New Red Bull RB18 to be unveiled on Wednesday

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Red Bull is set to be the first team to reveal its new chassis for the 2022 Formula 1 season after announcing they will unveil the RB18 on Wednesday.

The launch date of Wednesday 9th February means that Red Bull are currently scheduled to be the first team to reveal their all-new car for the radical new regulations for 2022, with only Williams now remaining to announce a launch date for their new challenger for the upcoming season after Haas announced they would present their livery on Friday.

The RB18 will be the first Formula 1 car to carry the number ‘1’ on its nose for world champion Max Verstappen since Red Bull’s RB10 in 2014 with Sebastian Vettel. Verstappen will again be joined by Sergio Perez, in his second year as a Red Bull driver, as he seeks to defend his world drivers’ title.

Red Bull’s power unit supplier Honda originally announced plans to withdraw from the championship at the end of 2021. Red Bull is forming a new powertrains division at its Milton Keynes base to take over the maintenance of its V6 hybrid turbos. However Honda is producing a new version of its motor in time for the power unit design freeze which comes into force this season.

Red Bull will present their new car one day before Aston Martin reveal their AMR-22. McLaren will follow with their MCL36 on Friday 11th. Constructors’ champions Mercedes are to reveal the W13 on the 18th February.

There will be two pre-season tests prior to the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix on March 20th. First a three-day test at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona between Wednesday 23rd to Friday 25th February and a second three day test in Bahrain the week before the first race of the year, between Thursday 10th to Saturday 12th March.

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2022 F1 season

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32 comments on “New Red Bull RB18 to be unveiled on Wednesday”

  1. Very exciting! Really can’t wait to see these new cars :D :D :D

    1. I can’t imagine the first set of launches will be anything but digital renders of a car that resembles the fia concept car, but isn’t all that related to what appears at Barcelona. Considering we still haven’t had confirmation that the RBR has passed the crash tests. That said, super excited to see them none the less, I’m sure I’m not the only one who hopes the mess of last year is healed by a year of proper racing between more than two cars.

      1. “We haven’t had confirmation that RBR has passed the crash tests”.

        This reminds me of that Louis CK joke about people needing evidence for everything. It’s not normal for teams to put out communications that they have passed the crash tests – usually it is reported by someone who has picked up that information informally. It’s all rumour, which teams will dispell, but it says nothing. To suggest that Red Bull aren’t ready because you haven’t received confirmation that they passed their crash tests is pretty funny.

        1. It wouldn’t be the first time RBR haven’t passed their first crash test. Newey is known for pushing limits, it’s why he has the reputation he does.

        2. The speculation is because there was a report that Red Bull failed their original frontal crash test in January.

          They appear to have since confirmed that they didn’t pass the first time – they have not confirmed that they have retested their car yet, but indicated a test has been scheduled and seem to believe that they will pass on the second attempt.

          In this case, we have actually had several teams confirm when their cars passed too – Sauber, Alpine, Ferrari and recently Mercedes have all given public confirmation that they passed, and it has started to become more common for teams to do so.

          1. They appear to have since confirmed that t


  2. They didn’t show much beforehand like Mercedes did it with the engine video. They announced the date and within a week they will show us the car.

    1. That’s probably the difference between the two.
      actions speak louder than words

      1. You’re right Red Bull’s actions have been speaking really loudly over the past decade as compared to Mercedes..

        1. Hit a nerve it seems?

          1. Not so much a nerve, I just believe @Todford might be referring to the 8 unanswered WCC’s Merc have, & 7 WDC’s to RBR’s 1 single WDC, which while ‘earned’ during the season, wasn’t on track in the title decider.

      2. @ross, that’s the most simple one.
        They have by far the strongest engine for years on a row. And an excellent engineering team.
        But as far as words go, toto is always very loud in claiming the underdog position. Hilarious

  3. playstation361
    3rd February 2022, 10:41

    I don’t want to know the energy from where they retain in between.

  4. Checo :D

    1. Did you spot him? Maybe the guy right at the back with both arms in the air? :O)

    2. Haha, it took me some time :D
      So I won’t rob others enjoying this.

      1. Found him! he seems a bit flat compared to everyone else…

        1. Haha. It’s either a cardboard cut out or someone photoshopped him in.

          1. @dot_com Or he got accidentally left inside when they were shrink wrapping the body work :)

          2. Even the size does not fit.. so definitly a cardboard or photoshop ( bad one)

      2. RocketTankski
        4th February 2022, 19:08

        Bonus points if anyone can find Wenda, Woof and Wizard Whitebeard

  5. What’s up with the Honda Red Bull deal.
    Last week al sites reported the deal was extended through 2025.
    But a certain Hazel Southwell contacted Honda who said nothing was decided yet.

  6. Interesting what launching their car first means (maybe a bit more self-belief than usual, who knows :thinking_face:) Not that I expect anything more than a mock up with a camouflage livery

    1. I doubt it means more than just finding be best date to get the most free promo.

    2. If I were Christian Horner (and thank the stars I’m not), the impetus for me would be to outwardly show the competition that they’re ahead on 2022 development. So for me, this is propaganda in my belief that the late charge for their ill-gotten WDC stunted development on the 2022 car.

      1. – Great job
        – Enough money not to worry about life
        – Married to a Spice Girl

        You must have some life Mr Jazz ;)

        1. Maybe Jazz is a pseudonym of Toto.
          – Great job
          – Enough money not to worry about life
          – Married to a Suzie Wolff

    3. @jjlehto If anybody still waits to see what they can do different this late, than they won’t be ready for 1st race.

      1. Aston Martin says “hold my beer” after the Mercedes launch.

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