must be the glasses ;)
            Btw, you do understand that your conclusion fits your behavior too, do you ;) LOL

          6. Having spent the last two days mentioning that Max deserves the championship and that Mercedes should let this go as Hamilton wouldn’t want to win a championship like this, then no I’m not entirely sure it does to be honest. I’m not a fan of Max’s driving style but he has been an amazing driver this year. Either would have deserved it. Anyway, moving on…

          7. erikje 🤣

    2. I honestly think they’re weighing up if it’s worth it. There’s bound to be talk of them being sour losers, and Mercedes the car company won’t want that to be associated with them. Plus as Horner said, Merc is getting the prize money for finishing first in the constructors’ championship.

      On the other hand, there’s a real issue of F1 losing credibility if this approach of manufacturing “drama” isn’t addressed. But even that might not be bad for Mercedes; it attracts eyeballs, and thus sponsors.

      I’m sure there are many parties involved in the decision to appeal.

      1. *associated with that, not them

      2. Yep, well said, it’s not a simple decision. There is much to lose for Mercedes by going through with it.

    3. @barryfromdownunder radio silence from everyone including Lewis means alot is going on behind the scenes. Lewis was Knighted today and he is not screaming about it on social media..

      Going by the strict letter of the law that governs Motorsport the result should be reversed and Lewis crowned WDC.
      If not this will prove that the race stewards are free to break the rules and invent new ones to artificially benefit a driver dragging this so called sport further into disrepute.

      1. Going by the strict letter of the law that governs Motorsport the result should be reversed and Lewis crowned WDC.

        Dream on. If they decide there is made an error by fia then still the result stands.
        Dan dreaming does not solve that.

      2. @ ttongsul: I agree with you that there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. At this stage, I think both Mercedes and Hamilton wouldn’t want the drivers’ title but they may use the situation to demand changes and the sacking of Masi, in exchange for not taking the FIA to court, which in my opinion would be a disaster because for example the court can demand that the FIA should provide the details about how it went about deciding what they did, who was involved in that decision, etc. it will be messier if it gets to court!
        And I don’t think F1 is blameless either; even Ross Brawn hasn’t posted his usual post-race column on the F1 official website!

        So definitely something is percolating behind the scenes…

      3. Lewis can’t say any stiff rust contradicts the team. It was the team that got hurt nor than Lewis, so it will be the team that decides.

    4. Am I the only one that hopes a drunk Kimi shows up at the awards gala to help lighten the mood?

      1. omg please! that would be wonderful ^_^

  4. Horner and Max and masi go collect your trophy robbed from lewis Hamilton and f1 true fans

    1. 1. he wasn’t robbed, he lost
      2. the UK has robbing the world for centuries. get over a tiny little race if you want the rest of world to accept current UKers aren’t to blame for the past

      1. Some of us are past this nationalistic stuff and are just thinking about the drivers themselves thankfully.

        1. this whole thing feels less like caring and more like an angry mob with pitchforks….over a race….something that has literally zero real world implications other than some rich guys getting some extra cash

      2. he didnt lose, but was cheated

      3. What about the Romans.?

        1. What about them? People are over it. Like they should be this F1 season…

        2. Third pkace

          1. After the Persians and the Macedonians. maybe?

        3. Too early to come to conclusions about the Romans, but think about what the Sapiens did to the Neanderthals, only about 50k-70k years ago

      4. Seeing as LH isnt the one appealing its merc and they are German, i think your mistaken….

    2. Jelle van der Meer (@)
      15th December 2021, 19:41

      Nope not robbed, rightfully earned over the whole season, Max was the best driver of the 2021 season and he won the championship – end of story!

  5. Max will remembered for having masi helping him win the 2021 championship and feel he never deserved it lol

    1. Max not only won the WDC, he also has increased his real-estate holdings significantly – in the heads of ‘fans’ like you!

      1. What like Lewis lives in your head you mean.?

      2. Andy (@andyfromsandy)
        15th December 2021, 18:53

        The classification is subject to an appeal lodged with the ICA.

    2. Only by you and some other delusional fans on this site ;)

  6. I understand why red bull are an ‘interested party’, but I don’t understand why they were given any opportunity to counter Mercedes arguments on Sunday (and beyond if they do appeal).

    It is not for red bull to try and second guess and explain Masi’s interpretation and implementation of the rules, it is not for them to come up with the definition of ‘any’ and ‘all’ and justify Masi’s decisions.

    My gut is now saying Mercedes will release some cleverly worded statement about not appealing as the majority know who the real winner was on Sunday and Lewis has taken the higher ground and does not want a tarnished championship to his name.

    1. Actually Redbull protested the mercedes protest. E.g. redbull asked them to deny the protest and they had to give reasons for it as such. The FIA accepted redbulls protest against the validity of mercedes’ protest and thus rejected it.

    2. as the majority know who the real winner was on Sunday

      Indeed, look at the international non British press and see who won.
      It tells a lot your vision stops at the nordsea..
      At least you have a fitting prime minister.

      1. You obviously don’t look at twitter its full of non British who think the result was a travesty.
        I can name loads Timo Glock, Michael Johnson the list goes on and on
        Not everyone is anti-British like you.
        The Prime Minister……well you might have a point there. LOL.!

        1. Not everyone is anti-British like you.

          Anti british… You could not be more wrong.
          But F1forumHooligans seems to be a british “invention” and the cause for a lot of very toxic talk here.

          Most twitter users do not think the result is a travesty btw, but they condemn the decisions made by masi.
          If you do not see the difference we now know how things get out of hand here.

          1. So Erikje I have to see the difference or things get out of hand.?
            Part of the problem really aren’t you.?

        2. Timo Glock

          I didn’t use to believe in H_ll, but Timo made me a believer. Nothing less than eternal torment could compensate for his absolute lack of defense at Interlagos’ last corner

    3. The point mercedes is missing is that yes, the real winner of this race is hamilton, but the real winner of baku is verstappen, hamilton is not 2nd in imola and verstappen is 2nd in silverstone and hungary, which would easily, easily lead to verstappen being champion.

      1. None of the events you mentioned benefitting Lewis involved breaking the rules to benefit the driver. Therefore they’re incomparable.

    4. Jelle van der Meer (@)
      15th December 2021, 19:53

      Lewis might have been the winner of the Abu Dhabi race were it not for the safety car, just bad luck similar to the bad luck Max had in Baku and Hungary. Lewis would not have been 2008 champion if the rain hadn’t intensified, you win some you lose some.
      From what it seems Lewis actually seems to have accept that sadly not his team boss or most of his fans.

      The whole issue with the SC is Masi error initially not to let lapped cars unlap themselves on lap 56, if that call “lapped cars may not unlap themselves” wouldn’t have been made there wouldn’t have been any problems as then all cars would have unlapped themselves in lap 56 and then the safety car would have been called in on lap 57 and the race would be restarted on lap 58 same as happened on Sunday.

      Max was the best driver of the 2021 season and Max is the world champion of 2021, rightfully deserved.

      That the British press including Keith is unwilling to accept and is trying to taint Max achievement is just sad. In the end it is their own problem as the rest of the world is happy with the results and sleeps fine. Guess the UK needed a new national trauma after the “hand of god” incident at the 1986 world cup, now you can talk about Abu Dhabi 2021 for the next 35 years.

      1. Rain affected all cars and gave each a choice to pit or brave it. The rain didn’t just chose only 5 cars to deliberately fall on.

      2. Why are you bringing nationality into this? It’s completely irrelevant. People still talk about Senna-Prost, neither of those were as controversial as this.

        Are you not concerned about what this means for F1?

  7. I agree with Horner. Unfortuantely they are a 3rd party to this event it has nothing to do with them. But when it comes to weighing his opinion about the incident, naturally he is is heavily biased . Surely you don’t have to make a favourable decision to Max last lap just because all the other decisions in the race were favouring Hamilton. They aren’t raising children, they are applying rules to a sporting event to make it just for everyone. Imola, Silverstone, Hungary has to have no impact on the decisions in Abu Dhabi. But somehow in his mind there is. This is a problem in general with F1 now.

    1. If this race’s result should be changed, surely it’s not the only one, that’s my point.

  8. i hope they do appeal to the end for once! redbul burned midnight oil so many times for so long to get ham penalized in so many occasions! for once they give them the same feeling on the receiving end…

    also i hope ham receives the official wdc, and gift the trophy to max so he can envy it… rather then feeling deserved it. He is a worthy driver, but didnt deserve it like this… having seen his team and his attitude, i dont think he has any honor, and wont feel ashamed taking a stolen trophy

    1. There is no way Hamilton can receive the WDC now. Best case for Mercedes is they somehow win some compensation from the FIA or come up with some face-saving agreement (most likely)

    2. yeah! i agree, i hope they relentlessly pursue justice for their driver. they were wronged in their little game and so the only rational thing to do now is to take it to the courts in a long drawn out battle that confuses fans and unravels all the progress F1 has made in obtaining a larger fan base which is ultimately necessary to ensure the sport can continue…but no, this little mistake (because, let’s be honest, it was likely a well intentioned mistake) needs to be fought to the END!! HAM-IL-TON HAM-IL-TON!

      1. David, do you honestly believe that if the roles were reversed, Red Bull wouldn’t appeal? Would you back them if they did?

        1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
          15th December 2021, 18:56

          lol, they would have unleashed real bulls steaming red rage on the track at Abu Dhabi.

          Horner would have been jumping up and down like Yosemite Sam.

          I’ve never seen such a display of sportsmanship as I have from Mercedes.

          But what happened is wrong and needs to be righted.

          1. Exactly. Max, Horner and Jos would’ve all gone berserk.

        2. Of course they would have protested. Ie for the cutting of the corner. But when dismissed they would not appeal.
          In fact a promise by horner and toto not to let the court decide but on track.
          Well we all know how toto pinokkio wolff looks at truth.

        3. I’d be in the same state of mind if the roles were reversed. My position is, get over it, move on and move forward, regardless. Although, if the roles were reversed, at least the angry mob on here would be on the same side as me

          1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
            15th December 2021, 19:14

            David, you can’t move on. Your brain will be consumed 40% with it even when you’re not thinking about it. Especially since you’re reminded on a daily basis. I think you’re young or lucky to go through life never experiencing something like this.

          2. @freelittlebirds

            I think you’re young or lucky to go through life never experiencing something like this.

            Thats very telling about you.
            Relax, its just a sport, a form of entertainment. Even if you participate in it ( you know driving a car, if your old enough to do so that is)
            It seems you are rather distorted mentally to relive these events like this.
            Maybe i better leave you alone before something goes really wrong.

      2. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
        15th December 2021, 19:03


        did you just call awarding a race victory and a championship to another driver, a little mistake?

        Wow! Your bank just called and will be awarding all your savings to another person in the interest of consolidating accounts and keeping it simple for everyone.

        Since you have no money left, we sincerely hope you never contact us again, be the grand person you always wanted to be, and move on. Thank you for your business!

        1. Maybe this is your first f1 season ( looking at the lack of knowledge I guess it is)
          But the car that finishes first wins the race. Only the numbers one, two and three come on the podium (the “thing” where they receive the bokal)
          So, max won fair on track in a clean fight.

          1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
            15th December 2021, 19:19

            erikje If I were Math, you’d be zero.

        2. michael michael michael…your supposed attempt to make me look silly makes you look silly. obviously anything to do with draining my bank account impacts my livelihood. the outcome of that race had zero impact on any individual’s livelihood. an 8th world title is NOT hamilton’s livelihood
          that’s the whole point i am trying to bring awareness to. its racing, its fun. the results of a race are not meaningful in real life. why the anger. why the vindictive attitudes? why no attempts to see the issue from the other side? racing is entertainment, thats all it is whether you like it or not

          1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
            15th December 2021, 19:18

            Hmm, well you can make more money and working is fun as you seem to suggest for Lewis and Max so in a way the bank taking your money would just provide you with more entertainment :-)

            Imagine how happy you’d be seeing someone else spending your money and how grateful you’d be to the bank!

            Perhaps, you should pay the bank a service fee for taking your money.

            It’s all good fun, right?

  9. While I still think the events of Abu Dhabi were very controversial, I kind of agree with Horner here. Masi made a big error, and Max got very lucky because of that, but changing the results and punishing the winner because of a mistake like this made by a referee is something I can’t really get behind in any sport I follow, even when my favorite football-team suffers from horrible and questionable decisions (which they often do, of course). Make it clear that an error was made, try to bring more sense into the stewarding in the future, perhaps replace Masi with someone else. But let Max celebrate his well earned title, and don’t try to fix controversial decision with another one.

    1. Agreed.
      So let’s move on and learn from this season long stewarding and fia debacle. To prevent next year will be the same.

    2. Make it clear that an error was made, try to bring more sense into the stewarding in the future, perhaps replace Masi with someone else.

      I don’t believe any of that will happen without an appeal from Mercedes. If the result goes ahead without ammendment, the F1 circus will be back in full swing next year, business as usual and likely worse.

  10. Mercedes will launch the appeal at the last minute for the last minute robbery on track. Seems fitting.

    Hope they win and Lewis declared 8 time WDC

    1. I managed to get a sneak peak of the Merc appeal and I am revealing it to you all (You heard it here first)

      1st. Of course, the 2021 WDC goes to Sir. Additionally Max is banned from the sport forever and all his achievements since karting 101 are withdrawn. Out of kindness and generosity, he is allowed to remain alive.
      2nd. Sir won all the races (and flaps, and sprint races) of the season, 2021 every driver that got ahead somewhere or somehow gets blackflagged.
      3rd. We don’t stop at 2021. All Nico Rosberg points from 2016 are null and void. Sir gets that WDC too.
      4th Now that we are at it, all WDC titles and all race victories (and poles, flaps, etc) from 1950 on belong also to Sir. It’s not Sir’s fault if Sir had not even been born, it doesn’t deny his absolute right to all the wins.
      5th And of course all future titles also belong to Sir. No need to race any more races, everybody saves a lot of effort and expense.
      6th Why stop at F1? All titles in all sports, present, past or future, also belong to Sir.
      7th Why stop at sports? All Nobel prizes present, past or future, and all conceivable achievements since the Bing Bang till the thermal death of the Universe also belong to Sir.

      Hope you are satisfied when all the terms of the appeal are granted and fulfilled. Best of luck.

      1. You really have an irrational hatred for Lewis – it’s utterly bizarre.

        1. I have no hatred for nonentities

  11. FIA released a statement

    MB drop of appeal is imminent

    1. “The FIA’s primary responsibility at any event is to ensure the safety of everyone involved and the integrity of the sport,” the statement read.

      “The circumstances surrounding the use of the Safety Car following the incident of driver Nicholas Latifi, and the related communications between the FIA Race Direction team and the Formula 1 teams, have notably generated significant misunderstanding and reactions from Formula 1 teams, drivers and fans, an argument that is currently tarnishing the image of the Championship and the due celebration of the first Drivers’ World Championship title won by Max Verstappen and the eighth consecutive Constructors’ World Championship title won by Mercedes.”

      1. ‘integrity of the sport’ – ensuring the integrity of the sport is exactly what the FIA have not done. I think this statement has been released to try to talk Mercedes out of proceeding with their objection.

        Personally I think it quite likely they will withdraw as they will be under immense pressure not to tarnish the image of the sport by this hanging over the end of year awards ceremony. However, I doubt they will do so without the promise of some sort to review, rules, processes and the role of the race director.

        1. Right read the full statement now. It sounds like there is going to be a full review of what happened and how to avoid it going forwards. I expect Merc will now withdraw their appeal.

    2. I’m not sure why the two are considered related…

      It would be different if the FIA admitted fault or apologised to Mercedes, but there is nothing in the FIA statement that admits any kind of fault, failure or wrong-doing. I don’t see why Mercedes would drop the appeal because of this statement.

  12. Mercedes must put a stop to this.
    Though I have tried to defend Hamilton and Toto’s behaviour to my friends, I would never support a Mercedes driver or team again (sorry Russell) after they have shown such a lack of leadership and fueled the angry mob and tabloids with their silence, legalism and threats of challenging the outcome. They have contributed to this outcome becoming a bitter event. I hope we see some different teams (McLaren, Ferrari, Alpine) challenging for the championship next year so we can end this soap opera.

  13. Nice way of of saying they mucked up, but make sure it doesn’t happen again.
    No doubt will have a similar statement from Mercedes. Thats what’s been taking the time.
    Let’s move on.

  14. “The FIA’s primary responsibility at ANY event is to ensure the safety of everyone involved and the integrity of the sport,”

    ANY not ALL. At least that clarifies that Any does mean All. LOL.

    1. A person somewhere
      15th December 2021, 22:13

      Quite the opposite in fact. Their failure to ensure the integrity of the sport at this particular event proves that Any does not mean All, in their view ;)

  15. I am trying to look at things different. So Mercedes has only one third of F1 interests. Toto has one part and Ineos also. However the engines are Mercedes. How do they react to all the fuzz. Heineken is Dutch, sponsor of F1. How the family Yoovidhya react, how Mateschitz react. How does the FIA like this? I am convinced there is a lot of money involved and there are more things going on than a simple law case.

    1. 100% and without doubt. There are a lot of interests behind the scenes that we are only partially privvy to. F1 is a game of politics and if someone is going against the rub it will affect their future greatly.

  16. The better driver over the entire season won, end of discussion.

    If we want to pick apart individual races then be prepared for a lot of result changes, most of which, would only reinforce the first statement.

    1. Max won over the entire season yes.
      He had the faster car according to Adrian Newey and he would know, its debatable who is the better driver.
      Either way there ain’t a lot in it.

  17. NeverElectric
    16th December 2021, 1:45

    If anyone here follows Supercars (Aussie Touring Car championship), then they’ll remember when Massi was Deputy Race Director for the series.
    Even then, his decisions were usually hotly debated – esp when he and his stewards appeared to favour the Red Bull Holden team quite consistently in their decisions. See how the 2018 OTR Supersprint involving the two Red Bull cars were handled, for example.

    1. Michael Masi is a cheat for life.

  18. According to Horner the championship shouldn’t be decided in the courts but by Pat in accounting. Apparently the Formula 1 ledgers show that Max was owed debits and credits from Silverstone, Hungary, and other places. F1 had to pay the debt by removing the back markers from behind Hamilton and leave the back markers behind Max. Can we get a receipt?

  19. Although more towards a Max fan, HAM is still the GOAT. 36 years but with raw pace almost as good as Max being 12 years younger and the fact that since 2012, HAM has been the most cleanest driver warrants the GOAT title.

    Max needs to driver cleaner then perhaps in 10 yrs time he’ll be the new GOAT.

    However, Merc are sore losers. Don’t know about others, but article 48.13 of the fia regulations seems to overide 48.12 and it’s pretty clear IMO, which the stewards agree as well.

    The ONLY problem is Masi changing his initial decision to not let lapped cars to overtake. Because of this, the guy should go no question.

    So Merc (*cough Toto) should just suck it up and try again next year and most off all accept defeat with dignity (HAM you GOAT!)

    1. There is no dignity in FIA, not in Mercedes!

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