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Ferrari and McLaren announce launch dates ahead of pre-season testing

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Ferrari and McLaren have become the second and third Formula 1 teams to reveal details of the launches of their new cars for the upcoming season.

Ferrari’s 2022 challenger will be presented on February 17th, one month from today. Pre-season testing for the upcoming championship will begin on the 23rd.

Ferrari is yet to confirm what the successor to the SF21 will be called. However expectations will be high that their first car built to F1’s drastically overhauled technical regulations for the new year will end a win-less streak which is now over two years long.

McLaren have announced a multi-team launch event for February 11th, where they will reveal their 2022 F1 car and mark the launch of their IndyCar, Extreme E and McLaren Shadow esports programmes.

Earlier today, McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown published an article previewing the season of racing ahead for the McLaren organisation, in which he offered stinging critiques of the way rules are shaped within Formula 1.

Ferrari is marking its 75th anniversary in 2022 and has already presented a special logo referencing the year in which Enzo Ferrari opened his first factory in Maranello.

The wider Ferrari organisation has recently undergone an organisational shake-up following the appointment of Benedetto Vigna as CEO in June. However no changes were made to the structure of its F1 team, which is still headed up by team principal Mattia Binotto.

There had been rumours Jean Todt, who oversaw the team’s last world championship successes including the string of titles won by Michael Schumacher, would return to the team in a consultancy role after stepping down as FIA president last month.

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