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Aramco becomes joint title sponsor of Aston Martin’s F1 team

2022 F1 season

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Aston Martin have announced a multi-year deal with the Saudi Arabian Oil Company, Aramco, which has become a joint title sponsor of the team.

The Silverstone-based team will officially be known as Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One team, it was announced, as a result of the new sponsorship agreement with the publicly-owned Saudi Arabian petrochemicals company.

It is the latest commercial expansion into Formula 1 by the Saudi Arabian Oil Company, more commonly known as Aramco, after the company announced a long-term sponsorship deal with Formula 1 on the eve of the 2020 season. The Aramco brand has featured on trackside advertising boards around multiple grands prix over the last two seasons and was the title sponsor of the Spanish and United States rounds last season.

The company was named as the ‘world’s biggest polluter’ in a 2019 study, with Aramco’s business activities estimated to have contributed around 59 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent since 1965. Aston Martin claim that research and development collaboration between the team and Aramco will “underpin efforts made by the team to meet Formula 1’s target to be powered entirely by sustainable fuels by 2025”.

Team chairman, Lawrence Stroll, said the new sponsorship will help the team to become a “pioneering and winning force” in the sport.

“We are in the sport to win so I am delighted to welcome an incredible partner of the stature of Aramco, who I have learnt from this process has a tremendous amount of intellectual property and technical capability, which I know will greatly assist our team to achieve our goals of winning Formula One world championships,” said Stroll.

Aston Martin are set to unveil their new car for the upcoming 2022 season, the AMR22, next Thursday 10th March, after finishing in seventh place in last year’s constructors’ championship. The team will again field the driver line up of four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll.

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42 comments on “Aramco becomes joint title sponsor of Aston Martin’s F1 team”

  1. What a change of pace from the pink water people to the we’re going to kill off humanity one way or the other people.

    1. @proesterchen well nice guys finish last so maybe they’re hoping evil guys win?

  2. I can see why they chose to sponsor AM, best team for greenwashing

  3. As an official partner of F1 is this not against the rules? An officia partner of f1 sponsoring a team?

    1. @broke1984 I’m unsure, nor do I recall any other similar occasion.

    2. Sounds like a conflict of interest to me.

      1. Not by Aramco, just ecstatic to give money to anyone that will help them achieve their aims.

    3. Did Johnny Walker not do it for a bit?

      1. @bradders Johnny Walker mightn’t have been a global nor official partner, though, as that logo has only really appeared at Spa-Francorchamps. At least more recently.

        1. @jere Hmm, possible. Sure they ran concurrently as a partner of FOM as well as McLaren for a bit. May be wrong though.

    4. Valid concern. But maybe when Aramco became sole supplier of F1 synthetic fuel Lance have a chance to win a championship.

    5. Santander, LG, Johnnie Walker, Vodafone etc have done it before, haven’t they

  4. Presumably the deal with that company that drowns kittens fell through?

    1. @sonnycrockett journalists and kittens are totally different.

  5. I wonder what Seb thinks about this…

    1. Not a lot I’m sure. Aramco has some green on its logo, so its all good.

  6. Just funnel SA money through the parent company like they do with McLaren. We all love McLaren.

    1. The Bahraini’s, not the Saudi’s, (part) own McLaren.

      1. Last year SA’s PIF invested in McLaren to the tune of £400 million.

        1. Should say I don’t have a problem with that anymore than I do with the Aston Martin investment.

  7. Seb is going to have to do a lot of trackside trash pick-up to compensate for this one, I’m afraid.

  8. Surely a shrewd business decision… without any regard for morality.

    1. Did you provide that comment on Amazon’s partnerships with Ferrari and F1? They don’t exactly treat their workers ethically.

      1. What’s that got to do Aramco’s pollution and Saudi Arabia’s appalling disregard for human rights?

        People are free not to work for Amazon, but if you’re a Saudi woman your life is not your own and climate change affects all of us.

  9. “Money talks” —Lewis Hamilton

  10. playstation361
    4th February 2022, 1:02

    Its nice to see more people come to this group.

  11. Typical “anything to do with the Middle East = bad” sentiment in this comment section I see.

    1. Please enlighten us on the virtues of this formerly American oil corporation.

      1. @major-dev Don’t let the propaganda you hear distract you from the fact that Aramco is the engine of an entire country’s economy, the fact that they employ and train thousands upon thousands of people and that their projects cover a whole range of services (not just oil extraction as lazy media types like to bang on about) from power to waster water to water desalination, giving millions of people access to safe, affordable basic utilities.

        Nothing I say will change your narrow minded view, so yeah, carry on blindly commenting “Middle East = bad” to any article you see on the internet.

        1. Aramco is the engine of an entire country’s economy

          Unfortunately for the rest of us, this country’s entire economy is based on making the planet inhospitable to humanity at large.

          1. @proesterchen As I said above, not all of it.

            Also, if you are worried about counties causing Climate Change, we shouldn’t be going to the USA or China either (and being angry about companies from these countries sponsoring teams).

    2. This is a colossally naive comment. Aramco is lterally the worst-polluting company of all time. It’s that I’m taking issue with, not the fact they’re based in the Middle-East

      1. Well since my link disappears every time I try to post it, here it is in plain text:

    3. Nice to see someone pointing out this comment section hypocrisy so I don’t have to.

    4. +1 this! Be smart guys don’t cloud your judgements based on hypocrisy media’s way that pictures all of middle easters means bad things always, you are unfair..

  12. ‘So it’s Lawrence of Arabia.’ Joe Saward

  13. Vettel will be over the moon 😬

  14. Just a matter of time before Cognizant is barged out of this arrangement, leaving Aramco as the sole title sponsor 🤔

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