George Russell, Williams, Bahrain International Circuit, 2021

Williams reveal another change of livery is coming for 2022

2022 F1 season

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Williams’ new Formula 1 car for the 2022 season will look “more Williams” following another change to its livery, the team has revealed.

The team has been through a succession of different liveries since the departure of former title sponsor Martini at the end of 2018. A new design for replacement Rokit was revealed in 2019, which was revised for 2020, then changed again following a split between the brand and the team.

Williams overhauled its livery again for last season. It revealed on social media today a further change is coming for the 2022 F1 season, including a change of colour.

“It’s different,” said new driver Alexander Albon in a video released by the team. “More Williams.”

“It’s more simple in terms of the colour scheme,” Albon added. Nicholas Latifi, who is going into his third season as a Williams driver, said “I think it’s going to look nice under the lights”. The first two races of the season are night races help under floodlights.

Williams is due to launch its new car for 2022, the FW44, on February 15th.

George Russell, Williams, Circuit de Catalunya, 2020
Williams launched its 2020 car in this livery…
George Russell, Williams, Hungaroring, 2020
…then changed after sponsor Rokit departed

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2022 F1 season

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13 comments on “Williams reveal another change of livery is coming for 2022”

  1. More Williams? More white? More yellow? More blue?

    1. It wouldn’t be a tease if they told you the answer :)

    2. Or more green.

  2. I’m hoping it’s navy blue with light blue and white accents, or a more royal blue with gold, red and white, or royal blue with yellow and white.

    As long as it’s blue with some white on it, it’ll looks like a Williams, really

  3. FW12 colours would look lovely on the new car shape.

  4. Can’t say this is bad news, I always felt their current livery was basically Generic Default Option No. 4 in an F1 game “customise-your-own-team” career mode.

  5. Both of their liveries (raced, not the Colgate car from 2020 testing) from the last two years have grown on me to be honest. I really liked the 2020 livery in particular, kinda reminiscent of the BMW colours, but I liked last year’s quite a bit as well, especially by the end of the season after it had some time to grow on me (and for the fact they got plenty of points in it as well probably).

    But as others have said, what constitutes “more Williams” is very much open to interpretation!

  6. I might be the only one, but I didn’t mind the Rokit livery. (still have no idea what exactly it is that Rokit do mind, so in that sense it was perhaps a failure).

    1. @bernasaurus I think it’s a bit of a multi-industry group in a way. They have (or have had) various divisions, from phones, to telecoms to drinks, according to the always reliable Wikipedia ;-)

      What’s more interesting though is that apparently the group was only formed in 2018, a year before they started sponsoring Williams. And apparently the guy who founded the group once appeared as a guest shark on Shark Tank (American Dragons Den, but that reference may be lost on some sorry) in 2013.

  7. I am not sure what the Williams colors actually are. When I think of Williams, mostly two colourscheme’s are predominantly appearing in my memory, the white green Fly Saudia livery from the years with Reutemann, Jones, Rosberg. And then the blue, yellow, white Canon livery from the years with Mansell and Piquet. I very much liked both liveries and at that time were always my favorite team.

    But I guess they will revert back to the Compaq, HP years with dark blue and white livery.

  8. Where have BWT taken their sponsorship after splitting with Aston Martin, could it be Blue and Pink.

    1. Rumour has it they’re going to Alpine…

  9. As long as Williams don’t produce a black or red car, it will be good!

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