Vettel impressed by Schumacher’s ‘first in, last out’ work ethic

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In the round-up: Sebastian Vettel praises Haas junior driver Mick Schumacher’s work ethic.

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Schumacher the ‘first in and last out’ of the paddock – Vettel

Vettel says he was impressed with Schumacher’s commitment to his Haas team during his rookie season in Formula 1.

Schumacher endured a difficult rookie year in a car which was the slowest on the grid in large part due to no development being undertaken on the team’s 2021 car. Vettel says despite going scoreless, Schumacher’s work ethic impressed him.

“I think the offset from the start of the season for that team was poor because they had no development and they were far behind,” Vettel said.

“But I think we should look throughout the year. Mick’s been very happy, enthusiastic and happy to put work in, and he’s been one of the first ones, if not the first ones, every single day to come to the paddock and one of the latest ones to leave, and showing huge interest in trying to push the team along.

“Apart from the job on track that he did, apart from some maybe small mistakes that happened in your first year, I think he’s done a great job. So I really wish that he gets a much better car next year to show what he’s able to do.”

Fiery crash at resurfaced Albert Park leaves three in hospital

Three people were taken to hospital after a stolen car crashed into a tree at Melbourne’s Albert Park.

According to Australia’s 7News, the stolen car was being driven through Lakeside Drive before losing control on a patch of road recently resurfaced ahead of the upcoming Australian Grand Prix. The car caught fire before the three occupants were rescued and taken to hospital.

Lakeside Drive runs along the lake that the Albert Park circuit encompasses and forms the end of the second sector before the high-speed chicane. The roads that make up the circuit have been heavily modified in recent months in order to make the track faster and encourage racing on F1’s scheduled return on April 10.

The Australian Grand Prix was cancelled for the last two years in a row due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The 2020 race was called off on the first scheduled day of practice after members of the McLaren team were found to have tested positive for the virus.

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Comment of the day

Will we see one team dominate this year thanks to the radical new technical rules? Many readers seem to think it is likely, but @Ciaran isn’t so sure…

One or two teams will likely nail the regulations best, as is always the case. However the scope for “dominance” just isn’t there in these new regulations. I would prefer that this comes from budget caps rather than restrictive technical rules, but it’s still a positive.

What’s even more likely that people will jump to absurd conclusions at the end of race one, only to completely chuck them out the window only a few races afterward! I’ve seen this happen far too much and am expecting the worst in 2022 :)

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Ajokay, Coefficient, Luke and Mattypf1!

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8 comments on “Vettel impressed by Schumacher’s ‘first in, last out’ work ethic”

  1. Not absurd when you get everything right.

  2. 10 april? Australia is not the season opener? damn

    1. @alfa145 Hasn’t been the season-opener at any point. Bahrain since the get-go for next season’s schedule.

  3. Wasn’t that the case with Sebastian? Marko?

  4. No sooner than race day will we know how Albert Park track changes will impact racing quality/overtaking.

    Dominance scope is more marginal than before caused by more restrictive technical rules, but also budget cap & wind tunnel time.

  5. Albert has been one of the ever shrinking small group of tracks whose layout had not been modified for a long time and thus offered a quite accurate comparison of F1 car speed change over the years. In this case it was 24 years (1996-2019) with only getting resurfaced once or twice if my memory serves my right.
    Tracks like that are very important for keeping current F1 connected to its history.

  6. Re COTD, for better or worse the profile of F1 with shows like drive to survive has increased. I’m confident that there will be competition between 3, 4 or more teams at the top just because companies and investors are much more willing to put money in now. I’m hoping that we are past the days of one or two manufacturers continually doing victory laps.

  7. What on earth have they resurfaced Albert Park with??
    And staying late at work – being seen to be doing something – is just pathetic.

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