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Doohan and Caldwell join Alpine Academy for first full seasons in Formula 2

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Jack Doohan and Olli Caldwell have joined the Alpine Academy and will race in this year’s Formula 2 championship after stepping up from F3.

Alpine announced the duo have joined their junior driver programme for 2022 following the departure of several former drivers at the end of last season. Guanyu Zhou has moved into Formula 1 with Alfa Romeo, Oscar Piastri took on reserve driver duties at Alpine after winning last year’s F2 title and Christian Lundgaard has switched to IndyCar.

Doohan and Caldwell competed in the FIA Formula 3 Championship last year, then moved up to Formula 1’s top feeder series at its two final rounds in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi.

Doohan will join Virtuosi for the 2022 F2 season after two seasons in F3, the most successful of which being last year with the Trident team, in which the Australian finished second in the drivers’ standings behind champion Dennis Hauger after taking four race victories. He will race alongside Marino Sato in his debut year in the series.

Caldwell will join Campos to compete alongside Ralph Boschung. The 19-year-old raced two seasons in F3, with Trident in 2020 and Prema last season. Caldwell recorded a best championship finish of eighth in 2021, with a single race victory in Barcelona and appeared on the podium four times.

Doohan and Caldwell will join fellow Alpine Academy drivers Caio Collet and Victor Martins for the 2022, both of which will continue in F3 this year.

Before 2022, Doohan was previously a member of the Red Bull Junior Team, before leaving the programme at the conclusion of last year.

Alpine will unveil their new F1 car for the 2022 season next Monday 21st February, the final team – except for Alfa Romeo – to do so before the first pre-season test in Barcelona, beginning on Wednesday 23rd February.

Confirmed 2022 Formula 2 drivers

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CamposRalph BoschungOlli Caldwell
CarlinLogan SargeantLiam Lawson
CharouzCem BolukbasiTBA
DAMSRoy NissanyAyumu Iwasa
HitechJuri VipsMarcus Armstrong
MPFelipe DrugovichClement Novalak
PremaJehan DaruvalaDennis Hauger
TridentCalan WilliamsTBA
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VirtuosiJack DoohanMarino Sato

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  • 5 comments on “Doohan and Caldwell join Alpine Academy for first full seasons in Formula 2”

    1. Barry Bens (@barryfromdownunder)
      14th February 2022, 10:09

      Wonder if Red Bull let Doohan go because they simply had too many talens in their pool already. Just hope he didn’t make a big mistake in joining an academy with basically only 1 slot available in F1. I guess he could always mvoe to Alpines LMPh-program if there’s no spot available…

    2. I wouldn’t count Doohan out of winning F2 like Piastri did after the pace he showed in the Trident in just 2 rounds at the end of last year and him being in probably the 2nd best team in Virtuosi this year.
      This would create an interesting dynamic between 2 Australians in Piastri and Doohan if a seat at Alpine opens up. Either of them could get it.
      They would have to choose between Piastri, the man to have worked with the team for the year and have more “F1 experience” of sorts and in my opinion the edge on talent, and Doohan who would have more momentum behind him and a bit less rustiness on the race-craft front (plus the allure of being the son of a motorcycle GP legend).
      All just speculation but as an Aussie I would love for Alpine to be put in this position. The future looks exciting for Australians in F1!

      1. +1 – Aussie!!! Aussie!!! Aussie!!!
        Agree, PIA theoretically should have the F1 edge, particularly if he gets any F1 runs this year. Am thinking he will give OCO a shake.
        A theory on ‘son of Mick‘ – RBR’s tie-up with Honda, now v-e-r-y much different??? Plus history dictates – Dr. Death & Aussies…………………………….

    3. I enjoyed a lot watching Doohan’s last season. He was aggressive an entertaining to watch, and always quickly on pace. Not sure about Oli, last season was a bit underwhelming, he had a very good car, was reasonable consistent but didn’t have any stellar drive. Anyway, next 3 years look good for the Aussies, Piastri and Doohan around the corner for F1, very talented drivers.

    4. Alpine aren’t backing away from their Academy – I wonder if they have something else in the pipeline.

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