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Thrustmaster T248 steering wheel & pedals reviewed


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It’s hard to think of a more exciting time to get into simracing than this current era of unparalleled choice and variety.

Whether it’s PC based subscription platforms like iRacing or Assetto Corsa Competitzione arriving on current-gen consoles, there’s so many different ways to race in the virtual realm. With many more games to look forward to over the year ahead.

But as racing sims have gotten more serious, sophisticated and expensive in recent years, so too has the hardware designed to help you get the most fun and immersion out of them. If you’ve even just casually glanced on a hardware manufacturer’s website to gauge what kind of price range you would be looking at, you’ve probably seen some eye-watering figures for modern day kit.

It’s pretty common to see figures north of £300-£500 these days – just for a wheel itself. And often that doesn’t even factor in a base, pedals and even accessories like a handbrake or manual gear shifter, let alone something to mount it all onto.

If it’s all just a bit too much money to justify and you wish there was a more affordable option to help you go racing, fear not – Thrustmaster have you firmly in mind with their T248 model for your consideration.

Compatible with both PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles as well as PC, at a RRP of around £300, it’s certainly not cheap, but it is designed to provide you with all the essentials you need. Not just to go racing online (or offline if you prefer), but to race seriously too.

But what kind of experience are you getting for your money?

For a start, you’re getting a great degree of convenience – especially on consoles. The term ‘plug and play’ definitely springs to mind here and it’s all thanks to the neat little LCD dashboard display in the centre and the menu system integrated with it.

Rather than messing about with calibration settings every time you go racing, you can adjust and modify so much from the dedicated UI that is built into the wheel itself. With just a few button presses, you can adjust global force feedback strength, wheel rotation range, or even invert the three pedals to suit your own personal rig set up.

It’s so quick to adjust settings using the wheel itself that it means you can jump between, say, F1 2021 and the 360 degree of lock required for an F1 car to 540 degrees for a GT car or even the full 900 for road cars in Gran Turismo Sport or Euro Truck Simulator.

Thrustmaster T248 wheel
The LCD display provides multiple functions
You can switch through multiple functions on the LCD screen on the fly, allowing you to see your reference lap time, lap or position information or use it as a real time rev counter. In a nice touch, you can even choose the way that the rev counter is presented – such as left-to-right, from the inside-out or the outside-in. An incredibly minor detail that just allows you to personalise your experience that little bit more.

Out on track, the first major feature to note about the T248 is its fancy-sounding ‘hybrid drive’ force feedback system. While it’s not going to match up to the extreme power, nuance and quality offered by high end, direct drive wheels, it certainly offers an enhanced tactile sense of grip levels than wheels of even a generation ago.

There are enough buttons to map the majority of the functions you will require for most racing games you’ll want to play, especially on console. Don’t expect the same adjustable switches or dials that you’d get from a high-end wheel, but one plus-minus switch within easy reach of each thumb is perfect for quickly changing fuel mix or ERS modes.

Thrustmaster boast that their magnetic paddle shifters offer quicker response times and help to prolong the lifespan of the paddles and you can believe it as you punch up and down the gears. However, it’s hard to ignore just how clunky and loud the gear paddles can be.

If you’re racing in VR or with headphones on, it will be easy enough to ignore unless you’re sharing the space with other human beings. It’s pretty telling when someone comes down from upstairs to ask what the cause of all that clicking was. Don’t expect to able to get away with sneaking off in the night for a moonlit test session.

Beyond the wheel itself, the T248 comes packed with a very good quality set of three pedals with adjustable plates to alter the location and angle of each. The resistance of the brake pedal is even adjustable with various spring options included to make it firmer or softer depending what you like.

Thrustmaster T248 pedals
You can adjust the resistance of the brake pedal
Be warned though – the default brake pedal setting is stiffer than a pit lane speeding fine and you’ll probably want to adjust it if you’re planning on using the pedals on your living room carpet, rather than a wheelstand or a full cockpit rig.

Don’t be put off from the idea of investing the time into adjusting the layout and resistance of the pedals to suit your own liking. It’s much less of a faff than you might expect thanks to the simple process of unscrewing the pedal plates and replacing the springs and it’s so worth the comfort that comes with having everything set up to your own personal preference.

For around £300, it’s fair to wonder if the T248 is good value for money. Given the price of the more premium options out there or older wheels like the T150 or Logitech’s G29, it’s definitely a good deal. Especially given the quality of the pedals and the improved force feedback over older models.

If you’ve wanted to dip your toes in some simracing kit for a while and have more money to spend on yourself after Christmas, you have a pretty enticing option to consider in this quality combo set.

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24 comments on “Thrustmaster T248 steering wheel & pedals reviewed”

  1. Perhaps when I grow up one day, and don’t have other adult duties or things I have to pay for, I’ll be having one of these. It really is the only way to experience driving games. *So* much fun. 👌🏻👌🏻

    1. exactly my thoughts!

  2. Would this be considered a step up from the G29?

    1. Anything is a step up from G29

    2. @schooner Having owned a G29, it’s certainly superior. Like a better version of what the G29 aims to do.

      If you want something that will really blow a G29 out of the water though, you’ll need to cough up a bit more!

      1. I started with a Thrustmaster T300 RS GT Edition racestuur how is that compaired with the 248 do you know?

        And i agree with you it’s a big update from the G29.

        1. T300RS GT has a belt-driven force feedback system, which is much smoother, better responding and stronger than the 248. The 248, T-150 and TMX use a hybrid system, made up of belt and gears which is slightly rougher and less powerful than the T300.
          G29 has a gear system, which is weak, noisy, notchy, cheap and toy-like.

          1. Thanks for the info then i made the correct decision :)

  3. @schooner if you’re going to move from the G29, which is a perfectly good wheel, upgrade instead of change. Not sure what your aim is, or your console, but look around deals to improve your current setup rather than put all your cash into a new one. For example, both Thrustmaster and Logitech pedals are very bad, so looking into something better, like Thrustmaster’s own LC pedals or Fanatec’s new CSL might be a wiser choice.

    1. Are there pedal upgrades for the G29?

  4. Better to spend your money on a brake setup with a load cell, so much easier to get braking consistent and therefore faster. I’ve got a T300 wheel with TLC-M pedal set. The limitation now appears to be the nut behind the wheel.

    1. It’s not just about lap times, you have to enjoy what you’re doing and a better wheel makes it more enjoyable – as well as load cell brakes.

  5. For those in the know: are the pedals with this going to be better than the T3PAs I currently like using with my T150 wheel? Looking at upgrading my wheel in a few months and will likely be deciding between this or buying a T300 to use with the T3PA pedals.

    1. I would personally advise you to buy a T300 with T3PA. The difference between this pedal set and the T3PA will not be as significant as the difference between the 248’s hybrid FFB system and the T300’s belt system (which is much better).

      1. Thanks for the advice, much appreciated

    2. If you’re planning at upgrading go directly to T300/TX or TS-XW and T-LCM pedals. There is a massive difference between the t3PA and the load cell pedals.

      In 10 days Thrustmaster is going to unveil their new Direct Drive wheelbase (only PC) however maybe they will sell it in 6-9 months (similar to what happened with de SF 1000 wheel)

  6. Bit weird there’s a clutch pedal without a shifter, what car requires a clutch pedal with wheel paddles? Doesn’t seem like they’ve figured the audience out quite right, they should either be foregoing the clutch pedal for a proper budget experience or including a shifter in the bundle for an all in one budget experience.

    I’ve still got my g25 with its included H pattern, sequential shifter AND paddles, they just don’t make them like they used to…

    1. @skipgamer You can invert the pedals if you want – making the ‘clutch’ pedal the throttle instead.

      One reason why it’s handy to have three!

    2. My secret: I bind the clutch pedal to the “flashback” function in F1 games

  7. Never understood why wheels are compatible with Windows and PlayStation but not XBOX

    1. They are wheels made for Xbox like the G920, that are compatible with Xbox/PC and the sibling to the G29 (PS/PC).

      In addition, my understanding is Xbox wheels uses xInput as opposed to DirectInput. This is also the case with their normal controllers.

      And licensing as the above comment said.

  8. Hi guys
    I got t248 three weeks after release and I’m despondent.
    Hybrid drive brakes down after just a month.
    It happens while I play GT Sport.

    If you looking for decent steering wheel i highly recommend new Fanatec DD (700€)


  9. Don’t see any point of this wheel when you can get the T300 for the same price… Also the plastic feel around the rim is garbage

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