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‘Everyone crashes into each other in Formula E’ – Ticktum

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In the round-up: Formula E rookie Dan Ticktum remarked how much of a contact sport the series is after his first race in the championship

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In brief

‘Everyone crashes into each other in Formula E’ – Ticktum

Formula E rookie Dan Ticktum joked that every driver in the series appears to want to crash into their rivals after his debut race in the championship.

The new Nio driver qualified 20th on the grid for his first race in the series in Diriyah before finishing the race in 18th place. Ticktum later described how he had made contact with Alexander Sims on the opening lap before losing multiple positions towards the end of the race.

Asked by RaceFans what lessons he could take from his first Formula E race, Ticktum laughed that “everyone who does, or attempts, an overtaking manoeuvre sort of goes into the move with the idea of crashing.

“Basically, everyone seems to crash into each other when they’re overtaking,” he continued. “Every move I had done on me, I got crashed into. So if that’s how everyone plays the game here, I’ll be doing the same.”

Quotes: Hazel Southwell

Hamilton was “robbed” of eighth title – Ogier

World Rally champion Sebastien Ogier says Lewis Hamilton was “robbed” of the 2021 Formula 1 world championship following the final lap Safety Car restart.

The eight-time WRC champion said he has “a lot of respect” for world champion Max Verstappen, but believes that the circumstances that led to Hamilton losing the lead of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on the final lap amounted to “theft”.

“I think he will come back”, Ogier said on French sport broadcaster RMC’s Super Moscato Show. “He is in an ultra-competitive environment with the best team of the moment. It must have been very difficult for him.

“He really felt like he was robbed. He was robbed – let’s not be afraid to say that. Although I have a lot of respect for Max Verstappen, he had a great season but the last weekend.

“Lewis dominates the race, he is in front until the end. And unfortunately for him, a few laps from the finish, there is this famous safety car. One or the other, they were beautiful champions but on the face of that weekend, it’s theft. And it’s hard to swallow for Hamilton.

Wickens podium on return to competitive racing

Former IndyCar driver Robert Wickens finished in third place in the TCR class of the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge at Daytona in his first race since suffering life-changing injuries in a IndyCar crash.

Wickens has paralysis of his legs after a violent crash at Pocono in 2018. He returned to racing this season, announcing earlier this month that he would be driving a Hyundai Elantra touring car fitted with special hand controls along with team mate Mark Wilkins for Bryan Herta Autosport.

Wickens and Wilkins finished third in the opening race of the season at Daytona in the TCR class. It was the Canadian’s first race using the throttle and braking hand control systems designed by Bryan Herta Autosport technical director David Brown and development technician Jonathan Gormley.

Yeany and Stanek confirmed for FIA Formula 3 season

Sixteen-year-old American driver Hunter Yeany and Czech driver Roman Stanek have become the latest drivers confirmed to compete in this year’s Formula 3 championship.

Yeany will race the complete Formula 3 championship with Campos for his full season of racing outside of the United States, where he will compete alongside team mate Pepe Marti. He entered six races over the two Formula 3 rounds at Spa and Zandvoort last season, recording a best finish of 18th. The 2020 United States Formula 4 champion also raced in the GB3 series, Formula Regional Americas championship and the Indy Pro 2000 series last year.

Roman Stanek will join Trident for his third season consecutive season in the third tier championship. The 17-year-old had previously raced with Charouz in 2020, before moving to Hitech last season. Stanek recorded two podium finishes last season on his way to finishing 16th in the championship standings.

Confirmed FIA Formula 3 drivers

PremaOliver BearmanArthur LeclercJak Crawford
TridentJonny EdgarZane MaloneyRoman Stanek
ARTGregoire SaucyJuan Manuel CorreaTBA
HitechIsack HadjarTBATBA
Van AmersfoortReece UshijimaRafael VillagomezTBA
MPAlexander SmolyarTBATBA
CamposPepe MartiHunter YeanyTBA
CharouzLaszlo TothFrancesco PizziTBA

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Comment of the day

After the first race of the new Formula E season in Saudi Arabian, @bernasaurus offers an evaluation from a new viewer to the sport.

I really enjoyed it. I don’t understand if it was Stoffle’s fault or not with ‘attack mode’? There’s still lots I struggle with with Formula E, plenty I don’t understand, some of it seems very clumsy when portraying technical innovation. But I enjoyed the race. I did giggle when the sound cut out with 5 minutes left, and everyone on the Youtube message board (which I like by the way), just kept saying it was always this quiet.

I’ve perhaps only watched, maybe ten races? And usually when working or doing something else. But I sat down and gave it a ‘proper go’, and enjoyed it. Even if lots of it doesn’t sit right with me. I’ve always had a soft spot for de Vries. Might have helped. He’s always seemed like someone whose cards just fell right or he wasn’t quick at the right time. I’m glad he’s found a home.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Graeme, Hazel J, Mpj1994, Shery, Southpawracer, Hester Burger, William and Jack !

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30 comments on “‘Everyone crashes into each other in Formula E’ – Ticktum”

  1. Glad that Dan has finally found a place he belongs to.

      1. Maybe F1 can do this on a Las Vegas car park.

    1. It’s not fun when it’s not against the rules and when everyone’s doing it. But joking aside, it’s not fun for me either. It’s really hard to watch these races and I’ve stopped since about a year ago. Maybe with the new cars next season something will change, but the tracks are also more than silly, not to mention the rules from Mario Cart and fans voting who’ll gain the unfair advantage (!?). They’ve got a looong way to go…

    2. Won’t be long before his evil twin brother, Dick Tantrum shows up….

  2. Coming from Ogier… it is to be expected. Ticktum being Ticktum.

  3. Regarding the Las Vegas story: I think it was reported elsewhere that F1 is aiming for a night/evening race there. That would be something new for the European audience; watching the race on early Monday morning.

    1. I could see Vegas being a 2 day event to reduce the impact on the strip which has historically been the major concern from the casinos. Qualifying could take place Friday night and the race Saturday night. I think it would work best for all parties that way.

    2. @kaiie That most certainly won’t happen. Not just any continent in question, but Europe, i.e., the one with the most TV viewers, so doubtful F1 would sacrifice those, especially for something unnecessary in the first place.
      No, afternoon locally like other NA races.

      1. I think you’re missing the point of the US expansion, it’s certainly not to increase/pander to as you say the already biggest audience.

        1. @skipgamer Other NA time zones would also suffer if a continent race started late into the evening, so both the overall biggest market & the target one, i.e., US. Something I forgot earlier

      2. I am used to watch F1 on the strange times while i am here in Europe so if they want to race on more pratical times (for them) and it means for me in the evening i have nno problems with that.

  4. That’s rich coming from Ticktum

  5. LOL, a funny way of describing.

    I’m surprised Ogier even got asked about that matter, but he’s 100% spot-on.

    Funny. Just yesterday, I thought how further reports on LV haven’t come since the US GP weekend.
    Almost like my thoughts got heard, although I’m still skeptical about a road like Strip closure being realistic.

  6. Somehow naming chicanes doesn’t feel right I mean both were put in place to slow cars down… There’s nothing “Le Man’s” or “Daytona” about it… Would’ve been better to choae a faster corner or straight, don’t you think?

  7. Do they do it on purpose like you do, Dan?

  8. Barry Bens (@barryfromdownunder)
    29th January 2022, 9:12

    “Every move I had done on me, I got crashed into. So if that’s how everyone plays the game here, I’ll be doing the same.”

    He should fit right in then!

  9. Jeffrey Powell
    29th January 2022, 9:42

    FIA version of Banger racing with far more expensive vehicles on even less scenic tracks.

  10. When you design cars with bumpers, you get bumper car racing.

    Quelle surprise!

  11. I appreciate the link to the 2 day old BBC story – that I shared here . . . . 2 days ago. Quiet news day?

  12. There where other safety cars this season from which Hamilton hugely benefited from. Those points where worth the same and, if not for them, he wouldn’t be in contention at the last race. The last race has all the drama, for sure, but mathematically it’s just a race like all the others.

    What happened was established to be within the rules and to the teams desires (that didn’t want races finished under safety car). We’d have to revise all the season to see what’s fair and where everyone was robbed by things they couldn’t control or were awarded point for reasons other than their merits.

    Let’s move on.

    1. It wasn’t within the rules no matter how some like to misinterpret the rules. It was a panicked call that gave a very unfair advantage to one driver at the expense of not just Hamilton but others behind Verstappen like Sainz. Completely goes against the ethics of what should be a fair sport. It wasn’t at that last race. As you say this race is no different to any other, and if the rules were followed then Hamilton was absolutely robbed of that race win. That’s just facts as far as I’m concerned. Comments at the time from other drivers highlight how huge a controversy it appeared to them as it was happening.

      1. @davidhunter13
        “unfair advantage to one driver at the expense of not just Hamilton”

        1. Hamilton was at a lead of the race.
        2. There was a crash that required a safety car.
        3. The race was resumed with Hamilton still at a lead.
        4. Vertappen overtook Hamilton on track fair and square and so won the race.

        There was nothing done “at the expense of Hamilton”! You’re imposing your knowledge of the future on the past, which is deforming the reality of what actually happend.

        1. Between 2. And 3. You conveniently overlooked all of the important bits. I think your point wouldn’t have survived if you did though, so carry on.

      2. It […] gave a very unfair advantage to one driver at the expense of not just Hamilton but others behind Verstappen like Sainz.

        There is only one driver, the leader, that would benefit from ending the race under yellow.

        All others gain an opportunity to improve if the race goes green again.

      3. It wasn’t within the rules no matter how some like to misinterpret the rules.

        I do really love how some people think they can out-interpret the rule-makers themselves, @davidhunter13.
        The rules are literally what they (the FIA) say they are, and no outside opinions matter a jot.

        Outsider perception has an influence, of course – but that’s just PR. And that’s all this investigation is about.

    2. @James Coulee The difference is protocol breaching for entertainment’s sake didn’t occur, so apples to oranges.

  13. Amian you conveniently left out some facts.

    1. Hamilton was at a lead of the race.
    2. There was a crash that required a safety car.
    3. Only the 5 lapped cars between Hamilton & Verstappen removed, not normal safety car rules.
    4. Safety car called in a lap earlier than expected, not normal safety car rules.
    5. The race was resumed with Hamilton still at a lead.
    6. Vertappen overtook Hamilton on track fair and square and so won the race.

    I reckon there will be another.

    7. Masi removed as Race Director for making up new rules as you go, destroying F1’s credibility.

    But thats for the future.

    1. I think you find he didn’t make up new rules just made sure nr. 1 and nr.2 had no cars between them and as the rules says the RD can do that if he finds it nessesary. But i think we need a revamp of those rules first less amd second applying them constant.

  14. Why would the fia still be investigating the incident if all was fair and square and within the rules? The race is not about p1 driver and p2. By electing to let only backmarkers between them overtake was extremely bias towards driver 2. Allowing him to attack without having to defend from driver in p3. How is that fair?

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