Nikita Mazepin, Mick Schumacher, Haas, Circuit of the Americas, USA

Caption Competition 173: Haas you seen this one

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It was a difficult year for the two Haas rookies during the 2021 season, with the pair crossing paths and touching on multiple occasions.

But what is Mick Schumacher showing on his phone to team mate Nikita Mazepin?

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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73 comments on “Caption Competition 173: Haas you seen this one”

  1. So, is this the groping video?

    1. +1 +1 +1!!
      Got to be the winner by an F1 Mile!

  2. … have a look… here’s my new simulator in Maranello…

  3. …and here’s the room where I keep all my F2 trophies.

    1. This is the picture Alonso took of Sainz consoling Yuki.

      1. * not meant to be a reply.

  4. And on this page you can order a face mask…

  5. No, Nikita. 20 is the lowest ranking.

    1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      8th January 2022, 16:48


  6. “So I got this new app that scans people’s forearms … can I try it out on you?”

  7. And you just press this button to spin whenever you like.

  8. This is the website of the driving school I suggested you the other day.

  9. “Aaaand into Damon he goes, see? That’s how he won the first one.”

  10. Despite Mick’s best efforts, Nikita still couldn’t believe that Haas VF-21 had an 8th gear…

    1. As I perceive, 8th is mainly there to reduce fuel consumption, Nikita does not need to be frugal.
      Although thumbs up for your idea, I liked it :)

  11. Nikita attempts not to look suspicious as he tries to find out if Mick’s phone is lighter and faster than his.

  12. See, Nikita! I just have to press this button and the weight of your chassis automatically increases by 200 kg :)

  13. Is that Glock?

  14. This is what the front of my car looks like

    1. Oh I like this one.

    2. Hahah nice one!

  15. Me with a WDC in 2000, me with a WDC in 2001…. we’ll look at your photos in a bit, yeah?

  16. ‘This is working out on a hometrainer, they call it spinning.’

  17. See, it’s a good paying job. It wouldn’t be that bad driving a bus in Moscow.

  18. So with this app, you can make 500 euros an hour, guaranteed!

  19. I just got an email, they’re saying we haven’t finished the last race yet.

  20. Nikita, if you spin at this corner I can crash there the next lap.

  21. Look I have just received a contract offer from Aston Martin, you can tell it’s legit as it is signed by Otmar….

  22. MS – There are many ways to cheat in F1, my dad invented most of them. Let me show you some videos.

    NM – They are great, but now it is probably easiest to just be friends with Masi.

  23. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    8th January 2022, 16:46

    Hey Nikita, any good ideas for this week’s caption competition?

  24. Mick: “Years ago, Fernando already said “You always have to leave a space”.
    Remember this next time when you push me into pit wall, Nikita!”

  25. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    8th January 2022, 17:02

    Check it out, RaceFans have brought Will Wood on board full time!

    1. @fullcoursecaution Do you think that I would consider picking this as the winner, just because you’ve made it about me?

      Because I absolutely would do that, yes.

      1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
        8th January 2022, 17:44

        Lol maybe @willwood Stop the count! Stop the count!

  26. Leonard ‘Big Lenny’ Persin (@)
    8th January 2022, 17:17

    Mick shows Tintin how to delete social media posts.

  27. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    8th January 2022, 17:19

    Damn nulla, dark.

  28. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    8th January 2022, 17:20

    No Michael that is so not right!

    You’re supposed to build up 4 rows and then use the I-piece to score a Tetris

    1. Jonathan Parkin
      8th January 2022, 19:09

      Got to admit that is a pretty good one

  29. Look at the caption competition on RF, it is where you find all f1 trolls…

    Rf, this one did not work out, the comments are abhorrent.

  30. Here is my bank account showing that they actually pay ME to drive other than the other way way around.

  31. so…. this is my underwear after the Baku incident!

  32. So see – you’re not the only guy with an oblong shaped head and massive forehead!

  33. Now I just type in your password and Hey Presto …. you are an F1 driver again next year!

  34. This is the hair dye I use. It is less reflective.

  35. His name was Niki something …. I think they made a film about him.

  36. Niki, the pedal on the left is the clutch…

  37. Jonathan Parkin
    8th January 2022, 19:07

    So do you want the Meat Feast or the Pepperoni Pizza?

  38. In what round up was the last CC winner decided?

    (This is not the caption for this. But in the end this could be my entry?)

  39. Mick and Nikita calculating can they afford crash any more if Gunther smashes another door to cut the teams budget even more.

  40. Have a look at my laptimes, they look more reasonable, don’t they?

  41. See – you DID come 21st

    1. @ahxshades I still can’t get my head around that.
      There were 20 drivers and he ranked 21st!

      Money makes you blind perhaps?

      1. I don’t see how this is a bad thing for mazepin, how can he beat a “sauber”?

      2. There was a replacement for kimi.
        He classified higher then mazespin.

  42. Josh (@canadianjosh)
    8th January 2022, 20:13

    Easiest way into Ukraine is here”

  43. So I’ve set up the GPS for you, it tells you exactly how to get around the course and even includes speed, gears, braking points and collision detection!

  44. “See, I wasn’t joking. Fastest lap at Spa.”


    “You can’t video yourself touching girls here, and here, and here”

  45. “My father back in the day”

  46. “Hey Nikita, this is what you have to do to get into F1 if your family can’t afford it…”

  47. .. so as you can see the statistics on this site clearly show that not wearing a mask greatly increases your chances of getting infected.

  48. you never seem to understand my criticisms of your driving, so I have put then into the English-Russian on Google translate.

  49. What about this one Nikita. Outgoing blonde seeks wealthy partner. Dreams of being on film. Shall we swipe right?

  50. Hey Nikita, can we use this livery next year?

  51. Honest mick, thats not my hand in the video. I did not touch that woman

  52. “You’re leading this one Nikita. It’s an App that shows a league table based on car repair costs”.

  53. – It says on Wikipedia that our team scored points last year!
    – Anyone can edit Wikipedia article…

    1. Or even better:
      – It says on Wikipedia that our team scored points last year!
      – No Mickey, no, no Mickey. That was so not right!

  54. Okay, these are the mirrors. There’s one on each side of the cockpit… See?

  55. Mick: “Hey Nikita, have you heard of this word before? Nepotism.”

  56. “I can’t believe that Mercedes might actually be going back to their normal livery..”
    “I know, right?! Those crazy cats!”

  57. Niki: Whaaaaa? What do they mean that I have to be a veteran? I am a 2-year Formula 1 veteran. That will make me qualify for special insurance discounts with USAA.
    Mick: You need to be in the military. Wait … you are getting a message.
    USAA: Is that you again, GRONK!!!!
    Mick and Niki: WHO IS GRONK?

  58. MS – “And if you keep scrolling to the bottom of the Racefans driver rankings…. aah .. there you are”

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