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Norris signs new McLaren deal extending his contract to 2025

2022 F1 season

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McLaren has agreed a new deal with Lando Norris which will keep the 22-year-old at the team until at least 2025.

The new deal for Norris comes just nine months after McLaren took up a contract option to sign a multi-year commitment with the driver.

Norris will start his fourth season in Formula 1 as a McLaren driver this year. He joined the team in 2017 and spent two seasons as their test and reserve driver before graduating to a race seat.

“I love the people and feel at home at McLaren,” said Norris. “I have grown up in this team and I’m part of this journey we’re all on.”

Norris enjoyed his most successful season to date in 2021. He podium finishes at Imola, Monaco (on the weekend his last deal was announced), Austria and Italy, the latter following team mate Daniel Ricciardo home as McLaren ended a nine-year wait for a victory.

He also took his first pole position, at Sochi Autodrom, and came close to winning the race. Norris was leading the race with three laps to go when he was caught out by a late rain showed, pitted too late to change tyres, and spun off.

He called his last season “another great step, both in my career and the team’s performance.”

“I see and feel all the work, investment, and commitment for the team to be in a position to challenge for wins and titles in the future,” he added. “This all gives me huge confidence looking forward, so
it was a natural decision to extend our relationship for the next few years.”

McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl said the decision to extend Norris’ contract again so soon was a reflection of “not only our commitment but our belief and confidence in his talent.”

“It is also a strong sign of trust and commitment from Lando in us as a team and our journey to world championship contention,” he continued.

“Lando has shown impressive growth as a Formula 1 driver over the past four years and has been an instrumental part of the team’s momentum and performance trajectory. We are still on our journey to fight at the front and Lando is a key element of our plan, so to lock him into place, alongside Daniel and our senior leadership, gives us stability and continuity as we build towards our ultimate shared
goal of world championships.”

McLaren is due to present its new car for the 2022 F1 season, the MCL36, on Friday.

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2022 F1 season

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21 comments on “Norris signs new McLaren deal extending his contract to 2025”

  1. McLaren must have drowned Lando in money, otherwise, there’s no point in extending a contract without the smallest clue on where the competitive landscape stands with the new regs.

    1. And I’m sure he’s adjusted the exit clauses in his favour.

      1. Seems there are no exit clauses see

  2. Nice! I hope they can give him a fantastic car this year and hit the ground running. Love the guy and the makeup of the team a lot these days. Big fan. That colour scheme helps a lot too! Even as a Ferrari guy next time I go to a race I’ll be cheering on Norris ahead of them all.

  3. No wonder he looked so happy last night presenting an award at the Brits!

  4. Last Monaco GP time, he got 2024 added & now 2025, so two separate year additions despite not being out of contract on either occasion.

    1. I thought he added 23 and 24 in Monaco and 25 now. No? Little surprised that he has taken himself out of silly season for 4 more years! He is basically taking himself out of contention for all the potential front running seats that may open up.

      Mercedes will have a seat in either 24 or 25 based on when Lewis retires; Red Bull could have one as early as 23. Renault, Aston Martin could also have in 23 with Alonso / Vettel retiring.
      Ferrari will most likely give Carlos a year extension for 23 (they may not want both drivers’ contracts expiring at the same time at end of 24) and have a seat in 24.

      Gasly will be mighty pleased with this :). One major competitor out of picture.

      1. The front running seats would be alongside/No2 to George, Max, LeClerc or Ocon. Better to stay No 1 at McLaren. And even better to sign an extended/drowning in money contract right after he moved to a tax haven.

  5. Awesome stuff. Onwards amd upwards for Norris and mclaren i hope

  6. Can you imagine if McLaren come up with a race winning car this year. This could prove to be a career defining move for Lando. O. The other hand, if McLaren’s car is off the pace, then he could be in for a bit of pain.
    I would have waited to see the pecking order after the first half of the season…

    1. It’s my expectation that mclaren’s and ferrari’s best car days are a thing of the past as long as mercedes and red bull are around, then again I wouldn’t mind being proven wrong in this particular case.

    2. I can imagine McLaren coming up with a winning car, but its gonna depend on who is winning in the McLaren.

      Based on Lando’s form slump after Sochi, I would have had significant doubts.

      Aside from being towed into second by Daniel at Monza, he didn’t finish higher than 7th after Silverstone. And he knows it. things were clearly getting him down towards the end of the year. this will be a good boost to his confidence

  7. Fantastic news! Well done Lando! Well done McLaren!

  8. There’s no such thing as a “no exit” clause in reality, but I do think Norris is being overly loyal here. There is too much up in the air right now to know for sure, but the two powerhouse teams of Mercedes and red bull have been so far ahead of the game for so long it is difficult to see a catch up happening. F1 is littered with the corpses of once dominant championship winning teams from all eras and like it or not McLaren are not the works team powerhouse that they were in the TAG, Honda or Mercedes championship winning eras.

    There is only one certainty in professional sport, and that is to look after your own future. He could well have traded a championship winning seat in two years time for a race winning seat in 5 years by doing this deal. Based on his last couple of years, he would have been a better choice for Mercedes than Russell already…

    1. I know what you’re saying but it’s always a gamble. We’ve also seen drivers like Alonso chasing a championship winning car and coming up short. For Norris his team is doing well, has been steadily on the up and up and he knows how they work and obviously they gel well together. I think for him it was probably a no brainer move. He’s bedded in and not going to end up a potential number 2 driver in a different team.

    2. This is Norris claiming a stake in “his team” and although he doesn’t know the performance of his competitors’ cars he is likely well aware of the opportunity of the ’22 McLaren. With talks of VAG partnering with McLaren in the near future I would say this is a safe bet. Like you said, there is no such thing as no exit clause, I imagine just as the previous contracts were superseded this one can be made void as well under the right terms.

      1. “safe bet” – NO such thing!!!
        VAG PU will be in line with new PU’s in ’25/26′. Audi has advised FIA its decision will be made early ’22. FIA’s decision to swap synthetic /etc fuels to F2 & F3 may throw a spanner in that.
        Still thinking VAG will go to Williams, with then available Merc PU going to Sauber.
        #2 for Ocon will go to Piastri, who may very well quickly outpace the Frenchman.
        Lando has said the new McLaren is different to drive. Whatever it is, want RIC to get back on it!!!

  9. He has now 60 races with Mclaren 11th overall. If that contract will stand he could get close to 200 races with them. Coulthard leads with 150.

    Overall of course Schumacher leads it with 180 races with Ferrari but Hamilton isn’t far behind with 178 with Merc.

  10. Boom! 💥

  11. Congrats, Lando!
    Still remember the Sochi crowd crying aloud in despair after the wrong tyre call.
    How we all wished a win.

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