Santander rejoins Ferrari as sponsor in multi-year deal

2022 F1 season

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Former Ferrari sponsor Santander has returned to the team in a new, multi-year deal starting from the 2022 F1 season.

The Spanish bank previously sponsored the team between 2010 and 2017. It will return as one of the outfits “premium partners”, adding its logo to the team’s cars, race suits and caps.

Santander joined Ferrari when Fernando Alonso arrived at the team in 2010. The team hired another Spanish driver, Carlos Sainz Jnr, for the 2021 campaign. The bank said the new partnership will involve supporting Ferrari in its efforts to become carbon neutral by 2030.

“It’s an honour to team up again with a global financial institution like Santander, which is committed to responsible banking and has shown leadership in renewable energy finance and ESG (environmental, social and governance) advisory services all around the world,” said Ferrari chairman John Elkann.

“We look forward partnering with them to deliver our key objective of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. We believe Formula 1 with its innovations and technological developments will benefit our industry and ultimately society as a whole.”

The future of Ferrari’s backing from long-term sponsor Philip Morris International, the Marlboro cigarette manufacturer behind the ‘Mission Winnow’ branding, is unclear. The deal expires at the end of the season and the ‘Mission Winnow’ title was absent from the team’s name in the official FIA entry list for next year when it was published earlier this month.

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13 comments on “Santander rejoins Ferrari as sponsor in multi-year deal”

  1. Oh no. Back to the ugly Ferraris with the big patches of white.

    1. Big bright green logos are better?

    2. White and red. Seems like a good color combination for tobacco company

    3. Yeah, reminds us of their worst years indeed, red with white rear and front. Come on… I still remember Schumacher era. Of course, we’re speaking of colours, not the actual sponsor.

  2. This rings as good news for Sainz. Ferrari wouldn’t have gotten this contract with Santander if Sainz weren’t part of the future plans of the Scuderia. I still remember when Santander was also in the chrome McLarens at the time Alonso signed his multi-year contract (the he decided to terminate), Santander was also there.

  3. Christopher Columbus was also sponsored by the Spanish. He helped spread the joys of tobacco from the new world.

    1. Did he shout on his deck “GP2 vela! GP2 VELA!”

    2. Hmmm….wasn’t it the other way around? hahaha

  4. Noooo. Sainz is not Ferrari calibre. I told you the Agnelli’s and the Sainz are friends. Having Santander on, only cements that it is all about the money.
    Ferrari fans will have to hope the new cars will suit Sainz.

    1. Um, he just beat Leclerc…

      1. I wish I could “like” comments here. :thumbsup:

  5. That Ferrari F10 was one of the greatest looking cars that they ever made. Man, what a beautiful thing.

  6. It looks like Santander sees a new Alonso, don’t we? And it’s not Leclerc.

    Just what about Leclerc? Someone still thinks that he is better than Vettel???
    In the cars that suited him better that Vettel due to Ferrari just ignored his input at all, plus moral pressure of sacking at the end of year…? In the car that more suits him and not Sainz?

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